“We are proud to be a part of The Valuable 500 network and their objective to make a tangible change. The world of Experience Management is diverse. Listening to and understanding customers and employees is at the heart of our business. Ensuring that these channels are available and open to all has become a high priority on our agenda. At InMoment, we believe that it is our role to not only address inclusion and diversity internally but also to raise awareness with our clients on the importance of building inclusive customer journeys.” Andrew Joiner, CEO, InMoment

We are committed to:

  1. Provide the technology that allows our clients to collect feedback from individuals whose opinions and feelings otherwise risk being excluded.
  2. With the support of The Valuable 500 Network – advise our clients on how to design physical and digital experiences for their customers, partners and employees with inclusion in mind.
  3. Add inclusion and diversity to the board meeting agenda with steps for improvements that need to be actioned within the next three months following each meeting.
  4. Invest and build a diverse and inclusive working environment by listening to our employees, and based on that feedback create and adjust guiding policies as well as accessible workspace.
  5. Raise the skill sets and knowledge of our employees to understand all forms of ability and support the role they play in creating inclusive environments.