At the Adecco Group, we are committed to making the future work for everyone. As a people business focused on providing integrated HR solutions, we put our expertise and our energy into improving everyone’s chance of being part of the workplace. We believe that the path to inclusion starts with a single- minded focus on skills: on what each candidate or employee can do, rather than what they cannot undertake. Each person is a source of talent.

As the world’s leading HR solutions company, we lead by example, creating shared value that fuels economies and builds better societies. We help people gain better access to the jobs and prospects they deserve. In more than half of our markets, we run programmes to integrate people with a disability in the workforce, including training. To define our approach, we have adopted the broad slogan of “Talent without Labels”.

As part of our commitment, we will continue to:

  • Champion the integration of people with a disability in the labour market and engage with employers to develop programmes and pathways that embrace diverse talent, through bespoke programmes and via dedicated solution lines such as our subsidiary Humando in France and the Fundación Adecco in Spain;
  • Help people with a disability overcome barriers to enter the workforce by strengthening their employability through programmes such as our Disability Work Programme in the USA and our global partnership with the International Paralympic Committee;
  • Progressively adapt our own employment policies and practices to reduce barriers to the inclusion of people with a disability in the world of work, including taking steps to ensure that the use of artificial intelligence technologies is fair to users and does not unjustly impact people based on sensitive characteristics;
  • Campaign for more inclusive employment worldwide and share best practices through partnerships and other initiatives, such as the “talento sin etiquetas” driven by the Foundación Adecco Spain, the initiatives of our Fondazione Adecco Per Le Pari Opportunità and our longstanding membership in the ILO Global Business and Disability Network.

We will continue to challenge ourselves and others, push boundaries, and strive to be at the forefront of delivering better futures for all.