› The inclusion of disabled people is an important goal in the context of the diversity strategy at Audi. These include, for example, flexible working time models, intelligent forms of employment, transparent processes and tailor-made programs for health promotion. The focus is not on the supposed deficits of the individual employees, but on their strengths and potential.

› An important success factor for inclusion is an appreciative approach and a positive leadership culture. The company supports them with a guiding principle, targeted qualification measures and events in which members of the board are also active.

› The company has set itself the goal of giving employees with disabilities tasks within the scope of operational possibilities in which they can optimally use and expand their skills. Barriers are also to be dismantled and ergonomics optimized so that severely disabled people also have natural access to the Audi world of work.

› For 2020, the Board of Directors makes the commitment to identify new value-adding activities, to source them and to operate them themselves. The focus is on activities that are particularly suitable for severely disabled people. People are supported by individual qualification programs so that they can quickly find their way in their new work environment.