Santander Group recognizes and supports all existing sources of diversity, both visible and invisible and we promote inclusive working environments in which all individual differences are valued, respected and enhanced. We are fully supportive of The Valuable 500 as this aligns with our ambition to be a leading company in terms of diversity and inclusion.

  •     We have included “employees with disabilities” in our Global D&I KPIs contributing to our 2025 commitments.
  •     We have D&I principles included in our Board approved Corporate Culture Policy, explicitly including people with disabilities, and are committed to embedding a truly inclusive workplace as part of our Responsible Banking ambitions.  Our Board are already committed to this agenda. 
  •     We achieved 86% positive score in our 2019 Global Engagement Survey to “Santander treats employees fairly regardless of their age, family, marital status, gender identity/expression, disability, race/colour, religion or sexual orientation”
  •     We will continue to progress workplace adjustments across the Group to support our colleagues with disabilities
  •     We will continue to raise the profile of our colleagues with disabilities and the importance of promoting a fully diverse workplace through communication campaigns, support and mentoring programmes