“Homogeneity and more of the same is not a strategy for continued leadership and growth. In an increasingly diverse world, the future belongs to the inclusive enterprise. That’s the challenge we’re rising to, and why we are ensuring that diversity and inclusion are interwoven into our organizational culture.”

At BNY Mellon, we aim to build and empower the best global team, reflective of and dedicated to serving our increasingly diverse stakeholders. We are committed to supporting our people’s success in a culture and environment where they feel a sense of belonging, equity and respect.

Intentional inclusion of people with disabilities is central to our Diversity & Inclusion strategy, priorities and actions. As a member of the Valuable 500, we hope to inspire and support other leaders to make disability inclusion a business imperative.

In 2020, BNY Mellon is committed to:

  • Creating meaningful career opportunities for people with disabilities through programs, such as our neurodiversity and autism-at-work programs and campus recruiting initiatives with disability-focused learning institutions and student associations
  • Continuing to invest in inclusion education and improve accessibility to support the success of people with disabilities, such as sensitization workshops, training and resources to develop inclusive leaders, accommodations to enhance engagement of people with disabilities, and enterprise wellbeing initiatives and mental health resources for all employees
  • Continuing to engage with and support a strong community of people with disabilities (visible and invisible), inside and outside of BNY Mellon, such as sponsorship of HEART, our Diverse Abilities Resource Group for employees, and partnering across a broad stakeholder base, including clients, industry associations, nonprofits, academia and policymakers.
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