The following two commitments will be made for 2020, followed by an overall appraisal of how we address disability inclusion at Booths.

1.We are planning to run an ‘I am the difference’ internal marketing campaign across the business that celebrates the differences within our workforce

2.We will be running workshops this year for all managers on ‘Leading an Inclusive Team’ that looks to increase their awareness of issues such as Unconscious Bias, Recruitment bias etc. and how they can personally positively influence D&I in their roles.

Diversity & Inclusion has been a key feature of our Business Plan since early 2019 and is an essential element of our ‘Feel Like You Belong’,  2 of the main initiatives around Mental Health & Well-being and Diversity & Inclusion.

There is a commitment at Board and Executive level to ensure that our colleagues feel a sense of belonging, no matter what their difference.

Key initiatives include:

  • All Managers have received training on Mental Health in the Workplace
  • We have created a ‘Culture Club’ that includes colleagues with a diverse range of differences (including disability). These meet to discuss how we can better improve Diversity & Inclusion within the business
  • Diversity & Inclusion is now a focus of our Employee Engagement Survey to ensure we hear directly from our colleagues regarding their experience
  • We provide a robust reasonable adjustment policy that ensures that we are able to support our colleagues with disabilities where possible