Ecopetrol is committed to foster Diversity and Inclusion. We want everyone to feel welcome, appreciated for their uniqueness. We drive an inclusive environment that embraces the differences and offers equal opportunities to contribute the best of themselves. We developed a holistic approach to integrated Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) into our corporate strategy, processes as well as to all of our seven stakeholder groups, especially employees, community and suppliers within our value chain. Now we are able to monitor and present developments in different categories. Our program is comprised of 5 components, which include the following:  1. Gender, 2. Disability, 3. Victims of Internal Conflict, Veterans and Excombatants, 4. Ethnicity and Other Social and Cultural Conditions, 5. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression. All of these fall within the Diversity Umbrella, which symbolizes the whole expression of ideas and diversity of thinking. We have 6 sponsors of high management levels who support the implementation of affirmative measures for D&I, along with more than 200 other employee champions who volunteer to work with them on this purpose. Our Disability category, foster equitable conditions for people with disabilities, their families, and caregivers with initiatives designed to moving from integration to inclusive environments.