At Firmenich, we create positive emotions to enhance wellbeing, naturally.

Swiss and family-owned, we create fragrances and flavors for the world’s most desirable brands, delighting billions of consumers every day. Since our creation in 1895, Firmenich has always been more than a Company, we are a family with a unique legacy of responsible business.

Firmenich places its people at the heart of its success and is committed to enabling a working environment where everyone can thrive around the world.

Firmenich’s pioneering “Diversity and Belonging” agenda, embraces people from a diversity of backgrounds, race, gender, age, experience, perspectives, sexual orientation and people with different abilities.

More than 40 years ago Firmenich started working with a local non-profit in Switzerland to integrate colleagues with physical disabilities. Over the years, it expanded this work across seven countries, reaching close to 100 colleagues worldwide.

In 2016, we started employing blind and visually impaired professionals across our sensory panels worldwide and count over 100 today, from Singapore and Mexico to Brazil. They are great contributors to our sensory analysis with their heightened sense of taste and smell and more acute memory for tastes and odors. Through this work we are sharpening our edge and expertise in sensory analysis, while offering fulfilling career opportunities to people with different abilities.

Today, 2% of our global workforce is differently-abled.

Our Valuable 500’s commitment includes:

  • Enabling our People to bring their authentic and true selves to work every day by educating and raising awareness on all dimensions of diversity including differently-abled people through our Global Awareness Campaign
  • Delivering unconscious bias trainings across our organization
  • Fostering an inclusive recruitment process
  • Conducting an assessment of the physical accessibility of our sites
  • Defining a catalogue of reasonable workplace adjustments
  • Piloting a Mental Health program in Switzerland.