Here at innocent it’s our mission to make it easy for people to do themselves some good by making natural, healthy little drinks that help people live well and die old. To make sure we are helping as many people as possible do just that, we commit to the following in 2020/2021:

  1. We commit to putting disability as a Board level priority. As a really important part of our business inclusion and diversity strategy, it will be included in future Board meeting updates on Inclusion & Diversity progress.
  2. We commit to setting up a disability affinity group with the objective to challenge, improve and champion our disability agenda and accessibility policies across all teams and levels at innocent
  3. We will become a Level 1 ‘Disability Confident – Committed’ employer in 2021 in our London HQ, committing to employing, welcoming and supporting people with disabilities into innocent.
  4. We will look at all the ways people interact with innocent as a brand, and increase our awareness and understanding of the accessibility requirements within the disabled community towards all of our touch points. From our findings, we will review what adjustments we might need to increase our accessibility over the next 3 years, including our marketing materials, websites and social media accounts.