<As Mitsubishi Chemical Group joins The Valuable 500,

we are committed to continuing the following activities>

Striving to become a company where the individuality of every employee, disabled or not, is respected and all employees can thrive, we will:

  • foster a sense of unity as colleagues by promoting understanding within the company regarding employment of people with disabilities, and
  • promote employment across the company by expanding the scope of work for people with disabilities and improving the workplace environment.

• reference – Employment of people with disabilities (examples): People with disabilities play various roles such as some practical operations for the head office (e.g. administration and human resources departments) at our special subsidiary company and some manufacturing/R&D tasks, conversion of documents to PDF form, production of vegetables and many more at each site.

 <Measures we have implemented>

Under the banner of KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management, we have been focusing on the pillars of health support and workstyle reforms as we strive to create workplaces where diverse human resources can thrive. As part of these efforts, we have published and been actively promoting the declarations “Mitsubishi Chemical Has Decided,” consisting of 30 measures including promotion of employment for people with disabilities.

We also strive to contribute to the creation of a society where the value of sports can be enjoyed by everyone, the individuality of each person is respected, and people can enjoy good health, both physically and mentally. To this end, we engage in volunteer and other activities to contribute to the further promotion and development of parasports as well as to the realization of a vibrant and inclusive society.