Orange is convinced of the benefits of diversity, both in terms of business performance and the well-being of its employees. The Group’s Diversity & Inclusion Policy is part of our strategic plan. We are committed to welcoming and developing all talents, providing excellent working conditions, and encouraging employees’ societal commitment.

Orange integrates to this Policy the inclusion of disabled persons in the workplace. In this context, Orange implements actions, from recruitment to employment retention, and practices to tackle all forms of discrimination. 

This commitment is put into practice through the signing of agreements, charters and partnerships:

  • In 2015, Orange signed the ILO Global Business & Disability Charter, and is an active member of the Global Business and Disability Network. 
  • In 2018, Orange signed, in France, a partnership with Pôle Emploi (the national employment agency) to provide disabled persons access to Orange’s job openings.
  • In 2019, Orange signed a global Group agreement for gender equality in the workplace, part of which is devoted to family caregivers and allows adapted working hours to take care of their relatives.
  • Recently, Orange as joined The Valuable 500 movement, reinforcing its commitment to putting disability on the global business leadership agenda.