Our mission is to build and sustain an inclusive environment at Refinitiv that enables all our people, including our people with disabilities, be that visible or non-visible. This will strengthen our ability to enable everyone to achieve their potential and be a part of our success – for Refinitiv as well as our customers.

At Refinitiv we are committed to creating an inclusive business that:

  • Delivers market-leading solutions to our customers wherever in the world they are, and
  • Attracts the best talent from all over the globe

We are on a journey to create an inclusive environment by:

  • Driving towards removing bias related to disability hiring and providing the necessary tools to succeed
  • Ensure hiring and on-boarding practices are inclusive
  • Ensuring the availability of sub-titles for all videos we publish
  • Creating inclusive offices and infrastructure across all our locations, relying on consistent guidelines
  • Creating a global disability best practices handbook to support all of us, including all people managers, to team and lead inclusively
  • Having sign language interpreters present for all town halls and webcasts
  • Having company-wide leadership pledge & commitment to support disability
  • Improving physical accessibility for existing locations

In order to deliver the above goals, we have created the Refinitiv Ability Network (RAN). The global network supported by people from various locations across the globe, who are determined to create an inclusive environment for all. The Refinitiv Ability Network is committed to adding up to 6 new locations by H2 2020.

We will track our progress and hold all, including our leaders accountable for our D&I goals.

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