At RBS we want to make sure everyone can bring the best of themselves to work every day.  We want our customers to access and enjoy our products and services in a way that best suits them.

With our Gold rating in the Business Disability Forum Standard and our Disability Confident Leader status we are committed to supporting change across the wider business community.  We are making great progress; however, we recognise that there is still more we can do and learn.  Our commitment is to share what we have learned, our resources and knowledge with others.  By doing so we will contribute to making the business world a truly inclusive place for employees and customers alike.  Although, not exhaustive we commit to:

  • Continue hosting the annual Scottish Business Disability Forum Conference bringing together Scottish organisations to share and learn.
  • Use our premises to host a disability career development course allowing employees from RBS and other organisations to attend, grow and develop.
  • Share and learn from our key suppliers in a way that jointly strengthens our knowledge and ability in becoming disability smart.
  • Encourage those businesses we meet along the way to sign up to the Valuable 500 and to make disability a priority for them.

We know that alongside the other Valuable 500 signatories we can collectively ensure that everyone can access the same opportunities to grow and get ahead in life.