■ The Seibu Group Commitments

“Be earnest,” “Walk together” and “Meet challenges.” These are our action guidelines for creating a society that brings smiles to not only our customers, but also local citizens and a great number of people, including Group employees, who are connected with the Seibu Group.

We, the Seibu Group, are engaged in a variety of efforts that contribute to the development of local communities and society with these action guidelines in mind.

  1. Improvement of Facilities to Accommodate Diverse Customers
    We attempt to provide facilities and spaces in which all customers of the Seibu Group can not only

spend their time safe and worry-free, but also comfortably and satisfyingly. We are promoting the use of Universal Design in trains, station facilities, hotels, and commercial facilities to make our customers’ everyday and special days safer, more secure and more comfortable as well as more enriched, and to make our customers smile from the bottom of their hearts.

  1. Providing Services that Satisfy Diverse Customers
    The Seibu Group strives to provide services that give satisfaction to all customers. We endeavor

to improve the quality of our services by promoting education and training for employees, as well as their acquisition of qualifications concerning universal (inclusive) manners and barrier-free mindset (removing psychological barriers).

  1. Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities and Creating Comfortable Work Environments

The Seibu Group aims to provide a workplace in which all employees, including those with disabilities, can exercise their capabilities as members of the local community. For the purpose of expanding the employment of people with disabilities, we also established a special subsidiary within the Group (Seibu Palette Co., Ltd.) in June 2007. We respect the personality and individuality of each employee, regardless of whether or not they have a disability, prepare a workplace where they can work with peace of mind, and tap the power of diverse human resources to grow the Seibu Group.

As a corporate group that gives top priority to safety and security and supports the lives of all customers, we will create opportunities to make everyone smile in everyday life.