Our mission is to become Ireland’s leading leisure provider offering universal access for all.
We believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of age, access needs, long or short term health conditions and our mission is to provide a welcoming environment for all. We are committed to making all our facilities, services, information and employment accessible.
To this end we have implemented the following:

  • We are certified by the ENAT World Tourism for All Quality Programme and, in line with this programme, we have audited and implemented many structural changes in our facilities and services.
  • We have developed and are continuously implementing our detailed action plan with any new products.
  • We have developed an access policy and an access guide for property users with accurate information which is updated regularly.
  • We have an ongoing training programme, from induction, so that our team members recognise the importance of universal access.
  • Have been awarded the ENAT World Tourism for All Quality Accommodation accreditation, which stipulates that our premises, facilities, customer services and information meet universal access requirements.

Our Access Policy is making The Gleneagle Group more accessible for people with different needs including mobility, sight, hearing, learning issues or any hidden impairments from pre-birth to old age.”

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