Our approach to Diversity and Inclusion is based on our purpose which is to “Empower people to get more out of life”. With people we refer to everyone. trivago believes in the impact of many. As a meta search for hotels we empower a broad range of travelers to find their ideal hotel. Representing the diversity of our users in our workforce enables us to create a meaningful product. Offering an inclusive environment to our talents maximizes our potential for innovation and value creation. We believe in building the best teams and we know the best teams are diverse.

From the very beginning, trivago welcomed international talents which established the base for a diverse mindset. Over the years, several initiatives have contributed to being inclusive of the different needs of trivago talents like for example self-determined working hours and vacation or tools supporting mental wellbeing (e.g.: sports activities, meditation app, Instahelp online counselling). Since 2019, diversity and inclusion constitute a priority in our Talent strategy. By doing so, we are aiming at being more reflective and conscious of our actions on our diversity and inclusion journey.

In our efforts to be more inclusive of disabilities we have already taken the following steps:

  • Conducted research on the legal framework and existing local institutions and associations in regards to recruitment and retention of talents with disabilities
  • Reviewed the status quo of our recruiting and HR processes and office amenities
  • Tested our new approach on a small scale leading to successful recruitment

To pursue our efforts and as part of our commitment to The Valuable 500, we will:

  • Build up our external network of strong and impactful local institutions and associations with whom we can partner in the recruitment and retention of talents with disabilities
  • Engage in conversations with our current talents interested to contribute to disability inclusion whether they have disabilities or not so as to be able to continuously improve based on real-life experiences of our talents
  • Include disability inclusion in diversity and inclusion educational activities
  • Make the necessary improvements identified in our status quo to welcome more talents with disabilities (e.g.: better promotion of our job opportunities towards talents with disabilities)
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