“At Vestas, we believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is vital for accelerating the green energy transition globally. We know that our differences make us stronger, more innovative, and better equipped to address the challenges of the future. Therefore, we are committed to making sure that all current and
future Vestas employees are guaranteed equal opportunities regardless of social identity. Everyone must feel safe, valued, and know that their voice will be heard. This journey has only just begun – together, we will keep moving forward and become sustainable in everything we do.”

Vestas’ commitment to disability inclusion can currently be split into three focus areas, each consisting of different local, regional, and global initiatives:

1. Raising Awareness 

In the Vestas Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board, we have six core Vestas employees – each placed in different Vestas regions and business areas. It is their role to act as D&I ambassadors within their business area, advising on current and upcoming initiatives through their insights in the Vestas business.Furthermore, our passionate Regional Diversity & Inclusion Partners ensure that initiatives and processes are being effectively and respectfully implemented into their respective region. The partners meet once a month and update each other on local business challenges, legislative changes, and share best practice and ideas for new initiatives. Both the Vestas D&I Advisory Board as well as the Regional D&I Partners discuss matters regarding disability inclusion guided by the mindset that Vestas is stronger as a company not despite our differences, but because of them. Aligned with this, Vestas is committed to combating negative stereotypes towards people with disabilities –therefore, all Vestas employees are offered unconscious bias trainings. To support this further, all Vestas leaders take part of Inclusive Leadership trainings that have been integrated into our Leadership Development programs.

2. Recruiting Ability Diverse Talent 

Aligned with the commitment above, all Vestas recruiters take part of Unconscious Bias trainings in order to combat negative biases in the recruitment process. Vestas has furthermore committed to different partnerships across Vestas locations that each assist in hiring ability diverse talent.

3. Accessibility 

In Vestas, we recognize that organisations and society as a whole hold the responsibility of making the environment and the knowledge herein accessible for all. Therefore, we make sure that all Vestas offices are accessible regardless of physical (dis)abilities. We make sure we are always in compliance with current laws and regulations issued by the country in question. Efforts include, but are not limited to; elevators,ramps, toilets, and parking for people with different abilities.