Over the past two years, Zalando has taken a humble and honest look at what it means to be an inclusive company. An important part of this conversation has centered around disability and whether we are truly living our values when it comes to being an accessible employer for people with disabilities. This has taken us on a journey to learn about the lived experience of our employees with disabilities as well as how those experiences can be shaped by their working environment.

Zalando is proud to join The Valuable 500 and publicly share our commitment to our journey toward disability inclusion. Zalando’s mission is to Reimagine Fashion for the Good of All. Disability should be a visible and celebrated part of Zalando’s culture. We will be successful if our company culture allows employees who want to share their disability status to feel secure doing so and if employees and customers with disabilities have the same options as any of their non-disabled peers.

Zalando has already started this journey by investing in making our offices truly accessible, beginning with the installation of additional accessible bathrooms and automatic doors. In addition, to facilitate this process going forward, we are developing Zalando accessibility standards for our offices to ensure that our workplace reflects our values. Accessibility and disability inclusion are about more than just the built environment. We are committed to continuing to challenge ourselves to learn about and grow our capabilities in digital accessibility, developing new talent pipelines, as well as learning how to better support the employees we have today. As we continue to develop our capabilities we also want to use those learnings to do a better job of supporting customers with disabilities.

Our disability inclusion initiatives are part of Zalando’s ambitious diversity and inclusion strategy, in which Zalando aims to holistically approach diversity and inclusion on many different dimensions.

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