Getting Started

The building blocks of great disability performance.

By committing to the 10 ‘fundamentals’ or building blocks, below, you challenge your organisation to improve performance regarding the more than 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide. Your executive sponsor can monitor progress against this Charter and share learning and experience with the board, disability networks, and wider stakeholders.

This framework for strategic planning was co-produced by and endorsed at global executive level by Barclays Bank, GSK and Infosys as founders of Business Disability International. It provides a useful checklist for any board.

The 10 fundamentals of great disability performance

  1. Leadership
  2. Communicating your rationale for becoming disability confident
  3. Learning directly from disabled people
  4. Moving beyond the expectations of disabled customers
  5. Creating a truly accessible built environment
  6. Liberating the potential of technology
  7. Building universal design and accessibility
  8. Encouraging your key suppliers to become disability confident
  9. Becoming an exemplary employer
  10. Enabling citizenship, respect and economic inclusion
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