Smart Session #1

A Strategy Conversation with Leaders Who’ve Been There

You are one of the 500, and we’ve been listening. We know there are critical areas of disability inclusion that you want to dive into over the next three years, and we want to help guide your thinking by sharing best-in-class examples and expertise from across the community – and create conversations between leaders you won’t find anywhere else. That’s why we’ll be running member-only sessions focusing on some of these prime topics. You’ll be hearing from company leaders, specialist partners, and you’ll be in the middle of the conversation as well.

Our first Smart Session will be A Strategy Conversation with Leaders Who’ve Been There.

Join this 60-minute leader-led conversation where we will explore:

  • Key insights from new employee-driven research
  • Three factors to incorporate into diversity and inclusion strategies
  • Lessons Learned

Leaders guiding the conversation:

  • Cisco: Peg Nicholls, Senior Sales Director
  • Accenture: Dominic King, Senior Principal
  • Lexxic: Aiden Healy, CEO
  • Sky: David Carrigan, Group Director of Diversity

Regardless of where you are in your disability inclusion journey, this is a conversation to join.

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