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The reduction in absence costs achieved by a leading retail bank after implementing a workplace adjustment service.

Our thinking

Just imagine how much productivity would be affected if our colleagues were not able to use their glasses for one week?

We know that 1 in 3 people aged 50-64 living with a disability and/or long term health condition. And that 20% of any workforce are likely to be more productive with adjustments made to their experience at work. So it is clearly worth making it easy for people needing adjustments to request them – as well as making it easy for managers to support them in getting what they need. It’s worth making sure it takes days not weeks (or months in some cases) – saving your company money, time and great talent.

Who’s leading the way?

Business Disability Forum Case Study pdf cover page

Lloyd Banking Group’s (LBG) approach to building best practice aimed to enhance overall employee contribution and engagement as part of a ‘trust your people’ ethos. LBG wanted to ensure that the underlying ethos of the company was one that trusted its people to ask for adjustments which they needed. This would enhance productivity and encourage a more partnership based approach to colleague engagement.

The goal was to adapt how things are done so that everyone finds it easier to do their jobs.

LBG changed the name of the service to ‘Workplace’ Adjustments from ‘Reasonable’ Adjustments to ensure everyone understood that their primary aim is to enhance employee contribution, not to comply with the law.

Apart from cost savings and productivity benefits – the case study showed that the work did not only affect the experience of colleagues in need of adjustment. 70% of line managers within the workforce felt that the service had a high impact on their ability to do their job.

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