We’ve brought together resources to support and equip leaders across your wider organisation, to help you fulfil your commitment.

How to take action

If you’re not sure how to commit to action as an organisation, here are 9 great ways you could start on your disability inclusion journey.

Appoint an Executive Sponsor or Champion

tasked with improving your disability related performance across the business.

Start by being seen to listen to your people and your customers

Invest in initial conversations with disabled people and don’t be afraid of feedback.

Identify any barriers for colleagues and customers

– look for accessibility issues which may be stopping you from welcoming more people.

Run a diversity monitoring survey

for colleagues with and without disabilities, and act on what you learn. But make sure you’re compliant with employment law.

Encourage national leaders to connect with

local business disability networks and business networks that have made disability a priority.

Lead from the top and set your ambition

with a global disability performance strategy. What gets measured gets done, so make sure you factor in timings and KPIs.

Review your media

and consider how you could represent and speak to a broader spectrum of people, including those with disabilities.

Launch an Employee Resource Group

Create a safe space for people with disabilities to have their voices heard and establish regular interaction with your Executive Sponsor.

Bring in experts -

you are unlikely to already have the disability & accessibility expertise you need so make sure you’re working with people who can help.

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