British Airways aims to make the journey for all customers with additional needs, simpler and easier. We are making improvements to encourage more customers to travel with us and ensure that they can enjoy greater customer experience.

We now have a specialist Accessibility Customer Service team who can assist customers with a range of different disabilities who need extra help and ensure customers have all the information that they need before they travel. Our training has been completely revised to ensure that colleagues can understand and respond to the challenges that our customers can face including both physical and hidden disabilities.

Our ongoing commitment is to build on our work and further integrate Accessibility into all our projects and practices, systems, learning and products. By listening more effectively to our customers, we will meet their individual needs and prioritise the issues that are important to them. We will work more collaboratively with our partners at airports to ensure that our customers have a more consistent experience when they travel.  We will make continuous improvements through digital innovation and commit to discussing Accessibility at Leadership Team level annually.

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