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The Valuable 500 is the global CEO community revolutionising disability inclusion through business leadership and opportunity.

Join us to help build an inclusive world where everybody wins.

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The Valuable 500

The global movement putting disability on the business leadership agenda.

We need 500 national and multinational, private sector corporations to be the tipping-point for change and to unlock the business, social and economic value of people living with disabilities across the world. Because the potential of 1.3 billion should not be ignored.

Whether you’re starting your disability inclusion journey, scaling up or leading the charge, join The Valuable 500 to show the world how it’s done.

Our goal: 500

CEO signatures: 320

Days remaining: 125

Leaders can change lives

The Valuable 500 is a business to business initiative catalysing the influence of large private sector corporations doing business in national and international markets.

By joining The Valuable 500, you agree to:

Table disability on your board agenda from 2020.

Make ONE firm commitment to action by January 2021.

Share your commitment to The Valuable 500 internally and externally.

In return, you will have access to our resource hub and a community of like-minded peers. Information on how to access each of these will be available upon sign up.

You’ll need to validate your commitment to The Valuable 500 with the signature of your Chair or CEO.



Adjective: diversish

Selectively inclusive of some types of people within a company, group or business, depending on which type suits the company best.

Why this matters

+1.3 Billion

Over 1.3 billion people across the world live with some form of disability.

World Bank Group

$8 Trillion

Together with their friends and family, this group has a spending power of $8 trillion.

Global Economics of Disability Report


80% of disabilities are acquired between the ages of 18 and 64 - the workforce age.

Disabled Living Foundation


Only 4% of businesses are focussed on making offerings inclusive of disability.

Global Economics of Disability Report

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There are more clothing lines for dogs than for disabled people.

Stephanie Thomas of Cur8able

Valuable Leader Conversations

In this series of interviews, Caroline speaks to some of our most #valuable leaders, to find out the role business leaders play in getting disability on the corporate diversity agenda.

In Conversation with Judy Heumann: The past, present and future of disability inclusion

On the 30th Anniversary of the ADA, Caroline Casey speaks to Judy Heumann, International Disability Rights Activist and author, about the early American disability rights movement, the critically acclaimed documentary Crip Camp, and what the Covid-19 pandemic can teach us about inclusion.

In Conversation with Rosaleen Blair: Building Inclusive Organisations

Caroline Casey speaks to Rosaleen Blair, Founder and Chair of Alexander Mann Solutions, about creating working cultures in which difference is celebrated, and the talent opportunities available to inclusive employers.

In Conversation with Andrew Liveris: Unconscious Bias & the Human Resource

In this special interview filmed at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting 2020 in Davos, Caroline Casey talks to Former Dow Chemicals Chairman and CEO, Andrew Liveris about this century's problem of 'unconscious bias' and why the most valuable resource we have left is the 'human resource'.

In Conversation with Dame Carolyn Fairbairn: Changing Perceptions of Difference

Caroline Casey speaks to Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General of the CBI, about respecting difference and why it's important that business leaders are 'disability confident'.

In Conversation with Mark Carney: Bringing Diverse Opinions to the Table

Caroline Casey speaks to Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, about how to encourage an inclusive working environment and why having diverse opinions at the table can help a business succeed in times of crisis.

In conversation with Paul Polman: Why Inclusive Businesses Perform Better

Caroline Casey speaks to ex-CEO of Unilever, Vice-Chair of the UN Global Compact, and Chair of The Valuable 500, Paul Polman about the business case for inclusion, a CEO's moral responsibility and how we can bring humanity back to the corporate world.

In conversation with Peter Grauer: How Leaders drive the Diversity Agenda

Caroline Casey speaks to Bloomberg Chairman, Peter Grauer about the role C-suite sponsors play in driving the diversity agenda, why it's important for leaders to admit they don't have all the answers, and what The Valuable 500 is doing to change the narrative around disability inclusion.

In conversation with Nicola Mendelsohn: Adding Disability to the Corporate Diversity Agenda

At the Bloomberg Equality Summit in London, Caroline spoke to Nicola Mendelsohn, VP, EMEA at Facebook about what we can learn from the success of other equality movements in the private sector and the importance of intersectionality.

In conversation with Janet Riccio: The Personal Impact of Corporate Inclusion

Caroline spoke to EVP and Dean of Omnicom University, Janet Riccio about her personal experience of disability and the impact it has made on her approach to corporate inclusion, as well as Omnicom's longstanding support of The Valuable 500.

What does it mean for your business?

  • Heightened innovation
  • Increased customer base
  • Improved experiences for all
  • Greater workplace productivity
  • Reduced risk

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