Region: Austria

ÖAMTC is committed to equal opportunities and equal treatment of employees, applicants and members. An essential element in corporate culture is to deal with diversity in a positive way. The main goal is that the mixture of our employees should reflect the diversity of the society. In addition to this, equal opportunities and values are statutorily-regulated. To achieve this goal ÖAMTC organizes targeted activities such as workshops, lectures and discussions.

In the year 2018, ÖAMTC started a project called “Einstellungssache” (you can describe “Einstellungssache” as the way of employment and a matter of mind at the same time ).

We started the project with hiring of ten people with disabilities for a permanent full-time job. We’ve surpassed this, and now we have fifteen employees with disabilities in additional jobs. In the spirit of inclusion, our long-term goal of this project is to hire people with disabilities in our regular recruiting process, and support them to match their skills and abilities with their talents.

The ÖAMTC offers people with physical disabilities workshops to adapt their physical mobility in road traffic.

Last but not least, ÖAMTC offers special services for people with disabilities, such as mobility advice and a service for deaf people. Those with impaired hearing have the option to use our barrier-free communication application.  Our app offers the option to use SMS or e-mail as a communication channel.