Amot Investments is one of the leading real estate companies in Israel.

Amot owns about 1.5 million square meters of real estate, including hundreds of thousands of tenants, employees, customers and users.

Amot believes that every person deserves equal opportunities, respect and a sense of belonging.

In such an environment it is possible to develop, succeed and be creative and innovative.

Amot believes in providing an equal service to all the company’s customers and therefore we have worked resolutely to make the company’s assets accessible (approximately 100 properties totaling 1,500,000 square meters).

This activity has greatly affected thousands of tenants and users of the company’s assets.

We work to make adjustments, both physically and in digital channels (for easy browsing and equal opportunity for service and information).

We are accompanied by professional accessibility consultants and at the end of accessing each property, we were awarded the “Israel Accessibility Award”.

The company’s managers and employees underwent training on service accessibility and accessibility in general.

At the company’s headquarters and properties, telephone call routers were made available for the benefit of customers with disabilities and without background music, at a slow pace and in clear language.

Amot has an organizational accessibility coordinator and as part of his job he delivers professional lectures to tenants on accessibility.

And participates in research to write an emergency evacuation procedure for people and visitors with disabilities.

We are proud to consistently contribute to the organizations that work for the benefit of accessibility in Israel.

We at Amot undertake to continue this activity.

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