Creating and Leading an Inclusive Society that Values and Welcomes All People

Basic Approach

As we approach the year 2020 and our customers continue to diversify globally, continuing to be chosen and trusted by these customers will be crucial for the future of ANA Group growth. We believe our responsibility as a public transportation entity is to serve an inclusive society in which we can all move forward together. To create a sustainable society, the ANA Group respects the diversity of all customers, and we will accelerate initiatives aimed at providing world-class inclusive and universal services. In accordance with our 2015 Diversity & Inclusion Declaration, the ANA Group values the strengths of our individuals and diversity in our organizations, and we seek to leverage these individual differences and build systems that create new value.

Major Initiatives

(1) A Legacy of Diversity through Our Facilities

We will continue to create facilities and equipment offering even greater comfort in any scenario, from pre-departure through final destination.

Our efforts have included:

  • Renovating airport facilities for improved ease of use;
  • Utilizing resin wheelchairs that do not set off metal detectors;
  • Leveraging digital communication support tools; and
  • Further installing wheelchair-accessible lavatories on some of our small-sized aircraft.

(2) A Legacy of Diversity through Our Services and the Implementation of a Barrier-free Mindset

We have implemented a range of initiatives to ensure that every employee embraces a barrier-free mindset in society and allow us to offer world-class inclusive and universal services. At the same time, we are working to create a framework that will allow our customers to use our services with peace of mind. The ANA Group is working to foster people capable of leading the movement toward a barrier-free mindset within society.

Our efforts have included:

  • Rolling out inclusive and universal service training for all executives and employees;
  • Creating unique pamphlet and video content for use by those preparing to travel;
  • Holding hands-on sessions for students from special needs schools before they travel on school and other trips;
  • Holding interactive seminars at homes for the elderly and people with disabilities;
  • Renovating our website for improved usability; and
  • Providing audio and braille versions of information in our in-flight magazine.


(3) Initiatives for Employing People with Disabilities

More than 830 employees in the ANA Group with disabilities play active roles and provide a competitive advantage across our businesses in duties related to safe flight operations, customer service, office work, and many other responsibilities. We aim to create workplace environments where people can work without hindrance, regardless of disabilities. Accordingly, we are working to spread the adoption of the 36K-Employee Kickoff (the Group code of conduct for hiring persons with disabilities) throughout the Group. At the same time, we are pursuing initiatives to systematically expand our hiring of persons with disabilities.

Our efforts have included:

  • Conducting stratified training, e-learning courses, and other educational activities; and
  • Establishing workplaces in which all employees can play an active role, regardless of disabilities.


Creating a Legacy for 2020 and Beyond

The ANA Group aims to contribute to the revitalization of local communities and resolve social issues by connecting the world with all regions of Japan through our businesses, particularly through air transportation. Looking to 2020 and beyond, we intend to become an airline group that provides world-class inclusive and universal services, leveraging diversity for continued sustainable growth as a presence leading the way to the creation of a society in which anyone can live with ease.

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