1) Disability leadership reporting, and workforce targets

We report our disability data to the Board on a quarterly basis and have introduced a new real-time diversity reporting tool at leadership level which looks at representation, attrition, and pay gaps broken down by departments, which allows for greater transparency and accountability. We have made a commitment to doubling our workforce disability target from 6 to 12%.

2) New awareness and data sharing campaign to ensure our staff data is up to date

It is important that we continue to have accurate data to inform our approach to disability and ensure we can provide adjustments where needed, and a key part of that is raising awareness and creating a culture where staff feel able to share a disability. We will create a new campaign to help us achieve that, which would also have the positive additional impact of creating more role models.

3) 4Talent Initiatives

Following on from the successful Rio Production Training scheme in 2016 which saw 18 production trainees travel to Rio to be part of the Games’ crew, in 2020 14 disabled trainees have been placed with independent production companies around the UK.  We have had to make adjustments given the impact of Covid-19 and the postponement of the Tokyo Paralympics  but will offer contract extensions to all apprentices affected to ensure they still get maximum value out of the scheme.  Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of giving some of the trainees the opportunity to work on Channel 4’s Tokyo Paralympic coverage upon successful completion of their training.