In this age of growing inequality, Dr Reddy’s is committed to accelerating access to affordable and  innovative medicines. For a company whose motto is “Good Health Can’t Wait”, the progress of the differently abled among our own remains front and centre for our leadership. Over the past few years, the Apex Diversity Council, headed by our Chairman Mr Satish Reddy himself, has driven the cause of Diversity & Inclusion in general and PwD inclusion in particular.

While there have been steady improvements in terms of both hiring in accessibility, this year, the ADC committed to our board an ambitious target increase of 10% in the number of people with disabilities we had in our organization. Since hiring is not only a check-box exercise but inclusion – and therefore retention – are key, the commitment was for a net increase (i.e. accounting for any departures).

In the past few months, our R&D arms alone(Biologics and IPDO) have on-boarded 11 PwD employees; their achievement however does not stop with numbers. There have been multiple steps taken to ensure that in terms of both infrastructure and interpersonal integration, colleagues with special needs are afforded every opportunity to make an impact.

Some of our key leaders also visited organizations known for their inclusion of deaf-and-mute employees, to bring back learnings to implement a dynamic shift in the way disability inclusion is perceived.

Having met our numbers committed this year for the Valuable 500, our focus going ahead will be not only to hire more, but also to ensure  enablement of those brought on board & to drive greater sensitization among our managers on inclusion & the role they play.