Endesa is deeply committed to promoting human rights, non-discrimination, equal opportunities and diversity, everywhere it operates. Namely, the promotion of diversity and inclusion is core to the company’s strategy focused on innovation and sustainability.

The Company is working to replace boundaries and obstacles with new opportunities leveraging on the unique mix of talents that everyone brings to work. One of Endesa’s aims is to make energy available to everyone by developing the potential of the Company’s most precious assets, the people it works with. Endesa has a focal point to attend any specific need of their staff with disabilities, launching initiatives aimed at improving autonomy and promoting inclusion. The presence of a focal point for staff with disabilities represents a specific target of Endesa’s Sustainability Plan. Furthermore, the Company is committed to enhancing and expanding actions regarding digital accessibility, autonomy, mobility, development and employability of people with disabilities.

When it comes to the specific initiatives, Endesa was the first energy utility to introduce Pedius for customers in Spain in 2019. The App aims to facilitate communication by using “speech to text” recognition and synthesis that converts a text message into an artificial voice and, likewise, the voice into a text message. 

In addition to Pedius, the Company has launched other initiatives aimed at the inclusion of people with disabilities and in 2020, Endesa is working on the development of an action plan to deepen its commitment and develop internal and external actions.

The Valuable 500 is a campaign working to ensure businesses globally recognize the value of people living with a disability. Companies and business leaders that have committed to putting disability inclusion on their agendas by joining the Valuable 500 include some of the foremost players in every sector. Endesa shares this approach with its parent company, Enel, which has already joined the Valuable 500 in 2019.