• Enel is deeply committed to promoting human rights, non-discrimination, equal opportunities and diversity, everywhere it operates. Namely, the promotion of diversity and inclusion is core to the company’s strategy focused on innovation and sustainability.
  • The Group is working to replace boundaries and obstacles with new opportunities leveraging on the unique mix of talents that everyone brings to work. One of Enel’s aims is to make energy available to everyone by developing the potential of the Group’s most precious assets, the people it works with. In every country where staff with disabilities are present a focal point attends to their specific needs, launching initiatives aimed at improving autonomy and promoting inclusion. The presence of a focal point for staff with disabilities represents a specific target of Enel’s Sustainability Plan. Furthermore, the Group is committed to enhancing and expanding actions regarding digital accessibility, autonomy, mobility, development and employability of people with disabilities.
  • When it comes to the specific initiatives, Enel is evaluating the extension by 2022 of the Pedius App for deaf people in all the countries where it operates. Launched by the company in Italy in 2018, the Pedius App aims to facilitate communication with deaf colleagues and customers. The App uses “speech to text” recognition and synthesis that converts a text message into an artificial voice and, likewise, the voice into a text message.  The App is available for all Enel staff and customers in Italy. The App also allows deaf Enel staff to contact their IT helpdesk, to participate in Skype meetings through the generation of subtitles and to receive safety alerts. In addition to Pedius, the Group has launched other initiatives aimed at the inclusion of its disabled customers, including accessible web sites and documents, as well as bills in braille.