We are guided by an inclusive purpose – to strengthen connections, broaden horizons and bridge divides. Travel opens minds and drives better understanding between people from all aspects of life – something the world needs today like never before. And travel fuels the health of communities and local economies. To make travel more enjoyable and accessible to all, we will reflect and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our employees, customers, partners and communities through the following commitments:

  • Support organizations across the travel industry in becoming more inclusive providers by publishing case studies of travel products, services and innovative practices that champion disability inclusive and accessible travel.
  • Enhance digital accessibility of our travel platform and products to reduce friction and barriers for our customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Formally allocate 10% of working hours to global Employee Resource Group leaders to lead broad-sweeping, intersectional, and inclusive change for all.
  • Invest in our Equal Productivity Access Program to remove barriers to productivity, provide assistive technology, and advocate on behalf of employees with disabilities for a more inclusive work experience.
  • Demonstrate clear actions that bring mental and physical health to parity, build a culture of allyship, and remove stigmas and barriers in the workplace.

We recognize that the journey to disability inclusion is not a solo journey. Together, we have a responsibility and opportunity to make travel accessible to all and champion change in our industry for how the world thinks, acts and speaks about disability.

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