Hoxby’s purpose is to create a happier, more fulfilled society through a world of work without bias.  The whole ethos of the business and community is built on the understanding that everyone is different and celebrating that fact.  The values of the business (love what you do, respect the workstyle, better together, play your part, happier world, always improving) are strongly referenced every single day which we believe helps to keep the community feeling positive and supported.  As a business, we recognise that people are all individuals and need to be treated as such.  Difference is embraced.

Our commitment to the Valuable 500 will include:

This is a board level commitment is backed by our joint CEOs and as such, progress will be reviewed monthly by them

  • Researching and using technologies that break down barriers between people – we rely heavily on technology to be able to interact with each other (given we are all home based), we want to find ways to make that technology work better for everyone.
  • Finding out more about our community with regard to physical disability – what % of our community would currently self identify as disabled, and how can we proactively look to increase that % (eg by actively promoting Hoxby in places where physically disabled people are more likely to be engaged).
  • Reviewing our application, selection and curation processes to ensure that we minimize opportunities for unconscious bias.
  • Cross reference the work that we are doing in our other cause areas (eg ageism, mental health, working parents, gender equality) to strengthen and improve the work we are doing against the area of physical disability
  • Actively share best practice and highlight the reality, and potential, for those impacted by disability in the workplace to the wider Valuable 500 team.