At Jacobs, we know that having a culture of inclusion where everyone feels that they belong and can thrive allows us to recruit and retain the best global talent and drive a more connected organization – which in turn drives innovation and creativity in our solutions for our business, our clients and our communities.

We value the unique insights and talents that people with disabilities bring to our culture and business practices. Our foundational core value “We live inclusion” is supported by the strength of tangible leadership commitment and accountability at Jacobs, and in 2021 we commit to:

  • Driving a step change in disability awareness. Supporting and empowering our employees with disability and their allies through our disability network ACE (Access, Connect, Empower) provides a platform to consult and learn from our colleagues’ lived experiences of disability, connect global employees with similar experiences (either personally or through caring for a family member) and empower all those living with disability to bring their whole selves to work. ACE is represented at the highest level of the company through sponsors in our Executive Leadership Team.
  • Ensuring stronger measurement and accountability through all levels of the organization. A baseline of information forms the foundation of actions for front-line leaders, and provides the basis of consistent accountability conversations, measurable progress and familiarity and confidence within our leadership cohort.
  • Focussing on accessibility. We will continue to specifically target workplace adjustments – both physical and digital – to improve accessibility. This will be a key consideration as we transform our office space around the globe, while also embracing new standards in the way we communicate and work in the future. Our continued success on these fronts ultimately increases opportunities to attract more people with disabilities to our organization, allowing all employees to thrive.
  • Facilitating better outcomes for people with disabilities in the broader community. While our focus remains on transforming our own disability inclusion culture, our greatest long-term opportunity exists in influencing positive outcomes for the communities and customers served by our clients. Jacobs deploys more than 70 million hours of intellect to some of the world’s largest government and private sector organizations on an annual basis. As our culture matures, we will encourage our stakeholders to take a similar journey to better support the communities we jointly serve.

Our continued commitment to the Valuable 500 is a great source of motivation to all of us at Jacobs – ensuring that people of all abilities are valued, supported, and embraced. Our participation is also a key element in realizing our ambition of creating a ‘company like no other’.

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