We are guided by a belief and a culture that runs throughout the entire organization: being good to  people and doing the right thing. That is why we are driven by our three values – Metta, Thet Ti,  Virya – loving kindness, perseverance and courage. 

These values permeate every level of the organisation, from our leadership to our team members,  and guide every interaction with our customers and partners. They allow us to work with intention,  and have a profound impact on communities and lives.  

We recognize that we can always aim to do better. For these reasons, we are committed to  providing an environment where all of our team members can nurture a sense of belonging for all,  regardless of their background and abilities. Specifically, we will evaluate and improve our policies  and practices toward disability inclusion so that everyone is enabled to shape an inclusive  workplace, together.  

We will continue to stay true to our values and reflect it in the way we operate, as a team and as a  bank. That is simply what Myanmar needs and deserves.

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