Our mission at Magic Leap is to amplify human ability by bringing spatial computing to everyone, all day, every day. As part of this mission, Magic Leap is committed to building an inclusive culture that inspires, celebrates, and nurtures the diverse abilities in all of us. We aim to design our platform, products, and services, so that all people of varying ages and ability levels may experience joy through their interactions with Magic Leap.

Magic Leap is taking an integrated approach to disability inclusion and implementing an accessibility program to help us realise our mission. Our approach includes four key efforts:

  • Creating an employee resource group that provides education, engagement and feedback around disability inclusion and accessibility
  • Engaging persons with disabilities and accessibility specialists to better understand market accessibility requirements from the user perspective.
  • Providing role-specific training and establishing processes to help us advance the accessibility of our products, services, and processes over time.
  • Contributing to the development of XR accessibility industry standards and best practices and enabling developers to build accessible XR apps, content, and experiences.

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