Perrigo is committed to creating a work environment where all individuals feel respected and valued regardless of their background, preferences, or personal characteristics. We want everyone, including those with different abilities, to be able to bring their whole self to work and contribute at their best. In 2019, Perrigo worked to reduce the stigma associated with mental health disabilities by hosting a global World Mental Health day campaign in the 30+ countries we operate in. This campaign focused on both visible and invisible mental health disabilities. In 2020, in partnership with the “Valuable 500” movement, Perrigo commits to:

  • Continue to highlight disability on our Board agenda.
  • Implement a non-discrimination and anti-harassment global policy, inclusive of individuals with disabilities, that applies to all countries in which we operate. We will educate our workforce on this policy and provide unconscious bias training to leaders.
  • Ensure all global sites have a local disability rehabilitation resource.
  • Communicate our partnership with the “Valuable 500” movement publicly and within Perrigo.