SAP is designing a work experience so that all employees feel that they belong and contribute to a culture of equality and inclusion. A major component of this effort is creating accessibility in the workplace that removes barriers for persons with disabilities. We want to empower all persons to do their best every day. We are creating accessibility guidelines to further facilitate the existing wide range of accessibility and inclusion initiatives.

  • Ensuring that SAP provides accessible workspaces for all employees is a priority, and through in-depth consultation with employees with disabilities and key stakeholders we commit to ensuring accessible facilities, communication, and events. We continually seek to improve tools and technologies that we deploy for communications and other activities.
  • SAP commits to building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce through our programs like Autism at Work, and through ensuring that our talent processes enable the success of talent of all abilities:
  • We remain committed to being an inclusive workplace for autistic individuals as demonstrated by the Autism at Work initiative. Our aim is to continue to increase the number of colleagues on the spectrum within our workforce and foster an inclusive workplace. We share our experiences broadly through the SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge to inspire more organizations to be autism inclusive.
  • All qualified candidates regardless of ability or accommodation are encouraged to apply to any open role that aligns with her interests and experience.
  • SAP strives to ensure that the technology that it builds is accessible to all users. Input is sought from employees with disabilities through multiple channels to drive enhancements and innovation. Accessibility training is offered to teams developing technological solutions and learning content so future solutions can incorporate accessibility even earlier in development.
  • SAP commits to encouraging a diverse partner and customer ecosystem and promoting standards for supplier diversity. We set targets for diverse suppliers and embed accessibility requirements into processes.
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