As a global company with operations, services, and customers spread across the world, I&D is fundamental to Schindler’s ability to adapt to change and grow. Diverse teams in an inclusive work environment make better decisions. Schindler is committed to be an equal opportunity employer and to bridge the opportunity gap that spans all industries. The company’s approach focuses on integrating inclusion and diversity across the key pillars of its People Strategy – from talent attraction and retention, leadership training and assessments to promotion and succession planning.

Moreover, Schindler’s long-standing commitment to I&D also represents an important cornerstone of the company’s way of doing business, particularly as accessibility is at the heart of the Group’s products and services. Therefore, consistent with its strategy, Schindler drives initiatives to further enhance its offering, and was recently recognized by Swiss Central Association for the Blind for its haptic touch panel for people with visual impairment.

“Schindler Group is committed to advancing our inclusive culture and enriching our diversity. As a part of our diversity, we embrace Diverse Abilities and already today have targeted programs to include differently-abled people in our operations,” said Thomas Oetterli, Group CEO of Schindler. “Providing solutions for mobility challenges is an essential part of our business. Our technicians are trained to understand the mobility requirements needed by many people with disabilities. We have discussed our Valuable 500 commitment in our Group Executive Team and an Executive lead task force will gather best practices in order to define strategies for hiring and on-boarding more people with disabilities.”

Region: China

Valuable Leader: Daryoush Ziai

At Schindler China we are committed to attracting and retaining the best people through enhancing our culture of inclusion and diversity that allows all employees to achieve their true potential. Our diversity includes people with diverse abilities. Schindler provides transportation solutions which enhance the mobility needs of people with disabilities. We are also committed to providing opportunities to people with disabilities throughout our company in China and fully support local initiatives and targets in this regard.

Region India:

Valuable Leader: Ashok Ramachandran

At Schindler India, we are committed to our “You & I” inclusion journey to provide access, advancement and balance to create more inclusive communities. We believe our success will be a function of celebrating diversity of thought. We are committed to providing fair and equitable opportunities through our people practices. We encourage employees to be their authentic self and realize their true potential at work and beyond. We are committed to creating an ecosystem built on business practices which make long term social impact by rendering products and services for the diverse and multicultural consumer profile we serve.

We elevate…Your Uniqueness.

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