Respect human rights

Shionogi has always striven to create a better society which recognizes the importance of human rights initiatives. Shionogi supports international human rights standards, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and Follow-Up, and the UN Global Compact.

Shionogi’s Diversity Vision

In 2018, Shionogi established the Diversity Council to drive Diversity & Inclusion activities by all Shionogi group companies, and Shionogi instituted “Diversity Vision” so that all employees can share the same vision.

A Diversity Vision was also created so that all employees can engage in promoting diversity and inclusion.


Understand yourself and others,

and celebrate individual diversity.

Allow the wide variety of unique qualities to

inspire creativity and innovation.

We will have an unbiased understanding of others,

knowing that everyone has a different perspective;

connect and resonate with diverse personalities to foster an inclusive spirit and generate abundant ideas;

and, driven by such spirit and ideas,

create new value and grow with society for our collective future.


Main initiatives

  • Shionogi seeks to lighten the psychological burden on children with developmental disorders, with a twin focus on gaining greater understanding from society, and building support systems. As a partner in the support of children with developmental disorders, we work together with local governments and academia, with an aim to harness the core competencies of all involved.
  • Initiatives to remove communication barriers for sight- and hearing-impaired people (Barrier-Free Communication Project). All patients—regardless of ability—have access to the information they need to use medication properly. To that end, Shionogi has started the Barrier-Free Communication Project, which seeks to improve the way information is conveyed and eliminate communication barriers when people with disabilities receive medication instructions.
  • Creating a supportive workplace for people with disabilities. Shionogi is actively engaged in making workplaces more accessible to people with disabilities. We aspire to be an organization where barriers to communication and barriers to accessibility are removed, and all people can fully tap their innate potential and thrive regardless of their disability status. To achieve this goal, we have been working on an initiative known as the Project for Barrier-Free Communication. The project has helped Shionogi to create an inclusive corporate culture to support accessibility to those with disabilities. To create further employment opportunities, in April 2018 we established Shionogi Smile Heart Co., Ltd., which was certified as a special subsidiary company in July 2018.

Shionogi’s focused actions and ideal states

Shionogi regards actions to drive Diversity & Inclusion as an important personnel strategy in all group companies of Shionogi.

  • We understand that driving Diversity & Inclusion actions will make the corporate culture to understanding of the importance in having diverse employees, and it will lead to increased innovation as a result.
  • We strive to create of a work environment which is comfortable for all employees, both able-bodied and disabled. Shionogi continuously strives to improve corporate culture by collecting employee’s suggestions and improving through dialogues.
  • We educate the employees of all Shionogi group companies so that Diversity & Inclusion efforts are consistently implemented in each global site.

Shionogi drives actions for employees and outside stakeholders.

  • We strive to ensure and improve access to medicine.
  • We prepare systems to drive proper use of medicine and provide correct drug information to all people regardless of disability status.

Shionogi creates work environments in which all employees can vigorously work, exercise their abilities, and realize themselves as members of Shionogi. This effort enables Shionogi to contribute to creating an inclusive society in which every person can demonstrate their value.

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