Strauss Group’s Mission is to improve people’s lives around the world, with the help of all our partners. In order to do so, in every area of our activity, we are committed to acting responsibly. We strive to always act out of our firm worldview of sustainability, fairness and transparency, towards all our stakeholders.

Diversity and Inclusion are a key element in sustainability – both inside our organization, as well as outwards, in the communities around us. In the past decade, Strauss Group and its companies around the world have undertaken significant D&I initiatives. We did so not only because they are an integral part of our values, ethics or belief system; we undertook these initiatives because they are a business imperative.

For example, in Israel – where Strauss Group has its main business and its HQ – we have partnered with Co-Impact, a leading non-profit aimed at increasing the representation of Arab Israelis in the workforce of leading business organizations. As for gender equality, our senior leadership has committed to a attaining gender balance in all management positions in the different Strauss Group companies.

In these cases, we have identified a societal inequality not only as a crisis of values which warrants our involvement, but also as a business opportunity. And the case of disability is similar: so many of us – and around us – have a disability of some kind. So many of our family members and friends will experience disability at some point of their lives; So many of our consumers face daily problems related to their disability. So many of the people in the communities around us could have been our employees, contributing their knowledge, motivation and spirit to us, had it not been for their disability.

Advancing people with disabilities is not new to us at Strauss Group. We abide by all laws and regulations pertaining to people with disabilities everywhere we operate, and sometimes even exceed this. For example, at Strauss Water – one of the companies at Strauss Group – we partnered with a call center that provides services for business organizations and is manned by people with disabilities.

Therefore, this new and exciting commitment naturally fits in with our purpose and our set of values, and we are looking forward to extending our commitment and making it even more impactful.

This commitment is made up for three parts:

  1. Ensure that disability inclusion is on our Board agenda: our Board of Directors receives regular updates on Diversity and Inclusion in general, and on people with disabilities in particular.
  2. Make at least one firm commitment to action: we intend to present aggressive objectives pertaining to people with disabilities in 2021.
  3. Share our commitment with the business and the world: Strauss Group publishes an annual Corporate Social Responsibility report, which includes, among other topics, updates on Diversity and Inclusion in general and people with disabilities in particular. Our actions, achievements and difficulties will all become part of the public domain, in order to enable transparency and facilitate learning.