TSB’s customer base is incredibly diverse and representative of many different backgrounds and lifestyles.  To serve our customers brilliantly, we need a diverse workforce with talent, views and thinking that reflects the society in which we work, to understand their needs and provide a service that’s right for them.  We work hard to create an inclusive culture where every TSB Partner – regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age or personal situation – is able to fulfil their potential.  We recognise that collaboration between people with different styles, skills, backgrounds and cultures encourages innovation, better communication and stronger customer and community relationships.

TSB is committed to:

  • Improving the day-to-day working life of disabled Partners, by learning from the lived experience of our own Partners via inclusion networks, working groups and training.
  • Continuing our work focusing on disabled customers to understand who might need additional support.
  • Further developing information tools, such as an online support hub, where Partners can seek advice and guidance to make our banking services more accessible to disabled customers and to support fellow Partners who may have disabilities.