Our vision at Virgin Atlantic is to be the most loved travel company and what drives this is the power of human connection, both between our people and our customers. This means creating an environment where people are encouraged to be themselves, where they feel included and supported and where they can thrive. We’re focused on continuing to find ways to better support people with disabilities and in 2019, we were the first airline to introduce a Hidden Disabilities Scheme. I am committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion will always be on my agenda and below are some of the initiatives we have in place to drive this:

  • Ensuring our working environment is accessible and inclusive to all.
  • Developing a thriving employee disability and engagement network supported by an Executive Sponsor.
  • Educating our people by facilitating Conscious Inclusion Training.
  • Optimising technology enhancements in our virtual interactions with our people, to support hearing and hidden disabilities and break down language barriers.
  • Progressively striving for continuous improvements in our recruitment and employment processes and practices, reducing barriers and improving accessibility for the inclusion of people with a disability.  Ensuring our job application technology supports individuals to be at their best.
  • Proactively sourcing a diverse range of Talent and adapting our search methodologies to attract and retain talented individuals who are living with disabilities every day.
  • Empowering and supporting our people to feel comfortable talking about their disabilities at work.
  • Continuing to be the first airline to help customers with hidden disabilities overcome challenges when travelling in a discrete manner with our award-winning Hidden Disability Scheme.
  • Supporting London Heathrow with their accessibility days.
  • Providing pre-flight accessibility familiarisation experiences and awareness for our customers with disabilities.
  • Making onboard entertainment available to customers with visual disabilities so they can access all of our films.
  • Creating a single point of contact for our customers with disabilities through our Special Assistance Team, providing one point of contact for the whole customer journey, creating a seamless, supported experience.
  • Contributing to IATA task forces, whose aim is to enhance and support accessible and inclusive travel for customers with disabilities.
  • Committing to continuous improvement and ease of accessibility for all our customers through the actions we take from feedback.
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