Extra living costs, negative perceptions, social stigma, inflexible working hours and outdated employment policies are just some of the barriers disabled people face every day. Things need to change and fast.

At Virgin Media we celebrate the fact that everyone is different. It’s these differences that help us to come up with new and innovative ideas and better meet the needs of the customers and communities we serve.

I am committed to making disability my business:

  • Partnering with the disability equality charity Scope – funding an innovative digital employment service ‘Support to Work’ that provides disabled people with the confidence, skills and knowledge to get into and stay in work
  • #WorkWithMe – together with Scope we’re building a network of likeminded businesses. By providing unique resources, guidance and events, our aim is to encourage businesses to share best practice on building an inclusive workplace for disabled people and learn from each other
  • A strategic partner for the Valuable 500 – we are funding the development of resources to support and inform business leaders, inspiring them to create more inclusive businesses for disabled people. I will be using my network to help reach this goal
  • Gold tier sponsorship of the British Paralympic Association – we aim to change the way disabled people are viewed by the British public through our marketing and sponsorship activity
  • Disability Action Plan – we are transforming the every day experiences for Virgin Media’s disabled customers and employees
  • Demonstrating leadership – engaging our suppliers in disabilty to ensure they sign up to the #WorkWithMe pledge and Valuable500


Lutz Schüler

CEO, Virgin Media

12 June 2019