For over 20 years Westpac has made public commitments to improving accessibility for people living with a disability through our Accessibility Action Plan. Our Accessibility Action Plan details commitments to make Westpac more accessible four customers, employees and communities we serve. 

We embed Accessibility throughout our product and service design process, not just at the end. To do this we have created a dedicated Access and Inclusion team with subject matter experts to ensure we strive for accessibility excellence. 

Our new Westpac Banking App

Westpac’s new banking app has been built and tested extensively to ensure that it is accessible.  

When testing the accessibility of the app we took into consideration the wide range of accessibility needs our customers have. These are considered through, design, development and testing while also providing options for all customers (regardless of accessibility needs) to complete their banking.   

Accessibility features include:

  •       Screen reader accessible – including announcement of errors and other information 
  •       Provision of accessibility hints and labels 
  •       Larger text option for vision impaired customers
  •       Not using colour alone to convey meaning
  •       Using appropriate colour contrasts
  •       Providing alternative text for images and graphics 
  •       Embedding a consistent layout and navigation
  •       Using plain language throughout with structured headings

We recognise Accessibility does not stop at the launch of the product. Our dedicated team will continue to review customer feedback and make enhancements to Accessibility as opportunities arise.