At Wipro, inclusion is about integrating diversity effortlessly into everyday working; encouraging all to participate and be their authentic selves. An inclusive workplace respects uniqueness among individuals and nurtures an overall sense of belonging. We celebrate and learn from diverse ideas, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. This provides us an opportunity to realize our true potential at work and beyond. The essence of co-creating, guided by our values defines Inclusion & Diversity at Wipro.

We have been making sustained efforts to foster a more inclusive workplace for all our employees.

Disability Inclusion is a key focus area within our Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) charter. Our learnings from this ongoing journey have helped us better understand, reflect on,and transform the way we work.

Our strategic framework CREATE (Career, Recruit, Engage, Accessibility, Train and Enable) encompasses the key aspects of disability inclusion and helpsus strengthen the ecosystem.

We recognize that while we empower Wiproites with disability (irrespective of whether the disability is visible or invisible, either recognized during hiring or acquired later), it is equally important to equip the other stakeholders to ‘normalize’ disability.Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted 

We leverage on our internal network of champions and disability ambassadors to promotethe right messagesand practices which eventually eliminatesocial/attitudinal, environmental, infrastructural and digital barriers. By doing so, we create a robust system and enhance our inclusive culture, thereby becomingan employer of choice.

This pledge underscores our commitment to ensure non-discrimination and promote equal opportunity for all.