Zebra Technologies strives to be a company where all employees feel seen, heard valued and respected.  We use a broad definition for diversity, which includes individuals with disabilities.  To champion disability inclusion, we have hired a full time Inclusion & Diversity leader who has a long history of activity in the disability community, including serving as Employer Subcommittee Chair for the President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, Chair of the Chicago BLN, and Board member for the Parents’ Alliance Employment Project.

Zebra plan to include disability inclusion as we roll out Inclusive Leadership training for our managers and are reviewing our reasonable accommodations processes to ensure they are impactful and effective, most recently launching closed captioning for the company’s quarterly town hall webcast.

Additionally, we are exploring potential recruitment and referral partners in the disability community, including outreach to university offices of disabilities, to ensure that we have access to candidates with disabilities at all levels.