The Valuable 500

Our Valuable 500 companies and leaders have committed to putting disability inclusion on their business leadership agenda. We’re processing new companies all the time and are proud to announce the following confirmed organisations.

Valuable Leader: Julie Sweet

Region: North America

Accenture’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Accenture’s Board of Directors reflects geographic, age, gender and ethnic diversity. Among the external directors, female representation is currently at 40 percent — including our non-executive chair of the board. The Board meets quarterly and in 2019, will discuss disability inclusion as part of its discussions around inclusion and diversity, which is driven by the Accenture Diversity Council.

As part of this review, our Accenture Diversity Council, made up of senior leaders across the business including members with disabilities, meet quarterly to set our inclusion & diversity goals. In the last two years, we have established an internal score card that measures the recruitment, retention and advancement of our employees with disabilities. This enables us to offer new benefits, accommodations and assistive technologies to our people and new candidates.

We also established the Accessibility Council – led by our General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Chad Jerdee and Chief Information Officer, Andrew Wilson. The Council ensures accessible technology across our entire enterprise as we continue to advance disability inclusion as a source of innovation, creativity and competitive advantage. Accenture strives to create a workplace where everyone feels they belong.

Valuable Leader: Alain Dehaze

Region: Global

Addecco’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Rosaleen Blair

Region: Global

Alexander Mann Solutions’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We are a global business connecting individuals  to opportunities to elevate the growth prospects of both businesses and talent. We want to be a  leading enabler of change in our communities, through  concrete actions with measurable impact.

As talent acquisition is at the heart of our activity, we want to inspire our clients to understand the value of a diverse workforce, including people who are living with disabilities.  We believe that change comes from within and we want our employees to be confident that they are valued not only for their skills, but also for what they are bringing to the company as individuals.

To underpin this we are committed to the following for 2020:

  • Broadening our relationship with our partner the Business Disability Forum, to ensure that we are making the right impact to include and support all employees, candidates and clients equally including those living with disabilities, across all geographical regions
  • Making reasonable adjustments to ensure that our current and future talent who may be living with a disability are provided with the same breadth of opportunity as employees and candidates without disability
  • Seeking other avenues to attract and retain talented people who are living with disabilities and engage our clients with this audience
  • Continuing to look for opportunities, together with our Board and C-suite executives, to ensure we provide an enriching experience and enable internal or external progress to our employees living with disabilities.

Valuable Leader: Pravin Chand Tatavarti

Region: India

Allegis Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Our inclusion efforts strongly stem from within. As a recruiting and staffing firm, we live to ‘create opportunities’ for everyone and want to ensure that we impact mindsets on how to include persons with disability in the workplace. We commit to continue hiring more types of disability within our organization and support in their career progression. We would also open doors for any organization that would require support in their journey to hire more persons with disability and share best practices.  


Valuable Leader: Jason Trachsel

Region: Global

Allied Global Services’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

InclusionWorks provides the first end-to-end solution fro businesses, organisations, and job seekers to realise the full benefits of an inclusive workforce. Our full-service solutions provide businesses and organisations the framework to retain and sustain an inclusive workforce to positively impact culture and performance. We offer the corresponding framework for job seekers, providing full support throughout the entire hiring process; with a particular emphasis on job candidates with disabilities.  Applying our industry specific tools, technology, and proven expertise, Businesses, organisations and candidates are positioned for success.

Within the next year we are committed to providing access to InclusionWorks materials to our current business clients as well as candidates. We have also created an online portal that works to educate both businesses and candidates regarding the importance of disability inclusion within business and self advocacy. Our aim is to position Allied InclusionWorks as a leader within the markets we serve as a leader in disability employment.

Valuable Leader: Mark Cutifani

Region: Global

Anglo American’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Anglo American, we promote an inclusive and diverse environment where every colleague is valued and respected for who they are and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We will:

  • Consistently implement our global mental health framework to increase mental health awareness, support colleagues, remove any stigma, and encourage openness to build and sustain a safe and positive workplace with 5% of global colleagues being trained mental health first aiders by the end of 2020.
  • Foster an environment which involves, supports and enables colleagues living with a physical disability, learning difficulty or mental health issue to reach their full potential. Our Enabling You colleague networks will continue to provide education and awareness extending support to those colleagues who also care for someone living with a disability.
  • Maintain our partnership with the Business Disability Forum to become Disability Confident with a focus on ensuring all colleagues, and especially those in leadership positions, have the skills and knowledge they need to be inclusive of people with disabilities.


Valuable Leader: S V Venkataraman

Region: India

ANZ Bengaluru’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In 2019 I will:

  1. Ensure that disability inclusion is on our Group agenda
  2. Make the following commitments to action:
  • Providing a level playing field and fostering a culture within the workplace where all abilities will have a chance to grow, thrive and lead.
  • Encourage the communities around us to be inclusive and foster development of disability.
  • Build the foundation for sustainability by identifying focus areas and developing constantly to be inclusive
  • Influencing the larger communities on inclusion of persons with disabilities
  1. Share our commitment with the business and the world.

Valuable Leader: Michael Anghie

Region: Australia

APM’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

APM was established 25 years ago to help people realise better and fuller lives. As Australia’s biggest provider of Disability Employment Services we know that for far too long People with Disability (PwD) have been excluded from the workplace and have suffered social and community isolation as a result.

Every day we work with hundreds of small and medium businesses across Australia and show them what great employees PwD are. Once these businesses see the value of building a diverse workforce they often come back to us when they have future vacancies.

It’s no secret that a job changes a life, but it doesn’t end there – a job for a Person with Disability helps them become a full and active member of society. The biggest barriers to employing them are outdated perceptions and it’s incumbent on all of us to break these down.

To help combat this APM has committed to:

  • Work with Australian SMEs to dismantle perceptions and barriers and demonstrate the value of building a diverse workforce with People with Disability.
  • Engage with the broader Australian community through traditional media, social media and community outreach to dismantle outdated perceptions.
  • Continue to be a strong advocate with Government to drive and deliver disability employment programs that make a difference.
  • As Australia’s first member of this important initiative, we commit to enlist a further three businesses to join The Valuable 500.

Valuable Leader: Sherrie Perkins

Region: Global

Arup’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Arup, we celebrate our people and recognise the value of our differences in helping us to create the best designs and solutions for our clients and communities. In line with our purpose to shape a better world, our vision is to build environments inside and outside our organisation where everyone can flourish. In particular, Arup is committed to developing a global access and inclusion plan, with the aim of increasing our organisational accessibility and the accessibility of the projects we deliver, including:

  • Empowering and supporting colleagues to feel comfortable talking about their disabilities, including invisible disabilities, at work;
  • Educating and raising awareness around disability, learning from ourselves and others, and sharing best practice with other organisations;
  • Taking forward the principles of universal design and considering how to incorporate them into our work for clients

Valuable Leader: Ben Tidswell

Region: Global

Ashurst’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Ashurst, we believe that fostering a diverse and inclusive culture is a core part of creating the best place to work and being the most progressive global law firm. We are committed to creating a level playing field for all partners and staff living with disabilities through supportive policies, by raising awareness and understanding and by ensuring access to appropriate resources.  

We are committed to:

  • Tabling disability on the board agenda on a regular basis;
  • Reducing the stigma around the discussion of disabilities by showcasing the lived experiences of our people in relation to disability and resilience; and
  • Improving our reasonable adjustments process by introducing a global Workplace Adjustments Passport for all partners and staff.

Valuable Leader: Andy Palmer

Region: United Kingdom

Aston Martin’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Thierry Breton

Region: Global

ATOS’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  1. Improve the availability of assistive technologies for Atos Employees & improve the Accessibility of our core employee tools as an integrated part of our DigitalNow transformation Program & in line with our global accessibility policy.
  2. Support and Grow our Employee disability networks as part of our We are Atos program.
  3. Develop and deploy training programs focussed on disability and accessibility.

Valuable Leader: Nathan Coe

Region: United Kingdom

Auto Trader’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Maurice Tulloch

Region: Global

Aviva’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Aviva has 31,000 people working in our offices from Toronto, Norwich to Singapore. Every single one of us brings unique knowledge and experience, attitudes and ambitions. We want to celebrate this diversity. It’s important to us that everyone is included. We’re looking at all aspects of our business to make sure inclusion informs everything we do from the way we treat our customers, intermediaries and partners, to how our people feel. It will underpin how we make business decisions and be part of how we aim to build stronger communities where we work.

Aviva has already made many great strides toward this inclusive environment through significant actions:

  • By structuring all of our employee resource networks into six Global Communities to truly reflect intersectionality. The AvivAbility Community, sponsored by two of our leadership team executives, represents colleagues with visible and hidden disabilities as well as mental health and neurodiversity.
  • Aviva has transparent and accessible policies that support our colleagues who have various abilities; such as the workplace adjustment passport and offering Carer leave.
  • Aviva has recently secured the UK government accreditation of being a Disability Confident Level 2 employer.
  • Training our staff on vulnerable customers and how we support them.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to be more inclusive by:

  • Expanding our suite of market-leading policies through smarter working initiatives.
  • Continue with property and facilities audits to ensure we know where and how we need to improve accessibility for all.
  • Increase visibility and support of AvivAbility allies.
  • Become members of the British Disability Forum (BDF).

Valuable Leader: Thomas Buberl

Region: Global

AXA’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In 2015, AXA made an official commitment to support people with disabilities by signing the Business Charter on Disability developed by the International Labour Organization (ILO). The group has already implemented several concrete initiatives to create an inclusive workplace. We are committed in terms of recruitment, training, awareness of our managers for a better understanding of disability and good integration of employees with disabilities.  By focusing on abilities, we maintain an inclusive environment for differently abled people. 

Ability inclusivity continues to be an important priority for AXA, and that is why we will work to:

  • Reduce the stigma of disability in a workplace
  • Provide training to managers to support employees of all abilities
  • Publish accessibility guidelines for online communications 
  • Advance a policy that promotes a culture of ability inclusivity 

Valuable Leader: Ari Pinto

Region: Israel

Bank Hapoalim’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s leading bank, puts accessibility to all, including people with disabilities, as one of its core business obligations.

We guarantee that the Bank’s services will be accessible and available to all our customers with and without disabilities – in our branches, call centers and in our digital platforms. Accessibility is an integral part of the Bank’s decision-making process when examining new products and processes. We will work tirelessly to integrate people with disabilities into all aspects of life and to promote the employment of persons with disabilities.

Accessibility is one of the four strategic pillars in our social impact program. 

As part of the program Bank Hapoalim is committed to:

– Include at least one person with disability in all its media campaigns;

– Place a special emphasis on recruitment of persons with disabilities and provide educational activities in the subjects of accessibility to all its employees;

– Promote industry wide initiatives to improve accessibility to banking products

– Support a start-up incubator aimed specifically at accessibility issues

– Promote the subject of accessibility to all in the general public by supporting educational activities


Finally, Bank Hapoalim is delighted and proud to have the opportunity to take part in such an important initiative and call for other leading companies to join.

Valuable Leader: Mark Carney

Region: United Kingdom

Bank of England’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The Bank commits to further improving accessibility in the workplace and building an inclusive culture which supports disabled staff.  An important element will be the establishment of a ‘one-stop’ approach to reasonable adjustments to ensure that everyone who needs it can obtain specialist equipment in a simple and effective way.


Valuable Leader: Ashok Vaswani

Region: United Kingdom

Barclays’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Being a disability confident leader is important to Barclays, because it enables us to broaden our understanding of the needs of all stakeholders – customers, clients and colleagues – and as a result, work to create opportunities and improve life for everybody. As the Executive Sponsor of the disability agenda, I am committed to driving change and levelling the playing field for disabled people and people with mental health conditions.

As an employer, we are committed to working collaboratively to share best practices to remove barriers to employment. Our proactive approach towards disability and mental health has had a positive impact on our organisational culture, opened up a wider talent pool and created opportunities for people of all abilities to join us, grow and fulfil their potential.

As a business, our ambition is to become one of the most accessible and inclusive companies in the world, not only because it makes good commercial sense, but because it’s the right thing to do. This has inspired us to develop better business solutions and outcomes for our clients and customers.

We are committed to sharing insights from our diverse range of programmes initiatives and partnerships published in our report: Becoming Disability and Mental Health Confident report

We recognise there is always more we can do, but are committed to creating ever more diverse opportunities for people of all abilities.

Ashok Vaswani,

Global Head of Consumer Banking and Payments, Barclays

Valuable Leader: Ralph Schweens

Region: Global

BASF’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

BASF is committed to drive implementation of the UN Disability Rights Convention and to further build an inclusive culture which supports disabled staff across all regions and businesses. In order to further strengthen inclusion, we will foster awareness and emphasize our engagement by designing a global Action Plan for 2020 and beyond.


Valuable Leader: Tony Hall

Region: United Kingdom

BBC’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Vasyl Latsanych

Beeline’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Robin Sheppard

Region: Global

Bespoke Hotels’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Bespoke Hotels has conceived and continues to support the and is determined to ensure that access remains a permanent item on our senior Board and individual hotel management meetings as a constant agenda item.  The work that we have done thus far has caused me to be selected as ‘Hotel Sector Champion for Disability Issues’ and we will continue to implement our own programme of design, training, mentoring and welcoming both staff and guests who have disability to contend with.

Robin Sheppard

Chairman, Bespoke Hotels


Valuable Leader: Peter Grauer

Region: Global

Bloomberg’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Dennis Muilenburg

Region: Global

Boeing’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Boeing is on a journey to raise disability awareness and reshape conceptions of ability. This is another step toward creating an environment where talented people of all abilities can be valued and do their best work. Our commitment to an accessible culture is illustrated through our ongoing investment in professional networks, the internal Boeing Employee Ability Awareness Association business resource group, educational resources, a centralized accommodations unit, and accessible work spaces. Late last year, for the third year in a row, Boeing achieved a top score of 100% on the Disability Equality Index, a joint initiative of the American Association of People with Disabilities and Disability:IN. Further, in September, Boeing was recognized as a 2018 National Organization on Disability Leading Disability Employer.

Valuable Leader: Octavio de Lazari Junior

Bradesco’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Banco Bradesco SA reaffirms, daily, the inclusive and transformer purpose which permeates the Organization’s culture since 1943, the year of our foundation, when we surprised the market by enabling the care of people with few financial resources, something unusual between the competitors of the time in Brazil.

We ensure that our employees fully realize their potential in a welcoming and respectful environment. Therefore, we value initiatives for inclusion, contributing to the well-being of all those who work in our company.

Through learning solutions developed by Unibrad (Bradesco Corporate University), we prepare our leaders and their teams to eliminate attitudinal barriers when receiving and welcoming employees.

We are “allies for respect” and we want each person, in their own way, to be able to add to our mission. This mission that, since 2010, has been in evidence with the Bradesco Disability Training Program.

In the initiative implemented in partnership with Bradesco Foundation, bank’s educational institution that promotes social inclusion through education, we qualify newly hired professionals with disabilities. For a year, the new employees are invited to experience an inclusive learning journey that begins in the classroom and reachs the activities they will perform at the Organization.

The qualification has guidance from tutors and managers and provides, since the beggining, access to didactic and pedagogical resources adapted to each one’s needs, with compatible remuneration with the market and a variety of benefits for those admitted by the Program.

We have an extensive portfolio of accessibility solutions designed to provide autonomy and independence to our employees. The resources are developed by a specific group that seeks to eliminate physical, architectural, communicational, methodological, instrumental, programmatic and attitudinal barriers in our relationships.

Thus, we assume the commitment of leverage this transformation, working to expand opportunities, promote respect and inclusion, disseminate the culture of coexistence with diversity and enable the inclusion of people with disabilities, valuing each competence, experience and difference.

Valuable Leader: Michael Pooley

Region: Europe

Brambles’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“The Valuable 500 message aligns with our values at Brambles. We believe in creating an inclusive and diverse working environment which allows each individual to thrive, grow and succeed. Creating an inclusive environment for employees with disabilities is important to us. At Brambles, disability is understood in the broadest sense including physical and sensory impairments, mental health issues, medical conditions and specific learning difficulties.  Some of our current projects are as follows :

  • Partnership with Leonard Cheshire’s Change 100 program in the UK to take on graduates with disabilities for summer work placements
  • Working with the UK Down’s Syndrome association and WorkFit to assess how to welcome employees with Down’s Syndrome into our offices
  • Collaboration with Alapar association in Spain providing masterclasses and mentoring to people with disabilities
  • Fundraising for Araya association in Spain supporting people with autism
  • Inclusive Rugby events – bring CHEP employees together with disabled people for rugby training
  • Training on disability in the workplace planned for some of our major offices
  • Conducting a review across our businesses to ensure best practice and spread actions across Brambles

We believe that a more balanced workforce will provide us with the diversity of thought, skills and experience that we need. This mix of perspectives, approaches and styles helps fuel innovation, growth, agility and robust performance. Our people are practical and on the frontline of solving our customers’ challenges. By harnessing the power of diversity, we can be better positioned to deliver sustainable supply chain solutions for our customers and to connect people with life’s essentials, every day. Put simply, an inclusive workforce, which recognises the contribution of every individual, is better for our employees, better for our customers and better for our business”.

Michael Pooley,

President, CHEP Europe (Brambles Group)

Valuable Leader: Staci Kroon

Region: Global

BraunAbility’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

BraunAbility was founded with an innate commitment to improve the lives of people with disabilities because we have always built solutions through the eyes of our consumers. Today, we are one of the most well-known and trusted names in the mobility industry and we remain devoted to this purpose.

We have made inclusion a top priority in 2019 and are committed to the following actions:

  • Inviting disability candidate referral sources from around the state to our production facility to establish a partnership and reach more employment candidates with disabilities.
    Opening a new global headquarters in Carmel, Indiana, designed to meet the highest standards of accessibility to ensure it is well-suited for employees with disabilities.
  • Launching a new social impact platform, Drive for Inclusion, to unite and listen to the voices of people with mobility disabilities, and mobilize this group, along with employees and volunteers, to take action to improves access. Our first action is an initiative designed to prevent abuse of accessible parking spaces.

Staci Kroon
CEO, BraunAbility

Valuable Leader: Alex Cruz

Region: Global

British Airways’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Alok Aggarwal

Region: India

Brookfield Properties’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Philip Jansen

Region: United Kingdom

BT’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Jonah Peretti

Region: Global

Buzzfeed’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Josh Weinstein

Region: Global

Carnival UK’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Carnival UK, we’re working hard to build an inclusive community where employee experience is personalised and people feel valued and that they belong. Our long-term ambition is that people choose to work with us for precisely this reason.

In 2020, we’re going to focus on shaping a positive working environment for colleagues with disabilities and long-term health conditions by

  • leveraging our strategic partnerships with the Business Disability Forum, Inclusive Employers and The Princes’ Trust, to create drive and knowledge around our disability agenda
  • sharing practical guidance and case studies with our managerial community, so they’re motivated and confident to have quality conversations with their teams about disability, long-term health conditions and reasonable adjustments
  • measuring, monitoring and understanding their lived experiences to identify and address unintentional bias and barriers to progression
  • making our organisation and opportunities within it more visible through strategic recruitment and employer brand engagement activities.

Valuable Leader: Carolyn Fairbairn

Region: United Kingdom

CBI’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Pichai Chiravithat

Region: India

Central Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Iain Conn

Region: Global

Centrica’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Juan Manuel González Serna

Region: Global

Cerealto Siro Foods’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The integration of people with disabilities into our workforce is a guiding principle in our organisation. They are an example of tenacity, self-improvement and enormous commitment, and they teach us every single day that nothing is impossible.

We have committed to promoting high quality job opportunities for these groups and to ensure their inclusion in society, through the following actions:

  • Have the inclusion of people with disabilities at the top of our business agenda.
  • Secure that at least 10% of our workforce are people with barriers to work, specifically, people with disabilities.
  • Introduce a volunteering experience with these groups to increase awareness within our workforce and promote a more open and accepting work environment.
  • Collaborate with new organisations that aim to facilitate the labour inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • The Grupo Siro Foundation will continue to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in society and to sponsor the Paralympic games.

Valuable Leader: Alex Mahon

Region: United Kingdom

Channel 4’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Victor Dodig

Region: North America

CIBC’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Avi Edery

Region: Israel

Cinema City’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Cinema City Israel , we make it a top priority to maintain a diverse and inclusive cinema entertainment center where everyone, a customer or an employee can be completely themselves in our Cinema City experience.

When people feel confident to come to Cinema City no matter what their disability is, we can unlock the full potential of our experience. After all, it is the movies

Among the many things that we are doing, I have committed to ensure we make progress in these areas:

  • Speed up the process of implementing all the adjustments for people with disabilities and making them feel welcome in our properties.
  • On top of our commitment to hire employees no matter their age, gender and ethnic diversity we have nominated a committee whose goal is to combine disabled employees and adapt our working environment and tasks to meet their disabilities.
  • Improving the “welcome” feeling of our disabled customers in our cinema not just in accessibility terms but in adaptive service and equality terms.
  • As part of our charity work, we are making it a goal to expose young disabled people to the cinema experience no matter what their disability or economic situation is.
  • Developing accessible technology across our entire enterprise as we continue to advance disability inclusion as a source of innovation, creativity and competitive advantage.

Avi Edery

CEO, Cinema City Israel


Valuable Leader: Alejandro Ramirez Magaña

Region: Mexico

Cinépolis’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Ernesto Torres Cantu

Region: Central America

Citibanamex’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“We’re going to work with others across the firm to sustain an inclusive culture for individuals with disabilities.  Every colleague at Citibanamex, including those with disabilities, should understand that we want them to participate fully in our community and our business – and if they need support in order to do so, we are committed to providing it.”

Luis Sayeg,

LatAm´s Disability Affinity Leader

Valuable Leader: David Henshall

Region: North America

Citrix’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Kevin Kingston

Region: Northern Ireland

Danske Bank’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“We have committed to discuss disability inclusion at Board level and have set up a disability action group within the bank to actively promote inclusion around disabilities in the workplace.”

Valuable Leader: Richard Houston

Region: United Kingdom

Deloitte’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Deloitte we pride ourselves on being a great place to work. Yet – as is our way – we’re always striving to beeven better. We want all our people to thrive and succeed – that’s why we continue to make inclusion an Executive priority.

We are committed to providing an environment of respect, dignity and belonging for all, where our people feel able to be themselves and can realise their ambitions based on their talent, no matter what their background, preferences or personal characteristics. We believe that an inclusive culture that embraces difference is crucial to our firm’s success, both in terms of attracting and retaining the best people and enabling us to provide innovative solutions to our clients’ most complex issues.

Our commitments to disability inclusion include:

  • Implementing a seamless process for workplace adjustments, enabled by agile working and technology
  • Ensuring our working environment is accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all
  • Scaling our approach to recruiting and retaining neurodiverse talent, working with our charity and social enterprise partners
  • Providing awareness and education to ensure that all of our people lead and are led in an inclusive and bias-free way

Valuable Leader: Masayuki Emori

Region: Asia

DNP Indonesia’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Erez Israeli

Region: India

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Shamsher Puri

Region: India

DTSS’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Tirtadjaja Hambali

Region: Asia

DynaPack Asia’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Dynapack Asia has always given opportunities for people with disabilities to work in our workplace and factories, as we believe disability inclusion creates a positive contribution to our business value.

Our CEO has now aligned to put disability inclusion as one of the key priority initiatives from 2019. We will encourage all our subsidiaries in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and China to get more engaged and increase their cooperations with disabled communities and institutions. We trust this will support people-development with skills required in our manufacturing industry, as well as enhancing their daily lives with stable revenues.

Valuable Leader: Richard Edelman

Region: Global

Edelman’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Francesco Starace

Region: Europe

Enel’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Keith Froud

Region: Global

Eversheds Sutherland’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Michael Mapes

Region: Global

Exal Corporation’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Mark Weinberger

EY’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Diversity & Inclusion are essential elements of culture, which defines any organization. These are core pieces of the EY Vision 2020+ strategy. We know we can’t be successful unless our workforce is made up of diverse talent, and all EY people are fully involved and engaged. Our differences make us better. Leveraging our unique strengths and capabilities makes us stronger.

Around 1 billion people in the world have a disability, and 80% of people who experience a disability acquire it between the ages of 18 and 64 – the age range of our workforce. Our aim is to create a better working world, and this is why we are committing to the following areas of focus:

  • Enabling EY people to proudly bring their authentic and full selves to work every day
  • Delivering an inclusive employment journey for EY people – from how we recruit to how we develop, retain and promote
  • Providing a more accessible workplace through accommodations and accessible technology and building design
  • Equipping EY people with the skills and knowledge they need to be inclusive of people with disabilities

Valuable Leader: Gilbert Ghostine

Firmenich’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Edward Braham

Region: Global

Freshfields’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Our aim is to continue to build an inclusive, supportive and collaborative workplace where everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential. As such, we are delighted to join the Valuable 500 and share our commitments to disability inclusion publicly. Ensuring an inclusive future of work is core to our values and principles.  Around 1 billon people across the world have a disability with 80% of people acquiring their disability at working age, we believe business has a pivotal role to play in pushing disability inclusion up the worldwide agenda. We know we still have some way to go, but are committed to progress and will focus on the following:

 Appointing senior sponsors to ensure disability is on the inclusion agenda at board-level.

 Promoting a common understanding and language around disability across our global network, enabling us to role model disability confident behaviours.

Learning from and sharing knowledge with others including, expert partners such as Business Disability Forum, our disabled colleagues, peers and clients, so we continually challenge ourselves and our approach to creating a truly disability inclusive culture.

Valuable Leader: Duncan Tait

Region: Europe

Fujitsu’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Fujitsu, we make it a top priority to build a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can be completely themselves and succeed. When people feel confident to talk openly about their disabilities and request the adjustments they need to carry out their roles effectively, we can unlock the full potential of disabled talent.

I have committed to hold a board discussion to ensure we make progress in 4 key areas:

  • Speed up the process of implementing workplace adjustments for people with disabilities
  • Improve accessibility in internal and external communications, such as insisting on subtitles on all videos and including accessibility ribbons on our blogs
  • Introduce a Work Experience week for young people with learning disabilities
  • Autistica has just been appointed as our UK national charity partner so I intend to ensure we maximise our learning for supporting people with autism

I have also personally committed to getting 20 more companies to join The Valuable 500.

Duncan Tait

CEO, Fujitsu

Valuable Leader: Unnathan Shekhar

Region: India

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Galaxy Surfactants  is committed to including differently abled members of society in our world and integrating them into the business.

We have committed ourselves to including 40 differently abled members within Galaxy by 2022.

Unnathan Shekhar,

Managing Director, Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.

Valuable Leader: Stewart Wingate

Region: United Kingdom

Gatwick Airport’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Mark Oun

Region: Israel

Gett’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Jeroen Temmerman

Region: Global

GHD’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Roger Whiteside

Region: United Kingdom

Greggs’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Katherine Garrett-Cox

Region: United Kingdom

Gulf International Bank’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: John Holland-Kaye

Region: United Kingdom

Heathrow’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Nuno Matos

Region: Mexico

HSBC Mexico’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At HSBC, diversity is part of our roots. We are certain that diversity brings innovation, attracts and retains our talent and improves our work environment. HSBC Mexico will continue to support and promote an inclusive and diverse organization. Specifically for disabilities we commit to:

  • Focus on inclusion and diversity with senior sponsorship, including a disability agenda
  • Raise awareness around disability with the objective of creating an inclusive environment
  • Work together with other companies, in order to learn from and share best practices
  • Promote and increase the inclusion of people with disabilities as part of our diverse workforce

Valuable Leader: Ian Stuart

Region: United Kingdom

HSBC UK’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Karan Bajwa

Region: India

IBM’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In its 100+ year old journey, IBM has constantly been at the forefront of inclusion. Whether it is recruiting our first women and African-American employees in 1899, or people with disabilities in 1914. These were business imperatives before any civil rights acts or legislations. We established our “Equal pay for equal work” policy in 1935.

IBM thinks about diversity the way we think about innovation both are essential to the success of our business. When we innovate, technology becomes smarter for clients and creates new opportunities for growth. When we incorporate diversity into our business, we create better innovations and out-comes.” – Ginni Rometty, CEO, IBM

Equal Opportunity & Non-discrimination:

At the center of our inclusion strategy is our commitment to equal opportunity. Business activities at IBM, such as hiring, promotion, and compensation of employees, are conducted without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, or age. For qualified people with disabilities, IBM makes workplace accommodations that comply with applicable laws, and which IBM determines are reasonable and needed for effective job performance. In respecting and valuing the diversity among our employees, and all those with whom we do business, managers are expected to ensure a working environment that is free of all forms of harassment.

At IBM India our prime D&I focus are advancement of women, mainstreaming inclusion of people with disabilities, inclusion of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender+ community and work-life integration. We also focus on wholesome inclusion on all other dimensions which allows our employees to bring their whole authentic self to work.

Our commitment includes:

  1. We established the people with disability Council (Enablers) led by our D&l Team.  The council ensures accessible technology across our entire enterprise as we continue to advance disability inclusion as a source of inclusion and competitive advantage. IBM strives to create a workplace where everyone feels they belong.
  2. Reducing the stigma around the discussion of disabilities by showcasing the lived experiences of our people in relation to disability and resilience; and
  3. Develop and deploy training programs focused on disability and accessibility.

Valuable Leader: Andreas Fibig

Region: Global

IFF’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Disability Inclusion is a business imperative for IFF and we have committed ourselves to become an employer of choice for people with disabilities. However, we know we have work to do and progress to make on that journey. To help us accelerate we have partnered with Disability:IN and are using the Disability Equality Index as the framework for our action plan. The DEI pushes companies to take a holistic look at disability inclusion and to include progress in areas such as Workplace Policies addressing the physical environment in our IFF location, Recruitment and Promotion addressed through our updated Equality Policy as we work to increase our representation of disabled employees, technology accessibility and Culture & Leadership. Greg Yep, EVP, Chief Scientific & Sustainability Officer has been appointed as the Executive Sponsor for our Disability Inclusion Platform and his role is to guide and support the teams working in this area and to ensure that disability topics stay active on the agenda of the Executive Committee.



Valuable Leader: Simon Martin

Region: Global

Inside Ideas Group & Oliver’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We are constantly striving to be an inclusive business that treats all people fairly. We fully embrace and encourage the unique contributions of our diverse and talented workforce.

Towards this goal, we promise that employees of every race, colour, creed, class, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, background and walk of life will be treated equally.

We understand that diversity and inclusion in the workplace is about recognising and appreciating that every individual is different, and therefore all recruitment, training or promotion will be based on professional merit and the individual talents we all have.  

We will work;

  • To ensure that we are making our job adverts attractive as possible to individuals with disabilities and that we are making adjustments to accommodate people at the interview stage and once they enter our business.
  • I will personally chair a roundtable with our employees who are neuro -diverse to gain their feedback and ensure we are supporting them adequately and using their talents in our collaborative communities.
  • We will ensure that our people continue to be trained and developed on how to lead and manage inclusively and empathetically.

 Amina Folarin,

People Director


Valuable Leader: Charles Trevail

Region: Global

Interbrand’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Carolyn McCall

Region: United Kingdom

ITV’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Ralf Speth

Region: Global

Jaguar Land Rover’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Neil Williamson

Region: United Kingdom

Jardine Motors’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Jardine Motors we believe a more diverse team is a better performing team. This means we need people from all backgrounds and experiences to bring their ideas, passion and talent to our company. In return, as part of our mission to be ‘the best motor retailer as judged by you’, we commit to offering an inclusive culture where everyone has the opportunities to be the best they can be and ensure the diversification of our teams fully represents the customers we serve.

As part of our ongoing work around diversification and inclusivity, including our disability agenda, we commit to:

  • Offering work placements to young people with disabilities as part of our charity partnership with Whizz-Kidz so they gain important employability skills
  • Improving accessibility in internal and external communication, such as subtitles on all videos and where possible including audio transcripts as well
  • Holding a group mentoring event where colleagues will lend their time, skills and experience to help young wheelchair users reach their potential by helping them to identify goals to work towards, put action plans in place and enable them to achieve 
  • Reviewing our job adverts to make it clearer that we are an inclusive employer

Valuable Leader: Robert Macleod

Region: United Kingdom

Johnson Matthey’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) forms the core foundation of who we are in Johnson Matthey and our vision for a world that’s cleaner and healthier, today and for future generations. Integral to our culture are two fundamental beliefs: that all differences matter and that all people are valued.

We have recently refreshed our D&I road-map and our executive leadership teams have action plans aligned to it. The disability agenda forms a key part of our road-map and our commitments on this are to:

  • Undertake an awareness campaign to increase the understanding of how we can make our employees
    with disabilities feel fully included in Johnson Matthey.
  • Ensure all leadership teams have a specific, measurable commitment to progressing the disability
  • Involve representatives from our newly formed Employee Resource Group, with first hand experience of
    Disability, in a board discussion on how we champion change.
  • Utilise our employee engagement channels, including our country workforce committees, to source
    ideas and review the disability agenda, involving as may people with first-hand experience of disability as
  • Offer work experience placements in our key sites and review our recruitment networks in 2020 to
    encourage more people with disabilities to join Johnson Matthey.

Valuable Leader: Jason Carruthers

Region: United Kingdom

Jurys Inn and Leonardo Hotels UK and Ireland’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Bill Michael

Region: United Kingdom

KPMG’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Our ambition is to be a magnet for the most talented people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or socio-economic background. Inclusion, diversity and social equality are fundamental to this and our future success. Our business thrives when we harness diversity of experience, background and thought to bring together different perspectives. It makes us a great place to work for our people, and it benefits our clients too. We don’t just want to push ourselves. We want to be leaders in this work – with our clients and other stakeholders who look to us for our advice, guidance and action.


As part of our Valuable 500 commitment, we will:

  • Continue to prioritise Inclusion, Diversity and Social Equality as a Board level issue, with a focus on disability inclusion
  • Hold ourselves to account by continuing to set and monitor progress against our public disability target
  • Partner with leading disability organisations to enhance our programmes designed to recruit, retain and progress colleagues with disabilities and long term conditions 
  • Use our convening ability to influence the Board level debate around disability and promote Valuable 500 to the wider business community   


Valuable Leader: Sarbajit Ghose

Region: India

Laguna Clothing’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Moloy Banerjee

Region: India

Linde Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Charlie Jacobs

Region: Global

Linklaters LLP’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Bruce Carnegie Brown

Region: United Kingdom

Lloyd's of London’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: António Horta-Osório

Region: Global

Lloyds Banking Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We will continue to drive activity which supports, sustains, and promotes an inclusive and diverse organisation for customers and colleagues with visible and non-visible disabilities. We are committed to;

•       Empowering and supporting colleagues to talk about their Mental Health at work

•       Further improving the accessibility of our products and services available to customers through increased use of technology

•       Educating and raising awareness around disability, learning from, and sharing best practice with other organisations

Valuable Leader: Alberto Martin

Region: United Kingdom

Luton Airport’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At London Luton Airport, we recognise the power of diversity.

One of our aims is to ensure our customers receive a welcoming and friendly travel experience. Having a diverse team means we can better meet the needs of our diverse customer base, because we represent their diversity. We also believe a diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy is essential in helping our people to feel confident to be exactly who they are, whilst being valued for their individuality and uniqueness.

As part of our in-progress diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy development, we commit to:

  • Improving internal and external communication, accessibility, such as subtitles on videos and following inclusive design guidelines for publications,
  • Delivering an accessibility programme for our customers,
  • Delivering a robust unconscious bias training programme,
  • Reviewing our job adverts to make it clear we are an inclusive employer, and 
  • Reviewing and implementing a diversity, inclusion and belonging policy with accompanying line manager guides.

Valuable Leader: Mr. Anand G. Mahindra

Region: India

Mahindra Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Jonas Prising

Region: Global

Manpower’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Steve Rowe

Region: United Kingdom

Marks & Spencer’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  • We will launch a campaign called #InMyShoes across our stores and support offices to engage and inspire colleagues to drive inclusion. Accessibility will be a key focus areas within this campaign for which we will launch tools and materials to support customers and colleagues with different accessibility needs.
  • We will continue to provide opportunities for disabled people to get into employment through training and work experience (our programme is called Marks & Start and supports around 700 disabled people each year).

Valuable Leader: Hiroshi Aoi

Region: Global

Marui Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Zak Brown

Region: United Kingdom

McClaren Racing’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Ilan Raviv & Avner Stepak

Region: Israel

Meitav Dash’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Yehuda Benassayag

Region: Israel

Menora Mivtachim’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The Menora Mivtachim Group ascribes great importance to providing equal opportunities for all persons in society, including in terms of employment opportunities.

Employees with disabilitiesare providedwith an accommodating and supportive environment adapted to their needs.

All of our offices are accessible in order to assure free movement throughout for all employees and guests thus to provide an environment that is equally accessible to all.

The Menora Mivtachim Group makes sure to provide accessible and equal service to all of its customers with no exception. We do this by delivering regular instructional sessions on accessibility issues to our service employees, making the Group’s digital resources universally accessible, permitting free access to our personal service stands, and ensuring that all requested information is accessible.

We will continue to promote equal opportunities for all persons throughout our operations.

Yehuda Benassayag

CEO, Menora Mivtachim

Valuable Leader: Nick Varney

Region: United Kingdom

Merlin Entertainments’ Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Satya Nadella

Region: Global

Microsoft’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Tsutomu Tannowa

Region: Global

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We at Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. have positioned three values, “Diversity,” “Challenge” and “One Team” as our core values. These values are shared and cherished by Mitsui Chemicals Group employees around the world. To achieve the goal which is included in the values, “make the most of diversity and create a workplace where each employee has a positive attitude towards the work,” we are expanding our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We believe that the most important among these efforts is creating a workplace where employees with disabilities play an active role at work and find the work rewarding.

To achieve this, we make the following promises:

  • We have set a target for the employment rate for employees with disabilities in our business goal.
  • We will foster a workplace culture that employees with disabilities and illnesses develop a sense of belonging as members of the organization and can demonstrate their abilities.
  • Through our business activities, we aim to address social issues to help people have a healthy and independent life.
  • We will regularly share updates on our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace on social media to improve the accessibility of information.

Valuable Leader: Héctor Pío Lagos Dondé

Region: Global

Monex’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Nitin Rakesh

Region: India

Mphasis’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

As front-runners of technology-led solutions in our industry, Mphasis realizes that the use of technology can be transformative for social projects as well.   

Disability inclusion has been a key pillar of our CSR initiatives for more than a decade. We have pioneered a number of initiatives with a sharp focus on promoting accessibility for persons with disabilities. 

Mphasis will keep striving to move the needle forward on the disability discourse in the country. 

 We commit to 

  • Be an active participant in building an ecosystem that encompasses all aspects of disability inclusion  
  • Support policy advocacy and on ground implementation of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD)Act. 
  • Support incubation of start-ups/groups working on assistive technologies that aim to empower persons with disabilities  
  • Partner with academia and research bodies for applied research and develop world class prototypes for problems in accessibility  

Valuable Leader: Alex Leikikh

Region: Global

MullenLowe Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Mark Evans

Region: United Kingdom

O2’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: A D Singh

Region: India

Olive Bar & Kitchen’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Restaurateur, Mr AD Singh, founded The Olive Bar & Kitchen Group in the year 2000 with its flagship restaurant – Olive Bar & Kitchen in Bandra, Mumbai. Over the last 19 years, the Group has grown to become one of India’s most respected restaurant companies.

The Olive Group is a truly by-the-people, for-the-people company. Every day, hundreds of people across the country come together at the Group’s restaurants to do everything they can to ensure the customers who come in have a memorable experience.

In the year 2017, we took this commitment one step forward. We turned our Bombay Irani Café & Bar, SodaBottleOpenerWala into an inclusive space, where the DHoH (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) community was welcomed as part of the staff. The initiative was heartfelt step forward towards to creating equal opportunities for all, and was launched without any publicity or call for attention.

Through conductive interactive sessions, weekly discussions and training, we’re bridging the gap between the hearing and hearing impaired communities and creating spaces and opportunities for all.


Valuable Leader: Florian Adamski

Region: Global

OMD Worldwide’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

It’s no secret that diverse talent is good for business and by putting a strong focus on inclusion we create broader opportunities for everyone in the workplace.  At OMD EMEA, we pride ourselves on delivering creative, innovative and empathic solutions for our clients.   We recognise we need to ensure our workforce is made up with people from a wide variety of backgrounds to spark collaboration, raise awareness, encourage open, honest discussions and promote new ways of thinking.   We also recognise our workforce has to reflect the multicultural, diverse communities in which we operate.


Our journey toward building a more open and inclusive culture meant we needed to focus on areas of under-representation with disability being one such area.   The Government’s Disability Confident Scheme was a great place to start as it supports people with disabilities to gain employment and provides employers with frameworks and guidance on how we can continue to improve our approaches to attract people with disabilities.


We recognised the importance of joining the Scheme to proactively raise awareness around the challenges people with disabilities face when seeking work and to continue our journey as a flexible and inclusive employer.


By gaining our Disability Confident Committed level 1 accreditation, we have committed to actioning the following:

  • Using social media, our company website and other portals to enable people to access our vacancies more easily and apply in a manner that fits their needs
  • Offering work experience and internships to provide everybody with opportunities within OMD EMEA
  • Continuing to deliver unconscious bias awareness training to help eliminate bias and to raise awareness
  • Empowering under-represented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments and help our people learn more about each other


Florian Adamski

CEO, OMD Worldwide

Valuable Leader: Janet Riccio

Region: Global

Omnicom’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Steve Ingham

Region: United Kingdom

PageGroup’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At PageGroup we foster a culture of inclusion and belonging and having launched our Ability@Page network in 2016, this encompasses all visible and invisible disabilities too. We recognise that providing a fully inclusive and accessible recruitment process allows all candidates to always perform as the best version of themselves. We are committed to ensuring there are no barriers to progression and will continue to promote our culture of acceptance without exception. Our focus on raising disability awareness and proactively offering any support or adjustments that may be required remains key.

Valuable Leader: Richard Foley

Region: Global

Pinsent Masons LLP’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“With honourable exceptions, the business community has been nothing like as vocal or active as it should have been in recognising the challenges faced by disabled colleagues.  There is so much more we can do to implement changes that enable disabled members of the community to deliver to their potential, and we see the Valuable 500 campaign as part of that.

So we are delighted to be stepping forward and committing to the campaign as part of our wider commitment to promoting equality and diversity through all our employment practices, and to discussing all aspects of inclusion, including disability, as part of our Board agenda. If business can be made to work better for its people – all of its people – we know that everyone benefits.

As part of our objective to maintain our position as a market leading law firm for diversity & inclusion, we have made a number of commitments to removing barriers for employees with disabilities and to promoting an environment that supports health and wellbeing for all:

  • reviewing our recruitment process in conjunction with our Disability and Wellbeing Network to ensure it is fully inclusive and accessible;
  • advertising in disability related media and networks to actively look to attract and recruit  people with a disability;
  • ensuring human resource managers have disability inclusion related training, including reasonable adjustments.”

Richard Foley

Senior Partner, Pinsent Masons LLP

Valuable Leader: Sandra Dodd

Region: United Kingdom

Places Leisure’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Places Leisure, we aim to focus on ability rather than disability as we look towards integration and equity for solutions to better support our communities and colleagues. We are delighted to get involved in the Valuable 500 Campaign as we continue on our inclusion journey and aim to understand ways in which we can refine our approaches and create both a positive internal and external culture that is inclusive for all.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring that inclusion remains high on the board agenda.
  • Making dementia and mental health awareness training available for all of our 8,500 colleagues.
  • Training 70 mental health first aiders and 7 inhouse mental health first aid trainers to support colleagues.
  • Continuing to run Equality, Diversity and Inclusion workshops for colleagues.
  • Deepening our partnership with Level Water, which offers free swimming to children with disabilities.
  • Seeking to include pathways to mainstream activities within programmes designed specifically for those living with disabilities to increase the opportunities available to them.

Valuable Leader: Brad MacAfee

Region: Global

Porter Novelli’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Kevin Ellis

Region: United Kingdom

PwC’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At PwC we have made a public and internal commitment to improve the diversity of our workforce by building a culture of inclusion – a culture that empowers all of our people to be the best they can be and where everyone feels valued. Disability is a key area of focus for us in our inclusion strategy. 15% of the UK’s workforce are disabled and 80% of those acquiring disabilities do so between the ages of 18 and 64 – the working age – so this is an important issue for business, and at PwC we have clear actions to support disability inclusion.

We’ve made significant investment in a wide range of assistive technology including Dragon, Text Help, Zoom Text etc.  and we have a team dedicated to ensuring our technology is accessible and raising awareness of the specific tools available as well as the native tech in Google and iPhones. Our people can visit our Tech Lounges, which display technology and phone choices, and get advice on which tech tools would best suit their needs.  One of our most popular events is the IT Escape Room, an immersive experience where our people learn about disabilities and assistive technology.

Our DAWN network (Disability, Ability, Wellbeing network) has a high profile and is very active in supporting both our disability inclusion and mental health agenda. They provide support, advice and information to their members and regularly host events to raise awareness and understanding of different disabilities. Additionally, their members play an important role advising our premises team on the accessibility of our offices and facilities, and our Inclusion team consults the network to inform the support we provide to people with disabilities.

We have a number of external relationships to support our work on disability. We are active members of the Business Disability Forum and consult them to inform our disability inclusion strategy.  Earlier this year we hosted an Accessibility Tech Showcase event for them which brought together accessibility IT companies with other BDF partners and we are members of their Technology Task Force. Our partnership with Auticon (a social enterprise employing IT consultants on the autism spectrum)  has created work opportunities for individuals with Autism and has enhanced the firm’s understanding of the adjustments needed to support individuals with autism in the workplace.

Valuable Leader: Michael Smith

Region: United Kingdom

Randstad’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Marco Scognamiglio

Region: Global

RAPP’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Personally, and on behalf of RAPP Worldwide:

  • Ensure RAPP continues to develop our fearless and inclusive culture and talent by welcoming, embracing and empowering everyone, including those with disabilities, to bring all their unique abilities to inspire the best in our people and our work.
  • Advance our organisation’s culture, training and priorities so that our policies, practices and programs support and value people’s differences and ivtersectionalities so people have the understanding, respect and freedom to express their points of view, be provocative with new thinking and collaborate for innovation.
  • Stand up for individuality and proudly share stories about what people are able to do here because they can bring their full selves to work at RAPP – and are supported with flexibility, brilliant colleagues, and the ability to do great work that benefits our agency and client business.
  • Invite clients to join us on this journey.

Marco Scognamiglio,

Global CEO, RAPP

Valuable Leader: Alexander Y. Thomas

Region: United Kingdom

Reed Smith’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Reed Smith’s award winning Business Inclusion Group for people with disabilities at Reed
Smith (LEADRS) was formed in 2012 and has grown to over 120 members across the firm. Our
motto is: “Nurture Talent, Support Challenges and Celebrate Differences” and we aim to recruit
talented individuals with disabilities and to advance their careers within Reed Smith.
This year, we launched our Mental Health Task Force, a sub-group of LEADRS, for people who
are experiencing or have experienced mental health difficulties.
We have achieved a great deal over the last seven years but we are very conscious that there is
more work to be done and we aim to continue to improve.
We are committed to:

  • Continuing to make recruiting and retaining people with disabilities a priority
  •  Celebrating the achievements of people with disabilities through our series of role model
    videos featuring our partners and employees
  • Launching our new Disability Etiquette Guide
  • Celebrating the International Day for Persons with Disabilities with events across the
    firm’s offices on 3 rd December.

Valuable Leader: Audrey Campbell

Region: Global

Refinitiv’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Our mission is to build and sustain an inclusive environment at Refinitiv that enables all our people, including our people with disabilities, be that visible or non-visible. This will strengthen our ability to enable everyone to achieve their potential and be a part of our success – for Refinitiv as well as our customers.

 At Refinitiv we are committed to creating an inclusive business that:

  • Delivers market-leading solutions to our customers wherever in the world they are, and
  • Attracts the best talent from all over the globe

We are on a journey to create an inclusive environment by:

  • Driving towards removing bias related to disability hiring and providing the necessary tools to succeed
  • Ensure hiring and on-boarding practices are inclusive
  • Ensuring the availability of subtitles for all videos we publish
  • Creating inclusive offices and infrastructure across all our locations, relying on consistent guidelines
  • Creating a global disability best practices handbook to support all of us, including all people managers, to team and lead inclusively
  • Having sign language interpreters present for all town halls and webcasts
  • Having company-wide leadership pledge & commitment to support disability
  • Improving physical accessibility for existing locations

In order to deliver the above goals, we have created the Refinitiv Ability Network (RAN). The global network supported by people from various locations across the globe, who are determined to create an inclusive environment for all. The Refinitiv Ability Network is committed to adding up to 6 new locations over the next 6 months.

We will track our progress and hold all, including our leaders accountable for our D&I goals.

Valuable Leader: Oliver Harris

Region: United Kingdom

Resource Solutions’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Resource Solutions we take diversity and inclusion seriously. We have recently formed a global diversity council through which we are committed to providing an inclusive environment to all of our employees globally, one where everyone feels open and can embrace sharing their story.

As an operating board we have committed to the following:

  • Commencing in 2020 we will hold an annual ‘disability in the workplace week’ where we will work with local organisations across the globe to offer CV writing and interview training skills for local people with disabilities
  • We will put a renewed focus on our commitment to being Clear Assured
  • We will regularly share our commitment on our website, across our social channels and through our PR outreach activities
  • We commit to speeding up the process of implementing workplace adjustments for people with disabilities


Valuable Leader: David Wheldon

Region: United Kingdom

Royal Bank of Scotland’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Mike Coupe & Tim Fallowfield

Region: United Kingdom

Sainsburys’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We, at Sainsbury’s, want to be the most inclusive retailer, where every single one of our colleagues can fulfil their potential and where all of our customers feel welcome when they shop with us. To ensure that we are, we are committing to the following:

  • We will continue to focus on inclusion and diversity at Board level, including our disability agenda
  • We will make further progress to enable our disabled colleagues to be the best they can be by embedding our workplace adjustment process across the group.
  • We will continue to raise the profile of our colleagues with disabilities through our role model campaign #thisisme
  • We will continue to create an accessible environment for all of our customers.

Valuable Leader: Marc Benioff

Region: Global

Salesforce’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Salesforce, we believe that business can be a powerful platform for social change and that our higher purpose is to drive Equality for all. Disability Inclusion is fundamental to this belief. We have an ambition to become the number one employer for people with disabilities, for the products we sell o be accessible by people with disabilities, and for all persons to have full and equal access to our offices, our meetings and our events.

To help us achieve this visions, we commit to the following:

  • We will launch a centralised Office of Accessibility, led by a Chief Accessibility Officer, to drive thought leadership across the industry and accountability and compliance across the company.
  • We will grow representation of people with disabilities throughout the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • We will continue to develop accessible products that allow all Individuals to success in the Salesforce ecosystem. Beyond striving to comply with industry standards, we work towards providing effective usability for our customers with disabilities. 
  • We will continue to develop our Global Workspace Design Standards to focus on universal and inclusive design beyond compliance to meet the needs of all our employees and guests with disabilities.
  • We will continue to focus on improving our employee and customer experience to enhance the accessibility of our events, our internal tools and technology, and communications, and to foster an inclusive environment for all.

Valuable Leader: Olivier Brandicourt

Sanofi’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: F. R Singhvi

Region: India

Sansera’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Anil Madhok

Region: India

Sarovar Hotels and Resorts’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Richard Rees

Region: United Kingdom

Savills’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Herman Gref

Region: Global

Sberbank’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Ashok Ramachandran

Region: India

Schindler’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Ben van Beurden

Region: Global

Shell’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Andrew Bradshaw

Region: Global

SHL’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Rishi Gour

Region: India

Sodexo India’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Ken Miyauchi

Region: Global

SoftBank Corp.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  1. Corporate Policy

Based on our corporate philosophy “Information Revolution – Happiness for everyone,” we contribute to realizing a future in which people with diverse traits, with or without disabilities, can play active roles in society.

  1. Providing a Work Environment Where Everyone can Play an Active Role

We provide an environment that has opportunities, career paths, and support so persons with disabilities can fully exercise their capabilities.

  1. Creating Work Opportunities

We create opportunities so people with diverse traits can work together. We do this by providing work environments for persons with disabilities where they can choose to work on a short-term basis, among other programs.

  1. Collaborating and Co-existing with Society

We strive to realize a society where people with diverse traits can live comfortably by providing services to support persons with disabilities in their everyday lives. We also develop and promote various employment programs by collaborating with other companies and local governments to realize a society where persons with disabilities can work together with them.

  1. Providing Information

We disseminate information broadly to inform society about our measures to support persons with disabilities and the significance of such support.


Through these measures, we at SoftBank strive to build an environment where services to support persons with disabilities are provided to encourage their participation in a society where everyone can fulfill their potential.



Valuable Leader: Ashok Minda

Region: India

Spark Minda Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Census 2001 has revealed that over 21 million people in India have at least one disability. This is equivalent to 2.1% of the population. Among the total disabled people in the country, 12.6 million are male and 9.3 million are female.

Among the five types of disabilities on which data has been collected, disability in seeing at 48.5% emerges as the top category. Others in the sequence are in movement (27.9%), intellectual (10.3%), in speech (7.5%), and in hearing (5.8%). Across the country, the highest number of disabled people has been reported from the state of Uttar Pradesh (3.6 million).

Therefore, to ensure sustainability to the lives of Persons with Disability, Spark Minda Group has developed a project called “SAKSHAM”.

People with disabilities have been left behind and excluded form many of the main development processes, pushing people to the margins and poverty, towards unsustainable ways of livelihood. We cannot hope to truly achieve sustainable development without creating a future of real inclusiveness for everyone, everywhere. In order to create a change which can further help to aid sustainable development, we employ persons with disabilities after mapping the functions in our factories across India. Thus, on the basis of this mapping, persons with visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical impairment and speech impairment are employed.

  • Our vision 2020 was to give persons with disabilities 7000 permanent roles.
  • Employment to another 1000 persons with disabilities in the next 5 years. 

The project is providing sustainability to the lives of  persons with disabilities so aspiring youth can achieve, and find job opportunities.

Valuable Leader: Andrew Croft

Region: United Kingdom

St James's Place Wealth Management’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We are focused on creating an inclusive work environment where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. Disability, both visible and invisible, is firmly on our agenda and we recognise the valuable contribution and vast potential people with disabilities have to offer. Our Executive Board are committed to leading and driving change by taking actions to improve inclusivity in this area. In 2019 we will:

  • Facilitate a work experience programme with National Star college.Providing students with first-hand experience of working in a corporate environment and giving us an opportunity to learn how we can be more inclusive for those with disabilities.
  • Host an innovation competition for students from Special Education Needs Schools (SEND).Teams willwork together to share ideas and create proposals which will be judged by leaders from St. James’s Place. We will commit to feeding these ideas into our future plans.
  • Continue to develop our recruitment practices to ensure participation is accessible to all.

We are making progress, but we have more to do. We are committed to breaking down the barriers and driving progress through our culture, our people and recruitment practices and our workplaces and technology.

Valuable Leader: Bill Winters

Region: Global

Standard Chartered Bank’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Lance Rosenzweig

Region: Global

Startek’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Sri Pools

Region: India

State Street’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: J. Erik Fyrwald

Region: Global

Syngenta’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: José María Álvarez-Pallete López

Region: Global

Telefonica’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

By January 2020 we will:

  • Review critical internal processes and create the appropriate framework to ensure full integration of people with disabilities in the Group. We will guarantee that our recruitment policy priorities candidates with disabilities.
  • Develop innovative projects that harness the full power of technology to improve the lives of people with disabilities and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.
  • Implement actions that allow us to ensure a more inclusive work environment, in which the uniqueness of beliefs, backgrounds, capacities and ways of life are incorporated and used to make the best business decisions.
  • Make public our commitments and ensure senior management engagement via our Diversity Council.

Valuable Leader: Dave Lewis

Region: United Kingdom

Tesco’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Tesco, we are committed to creating a truly inclusive environment where everyone is welcome to work and shop. Our aim is to empower and inspire all colleagues and customers with disabilities in their lives and make them feel at ease and welcome at Tesco. We have already introduced many initiatives to help Tesco become a more accessible business but here we set out the commitments that will ensure disability inclusion remains on the business agenda.

Some of the actions we have taken already include mandatory Diversity & Inclusion training for all managers; the introduction of sunflower lanyards in all our UK stores; 35 new Changing Places facilities in stores to make toilets safer and more comfortable; and for the first time this year, we have added audio description for our Christmas advert. 

In addition to these specific actions, Tesco commits to the following: 

  • Making Tesco a more accessible place for colleagues and customers 
  • Setting a clear definition for what accessibility means to us, so that our managers understand accessibility in its broadest sense, far beyond physical accessibility 
  • Giving all managers the tools and capability they need to have open conversations about disability (visible or hidden) and mental health, which will in turn helps colleagues feel supported and welcomed at Tesco 
  • Ensuring that disability is a key consideration in all relevant business decisions 

Valuable Leader: Jan Woerner

Region: Europe

The European Space Agency’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader:

Region: India

The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group commits to :

  1. Build team awareness through trainings and workshops conducted by subject matter experts.
  2. Mainstream persons of disability in the workforce.
  3. Handle guests with disabilities better.
  4. Provide opportunities for livelihood for persons with disability through procurement and outsourced work.
  5.  To create infrastructure and processes to become more accessible  for our guests with disability.
  6.  Devise internal mechanisms to drive greater Inclusion in our workforce from a PwD perspective with a focus on recruitment and career progression.


Valuable Leader: Debbie Crosbie

Region: United Kingdom

TSB’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Noel White

Region: Global

Tyson Foods’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Tyson Foods, we embrace the diversity of our team members, customers, stakeholders and consumers – their unique backgrounds, experience, thoughts and talents. Everyone is valued and appreciated for their distinct contributions to the growth and sustainability of our business.

In 2019, Tyson Foods  will:

  1. Enable leaders to create a sense of belonging where team members feel they can be their authentic selves through cultural competency awareness across the organization that includes disability awareness.
  2. Continue to participate in several external benchmark surveys, including the “National Organization on Disability Tracker” to inform our Inclusion and Diversity Framework, identifying several key focus areas to improve our inclusive practices, including disability inclusion.
  3. Continue to support and develop our Disability and Accessibility Awareness Business Resource Group by providing them with development opportunities, connection to partnerships and executive leadership support.

Valuable Leader: Paul Polman & Alan Jope

Region: Global

Unilever’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“At Unilever, our aim is to build a truly diverse and inclusive workforce with everyone empowered to bring their authentic self to work.​ ​The inclusion of people with disabilities is an important priority and our vision is to become the number one employer of choice for people with disabilities. We are committed to having employees with disabilities representing 5% of our workforce by 2025”

Alan Jope

CEO, Unilever

Valuable Leader: Phil Vaughan

Region: United Kingdom

Vaultex’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Ashok Giri

Region: India

Vindhya’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Vindhya’s inclusive journey as an Impact Sourcing Service Provider began in 2006, with a mission to bring business and impact together for a socio-economic cause. Vindhya’s Board of Directors set the strategic direction for the company and its portfolio of services to its customers, while nurturing a strong leadership team to drive the vision of employing and empowering Persons with Disabilities (PwD), Women & People from the LGBTQ community, rural & disadvantaged sections of the society.  

We have built an Inclusive workplace where everyone can be wholly themselves and succeed. We have ensured everyone in the organisation understands why inclusivity matters to the business and its impact in the lives of many. Through Vindhya, the talented and deserving from among the Physically and/or socially disabled are given employment opportunity, empowering and ensuring them to lead a dignified and financially independent life. It makes us, a great place to work, for such people and benefits our clients too.  

As part of our Valuable 500 commitment, we will: 

  1. Continue to be the pioneer in prioritising inclusion across the organization and have inclusion as the core business strategy.  
  1. Continue to partner with NGOs and Diversity & Inclusion organisations to progress towards our set target of employing as much as 5000 people by 2022. 
  1. Continue to share best practices to be an inclusive organization with other companies and set a benchmark.  

Valuable Leader: Jeff Dodds

Region: United Kingdom

Virgin Media’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Extra living costs, negative perceptions, social stigma, inflexible working hours and outdated employment policies are just some of the barriers disabled people face every day. Things need to change and fast.

At Virgin Media we celebrate the fact that everyone is different. It’s these differences that help us to come up with new and innovative ideas and better meet the needs of the customers and communities we serve.

I am committed to making disability my business:

  • Partnering with the disability equality charity Scope – funding an innovative digital employment service ‘Support to Work’ that provides disabled people with the confidence, skills and knowledge to get into and stay in work
  • #WorkWithMe – together with Scope we’re building a network of likeminded businesses. By providing unique resources, guidance and events, our aim is to encourage businesses to share best practice on building an inclusive workplace for disabled people and learn from each other
  • A strategic partner for the Valuable 500 – we are funding the development of resources to support and inform business leaders, inspiring them to create more inclusive businesses for disabled people. I will be using my network to help reach this goal
  • Gold tier sponsorship of the British Paralympic Association – we aim to change the way disabled people are viewed by the British public through our marketing and sponsorship activity
  • Disability Action Plan – we are transforming the every day experiences for Virgin Media’s disabled customers and employees
  • Demonstrating leadership – engaging our suppliers in disabilty to ensure they sign up to the #WorkWithMe pledge and Valuable500


Lutz Schüler

CEO, Virgin Media

12 June 2019

Valuable Leader: Nick Read

Region: United Kingdom

Vodafone’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Karren Brady

Region: United Kingdom

West Ham United’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Steven Voorheen

Region: North America

WestRock’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: David Kassler

Region: Global

Williams Lea Tag’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: John J. Haley

Region: United Kingdom

Willis Towers Watson’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Mark Read

Region: Global

WPP’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Wael Moustapha

Xceed’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Paul Cuff

Region: United Kingdom

XPS Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.

Valuable Leader: Anders Gustafsson

Region: Global

Zebra Technologies’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Zebra Technologies strives to be a company where all employees feel seen, heard valued and respected.  We use a broad definition for diversity, which includes individuals with disabilities.  To champion disability inclusion, we have hired a full time Inclusion & Diversity leader who has a long history of activity in the disability community, including serving as Employer Subcommittee Chair for the President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, Chair of the Chicago BLN, and Board member for the Parents’ Alliance Employment Project.

Zebra plan to include disability inclusion as we roll out Inclusive Leadership training for our managers and are reviewing our reasonable accommodations processes to ensure they are impactful and effective, most recently launching closed captioning for the company’s quarterly town hall webcast.

Additionally, we are exploring potential recruitment and referral partners in the disability community, including outreach to university offices of disabilities, to ensure that we have access to candidates with disabilities at all levels.

Valuable Leader: Tulsi Naidu

Region: United Kingdom

Zurich’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Zurich UK we want to continue generating a workplace environment where everyone has the same opportunities and experiences regardless of any additional requirements they may have. As we sign this pledge, we are committing to the following initiatives:

  • A manager’s Disability Confident training programme that gives all people managers at Zurich the opportunity to learn about how better to manage any members of their team who may have any additional requirements, and we will continue to promote this training to all new and existing managers to help them promote a disability confident workplace
  • We will continue to support employees with caring responsibilities, which is reflected in our Carer’s Policy
  • We will work with relevant parties as we finalise the development of our new office buildings, to ensure that they are as accessible as possible, using industry leading methods
  • We will continue to work closely with the DWP on the Disability Confident programme, supporting other companies as they work to become Disability Confident. This includes ongoing support with hosting thematic events such as our most recent session on Visual Impairment with the RNIB

Valuable Leader: Aldo Vander Laan

Region: Global

Zwanenberg Foods’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be completed by December 29th 2019.