The Valuable 500

Our Valuable 500 companies and leaders have committed to putting disability inclusion on their business leadership agenda.

We’re proud to confirm the following organisations.

Meet the 500:

ABeam Consulting

Valuable Leader: Tatsuya Kamoi

Region: Global

ABeam Consulting’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The vision of Diversity & Inclusion that ABeam aspires to is one in which individually diverse employees respect and inspire each other to continual growth as each takes on challenges in their own way. We recognize that increased value for our clients, as well as corporate and societal growth, stem from our application of each person’s strengths and individuality without regard to gender, gender identity or sexual orientation, race, religion, nationality or the presence or absence of disability.

[Ongoing advancement of hiring and employment of disabled persons]

At ABeam, we respect the individuality of each person, including disability characteristics. We are working to create environments and strengthen support systems to enable each person to fully apply their strengths while aspiring to career advancement. Moving forward, we will expand the possibilities for hiring diverse members without regard to previous position or occupation, including by creating new employment positions as we respond to changes in business and environment.

[Establishing environments]

We create and maintain work environments in which anyone can apply themselves with peace of mind. (This includes barrier-free design, permanent public health nurse and support staffing, consultation access points, a special leave system for regular hospital visits, telework, and regular in-person consultation with support staff.)

[Enhancing the dissemination of Diversity & Inclusion]

Enabling each and every person to be active in their own way requires that all individuals understand and respect one another. In order for all of our members to deepen their understanding of disabilities, and to achieve still greater inclusiveness, we will continue to engage in mandatory all-employee training and other activities to promote elevated awareness and understanding of working together with disabled persons.


Valuable Leader: Julie Sweet

Region: Global

Accenture’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Accenture’s Board of Directors reflects geographic, age, gender and ethnic diversity. Among the external directors, female representation is currently at 40 percent — including our non-executive chair of the board. The Board meets quarterly and in 2019, will discuss disability inclusion as part of its discussions around inclusion and diversity, which is driven by the Accenture Diversity Council.

As part of this review, our Accenture Diversity Council, made up of senior leaders across the business including members with disabilities, meet quarterly to set our inclusion & diversity goals. In the last two years, we have established an internal score card that measures the recruitment, retention and advancement of our employees with disabilities. This enables us to offer new benefits, accommodations and assistive technologies to our people and new candidates.

We also established the Accessibility Council – led by our General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Chad Jerdee and Chief Information Officer, Andrew Wilson. The Council ensures accessible technology across our entire enterprise as we continue to advance disability inclusion as a source of innovation, creativity and competitive advantage. Accenture strives to create a workplace where everyone feels they belong.


Valuable Leader: Brian Wynne

Region: Global

Acosta’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Acosta is committed to fostering an inclusive, accountable and empowering culture that celebrates the differences of our diverse workforce and reflects our core values. We seek to create an environment where each associate can bring their whole true self to work with assurance that their contributions are heard, seen and valued in a safe and accepting manner. We are actively pursuing these goals by focusing on the following areas:

  1. Applicant sourcing – Striving for diverse talent pools for our open positions
  2. Candidate selection – Aspiring to be free of bias in our talent selection and promotion processes
  3. Associate development – Creating opportunities for all associates to grow their careers at Acosta and be recognized for their contributions
  4. Client and vendor relationships – Partnering with vendors, clients and customers to pursue initiatives that support our commitment to inclusion and diversity

We are confident that these initial actions will help us create a stronger, more inclusive company that is representative of the world we want to live in.

Addleshaw Goddard LLP

Valuable Leader: Charles Penney & John Joyce

Region: Global

Addleshaw Goddard LLP’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Addleshaw Goddard LLP our ambition is to create an inclusive culture to allow all of our colleagues to be the best that they can be.  We want to build an environment where disability inclusion becomes part of our DNA and where people living with a disability or supporting others with a disability feel supported by us and empowered to reach their full potential.   

We know that we are at the start of our disability inclusion journey but we are committed to making positive change throughout the business, raising awareness both internally throughout the firm and externally with clients and suppliers.

We have already appointed disability inclusion partners and inclusion advocates whose role is to examine and review our policies on a continuous basis and to help implement change and, in addition to this, we pledge to:

  • improve our recruitment policies and recruitment accessibility programme for people with a disability
  • form a disability support network and also a carers’ network (specifically to support those colleagues who care for a family member with a disability)
  • reduce stigma around the discussion of disabilities and raise awareness
  • achieve Employer status from a Disability Confident accreditation perspective
  • celebrate and champion key events, milestones and people
  • improve current working practices to empower people with disabilities and, in particular, strive to ensure that any colleague who becomes disabled during their time with us is supported to continue in their role, if they wish to
  • explore and engage in client partnership opportunities across our business to support inclusion diversity outside of our organisation, including with other Valuable 500 signatories.


Valuable Leader: Alain Dehaze

Region: Global

Adecco’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At the Adecco Group, we are committed to making the future work for everyone. As a people business focused on providing integrated HR solutions, we put our expertise and our energy into improving everyone’s chance of being part of the workplace. We believe that the path to inclusion starts with a single- minded focus on skills: on what each candidate or employee can do, rather than what they cannot undertake. Each person is a source of talent.

As the world’s leading HR solutions company, we lead by example, creating shared value that fuels economies and builds better societies. We help people gain better access to the jobs and prospects they deserve. In more than half of our markets, we run programmes to integrate people with a disability in the workforce, including training. To define our approach, we have adopted the broad slogan of “Talent without Labels”.

As part of our commitment, we will continue to:

  • Champion the integration of people with a disability in the labour market and engage with employers to develop programmes and pathways that embrace diverse talent, through bespoke programmes and via dedicated solution lines such as our subsidiary Humando in France and the Fundación Adecco in Spain;
  • Help people with a disability overcome barriers to enter the workforce by strengthening their employability through programmes such as our Disability Work Programme in the USA and our global partnership with the International Paralympic Committee;
  • Progressively adapt our own employment policies and practices to reduce barriers to the inclusion of people with a disability in the world of work, including taking steps to ensure that the use of artificial intelligence technologies is fair to users and does not unjustly impact people based on sensitive characteristics;
  • Campaign for more inclusive employment worldwide and share best practices through partnerships and other initiatives, such as the “talento sin etiquetas” driven by the Foundación Adecco Spain, the initiatives of our Fondazione Adecco Per Le Pari Opportunità and our longstanding membership in the ILO Global Business and Disability Network.

We will continue to challenge ourselves and others, push boundaries, and strive to be at the forefront of delivering better futures for all.


Valuable Leader: Shantanu Narayen

Region: Global

Adobe’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Adobe, we believe that everyone deserves respect and equal treatment and opportunity regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, cultural background, religious beliefs or anything else that makes us who we are. When people feel appreciated and included, they can be more creative, innovative, and successful. We call this vision Adobe For All.

Our commitment to advance the experience of people who have disabilities – both visible and invisible – includes three core focus areas:

  • Recruiting more employees from the disability community: We have invested in partnerships with DisabilityIN and Project Hired to advance our efforts to attract candidates with disabilities, and we will continue to build on this momentum.
  • Supporting our employees with disabilities through the AccessAdobe employee network. This network provides employees with support and sense of community across a wide array of disabilities. We will continue to grow this network as well as investing in necessary accommodations to ensure all employees can fully contribute in our workplace.
  • Improving the accessibility of our products and the work created through our products by building accessibility into Adobe’s Common Controls Framework (CCF). We are helping to lead industry progress in inclusive design though collaborative research with the Centre for Inclusive Design.We are also advancing Adobe’s efforts to implement inclusive design by delivering in-person training to all Adobe Design staff worldwide and will release our training materials to the public so all companies can more effectively design with disabilities in mind.We value all individuals and the value they bring to both our company and society, and we are honored to be part of this important initiative.

Aer Lingus

Valuable Leader: Sean Doyle

Region: Global

Aer Lingus’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Karen Greenbaum

Region: Global

AESC’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

AESC has a long history and commitment to diversity – this has been a part of our required professional standards.  To accelerate progress, we launched the Diversity Pledge for our members in 2020 and we already have 110 member firms around the world who have signed this pledge. Our commitment includes all forms of diversity including disability (and accessibility for all).   We prominently feature our Diversity Pledge and our actions on our website.

Our Valuable 500 Commitment will be to explicitly address the unique challenges and opportunities of putting disability on the business leadership agenda.  And we will share thought leadership around this important area with our members – the best executive search and leadership consultants in the world.  We understand the importance of Communication and Education. We will also seek to increase disability representation in our candidate database – BlueSteps – to help to facilitate placement of executives with disabilities in key leadership roles.

AESC Members operate at the highest standard in the executive search and leadership consulting profession worldwide. We believe in the power of diverse talent and inclusive cultures. We have members in over 70 countries and over 1200 offices around the world.  Our members’ clients including public and private businesses, governments, non-profits and academic organizations.  We are committed to strengthening leadership worldwide and we know that diversity and inclusion is critical to our success and that of our clients.


We share a commitment to combat racism, prejudice, and discrimination within our own organizations, with candidates and the clients we serve, and in our communities. We pledge to use our collective voices and actions to help create a world that is inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible for all.


ACCELERATE Each CEO who signs this pledge is committing to developing and deepening actions within their own firms. Our Guiding Principles will help inform firm-based actions which will accelerate a sustainable positive impact. Actions that accelerate progress for Black leaders and the Black community will be a critical priority.

EDUCATE We commit to listen, engage, and learn so that we can do better both as employers and as trusted advisors. We will understand and leverage best practices to greatly enhance attracting and developing diverse talent for ourselves and our clients. We will work with our clients to identify leaders and assess them for their ability to create inclusive cultures where diverse talent thrives.

ADVANCE We will develop stronger and more diverse slates of candidates through robust research, outreach, and alliances. We will use our expertise to mentor diverse talent to raise their visibility and their success and will identify partnerships that allow us to engage more people, and thus have a greater impact.

ADVOCATE We will advocate with clients to help them embrace best practices that further their diversity and inclusion efforts which, in turn, will enhance business results. We will contribute our time and our expertise to under-served communities to advance racial equity and economic empowerment and to fight for social justice.


Valuable Leader: Brett Redman

Region: Australia

AGL’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

By the end of 2021, we will develop and launch the AGL FY21/22 Disability Action Plan, setting out our commitment to improve the accessibility and inclusion of people with disability, with the support of our newly appointed Executive Sponsor of Disability and Disability Working Group.

AIB Group

Valuable Leader: Colin Hunt

Region: Ireland

AIB Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In AIB we have a well formed and comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion programme with strong oversight and support from our Board and Executive team. In the spirit of ongoing progress, we are extremely pleased to be part of the Valuable 500 and commit to:

  • Ongoing focus and relevant surveys to understand our disability landscape and specific needs
  • Working with external expertise to ensure what we do is fit for purpose and best practice
  • Moving our D&I accreditation from bronze to silver and onto gold (including actions to create and inclusive environment for disabilities


Valuable Leader: Yfat Reiter

Region: Israel

AIG’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

AIG Israel is committed to provide an equally accessible service to all our customers, including customers with disabilities, both through the call center and through the company’s websites.

We believe that an accessible service will not only improve the service to our existing customers, but also attract new customers who do not receive service reflecting their needs with other companies.

We pledge to continue improving the accessibility of the call center and the company’s websites, to provide accessible documents that are readable and understandable and to continue training our employees regarding accessibility.

AIG has established a unique accessibility training program for all customer service employees who provide customer service through which employees undergo training and receive tools and information in order to help them to provide an accessible service to customers with disabilities.

There is no room for discrimination at AIG. The diversity of our workforce and our endeavors to integrate employees with disabilities is one of AIG’s greatest assets and brings us great pride. Hence, AIG Israel is committed to an inclusive work environment with equal opportunities for advancement,

Accordingly, we continue to focus on attracting, developing and retaining diverse talent. The integration of employees with disabilities is part of our DNA. We recognize that:

–       A diverse workforce will attract and retain top talent to AIG.

–       Diversity is a business imperative that contributes to the company’s revenue and market share.

–       A company that integrates and promotes employees with disabilities is more inclusive, patient and diverse.

All this also reflects in the way employees interact with each other, customers and society as a whole.

We partnered with Israeli Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry to promote our endeavors; these included:

  • Disability awareness.
  • Interview skills and management of employees with disabilities.
  • Promoting organization or groups with disabilities – “The Shalva Band”, consisting of 8 talented musicians with disabilities, performed at a Company function.
  • Extensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda with activities promoting a safer community, in which more than 500 employees volunteer.

We are very proud and appreciative to have the opportunity and the privilege to take part in such an important and valuable initiative.

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd.

Valuable Leader: Yasuzo Kanasugi

Region: Global

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We at Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd. promote diversity and inclusion as one of our priority actions. We aim to realize a workplace where “everyone can work with joy and pride” as well as a society where all community members can live in harmony by increasing the employment of persons with disabilities and enabling them to unlock their potential. We also work as a team to contribute to local communities by promoting sports for persons with disabilities and supporting athletes with disabilities facing challenges, in order to further realize the “community based” stipulated as action guidelines.

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd. endeavors to become “a company with unique characteristics where the positive and energetic employees do their best in supporting the customers, increase corporate value, and realize sustainable growth.” Towards this goal, we position the promotion of diversity and inclusion as part of our management strategy.

Airbnb, Inc.

Valuable Leader: Brian Chesky

Region: Global

Airbnb, Inc.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Airbnb’s mission is to build a world where everyone can belong anywhere, and this includes people with disabilities. We are committed to making travel inclusive for all and are working hard to improve accessibility across our platform. This ongoing work includes:

  • Accessibility features to allow hosts to highlight the physical elements of an Airbnb listing so that guests with mobility needs can make more informed decisions before booking 
  • Increasing the availability and accuracy of homes with accessibility features highlighted by hosts, improving the booking experience of these homes by travelers with disabilities, and improving the digital accessibility of our platform and app
  • An employee resource group to support and amplify the voices of our employees with disabilities 
  • Experiences designed by hosts with accessibility in mind 
  • Trainings and policies for Airbnb employees designed to improve our accessibility and strengthen disability allyship
  • Being a Worldwide Paralympic Partner in a nine-year, five-Games partnership and having ongoing relationships with disability rights organizations and nonprofits 

We commit to furthering accessibility in our products and continually working to improve accuracy and reliability for hosts and guests with disabilities. We are also committed to fostering a more inclusive work environment and improving internal policies. In these ways, we aim to demonstrate what accessibility and inclusion look like in a 21st century company.


Valuable Leader: Hakan Binbaşgil

Region: Turkey

Akbank’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We are reviewing our D&I policy in order to ensure we build a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. This is essential to create an environment that values every single employee, recognizing the skills and abilities of all.

Al Baraka Banking

Valuable Leader: Adnan Ahmed Yousif

Region: Global

Al Baraka Banking’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Alexander Mann Solutions

Valuable Leader: Rosaleen Blair

Region: Global

Alexander Mann Solutions’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We are a global business connecting individuals  to opportunities to elevate the growth prospects of both businesses and talent. We want to be a  leading enabler of change in our communities, through  concrete actions with measurable impact.

As talent acquisition is at the heart of our activity, we want to inspire our clients to understand the value of a diverse workforce, including people who are living with disabilities.  We believe that change comes from within and we want our employees to be confident that they are valued not only for their skills, but also for what they are bringing to the company as individuals.

To underpin this we are committed to the following for 2020:

  • Broadening our relationship with our partner the Business Disability Forum, to ensure that we are making the right impact to include and support all employees, candidates and clients equally including those living with disabilities, across all geographical regions
  • Making reasonable adjustments to ensure that our current and future talent who may be living with a disability are provided with the same breadth of opportunity as employees and candidates without disability
  • Seeking other avenues to attract and retain talented people who are living with disabilities and engage our clients with this audience
  • Continuing to look for opportunities, together with our Board and C-suite executives, to ensure we provide an enriching experience and enable internal or external progress to our employees living with disabilities.

Allegis Group

Valuable Leader: Pravin Chand Tatavarti

Region: India

Allegis Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Our inclusion efforts strongly stem from within. As a recruiting and staffing firm, we live to ‘create opportunities’ for everyone and want to ensure that we impact mindsets on how to include persons with disability in the workplace. We commit to continue hiring more types of disability within our organization and support in their career progression. We would also open doors for any organization that would require support in their journey to hire more persons with disability and share best practices.  


Valuable Leader: Oliver Bäte

Region: Global

Allianz’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The diversity of our workforce enables Allianz to truly understand our equally diverse customers and their needs. Fostering an inclusive company culture benefits our business and helps us be considered a credible, trustworthy partner. We believe in equality of opportunity and are committed to creating a fair environment where people can succeed regardless of gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation or cultural background. We welcome diverse minds and abilities as they make us more innovative, more resilient and better equipped for the future.

At Allianz we want to nurture a company culture which is founded on fairness and respect. The foundation of this is an inclusive atmosphere, where people have a true sense of belonging; where they can bring their whole selves to work and unfold their complete potential. When we embrace the uniqueness of our people and empower them to fully participate and share their thoughts and ideas with confidence, they can feel their work is meaningful and are driven by creative energy.

In this context, Allianz is very proud of its long-term engagement in the Paralympic Movement.

Our commitment

We commit to setting up the Allianz employee network for disability inclusion globally. This network will contain local chapters in national entities and a Global Disability Inclusion Board, representing employee voices at Group level. The key focus will be on removing barriers, stigmas and taboos, and to foster an environment where people with disabilities feel they can succeed.

More specifically, the aim is to foster a company culture that attracts and retains talents with disabilities, improve technical accessibility in processes and digital applications as well as physical accessible e.g. in buildings, raise Allianz’s disability confidence at all hierarchy levels, create awareness of disability-inclusive communication, use internal and external good practices or celebrate key dates like International Day of People with Disabilities.

The Global Disability Inclusion Board will have a seat in the Allianz Global Inclusion Council and provide advice on topics related to disability. In recognition of intersectionality, this Board will also engage with the other Allianz employee networks to amplify Allianz’s diverse voices and join efforts towards inclusion overall.

Allied Global Services

Valuable Leader: Jason Trachsel

Region: Global

Allied Global Services’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

InclusionWorks provides the first end-to-end solution for businesses, organisations, and job seekers to realise the full benefits of an inclusive workforce. Our full-service solutions provide businesses and organisations the framework to retain and sustain an inclusive workforce to positively impact culture and performance. We offer the corresponding framework for job seekers, providing full support throughout the entire hiring process; with a particular emphasis on job candidates with disabilities.  Applying our industry specific tools, technology, and proven expertise, Businesses, organisations and candidates are positioned for success.

Within the next year we are committed to providing access to InclusionWorks materials to our current business clients as well as candidates. We have also created an online portal that works to educate both businesses and candidates regarding the importance of disability inclusion within business and self advocacy. Our aim is to position Allied InclusionWorks as a leader within the markets we serve as a leader in disability employment.


Valuable Leader: Henri Poupart-Lafarge 

Region: Global

Alstom’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

As part of its strategic plan Alstom in Motion, launched in 2019, Alstom’s operating values have been explicitly identified as ‘Agile’, ‘Inclusive’ and ‘Responsible’.

The company’s position on disability inclusion can be found in the description of the value ‘Inclusive’: “We design inclusive mobility solutions in a work environment and culture where all differences are embraced, respected and leveraged without any bias. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute and achieve success in Alstom”.

Including people with disabilities in the workplace is not only the right thing to do, it also helps Alstom create better solutions for customers and passengers around the world. Developing more inclusive products and services, as well as ensuring that our workforce reflects the diversity of passengers, leads to better outcomes for everyone.

Alstom’s commitment to customers and their passengers is to improve the universal accessibility in the mobility sector, part of which ensures full accessibility for people with disabilities. This objective can be reached through:

  • Boosting universal accessibility through integrated design of our solutions and services
  • Ensuring the participation of people with particular needs in R&D projects

As our workforce must reflect the diversity of the world’s passengers, Alstom commits to increasing the number of employees with disabilities, with particular attention to:

  • Challenging misconceptions about disability and employment
  • Providing skills and tools needed to recruit and retain people with disabilities
  • Demonstrating the commitment at all levels of the organization and indicating steps that each person can take
  • Fostering the conditions for a more inclusive work environment for people with disabilities, minimize the impact that an individual’s impairment may have


Valuable Leader: William F. Gifford, Jr.

Region: Global

Altria’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Altria, we recognize the power of diverse teams working together to shape our future as an integral part  in achieving our 10-year vision. In 2021, Altria is committed to continuing to make progress towards  advancing disability inclusion across our organization. These actions include:  

  • Prioritization and evaluation of progress against our Inclusion & Diversity Aiming Points for people  with disabilities – “Increase our VPs and our Directors who are a person with a disability.”
  • Support of Altria’s newly established Employee Resource Group (ERG) for employees/families with  disabilities as a platform for fostering inclusivity and advocacy.

ERG Vision: To create an environment for Altria’s employees and families with diverse  abilities to feel fully included,        supported, and equipped to maximize their skills, develop  their careers, and advance the organization.”

Foster inclusivity in the workplace through education and training about how to  support employees and families with disabilities. 

Provide resources and a strong support system so employees and families with  disabilities are equipped to deliver their best and bring their whole selves to work.

American Express

Valuable Leader: Charlotte Duerden

Region: United Kingdom

American Express’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At American Express, we are committed to making sure our colleagues are as diverse as our customers and communities. We value and embrace differences and believe unique perspectives, backgrounds and experiences are critical to our success. We want to ensure that American Express continues to be a company where being yourself matters.

  • The American Express UK Executive Team will discuss Disability Inclusion in at least one meeting.
  • The American Express UK Disability Council will continue bringing together leaders across the market to develop solutions for colleagues, candidates and customers with disabilities.
  • We will establish American Express as a ‘Disability Smart’ organisation in the UK by 2024.
  • We will work together across UK businesses units to develop a consistent process for making adjustments for colleagues with disabilities and to enhance the accessibility of our products and services.

American Heart Association

Valuable Leader: Nancy Brown

Region: North America

American Heart Association’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Amot Investments Ltd.

Valuable Leader: Shimon Abudraham

Region: Israel

Amot Investments Ltd.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Amot Investments is one of the leading real estate companies in Israel.

Amot owns about 1.5 million square meters of real estate, including hundreds of thousands of tenants, employees, customers and users.

Amot believes that every person deserves equal opportunities, respect and a sense of belonging.

In such an environment it is possible to develop, succeed and be creative and innovative.

Amot believes in providing an equal service to all the company’s customers and therefore we have worked resolutely to make the company’s assets accessible (approximately 100 properties totaling 1,500,000 square meters).

This activity has greatly affected thousands of tenants and users of the company’s assets.

We work to make adjustments, both physically and in digital channels (for easy browsing and equal opportunity for service and information).

We are accompanied by professional accessibility consultants and at the end of accessing each property, we were awarded the “Israel Accessibility Award”.

The company’s managers and employees underwent training on service accessibility and accessibility in general.

At the company’s headquarters and properties, telephone call routers were made available for the benefit of customers with disabilities and without background music, at a slow pace and in clear language.

Amot has an organizational accessibility coordinator and as part of his job he delivers professional lectures to tenants on accessibility.

And participates in research to write an emergency evacuation procedure for people and visitors with disabilities.

We are proud to consistently contribute to the organizations that work for the benefit of accessibility in Israel.

We at Amot undertake to continue this activity.


Valuable Leader: Paula Cave

Region: United Kingdom

Amplifon’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Yuji Hirako

Region: Global

ANA’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Creating and Leading an Inclusive Society that Values and Welcomes All People

Basic Approach

As we approach the year 2020 and our customers continue to diversify globally, continuing to be chosen and trusted by these customers will be crucial for the future of ANA Group growth. We believe our responsibility as a public transportation entity is to serve an inclusive society in which we can all move forward together. To create a sustainable society, the ANA Group respects the diversity of all customers, and we will accelerate initiatives aimed at providing world-class inclusive and universal services. In accordance with our 2015 Diversity & Inclusion Declaration, the ANA Group values the strengths of our individuals and diversity in our organizations, and we seek to leverage these individual differences and build systems that create new value.

Major Initiatives

(1) A Legacy of Diversity through Our Facilities

We will continue to create facilities and equipment offering even greater comfort in any scenario, from pre-departure through final destination.

Our efforts have included:

  • Renovating airport facilities for improved ease of use;
  • Utilizing resin wheelchairs that do not set off metal detectors;
  • Leveraging digital communication support tools; and
  • Further installing wheelchair-accessible lavatories on some of our small-sized aircraft.

(2) A Legacy of Diversity through Our Services and the Implementation of a Barrier-free Mindset

We have implemented a range of initiatives to ensure that every employee embraces a barrier-free mindset in society and allow us to offer world-class inclusive and universal services. At the same time, we are working to create a framework that will allow our customers to use our services with peace of mind. The ANA Group is working to foster people capable of leading the movement toward a barrier-free mindset within society.

Our efforts have included:

  • Rolling out inclusive and universal service training for all executives and employees;
  • Creating unique pamphlet and video content for use by those preparing to travel;
  • Holding hands-on sessions for students from special needs schools before they travel on school and other trips;
  • Holding interactive seminars at homes for the elderly and people with disabilities;
  • Renovating our website for improved usability; and
  • Providing audio and braille versions of information in our in-flight magazine.


(3) Initiatives for Employing People with Disabilities

More than 830 employees in the ANA Group with disabilities play active roles and provide a competitive advantage across our businesses in duties related to safe flight operations, customer service, office work, and many other responsibilities. We aim to create workplace environments where people can work without hindrance, regardless of disabilities. Accordingly, we are working to spread the adoption of the 36K-Employee Kickoff (the Group code of conduct for hiring persons with disabilities) throughout the Group. At the same time, we are pursuing initiatives to systematically expand our hiring of persons with disabilities.

Our efforts have included:

  • Conducting stratified training, e-learning courses, and other educational activities; and
  • Establishing workplaces in which all employees can play an active role, regardless of disabilities.


Creating a Legacy for 2020 and Beyond

The ANA Group aims to contribute to the revitalization of local communities and resolve social issues by connecting the world with all regions of Japan through our businesses, particularly through air transportation. Looking to 2020 and beyond, we intend to become an airline group that provides world-class inclusive and universal services, leveraging diversity for continued sustainable growth as a presence leading the way to the creation of a society in which anyone can live with ease.

Anglo American

Valuable Leader: Mark Cutifani

Region: Global

Anglo American’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Anglo American, we promote an inclusive and diverse environment where every colleague is valued and respected for who they are and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We will:

  • Consistently implement our global mental health framework to increase mental health awareness, support colleagues, remove any stigma, and encourage openness to build and sustain a safe and positive workplace with 5% of global colleagues being trained mental health first aiders by the end of 2020.
  • Foster an environment which involves, supports and enables colleagues living with a physical disability, learning difficulty or mental health issue to reach their full potential. Our Enabling You colleague networks will continue to provide education and awareness extending support to those colleagues who also care for someone living with a disability.
  • Maintain our partnership with the Business Disability Forum to become Disability Confident with a focus on ensuring all colleagues, and especially those in leadership positions, have the skills and knowledge they need to be inclusive of people with disabilities.


Valuable Leader: Gail K. Boudreaux

Region: United States

Anthem’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Anthem is pleased to sign on to the Valuable 500 and continue our commitment to disability inclusion. Our focus on fostering an inclusive workplace where people with disabilities feel welcomed and accepted while contributing their talents to improving lives and communities across America is paramount to our mission. We are honored to be part of this effort to increase opportunities and access for people with disabilities around the world.

  1. Increasing visibility and awareness of disability as a key element of our Inclusion & Diversity agenda with the Anthem Inclusion and Diversity Council and Senior Leadership Team.
  2. Increasing training and education on disability inclusion, intersectionality, and acceptance
  3. Incorporating input and insights on inclusion and accessibility from people with disabilities related to Anthem’s Community Health strategy


Valuable Leader: Shayne Elliot

Region: Global

ANZ’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At ANZ we believe in the inherent strength of a vibrant, diverse and inclusive workplace where the backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences of our people create a great place to belong.  We commit to the Valuable 500 campaign, and will ensure that disability inclusion is on our board agenda.   

Over the next year, we will continue to build the disability confidence and competence of our employees.  In Australia, where we have our largest employee base, we are delivering a disability awareness campaign to our frontline employees, and we will roll out a disability confidence e-learning program for people leaders. We will share our commitment to the Valuable 500 campaign with the community and across our suppliers and partners.


Valuable Leader: Julie Page

Region: United Kingdom

AON’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Michael Anghie

Region: Australia

APM’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

APM was established 25 years ago to help people realise better and fuller lives. As Australia’s biggest provider of Disability Employment Services we know that for far too long People with Disability (PwD) have been excluded from the workplace and have suffered social and community isolation as a result.

Every day we work with hundreds of small and medium businesses across Australia and show them what great employees PwD are. Once these businesses see the value of building a diverse workforce they often come back to us when they have future vacancies.

It’s no secret that a job changes a life, but it doesn’t end there – a job for a Person with Disability helps them become a full and active member of society. The biggest barriers to employing them are outdated perceptions and it’s incumbent on all of us to break these down.

To help combat this APM has committed to:

  • Work with Australian SMEs to dismantle perceptions and barriers and demonstrate the value of building a diverse workforce with People with Disability.
  • Engage with the broader Australian community through traditional media, social media and community outreach to dismantle outdated perceptions.
  • Continue to be a strong advocate with Government to drive and deliver disability employment programs that make a difference.
  • As Australia’s first member of this important initiative, we commit to enlist a further three businesses to join The Valuable 500.


Valuable Leader: Tim Cook

Region: Global

Apple’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Apple, we believe technology at its best can enable everyone to create, learn and stay connected, and it’s our mission to make technology customizable to the diverse needs of all our users. As a company, we know that achieving that goal means infusing accessibility into all that we do — from our products and services, to our stores and our workplace. 

We are committed to:

  • Supporting the needs of our customers with disabilities: Whether it be building accessibility features into all our products, delivering our content in accessible formats, or providing dedicated support options for individuals with disabilities, Apple always wants to make our customers feel welcome and respected.
  • Creating a culture of inclusion: Apple believes in a culture where everyone, in every part of Apple, feels supported, valued, connected, and empowered to do the best work of their lives. This includes our employees with disabilities who have a voice via our global Diversity Network Associations.  
  • Innovating for the future: There’s always room for more when it comes to Accessibility and we’re committed to doing all we can to find new ways to support people with disabilities, not just through our products, but through all of our work. 

    To learn more, visit us at


Valuable Leader: Amin H Nasser

Region: Global

Aramco’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We empower all of our employees to perform at their full potential, and ensure equitable access to opportunities to grow and succeed at Aramco.

We are:

  • Implementing a comprehensive corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy
  • Setting targets for disability inclusion and reporting disability performance to our Board
  • Investing in infrastructure and facilities to ensure equitable access, and making appropriate accommodation for people with disabilities through our recruitment process
  • Building internal employee networks and resource groups to support our employees with disabilities


Valuable Leader: Gadi Tepper

Region: Israel

Arkia’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Arkia invests effort and resources in order to provide its customers with an equal, respectable, accessible and professional service.

Arkia acts and promotes the issue of accessibility as defined in the accessibility legislation and considers customers with disabilities equal rights, who are entitled to enjoy full access to the company’s assets and services.

Arkia will continue to work to improve the accessibility and service it provides to its customers.

All company employees know about the obligations of the law, emphasizing the prohibition of discrimination, the provision of equal service in an inclusive environment, and the company’s accessibility arrangements for customers with disabilities.

Service workers are trained to provide service to people with disabilities as well as call center managers.

The service centers are available and accessible to all our customers, including people with disabilitie, The voicemail is  adjusted.

Arkia offers its customers the option of receiving information in accessible formats

Internet accessibility The company operates in accordance with the accessibility guidelines in Israeli Standard 5568

Arkia will be happy to receive inquiries for information or suggestions for improvement and in particular regarding accessibility in order to improve customer service.

Arkia Airlines is very proud that we have the opportunity to take part in such an important and valuable initiative.

Aroma Espresso Bar

Valuable Leader: Dany Michel

Region: Israel

Aroma Espresso Bar’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Aroma has chosen to focus on people with disabilities and to act to promote their rights and integrate them within Israeli society out of the belief that all people should integrate within society in accordance with their abilities. With the expansion of the chain, employment of people with disabilities has increased and today workers with disabilities can be found in almost all of the chain’s cafés. Our branches accessible, both physically and by making our service accessible, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the branches of the Aroma chain.

Accordingly we are committed to increase the number of people with disabilities employed at our branches and manufacturing plants, and to improve the accessibility of our branches beyond required by regulations.

ARP Service

Valuable Leader: Shadi I. Barakat

Region: Global

ARP Service’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Alan Belfield

Region: Global

Arup’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Arup, we celebrate our people and recognise the value of our differences in helping us to create the best designs and solutions for our clients and communities. In line with our purpose to shape a better world, our vision is to build environments inside and outside our organisation where everyone can flourish. In particular, Arup is committed to developing a global access and inclusion plan, with the aim of increasing our organisational accessibility and the accessibility of the projects we deliver, including:

  • Empowering and supporting colleagues to feel comfortable talking about their disabilities, including invisible disabilities, at work;
  • Educating and raising awareness around disability, learning from ourselves and others, and sharing best practice with other organisations;
  • Taking forward the principles of universal design and considering how to incorporate them into our work for clients


Valuable Leader: Ben Tidswell

Region: Global

Ashurst’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Ashurst, we believe that fostering a diverse and inclusive culture is a core part of creating the best place to work and being the most progressive global law firm. We are committed to creating a level playing field for all partners and staff living with disabilities through supportive policies, by raising awareness and understanding and by ensuring access to appropriate resources.  

We are committed to:

  • Tabling disability on the board agenda on a regular basis;
  • Reducing the stigma around the discussion of disabilities by showcasing the lived experiences of our people in relation to disability and resilience; and
  • Improving our reasonable adjustments process by introducing a global Workplace Adjustments Passport for all partners and staff.

Assuta Medical Centers Ltd.

Valuable Leader: Gidi Leshetz

Region: Israel

Assuta Medical Centers Ltd.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“Assuta Medical Centers” is Israel’s largest and leading private hospital chain.

The chain has 4 hospitals and 4 other medical centers nationwide. More than 100,000 surgeries, and over 680,000 various diagnostic tests, are performed annually in Assuta, and it has a wide variety of institutes and clinics, including imaging, gastroenterology, pain, oncology, dialysis, IVF units, and more.

We act in in accordance with Assuta’s vision, in which it is written about “placing the person’s dignity, needs, hopes, and free choice, at the forefront of our concerns,” and we undertake to provide respectful, equitable, and independent service to all those who enter our gates. To this end, we are constantly working to adapt the service to the entire population.

In 2017, Assuta was awarded the Israel Accessibility Prize for the accessibility of a large and complex organization at a high, inspirational level. The Prize Committee described the basis of its decision as follows: “Assuta’s accessibility is a role model for a complex accessibility process, striving for maximum accessibility to those with all types of disabilities, and striving to achieve accessible and equitable medicine.”

The subject of accessibility is a key part of Assuta’s high service standard. In light of this, every staff member in Assuta undergoes training guided by instructors with disabilities including demonstrations and practical exercises, as well as refresher courses and the integration of accessibility software as part of the organization’s compulsory computer training programs.

Among other things, we are constantly working to make our medical centers and the service provided accessible to people with disabilities, while investing considerable efforts and resources to improve the service experience and reduce gaps in service provision. As part of Assuta’s actions to provide access to the medical centers and the service provided to people with disabilities, we have made our customer relationships services accessible, and we are prepared in advance for every request and any adjustment required of us, thus ensuring that all those that we treat have respectful and equitable medical care at the highest level.

“Assuta Medical Centers” is very proud to lead the issue of accessibility in general, and in the Israeli healthcare system in particular, to take a central role in writing accessibility regulations for health institutions, and to serve as a role model for hospitals and medical centers from around the world.

Aston Martin

Valuable Leader: Andy Palmer

Region: United Kingdom

Aston Martin’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Elie Gerard

Region: Global

Atos’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  1. Improve the availability of assistive technologies for Atos Employees & improve the Accessibility of our core employee tools as an integrated part of our DigitalNow transformation Program & in line with our global accessibility policy.
  2. Support and Grow our Employee disability networks as part of our We are Atos program.
  3. Develop and deploy training programs focussed on disability and accessibility.

Audi AG

Valuable Leader: Bram Schot

Region: Global

Audi AG’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  • The inclusion of disabled people is an important goal in the context of the diversity strategy at Audi. These include, for example, flexible working time models, intelligent forms of employment, transparent processes and tailor-made programs for health promotion. The focus is not on the supposed deficits of the individual employees, but on their strengths and potential.
  • An important success factor for inclusion is an appreciative approach and a positive leadership culture. The company supports them with a guiding principle, targeted qualification measures and events in which members of the board are also active.
  • The company has set itself the goal of giving employees with disabilities tasks within the scope of operational possibilities in which they can optimally use and expand their skills. Barriers are also to be dismantled and ergonomics optimized so that severely disabled people also have natural access to the Audi world of work.
  • For 2020, the Board of Directors makes the commitment to identify new value-adding activities, to source them and to operate them themselves. The focus is on activities that are particularly suitable for severely disabled people. People are supported by individual qualification programs so that they can quickly find their way in their new work environment.

Auto Trader

Valuable Leader: Nathan Coe

Region: United Kingdom

Auto Trader’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Diversity for everyone at Auto Trader means respect for and appreciation of differences in gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, race and ethnic origin, religion and faith, marital status, social, education background and way of thinking. We believe that inclusion is a state of being valued, respected, and supported for who you are and have the same career opportunities as others. We aim to make Auto Trader a more accessible and inclusive working environment for our colleagues, and make an impact for people with disabilities and neurodiverse conditions within our community.

We commit to:

  • Creating a diversity and inclusion policy to highlight our commitment to all areas of diversity, including disability inclusion.
  • Offering five internships across Summer 2021 through the Change 100 initiative and Ambitious About Autism. Presenting Auto Trader with the great opportunity to bring talented interns into the business.
  • Continue being recognised as an Autism Friendly Employer, awarded by the National Autistic Society.
  • Supporting colleagues in our established Disability and Neurodiversity employee network to support them in sharing their stories and increase awareness, as well as raise money for their chosen charity.
  • Improving accessibility for customers through our Digital Retailing Accessibility Group (DRAG) Employee Network.
  • Continue our commitment to being a Disability Confident Leader, working to make our recruitment process as inclusive as possible.


Valuable Leader: Amanda Blanc

Region: Global

Aviva’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Aviva has 31,000 people working in our offices from Toronto, Norwich to Singapore. Every single one of us brings unique knowledge and experience, attitudes and ambitions. We want to celebrate this diversity. It’s important to us that everyone is included. We’re looking at all aspects of our business to make sure inclusion informs everything we do from the way we treat our customers, intermediaries and partners, to how our people feel. It will underpin how we make business decisions and be part of how we aim to build stronger communities where we work.

Aviva has already made many great strides toward this inclusive environment through significant actions:

  • By structuring all of our employee resource networks into six Global Communities to truly reflect intersectionality. The AvivAbility Community, sponsored by two of our leadership team executives, represents colleagues with visible and hidden disabilities as well as mental health and neurodiversity.
  • Aviva has transparent and accessible policies that support our colleagues who have various abilities; such as the workplace adjustment passport and offering Carer leave.
  • Aviva has recently secured the UK government accreditation of being a Disability Confident Level 2 employer.
  • Training our staff on vulnerable customers and how we support them.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to be more inclusive by:

  • Expanding our suite of market-leading policies through smarter working initiatives.
  • Continue with property and facilities audits to ensure we know where and how we need to improve accessibility for all.
  • Increase visibility and support of AvivAbility allies.
  • Become members of the British Disability Forum (BDF).


Valuable Leader: Thomas Buberl

Region: Global

AXA’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In 2015, AXA made an official commitment to support people with disabilities by signing the Business Charter on Disability developed by the International Labour Organization (ILO). The group has already implemented several concrete initiatives to create an inclusive workplace. We are committed in terms of recruitment, training, awareness of our managers for a better understanding of disability and good integration of employees with disabilities.  By focusing on abilities, we maintain an inclusive environment for differently abled people. 

Ability inclusivity continues to be an important priority for AXA, and that is why we will work to:

  • Reduce the stigma of disability in a workplace
  • Provide training to managers to support employees of all abilities
  • Publish accessibility guidelines for online communications 
  • Advance a policy that promotes a culture of ability inclusivity 

Axel Springer

Valuable Leader: Mathias Döpfner 

Region: Global

Axel Springer’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Axel Springer believes in and prioritizes Diversity and Inclusion. Empathy is one of our company’s values and we are passionate about integrating this value in all our day-to-day interactions.

As a global organization, we always want to ensure a holistic approach. In July 2020 Axel Springer established the D&I office to systematically drive a sustainable change in this field. Our mission is to reimagine the Axel Springer environment to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive so that we can positively impact our business and society. In our D&I strategy, physical and mental abilities are one of seven diversity dimensions that we are focusing on.

We are dedicated to drive the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. To operationalize this commitment, we created the Action Plan 2019-2024. Our Action Plan focus areas include:

  • Sensitizing and raising awareness
  • Creating barrier-free communication and information
  • Employment and workplace design
  • Training, education, and qualification
  • Health management, prevention, and rehabilitation
  • Social security benefits.

Our vision is an organization in which everyone is valued, respected, and feels that they belong. Therefore, we sign The Valuable 500 pledge and commit to actively working towards our goals.

Ayalon Insurance Co. Ltd.

Valuable Leader: Arik Yogev

Region: Israel

Ayalon Insurance Co. Ltd.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Ayalon Insurance considers accessibility to be a central and essential value; and consequently, it takes steps to promote and implement this subject in a variety of aspects.

Accessibility values and their importance are integrated into our business activity, as part of the company’s internal organizational content, and is an significant part of our extensive activity in the field of social – corporate responsibility.

At Ayalon, we view customers with disabilities as customers with equal rights, who are entitled to benefit from full accessibility to the organization’s properties and services.  Beit Ayalon and the company’s district branches have been adapted in order to provide accessible personal service to each and every person.

Ayalon works according to the law and even above and beyond the letter of the law, to help people with disabilities improve their quality of life and enable them to integrate into society honorably, equally and independently.

Due to our extensive activity in this field that is implemented together with the Access Israel Association, and our meeting of the legal requirements in this field and even going above and beyond, we have received the honorable Accessible Organization Award from the association.

Ayalon Insurance will continue to take steps to promote awareness of this subject and to protect human dignity.

Azrieli Group Ltd.

Valuable Leader: Arnon Toren

Region: Israel

Azrieli Group Ltd.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Graham Bell

Region: United Kingdom

B&Q’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Babcock International

Valuable Leader: Richard Drake

Region: Global

Babcock International’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

BAE Systems

Valuable Leader: Christopher George Boardman

Region: Global

BAE Systems’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  • Creating an inclusive environment where all individuals feel valued, included, and are empowered to reach their full potential.
  • Embedding inclusive recruitment practices throughout our business, to ensure that we attract, retain, and, develop employees with disabilities, building a diverse workforce for the future.
  • Ensuring that our leadership teams undertake regular training, attend external events and, engage with other organisations to continually asses our progress and to learn from best practice examples.
  • Providing a Workplace Adjustment Passport to ensure that employees with disabilities have access to the support and adjustments they require in a timely and effective manner.
  • Ensuring that people with disabilities are supported to progress their carers within the business and providing equality of opportunity.

BAE Systems will achieve our commitment by:

  1. Strengthening our recruitment process to attract increased applications from people with disabilities.
  2. Making employee experiences better and easier.
  3. Investing in training and education of leaders and team mates.
  4. Tracking outcomes – building an evidence base to measure progress.

Baker McKenzie

Valuable Leader: Milton Cheng

Region: Global

Baker McKenzie’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Baker McKenzie is proud to support the Valuable 500.  Inclusion and diversity underpins everything that we do and are integral to our culture and our business strategy. It is key that we ensure we build a collaborative, fulfilling and professional environment where our people, prospective applicants and clients are treated equitably regardless of any disability or long term (physical or mental) health condition.  We are excited to be part of a wave of change where we can work together to remove inequality and can continue to be ambitious and challenge ourselves at every opportunity to make meaningful progress.  It is important to us that people with disabilities feel welcomed, included and supported.

On behalf of Baker McKenzie:

  1. We will commit to removing barriers to participation at Baker McKenzie for our people, clients, candidate talent, guests and suppliers.
  2. We will improve the accessibility of our communication platforms (tech and in person) for all our people and clients.

Bank Hapoalim

Valuable Leader: Ari Pinto

Region: Israel

Bank Hapoalim’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s leading bank, puts accessibility to all, including people with disabilities, as one of its core business obligations.

We guarantee that the Bank’s services will be accessible and available to all our customers with and without disabilities – in our branches, call centers and in our digital platforms. Accessibility is an integral part of the Bank’s decision-making process when examining new products and processes. We will work tirelessly to integrate people with disabilities into all aspects of life and to promote the employment of persons with disabilities.

Accessibility is one of the four strategic pillars in our social impact program. 

As part of the program Bank Hapoalim is committed to:

  • Include at least one person with disability in all its media campaigns;
  • Place a special emphasis on recruitment of persons with disabilities and provide educational activities in the subjects of accessibility to all its employees;
  • Promote industry wide initiatives to improve accessibility to banking products
  • Support a start-up incubator aimed specifically at accessibility issues
  • Promote the subject of accessibility to all in the general public by supporting educational activities

Finally, Bank Hapoalim is delighted and proud to have the opportunity to take part in such an important initiative and call for other leading companies to join.

Bank of America

Valuable Leader: Brian Moynihan

Region: Global

Bank of America’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Bank of America, a key part of delivering for our clients and communities is being a great place to work for our teammates.  This includes creating a diverse and inclusive environment in which all people can succeed, thrive and grow.  That is clearly demonstrated by our support for our teammates with diverse abilities.  We celebrate the diversity of our teammates and the different perspectives that help create a better and more inclusive world for all.

Our Support Services team employs 300 individuals with intellectual disabilities who continually make meaningful contributions to the bank, our clients and our communities. Our Disability Action Network, and its 30 chapters across the company, bring teammates together to advocate and address issues that drive value for our businesses and communities.

These are just a few examples of Bank of America’s commitment and we are proud to sign on to support the Valuable 500 as another step forward in our ongoing efforts.

Bank of England

Valuable Leader: Andrew Bailey

Region: United Kingdom

Bank of England’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The Bank commits to further improving accessibility in the workplace and building an inclusive culture which supports disabled staff.  An important element will be the establishment of a ‘one-stop’ approach to reasonable adjustments to ensure that everyone who needs it can obtain specialist equipment in a simple and effective way.

Bank of Ireland

Valuable Leader: Francesca McDonagh

Region: Ireland

Bank of Ireland’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Inclusion and Diversity (l&D) is at the heart of who we are in Bank of Ireland (Bol). Our ambition is to build an organisation, representative of the society the Bank serves, that is welcoming to all (diverse workforce) and provides a safe and fair place to work (inclusive experience). Our approach has been to create a culture of inclusivity, where everyone has a role to play. To support this, we have a dedicated l&D team and colleague-led employee resources networks, supported by our Board and Executive team. Our l&D forum anchors our strategy through which the colleague voice is heard. Our Inclusion & Diversity strategy is designed to increase workforce diversity, foster an inclusive employee experience, embed financial wellbeing and accessibility, and strengthen accountability in l&D. We are focused on implementing real change for disability and accessibility inclusion, enabling our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive. This is demonstrated by;

  • Ongoing partnership with Business Disability Forum; Bank of Ireland is the first Irish company to achieve the ‘Disability Smart Standard’, recognising the Bank’s commitment to disability inclusion. ‘Bronze’ status was achieved in the Bank’s first evaluation under the Disability Smart Audit framework.
  • Our partnerships with Investors in Diversity (Bronze Accreditation), AHEAD, Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities and Open Doors Initiative to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace.
  • The introduction of our Reasonable Accommodations Passport and Guide to provide colleagues and managers with a clear understanding of the accommodations that can be made to remove or reduce any barriers that colleagues may face.
  • Suitability of all Bank of Ireland products or any changes to products are reviewed by our Vulnerable Customer Team from the perspective of vulnerable customers and customers with disabilities.
  • Improved branch accessibility for hearing impaired customers, with colleague training to ensure the appropriate assistance for these customers in the• branch. :
  • The launch of JAM (Just a Minute) Card branches across a number of jurisdictions to assist customers with learning difficulties and communication barriers.

We are proud to be a member of Valuable 500 as we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can achieve their full potential. We will continue to do this by;

  • Establishing a baseline to understand representation of people with disability across Bank of Ireland.
  • Measuring and monitoring employee engagement scores for colleagues with accessibility needs.
  • Embedding recommendations from the Business Disability Forum as a ‘disability-smart’ organisation and improving our accreditation from Bronze to Silver;
  • Achieving silver accreditation with the external benchmark body ‘Investors in Diversity’ through implementation of our l&D strategic programme.

Bank Yahav

Valuable Leader: Shaul Gelbard

Region: Israel

Bank Yahav’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Bank Yahav is an Israeli leading financial organization that has been providing banking services to the retail sector for over 60 years.

The Bank  is committed to creating a working environment suitable for a variety of employees – including disabled employees – in order to enable each employee to maximize their  personal potential within the Bank’s business activities.

The Bank is committed to provide its customers equal service, while making sure all services – frontal and online –  are accessible for disabled clients, including accessible branches, accessible interfaces in its digital properties and training all employees to provide equitable and complete service to disabled customers.


Valuable Leader: Ashok Vaswani

Region: United Kingdom

Barclays’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Being a disability confident leader is important to Barclays, because it enables us to broaden our understanding of the needs of all stakeholders – customers, clients and colleagues – and as a result, work to create opportunities and improve life for everybody. As the Executive Sponsor of the disability agenda, I am committed to driving change and levelling the playing field for disabled people and people with mental health conditions.

As an employer, we are committed to working collaboratively to share best practices to remove barriers to employment. Our proactive approach towards disability and mental health has had a positive impact on our organisational culture, opened up a wider talent pool and created opportunities for people of all abilities to join us, grow and fulfil their potential.

As a business, our ambition is to become one of the most accessible and inclusive companies in the world, not only because it makes good commercial sense, but because it’s the right thing to do. This has inspired us to develop better business solutions and outcomes for our clients and customers.

We are committed to sharing insights from our diverse range of programmes initiatives and partnerships published in our report: Becoming Disability and Mental Health Confident report

We recognise there is always more we can do, but are committed to creating ever more diverse opportunities for people of all abilities.

Ashok Vaswani,

Global Head of Consumer Banking and Payments, Barclays


Valuable Leader: Claudio Colzani

Region: Global

Barilla’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We commit to putting a greater emphasis on disability inclusion as part of our Diversity and Inclusion Board’s agenda, which focusses on inclusion of employees of different genders, sexual orientations, abilities, cultures, ethnicities/races and generations. We will identify improvement opportunities based on the ILO Global Business and Disability Network self-assessment and develop a comprehensive action plan by the end of 2021 to increase the inclusion of people with disabilities in Barilla.


Barratt Developments Plc

Valuable Leader: David Thomas

Region: United Kingdom

Barratt Developments Plc’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“At Barratt we are committed to creating a workplace that provides an open and honest culture where everyone is treated equally.  We aim to create a truly inclusive workplace and our Diversity and Inclusion strategy, ‘Building without Barriers’ is moving us closer to this objective.

Our commitments on disability inclusion include:

  • Ensuring our recruitment processes are inclusive and accessible
  • Understanding and providing reasonable adjustments at work as required
  • Supporting all existing employees with a disability or long term health condition, enabling them to stay at work and thrive
  • Seeking out opportunities, including through our work with Leonard Cheshire and the RBLI, to provide work experience and employment opportunities for talented people with disabilities

We are a member of the Business Disability Forum, and are committed to the government-led Disability Confident scheme.

During 2020 we will carry out an accessibility audit of all our UK offices, and commit to whatever enhancements are necessary to ensure our work environment is disability-friendly and welcoming for all.”


Valuable Leader: Ralph Schweens

Region: Global

BASF’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

BASF is committed to drive implementation of the UN Disability Rights Convention and to further build an inclusive culture which supports disabled staff across all regions and businesses. In order to further strengthen inclusion, we will foster awareness and emphasize our engagement by designing a global Action Plan for 2020 and beyond.



Valuable Leader: Werner Baumann

Region: Global

Bayer’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Inclusion & diversity is central to our corporate culture. However, diversity has many manifestations and dimensions that should be equally important to all of us. That’s why it was so important to me that we join The Valuable 500 initiative and make a strong commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities at Bayer, because they are an integral part of our workforce.


Valuable Leader: Tim Davie

Region: United Kingdom

BBC’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Alexander Torbakhov

Region: Russia

Beeline’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We are proud that in 2019 Beeline became the first Russian brand to join the international The Valuable 500 initiative.

We thank the international business community for this high honor to be among its visionaries for promoting inclusion on global business agenda and confirm our strategic priorities for implementing this agenda on the Russian market in the coming years.

During one year of our The Valuable 500 membership, we have worked hard to develop technology that contributes to elimination of inequalities and to engage a wide range of stakeholders in the dialogue about the rights of people with disabilities, improving quality of life and access to public infrastructure through digital technology.

As part of this work we have implemented the following projects:

  • BeeInclusiON – online platform that brings together educational and technological projects in the field of inclusion (;
  • Flexible Beeline design – technologies and services committed to provide accessibility of the operators’ own infrastructure;
  • Everland platform – a complex solution for mass employment of the people with disabilities through the opportunities of digital economy;
  • Motorica – development of innovative medical treatment and rehabilitation devices containing telemetry telecom modules;
  • Sensory Museum – creating an inclusive digital app for the Russian museum community in cooperation with the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art;
  • PublicTalk – public discussion to raise public awareness of the need to reconsider issues related to disability and accessibility

Following our strategic business priorities, in 2021 together with the team I lead we plan to broaden the range of our technological competences and partnerships contributing to sustainability of inclusive practices and provisions of the UN “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” in Russia.

Benesse Holdings, Inc.

Valuable Leader: Tamotsu Adachi

Region: Global

Benesse Holdings, Inc.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The Benesse Group’s corporate philosophy reflects the words that combine to make our corporate name, bene and essemeaning well-being and expresses the Group’s dedication to empowering people to pursue their ambitions and new challenges throughout their lifetime.

The Benesse Group set its future course with the adoption of its Sustainability Vision in fiscal 2018. The Group is fulfilling this vision by helping to unlock the social and economic value of people living with disabilities as advocated by The Valuable 500 community promoting inclusion through business leadership and opportunity.

■Benesse Group Sustainability Vision “Well-being” in society and for the future

In the coming era, when change will be normal state of things, to achieve our aim of an abundant, sustainable world, we want to reconsider all social issues with a “people-centric” perspective, and create a society in which everyone can seek out the things they want to do and take on those challenges. Each and every one of our employees will practice our corporate philosophy of “Benesse – well-being,” and extend it to their local communities, to society at large, and to the future.

■ Benesse Group Commitment

  1. We will create environments with active inclusion of persons with disabilities at all Benesse Group companies

The Benesse Group will create workspaces that accommodate the capabilities and aptitudes of all people with and without disabilities where employees can actively engage in work that is inspiring and meaningful.

We will actively employ people with disabilities, maintain employment rates above the legally mandated levels, and create a corporate culture where a diverse workforce including persons with disabilities is a natural part of all Benesse Group companies.

  1. We will expand the scope of employment of persons with disabilities and engage other individuals from the hard-to-employ population

Benesse Socius Co., Ltd., a welfare service company established in 2016 providing laundry services to long-term care facilities operated by Benesse Style Care Co., Ltd., is expanding its large staff of persons with disabilities. The company will also work with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to engage hard-to-employ individuals.

  1. We will actively publicize the Benesse Group’s efforts to employ persons with disabilities

We will actively publicize our activities related to employing persons with disabilities with the intention of promoting the employment of persons with disabilities throughout Japan.

  • We offer 100 internship positions annually and host tours of approximately 1,000 people annually from various companies, special-needs schools, and welfare support organizations
  • We train career counselors for persons with disabilities and dispatch instructors and present lectures at seminars
  1. We will produce educational materials designed for persons with disabilities

Case 1: Benesse GTEC English proficiency tests for everyone

We will continue contributing to a society with equal education opportunities for all by directly responding to the actual conditions of learners with disabilities and providing equal opportunity and fair test evaluations.

Case 2: Shinkenzemi Elementary School Course Developmental Disability Support Site for parents and guardians

Benesse Corporation also provides counseling and responds to inquiries about learning challenges and other issues related to its Shinkenzemi correspondence courses from parents and guardians of children with developmental disabilities and of children thought to be exhibiting developmental disabilities.

Bespoke Hotels

Valuable Leader: Robin Sheppard

Region: Global

Bespoke Hotels’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Bespoke Hotels has conceived and continues to support the and is determined to ensure that access remains a permanent item on our senior Board and individual hotel management meetings as a constant agenda item.  The work that we have done thus far has caused me to be selected as ‘Hotel Sector Champion for Disability Issues’ and we will continue to implement our own programme of design, training, mentoring and welcoming both staff and guests who have disability to contend with.

Robin Sheppard

Chairman, Bespoke Hotels


Valuable Leader: Dudu Mizrahi

Region: Israel

Bezeq’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

As Israel’s national telecommunications provider, Bezeq is committed to all of its citizens. Therefore, accessibility is an integral part of Bezeq’s management and service.

Bezeq enables each and every one to work for the Company and for this it continually invests as part of its uncompromising internal corporate policy.

However, above and beyond everything else, Bezeq’s telecommunications products, which are delivered to anyone nationwide, enables anyone, regardless of differences, to enjoy the progress and to gain equal accessibility to education, the economy, government services etc.

Bezeq invests considerable resources in making the services it provides accessible in order to enable persons with disabilities to enjoy and use the range of its services efficiently and independently, thereby achieving equal opportunities compared with the general public.

Among other things, we have been active in the following:

  • The Company employs an accessibility officer. Bezeq is committed to operate in a manner enabling accessibility to all, including issues that are unrelated to the Company’s services. Bezeq provides a service that is intended for customers with disabilities seeking services from various providers such as medical services, ordering a taxi, purchasing products and so forth. The service is provided by Bezeq representatives through phone calls, emails and notifications.
  • Adjustments have been made in the Company’s stores to accommodate all types of disabilities. Therefore even a wheelchair-bound person can access the stores and receive service at an accessible counter, and even be given preferential treatment in the queue.
  • We have adapted our website to the international AA standard so that even a blind person using a screen reader, will be able to browse properly and a person with a motoric impediment will be able to browse using the keyboard.
  • We have adapted access to the call centers and eliminated background music, which interfere with persons with hearing aids when they call the center.
  • We have added an accessibility gallery on the website, concentrating all of the accessible information and services Bezeq provides for the benefit of persons with disabilities.
  • We have raised awareness among our employees through training and targeted video content, which is frequently provided.
  • Bezeq employs people with disabilities and also contributes toward the community through volunteer work.

Above and beyond our legally-mandated duties, as people- our moral obligation is to make it as easy as possible for all our customers so that they too will be able to enjoy a pleasant, user-friendly service experience.

Bezeq International

Valuable Leader: Ran Guron

Region: Israel

Bezeq International’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Pelephone, yes and Bezeq International, which lead the communications market in Israel, are committed to creating an accessible and inclusive work environment for the companies employees and customers.

The companies offer their services in an accessible and equal manners, so that they are suitable for all populations, and in particular for people with disabilities.

This is as a basic rule for the companies service policy and a key business commitment.

We will continue to work, improve and support the companies services to ensure accessibility  and equality to all our customers, for all their needs – in the reception branches, in the call centers and in the digital service channels.

All this while maintaining a high level of awareness and training in accessible service practices, in order to provide a tailored, accessible and respectful service experience for a customer.

Birds Eye

Valuable Leader: Wayne Hudson

Region: United Kingdom

Birds Eye’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Birds Eye, a culture of inclusion means having diverse perspectives and lived experiences around the table. As a purpose-driven company focused on “Serving the World with Better Food”, we know that to stay relevant to the consumers and communities we serve there must be no barriers to our people being able to bring their whole self to work and achieve their full potential.

We have started our disability inclusion journey with the Aunt Bessie’s Campaign “Caring is the hardest thing we do” and are collaborating external partners and charities to accelerate our inclusion programme.

In support of our ambition we will:

  1. deliver a programme of internal disability education and awareness events – including educating all leaders and line managers on conscious inclusion.
  2. sign up to the Disability Confident scheme and begin the journey towards being a more inclusive employer, where all talent can thrive.
  3. further develop accessible and inclusive physical workspaces where everyone can thrive together.
  4. invest in authentic and inclusive advertising featuring real life stories and actors with disabilities, initially with our Aunt Bessie’s “caring is the hardest things we do” campaign.
  5. collaborate with charitable organisations to increase understanding on how we can serve consumers and shoppers with disabilities more effectively (e.g. pack design and technology).

Black & Veatch

Valuable Leader: Steve Edwards

Region: Global

Black & Veatch’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Black & Veatch, we are committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. Black & Veatch’s commitment to Building a World of Difference is also our pledge to ensure a world free of discrimination, bigotry and divisiveness. As a company whose Core Values include Respect, Integrity and Collaboration, we strive to provide an inclusive, collaborative and accessible culture that recognizes the innovation and creativity gained from different views and opinions.

Our commitment to disability inclusion is to create an inclusive, accessible workplace that supports persons with disabilities. To see our professionals with disabilities and re-think our own assumptions of what can and can’t be done. To understand, accept, and normalize our differences, and to overcome our own fears of asking questions, or even starting a conversation.

To achieve this goal, our focus will be on:

  • Better understanding how many members of our workforce are affected by disability and learn more about their experiences
  • Empowering and supporting our professionals to feel comfortable talking about their disabilities – both visible and invisible
  • Creating a Disability Employee Resource Group to provide resources and support for those touched by disabilities


Valuable Leader: Peter Grauer

Region: Global

Bloomberg’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Bloomberg values difference, promotes inclusion, and encourages collaboration to drive business results. Since becoming one of the earliest Valuable 500 signatories in 2019, we’ve encouraged other companies worldwide to join us in the disability inclusion conversation – through both the Valuable Leader Conversations and the Bloomberg Equality Summit.

As a company built on innovation, we continue our commitment to making our workplaces and products more accessible to people with disabilities, as well as promoting a culture where every employee is accepted and empowered to bring their authentic self to work.

We continue taking action to make our recruitment processes more inclusive globally, delivering the best candidate experience for prospective employees with disabilities and revising all job descriptions and communications with prospective candidates to use language that is more inclusive.

This commitment to action will translate into our policies and processes, thereby improving governance, accountability, and coordination across the company for the benefit of both colleagues and clients.

Our Workplaces

  • Our employee-run Bloomberg Abilities Community will continue to be our culture carriers and allies for disability inclusion and mental health, promoting and providing a safe space for employees to share their lived-experiences.
  • Our Accessibility Task Force, a community of people across Bloomberg who are dealing with accessibility challenges or have an expertise in an accessibility category, will continue working with our clients and the business to understand their challenges and offer innovative solutions.

Our Products

  • A cross-functional Bloomberg team continues working with grad students at Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute to better understand and accommodate Bloomberg Terminal users with disabilities.

Our Culture

  • Employee engagement activities will raise awareness about disabilities and mental health issues, including how to embrace visible and non-visible disabilities in the workplace.
  • We are committed to developing inclusive leaders. Our core curriculum, tools, and training will enable us to continue minimizing bias in the workplace.
  • We will continue partnering with organizations worldwide to recruit and support students and graduates with disabilities.


Valuable Leader: Oliver Zipse

Region: Global

BMW AG’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We attach considerable importance to creating an appreciative and inclusive working environment, free of prejudice, for all associates. To make this clear, we expanded our existing diversity concept in 2020 to include disability, sexual orientation and identity, in addition to the previous dimensions of gender, cultural background, age and experience. We promote a culture that regards diversity as a strength and values differences. Equal treatment of all associates is firmly established as a fundamental principle of our company policy worldwide.

Our commitment

Inclusive corporate culture

An internal communications campaign which involves our Board of Management will convey the benefits of diversity at the company.

A wide range of ongoing communications activities, e.g. in the form of brief portraits of associates with disabilities, will encourage greater openness and help make interactions more natural.
We will take advantage of training and learning opportunities to promote inclusive thinking and action on the part of all associates and managers.

Employment and accessibility

Our aim is to create an accessible working environment with workplaces that meet the needs of associates with disabilities and allow them to realise their full potential. Eliminating barriers to communications and further development of digital accessibility will be focal points. We will carry on providing apprenticeships for young people with severe disabilities.

Corporate responsibility

As part of our commitment, we will continue to work with organizations for people with disabilities. We support their participation in working life by awarding contracts to workshops for people with disabilities.
We are also developing a special driver training class to help people with disabilities feel safer and more confident on the roads.

BNY Mellon

Valuable Leader: Todd Gibbons

Region: Global

BNY Mellon’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“Homogeneity and more of the same is not a strategy for continued leadership and growth. In an increasingly diverse world, the future belongs to the inclusive enterprise. That’s the challenge we’re rising to, and why we are ensuring that diversity and inclusion are interwoven into our organizational culture.”

At BNY Mellon, we aim to build and empower the best global team, reflective of and dedicated to serving our increasingly diverse stakeholders. We are committed to supporting our people’s success in a culture and environment where they feel a sense of belonging, equity and respect.

Intentional inclusion of people with disabilities is central to our Diversity & Inclusion strategy, priorities and actions. As a member of the Valuable 500, we hope to inspire and support other leaders to make disability inclusion a business imperative.

In 2020, BNY Mellon is committed to:

  • Creating meaningful career opportunities for people with disabilities through programs, such as our neurodiversity and autism-at-work programs and campus recruiting initiatives with disability-focused learning institutions and student associations
  • Continuing to invest in inclusion education and improve accessibility to support the success of people with disabilities, such as sensitization workshops, training and resources to develop inclusive leaders, accommodations to enhance engagement of people with disabilities, and enterprise wellbeing initiatives and mental health resources for all employees
  • Continuing to engage with and support a strong community of people with disabilities (visible and invisible), inside and outside of BNY Mellon, such as sponsorship of HEART, our Diverse Abilities Resource Group for employees, and partnering across a broad stakeholder base, including clients, industry associations, nonprofits, academia and policymakers.


Valuable Leader: Dennis Muilenburg

Region: Global

Boeing’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Boeing is on a journey to raise disability awareness and reshape conceptions of ability. This is another step toward creating an environment where talented people of all abilities can be valued and do their best work. Our commitment to an accessible culture is illustrated through our ongoing investment in professional networks, the internal Boeing Employee Ability Awareness Association business resource group, educational resources, a centralized accommodations unit, and accessible work spaces. Late last year, for the third year in a row, Boeing achieved a top score of 100% on the Disability Equality Index, a joint initiative of the American Association of People with Disabilities and Disability:IN. Further, in September, Boeing was recognized as a 2018 National Organization on Disability Leading Disability Employer.


Valuable Leader: Edwin Booth

Region: Global

Booths’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The following two commitments will be made for 2020, followed by an overall appraisal of how we address disability inclusion at Booths.

  1. We are planning to run an ‘I am the difference’ internal marketing campaign across the business that celebrates the differences within our workforce
  2. We will be running workshops this year for all managers on ‘Leading an Inclusive Team’ that looks to increase their awareness of issues such as Unconscious Bias, Recruitment bias etc. and how they can personally positively influence D&I in their roles.

Diversity & Inclusion has been a key feature of our Business Plan since early 2019 and is an essential element of our ‘Feel Like You Belong’,  2 of the main initiatives around Mental Health & Well-being and Diversity & Inclusion.

There is a commitment at Board and Executive level to ensure that our colleagues feel a sense of belonging, no matter what their difference.

Key initiatives include:

  • All Managers have received training on Mental Health in the Workplace
  • We have created a ‘Culture Club’ that includes colleagues with a diverse range of differences (including disability). These meet to discuss how we can better improve Diversity & Inclusion within the business
  • Diversity & Inclusion is now a focus of our Employee Engagement Survey to ensure we hear directly from our colleagues regarding their experience
  • We provide a robust reasonable adjustment policy that ensures that we are able to support our colleagues with disabilities where possible

Boston Consulting Group

Valuable Leader: Rich Lesser

Region: Global

Boston Consulting Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

BCG’s ability to attract, retain and advance the best talent at equal rates is fundamental to our success in delivering value to our clients, shaping a stronger workplace, and in fully reflecting the diverse world in which we live and work. Passionate, open-minded and talented team members regardless of their physical ability, neurodiversity, mental health status, or chronic illness enable us to provide diversity of thought, challenge established mindsets, and devise innovative solutions for our clients and our firm. To unlock the potential of those who advance the world BCG is committed to:

  • Launching a global DE&I Council with accessibility occupying a key seat at the table
  • Developing a system to track and measure our progress, in order to better understand representation and to lay groundwork for our recruiting, retention, advancement efforts
  • Expanding our AccessAbility@BCG employee network into new markets, beyond our existing programs in the US and ANZ


Valuable Leader: Bernard Looney

Region: Global

bp’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At bp, we recognise there is a disability inclusion challenge in the world. As an employer, a customer-facing organisation, and a corporate citizen, we can and must play a role to improve inclusion for the estimated 15% of the world’s population living with a disability. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion are core to our sustainability aims and our value of respect. We aim to create an accessible global workplace and will work with our employee-led business resource groups (BRG) to support us with our efforts. We aspire to be a company that is representative of, and serves the needs of, all people including those with disabilities. 

To deliver this ambition, we will: 

  • Share disability inclusion with our board as part of our sustainability and wellbeing approach. 
  • Within our DE&I framework, focus on accessibility, neurodiversity and mental wellbeing – and report externally on our progress. 

We know we won’t get it all right straight away. But we are committed to the journey, and learning from the other purpose-led partners of Valuable 500 in our joint determination to unlock the potential of people living with disabilities. 


Valuable Leader: Octavio de Lazari Junior

Bradesco’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Banco Bradesco SA reaffirms, daily, the inclusive and transformer purpose which permeates the Organization’s culture since 1943, the year of our foundation, when we surprised the market by enabling the care of people with few financial resources, something unusual between the competitors of the time in Brazil.

We ensure that our employees fully realize their potential in a welcoming and respectful environment. Therefore, we value initiatives for inclusion, contributing to the well-being of all those who work in our company.

Through learning solutions developed by Unibrad (Bradesco Corporate University), we prepare our leaders and their teams to eliminate attitudinal barriers when receiving and welcoming employees.

We are “allies for respect” and we want each person, in their own way, to be able to add to our mission. This mission that, since 2010, has been in evidence with the Bradesco Disability Training Program.

In the initiative implemented in partnership with Bradesco Foundation, bank’s educational institution that promotes social inclusion through education, we qualify newly hired professionals with disabilities. For a year, the new employees are invited to experience an inclusive learning journey that begins in the classroom and reachs the activities they will perform at the Organization.

The qualification has guidance from tutors and managers and provides, since the beggining, access to didactic and pedagogical resources adapted to each one’s needs, with compatible remuneration with the market and a variety of benefits for those admitted by the Program.

We have an extensive portfolio of accessibility solutions designed to provide autonomy and independence to our employees. The resources are developed by a specific group that seeks to eliminate physical, architectural, communicational, methodological, instrumental, programmatic and attitudinal barriers in our relationships.

Thus, we assume the commitment of leverage this transformation, working to expand opportunities, promote respect and inclusion, disseminate the culture of coexistence with diversity and enable the inclusion of people with disabilities, valuing each competence, experience and difference.


Valuable Leader: Michael Pooley

Region: Europe

Brambles’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“The Valuable 500 message aligns with our values at Brambles. We believe in creating an inclusive and diverse working environment which allows each individual to thrive, grow and succeed. Creating an inclusive environment for employees with disabilities is important to us. At Brambles, disability is understood in the broadest sense including physical and sensory impairments, mental health issues, medical conditions and specific learning difficulties.  Some of our current projects are as follows :

  • Partnership with Leonard Cheshire’s Change 100 program in the UK to take on graduates with disabilities for summer work placements
  • Working with the UK Down’s Syndrome association and WorkFit to assess how to welcome employees with Down’s Syndrome into our offices
  • Collaboration with Alapar association in Spain providing masterclasses and mentoring to people with disabilities
  • Fundraising for Araya association in Spain supporting people with autism
  • Inclusive Rugby events – bring CHEP employees together with disabled people for rugby training
  • Training on disability in the workplace planned for some of our major offices
  • Conducting a review across our businesses to ensure best practice and spread actions across Brambles

We believe that a more balanced workforce will provide us with the diversity of thought, skills and experience that we need. This mix of perspectives, approaches and styles helps fuel innovation, growth, agility and robust performance. Our people are practical and on the frontline of solving our customers’ challenges. By harnessing the power of diversity, we can be better positioned to deliver sustainable supply chain solutions for our customers and to connect people with life’s essentials, every day. Put simply, an inclusive workforce, which recognises the contribution of every individual, is better for our employees, better for our customers and better for our business”.

Michael Pooley,

President, CHEP Europe (Brambles Group)


Valuable Leader: Staci Kroon

Region: Global

BraunAbility’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

BraunAbility was founded with an innate commitment to improve the lives of people with disabilities because we have always built solutions through the eyes of our consumers. Today, we are one of the most well-known and trusted names in the mobility industry and we remain devoted to this purpose.

We have made inclusion a top priority in 2019 and are committed to the following actions:

  • Inviting disability candidate referral sources from around the state to our production facility to establish a partnership and reach more employment candidates with disabilities.
    Opening a new global headquarters in Carmel, Indiana, designed to meet the highest standards of accessibility to ensure it is well-suited for employees with disabilities.
  • Launching a new social impact platform, Drive for Inclusion, to unite and listen to the voices of people with mobility disabilities, and mobilize this group, along with employees and volunteers, to take action to improves access. Our first action is an initiative designed to prevent abuse of accessible parking spaces.

Staci Kroon
CEO, BraunAbility

Bren Corporation

Valuable Leader: J Boopesh Reddy

Region: India

Bren Corporation’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Christian Kohlpaintner

Region: Global

Brenntag’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Variety is an integral part of Brenntag. We embrace a great richness, as it gives us strength and makes our business thrive even more. We promote an open-minded working culture that bring people’s talents to shine. That commitment is expressed in our employer brand “Explore Variety”. Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee ensures that diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion are firmly anchored not only in our business strategy and goals, but also in our culture. The committee is made up of eight senior representatives from different areas across all regions and is committed to raising awareness of diversity and inclusion in everyday life and at all levels of our organization.

Building on this team and with a person now dedicated to inclusion, we want to better understand what we can do differently to include people with disabilities and to create an atmosphere where people with and without disabilities can meet at eye level. Clearly understanding our current ‘baseline’ is our next step where we will  give our employees a voice through  a global analysis because we firmly believe that the journey to inclusion starts through dialogue and feedback which we will use to take the next tangible steps.

Bridgestone Corporation

Valuable Leader: Shuichi Ishibashi

Region: Global

Bridgestone Corporation’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The Bridgestone Group has a vision to provide value for society and its customers as a sustainable solutions company, and cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the world we serve is central to that journey. The company’s respect for diversity lies at the core of the Bridgestone Group Global Human Rights Policy, which guides its employees and partners to operate under the fundamental principle that everyone is entitled to fair treatment and equal opportunity without discrimination of any kind.

In continuing to work toward the realization of a sustainable society, Bridgestone is committed to efforts that make positive impacts in mobility, the environment and our communities to improve the way that people move, live, work and play. Additionally, we will provide a work environment that champions all perspectives, embraces differences, and empowers our people.

Major Bridgestone initiatives that support these efforts include:

  • Bridgestone is accepting toward diversity and is developing workplace environments that enable employees with disabilities to better exercise their talents.
  • Bridgestone is addressing the social issues faced by the elderly and people with disabilities. Through co-creation with communities and strategic partners, Bridgestone desires to help create a more inclusive society that promotes good physical and mental health through social programs that increase interaction between people with diverse backgrounds and abilities.
  • As a Worldwide Paralympic Partner, Bridgestone is working to address the issues faced by para-athletes. Going forward, we will advance various programs and offer our support to Paralympic events with an increased focus on innovation, solutions, diversity, and inclusion.

Bristol Myers Squibb

Valuable Leader: Giovanni Caforio

Region: Global

Bristol Myers Squibb’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At BMS we view diversity in the broadest sense – including age, ethnicity, race, culture, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, abilities and disabilities, religion, socioeconomic background, veteran status, thinking styles, and life experiences, among other differences. To learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion click here.

Bristol Myers Squibb commitment to The Valuable 500:

  • Our Commitment is to accelerate and expand health equity,  diversity and inclusion efforts within the disability community including:
  • Efforts to reach at-risk patients with inclusive design disease awareness, education programs and advocate for policies that promote health equity
  • Increased spend with diverse and disability-owned businesses to help create jobs and generate positive economic impact in diverse communities
  • Support increased employee giving to disability-focused organizations that help fight disparities and discrimination
  • Commit to increasing the talent pool with candidates that are people with disabilities from inclusive accessible recruitment efforts and partnerships with disability organizations

British Airways

Valuable Leader: Sean Doyle

Region: Global

British Airways’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

British Airways aims to make the journey for all customers with additional needs, simpler and easier. We are making improvements to encourage more customers to travel with us and ensure that they can enjoy greater customer experience.

We now have a specialist Accessibility Customer Service team who can assist customers with a range of different disabilities who need extra help and ensure customers have all the information that they need before they travel. Our training has been completely revised to ensure that colleagues can understand and respond to the challenges that our customers can face including both physical and hidden disabilities.

Our ongoing commitment is to build on our work and further integrate Accessibility into all our projects and practices, systems, learning and products. By listening more effectively to our customers, we will meet their individual needs and prioritise the issues that are important to them. We will work more collaboratively with our partners at airports to ensure that our customers have a more consistent experience when they travel.  We will make continuous improvements through digital innovation and commit to discussing Accessibility at Leadership Team level annually.

British Land

Valuable Leader: Simon Carter

Region: United Kingdom

British Land’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

As one of the UK’s leading property companies, we create and manage places that reflect the changing needs of the people who work, visit or live in and around them – Places People Prefer. To achieve this, we embrace inclusivity at our places and in our culture. For our customers and our colleagues, we are open to all.

Our places

We create outstanding places where people want to work, shop, live and play. These are inclusive places where people of all abilities can thrive. No one should ever encounter barriers to entry, so we are working to build inclusivity in.

In partnership with the Business Disability Forum, we have reviewed architectural designs for one of our major office refurbishments, identifying opportunities to improve how we design and manage for ability inclusion. Local disability groups have also shared insights on how several of our retail destinations could become even more ability inclusive.

Building on these initiatives, in 2021 we commit to:

  • Complete a full review of our Office Design Guide, adding a section on ability inclusive workplaces, going beyond Building Regulation requirements. These revised guidelines will be referenced in new British Land office developments and major refurbishments.
  • Host an ability inclusive workshop for our property teams and suppliers, exploring insights from local disability groups around the UK.
  • Conduct a review of our signage protocols at our places and websites from a pan-ability perspective and update our guidance for future commissions.
  • Take further action across our portfolio to deliver excellent, inclusive customer service to all our customers. Our Hidden Disability Sunflower Campaign will continue to be promoted nationally and all suitable sites will participate in the Hidden Disability training.
  • By 2022 we will have started our first major refurbishment incorporating our Office Design Guide principles for ability inclusive workplaces, and share lessons learnt across our business and supply chain.

Our people

We believe that inclusion is key to achieving business growth and sustainable success. That is why ‘bring your whole self’ is one of our four corporate values.

Our enaBLe network, launched in 2019, is building a pool of knowledge and support for our colleagues – from providing training in hidden disabilities to launching a tech buddy programme to help people get the right equipment for their accessibility needs. enaBLe members are also working with our property teams around the UK to support ability inclusion at our places.

Building on these initiatives, we commit to:

  • Achieve Business Disability Smart accreditation for our work to create an inclusive and safe environment for everyone to thrive. Providing equal opportunities for all abilities in our own offices.
  • Continue the roll-out of our Inclusive Technology Programme building on the success of our Accessible Technology Guide launched in 2020.

“Diversity and inclusion are central to driving innovation, understanding our customers and ultimately the success of our business. We work very hard to ensure that British Land is an organisation where people feel free to bring their whole selves to work. We believe that inclusion works best when people come together. So, we are engaging our colleagues, customers, communities and suppliers to put ability inclusion on the leadership agenda.”

Simon Carter, CEO, British Land


Valuable Leader: Simon Litherland

Region: United Kingdom

Britvic’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We exist to make life’s everyday moments more enjoyable, for customers, consumers, partners and employees around the world.
To include everyone in our purpose, we are building a community that not only represents diverse hearts and minds, but also respects them.

We take our responsibility to contribute and make a difference in society seriously, and everyone at Britvic is proud of this.

Diversity as a whole is high on our agenda; our specific disability inclusion commitments are:

  • We will partner with Purple Space via our diverse ability employee network group; which offers support and points of contact to all employees who are dealing with visible & invisible disabilities in their everyday life. We will then listen to the feedback and recommendations.
  • By the end of 2020 we will have reviewed key policies and practices and improve or remove barriers where we see the opportunities to. This will include simplifying the process for reasonable adjustments.
  • By the end of 2025 we will have taken positive actions in the areas of Representation, Brand Experience and Communication.
  • We will continue to provide senior sponsorship to all our D&I network groups and persist with our D&I strategy until every employee feels safe to “B-Yourself”

Brookfield Properties

Valuable Leader: Alok Aggarwal

Region: India

Brookfield Properties’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We, at Brookfield properties, stand for equal opportunity. We believe an organization’s culture is derived by its people not by organization. In line with this, we have successfully launched key disability inclusion initiatives and infrastructure upgrades across our campuses. The existing infrastructure in our campuses have been mapped taking in view accessibility standards. Every innovation we undertake will make sure our campuses stay people friendly today and in the future. 

Brookfield Properties has demonstrated its commitment to creating a supportive and comfortable environment and infrastructure for people with disabilities through a wide range of initiatives. 

Disability inclusion initiatives include: 

• Enhancing the physical accessibility in its campuses across India

• Ensuring universal accessibility guidelines are followed 

• Partnering with organisations globally. 

• Running and driving awareness programs and events.

We are privileged to share the news that we are bringing disability inclusion onto our agenda as we join The Valuable 500. 


Valuable Leader: Philip Jansen

Region: United Kingdom

BT’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In 2021, BT will launch the company’s Disability Rapid Action Plan.


Valuable Leader: David Hynam

Region: Global

Bupa’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Bupa Global & UK has committed to in-depth listening and action groups with our employees to better understand the needs of people with different abilities. The outputs of the listening activity will inform further actions we take to support our people and customers. We also have committed to increasing our employees’ access to learning resources about disability and neurodiversity.


Valuable Leader: Marco Gobbetti

Region: Global

Burberry’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Burberry, we believe diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to fulfilling our purpose and are core to our values. It is our responsibility to ensure all our people feel comfortable to be their authentic selves at work and to create a sense of belonging for all.

As part of our ongoing commitments in becoming more disability inclusive, we have forged new partnerships with organisations and charities, contributing towards positive change and supporting our efforts towards greater inclusion.

We will include a accessibility assessment measurement at targeted locations, through our global Health and Safety assurance audit programme in this financial year. Our Health and Safety team will continue to identify and highlight accessibility improvement opportunities across our stores, offices and manufacturing sites.

The assessment will allow us to implement positive change through a global, yet tailored approach which includes clear guidelines and stronger accountability measures across all functions to improve accessibility for both our colleagues and clients.

We will be working alongside an external partner in order to ensure all business areas across EMEIA are aligned and meet the minimum criteria by 2023.


Valuable Leader: Jonah Peretti

Region: Global

Buzzfeed’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Calvin Klein, Inc.

Valuable Leader: Cheryl Abel-Hodges

Region: Global

Calvin Klein, Inc.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Canada Post

Valuable Leader: Doug Ettinger

Region: Canada

Canada Post’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Canada Post we are dedicated to creating a more equitable, diverse and caring environment where our employees and customers feel safe, supported, respected and empowered. By working together to remove barriers and promote accessibility, our goal is to ensure that diversity is valued and everyone feels welcome and has equal opportunity.

Our commitment to accessibility is guided by the following focus areas:

  • Raising the profile of accessibility, creating accessible workplaces, and attracting and retaining diverse talent
  • Creating a welcoming customer experience by removing barriers in our buildings, programs and services
  • Embedding accessibility in our business practices and supply chain

As part of our journey, in 2018 we established an external Accessibility Advisory Panel of experts and advocates in disability and seniors’ issues to provide a forum for dialogue to help enhance accessibility across the Corporation. Input from the Advisory Panel helped inform the development of the Canada Post Accessibility Strategy, which was formalised in 2020.

In 2020, the Canada Post Award was established in partnership with the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS). Valued at $10,000, this Award supports outstanding scholarship in higher education for students with disabilities. Through our partnership with NEADS, we also established internships for students with disabilities to recognise the contributions that people with disabilities bring to the workforce. These initiatives align with Canada Post’s core values and provide opportunity to students with disabilities to reach their full potential through higher education and career-oriented work experience.

As we move into 2021 and beyond, we look forward to continuing our journey to become a more accessible and inclusive Crown Corporation, leveraging our long history, iconic brand and presence across Canada to identify, remove and prevent barriers to full inclusion in our workplaces and in accessing our services.

Canal Plus Group

Valuable Leader: Maxime Saada

Region: Global

Canal Plus Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At CANAL+ Group we’ve always been keen on valorizing diversity in our contents and amongst our staff. To do so, leaders across all business lines meet quarterly to set our Inclusion & Diversity goals, in a dedicated Committee sponsored by top management and the CSR team.

Our strategy is to :

  • Fight discrimination and set up best-in-class processes
  • Raise awareness and visibility of minorities and diversity
  • Have positive impacts on our ecosystem (via our content, or by engaging our employees in external initiatives)

Regarding disability inclusion in particular, we commit to act concretely on 4 levers of action :

  1. Implement a specific hiring plan and promote job retention for our staff with disabilities by arranging positions and working conditions
  2. Deploy a dedicated integration plan for people with disabilities
  3. Communicate and raise awareness on disability for all employees, at all levels of the organization, and regularly
  4. Grant specific benefits for people with disabilities or parents of children with disabilities (under the form of financial aid or paid absence days)


Valuable Leader: Michael Ethelston

Region: United Kingdom

Capco’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Capco, we recognise that inclusion in the workplace is about more than having traditional diversity networks. True inclusion is about fostering an environment where all employees are encouraged to be themselves at work. We celebrate individuality in our work environment and reject a ‘once size fits all’ approach in our policies, processes and management. This includes those with visible and invisible difficulties, including neurodiversity and mental health.

We are committed to continuing to focus on the promotion of individuality within our organisation, acknowledging that every person can bring something different to the table. We will continue to focus on embracing difference and uniqueness – both internally and as we face our clients.

In 2020 we will identify, develop and implement strategies that address our most pressing inclusion needs, with a disability inclusion roadmap put in place by the start of 2021. In particular, we commit to prioritise a review of our recruitment processes, training and development, and working environment to ensure that they are inclusive and accessible and to identify where changes and reasonable adjustments are required.

Ultimately, we are committed to ensuring that everyone at Capco can “Be Yourself at Work” #BYAW


Valuable Leader: Aiman Ezzat

Region: Global

Capgemini’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Capgemini’s purpose is “unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future.”  This purpose helps us build a culture in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully and given equal access to opportunities and resources across the Group. It’s what drives us to find new ways to become more diverse so that we can use the differences between us to make us greater together. It empowers us to transform society for the better and get the future we want.

From 2021 Capgemini will be strengthening our commitments to becoming a more inclusive brand and creating a more inclusive world through several dimensions.

First, by gaining deep understanding of the diversity of our own people through a global inclusion survey that will help us monitor progress on this key topic.

We will also be complementing the great work already delivered locally with the launch of a a global internal campaign on disability inclusion to promote awareness and reinforce our culture of active inclusion.

We will also focus our efforts on enriching our learning and development assets with active inclusion modules, with for instance leadership trainings on unconscious biases.

Finally, we will commit to a process of continuous improvement to ensure people with disabilities have equal access to the tools and systems they need. This is why we will be launching a dedicated Accessibility Program to ensure our Digital Platforms are accessible and inclusive – making accessibility and inclusivity an integral part of the way we work.

This strong focus on active disability inclusion contributes to our objective of shaping a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Caretech Holdings PLC

Valuable Leader: Farouq Sheikh

Region: United Kingdom

Caretech Holdings PLC’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

CareTech is a leading provider of social care and education related services with 26 years’ experience of supporting disabled people.  We have created a range of pathways for children and adults which empower and enable them to maximise their individual potential.

In October 2019 we acquired Purple, an innovative organisation, who is changing the disability conversation and bringing together both disabled people and businesses.  We were also one of the key sponsors of team Great Britain at the 2019 Special Olympics World Summer Games held in the UAE, and launching the first international art competition for disabled people with the Zayd Higher Organisation for People of Determination, for which we are very proud.

Our support for disabled people is reflected in our commitment to our staff in ensuring disabled people are given real choice and opportunity.  We have also created the CareTech Foundation to ensure the experience of all disabled people benefits the care sector in the future.

We have big ambitions with detailed plans to deliver our intent.  This includes:

  • Putting in place a set of corporate disability metrics, agreed and monitored at Board level, that put the D (disability) in ESG.
  • Exporting our disability knowledge, expertise and experience internationally, initially to a small number of countries that wish to accelerate their disability inclusion activity. We are currently active in two countries with others to follow.
  • Building our assistive technology bandwith to support our existing and future customers and the wider care and health sectors. Covid-19 has shone a very bright light on the importance of making technology accessible.
  • Providing a comprehensive and modern disability offer to business, across all sectors and all sizes, with focus on both the employee and disabled customer – the latter through the nationally renowned Purple Tuesday.

August 2020

Carnival UK

Valuable Leader: Josh Weinstein

Region: Global

Carnival UK’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Carnival UK, we’re working hard to build an inclusive community where employee experience is personalised and people feel valued and that they belong. Our long-term ambition is that people choose to work with us for precisely this reason.

In 2020, we’re going to focus on shaping a positive working environment for colleagues with disabilities and long-term health conditions by

  • leveraging our strategic partnerships with the Business Disability Forum, Inclusive Employers and The Princes’ Trust, to create drive and knowledge around our disability agenda
  • sharing practical guidance and case studies with our managerial community, so they’re motivated and confident to have quality conversations with their teams about disability, long-term health conditions and reasonable adjustments
  • measuring, monitoring and understanding their lived experiences to identify and address unintentional bias and barriers to progression
  • making our organisation and opportunities within it more visible through strategic recruitment and employer brand engagement activities.


Valuable Leader: Tony Danker

Region: United Kingdom

CBI’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

 At the CBI, we are committed to being a disability inclusive employer and we know that more needs to be done to support those with visible and invisible disabilities. 

The CBI has been a “Disability Confident” employer since 2017 and over the last 4 years we have increased awareness on areas like Mental Health which is driven by our Mental Health Strategy and supported by our Mental Health First Aiders. We have also worked with Mencap to provide work experience for those with learning disabilities and our HR Director sits on the ‘Thriving at Work’ leadership council focused on sharing best practice around mental health with businesses. 

However, we know that more needs to be done to truly be an employer of choice when it comes to supporting those with a disability. 

Below are some of our 2021 commitments which are already underway: 

  • Created our Disability and Neurodiversity network, which will focus on how we operate as an organisation and work with the wider business. This will help in increasing cultural awareness and disclosure amongst employees so we can have a better understanding of those with disabilities in the workplace and provide the appropriate support. It will ultimately help build a more diverse and inclusive organisation. 
  • Launched our 2021 reasonable adjustment policy and reviewed our Occupational Health provider. This will allow us to put in place the right support for our employees from the time they join us and throughout their employment. 
  • Committed to increasing the number of those who believe the CBI is committed to supporting those with physical health conditions in line with our yearly diversity and inclusion survey. This will be through delivery against our Disability Confident commitment and hosting more learning sessions internally on disability and neurodivergence. 
  • Committed to educating our workforce on areas like neurodiversity and how to support those with physical health conditions. This is to ensure our culture is truly disability inclusive, with employees trained on the appropriate language and terminology to use when discussing disability, and to ensure we are attracting more candidates who are neurodivergent or have a disability. 

Across the UK, the CBI speaks on behalf of 190,000 businesses of all sizes and sectors. Our corporate members together employ nearly 7 million people, about one third of private sector employees. We encourage our members to prioritise diversity and inclusion across all areas of their organisations, creating environments where everyone can succeed, prosper, and feel welcome. 


Valuable Leader: Avi Gabbay

Region: Israel

Cellcom’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Cellcom is an Israeli leading communication group which provides a wide range of communication solutions including mobile, TV, internet and fiber optic infrastructure. 

Cellcom is committed to create an accessible environment suitable for a variety of employees and customers – including people with disabilities.

Cellcom believes and encourages diversity in employment, therefore is committed to recruit employees with disabilities, make the necessary adjustments and continue encouraging employment diversity


Valuable Leader: Michael Neidorff

Region: United States

Centene’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Centene, we are singularly focused on our purpose: transforming the health of the community, one person at a time. In order to deliver culturally-sensitive healthcare to our members, we depend on the diverse ideas, experiences, and cultures that our employees, located around the globe, bring to the workplace.

Diversity fuels innovation, which is why Centene is committed to expanding our diverse and talented workforce, and we will continue to make resources available to encourage diverse hiring, development, and advancement within the company.

Centene has always taken an active approach towards our commitment to disability inclusion. Our career and hiring site provides the highest level of ADA accessibility for all candidates, and we will continue to work to maintain these standards. We also have a robust Employee Inclusion Group specifically focused on employees with disabilities and employees who are caregivers. This group, called “ABILITY”, focuses on education, accessibility, talent enhancement, and community involvement. It also challenges the stereotypes and stigma associated with people with disabilities and expands disability cultural competency, supported by enterprise-wide mandatory Inclusive and Responsible Workplace training.

Centene also leverages its National Disability Advisory Council, comprised of national leaders in disability advocacy, who work on enterprise-wide recommendations and initiatives that advance disability inclusion in Centene’s workforce and product offerings in our healthcare solutions.

We will continue to refine our framework of inclusive policy and commitments that enhance our accountability to our employees, our members, and our communities. We are committed to working with the Valuable 500 to continue to ignite systemic change and unlock the business, social and economic value of people living with disabilities.


Central Group

Valuable Leader: Pichai Chiravithat

Central Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Region: Thailand

  • In 2020 we will hire 789 people with disabilities, which is above the law that states we must hire 740 people.
  • As a retail business, we will always welcome people with disabilities and provide full accessibility and services for them.
  • When working with us, we strive to create a supportive environment for any person with disabilit
  • We collectively believe in the ability of people with disabilit
  • We will continue to employ people with disabilities over the requirement of the government.
  • Our disabled employees will have the same standard benefits as all other employees, including training and adjustments.
  • We believe in sponsoring various disability projects across Thailand in order to improve the lives of people living with disabilities.
  • We currently sponsor the “Sports Association for Disabled of Thailand”, focusing in Table Tennis, Athletics and Swimming.




Valuable Leader: Iain Conn

Region: Global

Centrica’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Cerealto Siro Foods

Valuable Leader: Juan Manuel González Serna

Region: Global

Cerealto Siro Foods’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The integration of people with disabilities into our workforce is a guiding principle in our organisation. They are an example of tenacity, self-improvement and enormous commitment, and they teach us every single day that nothing is impossible.

We have committed to promoting high quality job opportunities for these groups and to ensure their inclusion in society, through the following actions:

  • Have the inclusion of people with disabilities at the top of our business agenda.
  • Secure that at least 10% of our workforce are people with barriers to work, specifically, people with disabilities.
  • Introduce a volunteering experience with these groups to increase awareness within our workforce and promote a more open and accepting work environment.
  • Collaborate with new organisations that aim to facilitate the labour inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • The Grupo Siro Foundation will continue to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in society and to sponsor the Paralympic games.

CGI IT UK Limited

Valuable Leader: Tara McGeehan

Region: United Kingdom

CGI IT UK Limited’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We commit to making CGI in the UK an inclusive place to work, where our employees can bring ‘their whole selves’ to work, and actively support them to work to the best of their ability – irrelevant of any disability or other condition or situation that they may impacted by.

We will actively promote this commitment both internally and externally.

Channel 4

Valuable Leader: Alex Mahon

Region: United Kingdom

Channel 4’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

1) Disability leadership reporting, and workforce targets

We report our disability data to the Board on a quarterly basis and have introduced a new real-time diversity reporting tool at leadership level which looks at representation, attrition, and pay gaps broken down by departments, which allows for greater transparency and accountability. We have made a commitment to doubling our workforce disability target from 6 to 12%.

2) New awareness and data sharing campaign to ensure our staff data is up to date

It is important that we continue to have accurate data to inform our approach to disability and ensure we can provide adjustments where needed, and a key part of that is raising awareness and creating a culture where staff feel able to share a disability. We will create a new campaign to help us achieve that, which would also have the positive additional impact of creating more role models.

3) 4Talent Initiatives

Following on from the successful Rio Production Training scheme in 2016 which saw 18 production trainees travel to Rio to be part of the Games’ crew, in 2020 14 disabled trainees have been placed with independent production companies around the UK.  We have had to make adjustments given the impact of Covid-19 and the postponement of the Tokyo Paralympics  but will offer contract extensions to all apprentices affected to ensure they still get maximum value out of the scheme.  Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of giving some of the trainees the opportunity to work on Channel 4’s Tokyo Paralympic coverage upon successful completion of their training.

Charles Russell Speechlys LLP

Valuable Leader: Christopher Page

Region: Global

Charles Russell Speechlys LLP’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Charles Russell Speechlys is delighted to announce that we have signed up to the Valuable 500, a global movement putting disability inclusion on the global business leadership agenda.

Disability inclusion is an area where the commitment and drive for change has not been as high as other areas of inclusion, yet we know:

  • 15% of people live with some form of disability
  • 80% of disabilities are acquired between the ages of 18 and 64
  • 80% of disabilities are not visible

Diversity and inclusion is important to our firm and this not only impacts our staff, but our clients too.  In signing up to the Valuable 500, we have committed to ensuring disability inclusion is a regular item on the leadership agenda and to undertake at least one action in the next year to support disability inclusion.

We will be reviewing how we can make our workplace and client experience more inclusive and accessible to those living with a disability.  Examples of these action include:

  • Identifying further training and ways to raise awareness regarding disability inclusion; to ensure we provide the best possible support to our employees, and potential employees,  to allow them reach their full potential.
  • Further review of our website accessibility to ensure we continue to offer, and develop, the best possible experience for all
  • A building review to ensure our building is accessible, inclusive and welcoming.

Christopher Page, Senior Partner: “Charles Russell Speechlys is very proud to be a signatory to the Valuable 500.  There is undoubtedly more that can be done to open up the world of work and customer/client experience to ensure it is more inclusive and more accessible to those living with a disability. We are committed to help achieve that; reviewing how we attract and support a diverse workforce to reach their full potential, considering how we can best support all of our clients and ensuring disability inclusion remains on the leadership agenda.


Valuable Leader: Victor Dodig

Region: North America

CIBC’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At CIBC, we believe that diverse teams working in an inclusive environment are more innovative, make better decisions and deliver a superior experience for our clients.

All team members have a role to play in helping us achieve CIBC’s inclusion and diversity goals and creating an accessible workplace where everyone feels they belong.

The future competitiveness of our country depends on engaging all of our intellectual capital. That’s why CIBC created an Inclusion and Diversity Strategy that is implemented throughout the bank via a number of initiatives. This includes a dedicated Inclusion and Diversity team, a leadership council, ten People Networks connecting more than 14,000 team members around the globe, and a goal of ensuring eight to nine per cent of our annual hires are persons with disabilities.

Our commitment to The Valuable 500 reinforces that accessibility, inclusion and diversity are top organizational priorities.

Cinema City

Valuable Leader: Avi Edery

Region: Israel

Cinema City’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Cinema City Israel , we make it a top priority to maintain a diverse and inclusive cinema entertainment center where everyone, a customer or an employee can be completely themselves in our Cinema City experience.

When people feel confident to come to Cinema City no matter what their disability is, we can unlock the full potential of our experience. After all, it is the movies

Among the many things that we are doing, I have committed to ensure we make progress in these areas:

  • Speed up the process of implementing all the adjustments for people with disabilities and making them feel welcome in our properties.
  • On top of our commitment to hire employees no matter their age, gender and ethnic diversity we have nominated a committee whose goal is to combine disabled employees and adapt our working environment and tasks to meet their disabilities.
  • Improving the “welcome” feeling of our disabled customers in our cinema not just in accessibility terms but in adaptive service and equality terms.
  • As part of our charity work, we are making it a goal to expose young disabled people to the cinema experience no matter what their disability or economic situation is.
  • Developing accessible technology across our entire enterprise as we continue to advance disability inclusion as a source of innovation, creativity and competitive advantage.

Avi Edery

CEO, Cinema City Israel



Valuable Leader: Alejandro Ramirez Magaña

Region: Mexico

Cinépolis’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Circle Health Group

Valuable Leader: Paolo Pieri

Region: United Kingdom

Circle Health Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Circle Health Group we will invest in, and nurture, a positive leadership culture that encourages freedom to think and freedom to act and, above all, freedom to see opportunities based on ability not disability across all of our UK brands & hospitals.

From the boardroom to the hospital we will continue to challenge ourselves to be more inclusive, ensuring we commit to discussing disability issues at every level free from fear and prejudice.

With this culture and support at all levels we will:

  • Develop new ways to attract and train people who are living with disabilities
  • Make reasonable adjustments to ensure that our existing talent who may be living with a disability are provided with the same breadth of opportunities as employees and candidates without disability
  • This ‘fair for all’ approach will form the basis of how we treat and develop our workforce
  • Seek to provide creative ways of removing barriers to employment whether they be physical or non-physical impediments
  • We will create a ‘freedom to overcome’ approach throughout our organisation’s decision making
  • Finally, we will for the first time in our history, find opportunities to sponsor projects and awards focused on disability


Valuable Leader: Chuck Robbins

Region: Global

Cisco’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Citigroup Inc

Valuable Leader: Michael Corbat

Region: Global

Citigroup Inc’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Citi, our commitment to disability inclusion is a central part of our continued efforts to build a workplace where all of our colleagues feel welcome and can reach their full potential. This commitment extends beyond our firm to the communities we serve globally, where we’re working to change perceptions of people with disabilities and offering resources that improve economic opportunity and financial stability for all.

By joining the Valuable 500, we aim to bolster the case alongside our peers that meaningful inclusion of people with disabilities can and should form a core part of the business leadership agenda. We also see this as an opportunity to reaffirm Citi’s commitment to disability inclusion as we enter 2020:

  • Led by our disability affinity group, we’ll continue to evaluate the assistive technologies and accommodations we provide for colleagues with disabilities to ensure we are enabling their success at work. To better meet the needs of our colleagues, we recently launched a firm-wide accessibility resource center, formed an assistive technologies working group, and established a dedicated channel for assistive technology issues.
  • Citi Community Development’s support for EmpoweredNYC, a municipally-led initiative to improve the financial stability of New Yorkers with disabilities and their families, has brought specialized financial counseling to hundreds of individuals. Building on this success, we helped launch, and will continue to back, Empowered Cities as it boosts financial inclusion and economic opportunity for people with disabilities in other major U.S. cities.
  • Through our global partnerships with the International Paralympic Committee and 18 National Paralympic Committees, as well as our support for over 40 Para athletes who comprise Team Citi, we’ll continue to shine a spotlight on the worldwide Paralympic Movement. The achievements of these extraordinary athletes and our colleagues’ engagements across the globe are helping to change how individuals with disabilities are perceived.


Valuable Leader: David Henshall

Region: North America

Citrix’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

As part of our commitment to The Valuable 500 we will conduct a digital accessibility audit across the company, interviewing 60+ employees across 17 core areas, and creating an executive summary of the results. By the end of 2021, we will implement digital accessibility into our software testing protocol.

CLAL Insurance

Valuable Leader: Yorem Naveh

Region: Israel

CLAL Insurance’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Clal Insurance & Finance Group ascribes great importance to the provision of accessible service to people with disabilities while protecting their dignity and privacy. We consider clients with disabilities to be clients with equal rights, entitled to enjoy full accessibility to the organization’s premises and services. Clal Insurance has expended resources and made many adjustments, as required in the accessibility legislation and even beyond that requirement, to allow a person with disability full access and receipt of service independently and equally. Our premises have been made accessible as defined in the Accessibility Regulations, and issues of the accessibility of service have also been addressed, as has any construction/modification carried out in the company’s premises, which involves an accessibility consultant. We conduct accessibility surveys and make accessibility adjustments at the five audience reception centers across the country (in Petah Tikva, Beersheba, Jerusalem, Haifa and Kiryat Atidim – Tel Aviv), including: an access road and an accessible entrance, accessible service stations, induction loops at the stations, accessible signage, handicapped parking spots and required adjustments for guests/clients and employees. The centers’ managers and the company’s employees, whose work involves frontal reception of audience, have been trained to provide service to people with disabilities. In the telephone service worlds, the call centers are available and accessible to all our insureds, including people with disabilities – the voice response is adjusted and does not have background music.

In the digital field as well, the company’s websites are accessible and have an accessibility certificate. The company allows receipt of information in a format accessible to people with visual impairments, so that the information can be received on the company’s website via audio files, a page in large print, etc.

Once a year, the company sees to it that each and every employee of Clal Insurance & Finance undergoes training on an accessibility educational software, accompanied by a video on accessibility providing the employees with a detailed description of all the tools the company has at its disposal for the provision of service to people with disabilities; for example, for the hearing-impaired, we provide service via the WhatsApp app, and for the visually impaired, documents can be magnified and/or read out, and more.

Once every three years, the company provides the employees with a learning experience in the world of accessibility, which also includes making the acquaintance of people with disabilities who share their personal life story with the employees. This year, due to the coronavirus outbreak, these training sessions and experiences were held on the ZOOM app.

In 2018, Clal Insurance & Finance was awarded the Accessible Organization Badge on behalf of the Israel Accessibility Association. This badge marks Clal as one of Israel’s leading business organizations in implementing accessibility, as part of a business and social decision made by the company to be accessible to 100% of its clients, particularly clients with disabilities. The process of implementing accessibility is carried out with the accompaniment and consultation of the Israel Accessibility Association, using a unique implementation model, and the company maintains regular contact with the association for consultation and the implementation of future projects in the field.

As part of social activity in 2020, the group donated an amount of approximately NIS 3 million according to the strategy defined: supporting entities and associations working to nurture populations with special needs, including ailing populations, disadvantaged populations and with an emphasis on the nurturing of children and young populations, and also regarding aspects of the promotion of education. For example, the Jordan River Association, which runs a unique overnight camp for children living with chronic, genetic or life-threatening illnesses. The Israel Accessibility Association, to which the company donates hundreds of thousands of shekels every year, uses the company’s funds to operate a unique project in Israel’s schools, where students are introduced to the subject of accessibility through a learning experience, with the intent of facilitating the integration of students with disabilities in the classroom, at the school and in the community.

As part of the company’s concept of advocating the promotion of excellence and of providing equal opportunity, Clal Insurance & Finance has joined forces with the Israeli Paralympic Committee and the Israel Sports Association for the Disabled in granting principal sponsorship to the Segel HaZahav athletes in their training for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics competitions. The company also collaborates with the “Kol Yachol” organization, which it has engaged in an agreement to employ people with disabilities on the “Kol Yachol” call centers.

Clifford Chance

Valuable Leader: Matthew Layton

Region: Global

Clifford Chance’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Clifford Chance we aim to be the global law firm of choice. Our ambition on inclusion should match that standard. We believe that the best teams are diverse and inclusive, and that people flourish in an environment where they are supported in expanding their careers and developing their resilience.

Our Enable network aims to support colleagues with a disability, long term injury or condition, or workplace adjustment to thrive at Clifford Chance. We strive to provide a safe, inclusive and open environment for them to share their lived experiences. Across the firm, people are working and campaigning to help us fulfil our disability inclusion strategy, and, whilst much is being done, we also recognise that there is more to do to help drive positive social change. We seek to raise awareness both internally and externally with clients and suppliers – together we can create the inclusive firm and better society we want for persons with disabilities. However, as always, that change requires all of us to work together.

Enable has four pillars of focus:

  • Raising awareness
  • Career development and opportunities
  • Workplace adjustments
  • Engagement

We continue to commit to:

  • Raising awareness, providing support and improving accessibility on a global level
  • Ensuring our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible
  • Communicating and promoting vacancies
  • Offering an interview to disabled people who meet the minimum criteria for the job
  • Anticipating and providing reasonable adjustments as required
  • Supporting any existing employee who acquires a disability or long term health condition, enabling them to stay in work
  • At least one activity that will make a difference for persons with a disability


Clinigen Group

Valuable Leader: Shaun Chilton

Region: Global

Clinigen Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

All of our people play a part in delivering our mission. That’s why we create an inclusive and accessible workplace for everyone to thrive. We are an inclusive employer and support those with disabilities to thrive and achieve at work.

We are committed to supporting our people to perform at their very best and we have a culture in which everyone believes they have a fair and equal opportunity to belong and build a career. This commitment starts at the top with our Board and Executive Management Team.

Our commitments on disability inclusion are:

  • Reviewing our Diversity and Inclusion policy to ensure we commit to driving an inclusive and accessible workplace for all.
  • Ensuring our recruitment and selection processes are inclusive and accessable to all.
  • Ensuring more frequent reporting to the Board and Executive Management Team on initiatives supporting a more inclusive workplace.
  • Ensuring an inclusive leadership and culture through targeted training of our people managers.

Close Brothers

Valuable Leader: Adrian Sainsbury

Region: Global

Close Brothers’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Close Brothers, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all our colleagues can thrive. Our aim is to ensure that all our colleagues feel proud to work for us, in an organisation where they are valued and respected. We are determined to ensure Close Brothers to be accessible for all.

Our commitment is to appoint an Executive Committee Sponsor to champion disability across the organisation. We will also set up a Disability working group, open to all employees to ensure we are listening to ‘lived experiences’ and meeting the needs of our colleagues.


Valuable Leader: James Quincey

Region: Global

Coca-Cola’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Coca-Cola European Partners

Valuable Leader: Damian Gammell

Region: Global

Coca-Cola European Partners’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), we make the world’s most loved drinks brand accessible to more than 300 million people.

We aim to be a diverse organisation, reflective of society, the customers we serve and the communities and markets in which we operate. And we believe that creating an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute, regardless of their (dis)ability, is vital to our future innovation and sustainable growth.

Enabling more people with (dis)ability to join, develop and succeed at CCEP is a priority that forms part of the foundation of our inclusion and diversity strategy, agreed and endorsed by our Board.

Over the next 3-5 years we will:

  • Commit to (Dis)ability remaining a board level priority as a key component of our company inclusion and diversity strategy, included in future Board meeting updates on Inclusion & Diversity progress
  • Work towards achieving, by 2025, the Gold standard benchmark awarded by the Business Disability Forum
  • Ensure that the principles and concrete examples displayed by our achievement of Level 2 in the ‘Disability Confident’ Scheme, wherein we commit to employing, welcoming and supporting disabled people, are extended and built upon in all of our territories and markets, and progress to Level 3 (Disability Leader status)


Valuable Leader: Brian Humphries

Region: United States

Cognizant’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

To excel in our knowledge-intensive business and deliver exceptional value to clients, we rely on the capabilities, creativity, and insights of our approximately 290,000 associates. We are executing our diversity and inclusion strategy, Completely Cognizant, to create conditions for everyone to thrive and to welcome and encourage diverse perspectives from across our organization, including people with disabilities. Completely Cognizant has the full support of Cognizant’s Board of Directors and Cognizant U.S. Foundation’s Board of Directors. 

  • To drive deeper disability inclusion, we are committed to the following actions: 
  • We will enhance our Unite Affinity Group by providing additional resources for associates with disabilities, caregivers and allies. 
  • We will implement a transparent process for workplace adjustments needed for people with disabilities and increase knowledge of available support services and tools. 
  • We will create a safe and welcoming forum for the collective group voice to be heard regarding community issues and needs. 
  • We will advance our associates’ understanding of disabilities to help eliminate bias and drive inclusive behaviors and an environment of belonging. 

Coles Group

Valuable Leader: Steven Cain

Region: Australia

Coles Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Coles we know that as a team we are better together.

We know that it’s what sets us apart that brings us together.

So, we’re creating a Coles that celebrates our differences and empowers us to win together, achieve our goals together and live healthier, happier lives.  

Accessibility has been a priority within our diversity and inclusion strategy for many years, and we have a vision to recognise and enable people with all kinds of abilities including our team members, customers, suppliers, partners and the community.

Our 2021 commitment:

To publish our next Accessibility Action Plan which will continue to drive our progress across the areas of team, customer (products and services) and community and suppliers.


Valuable Leader: Keri Gilder

Region: United Kingdom

Colt’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We pledge to take our Disability Accessibility Network (DAN) global to ensure we have full representation of our workforce across all locations, with regional leads. Our regional leads will be the conduit to launch a series of global awareness events and workshops aimed at raising both visible and invisible disabilities and enabling the education necessary to drive an inclusive culture. This will include promoting our new Workplace Adjustments policy, launched at the end of 2020 and raising awareness on how employees can access support via this framework, as well as launching Disability Confident workshops, and further exploring digital accessibility.

Comcast NBC Universal

Valuable Leader: Brian Roberts

Region: Global

Comcast NBC Universal’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Comcast NBCUniversal is committed to connecting people to the moments that matter by creating and delivering world-class inclusive content, technology and entertainment experiences. We proudly employ people with disabilities to help us realize this goal.

Compass Group

Valuable Leader: Dominic Blakemore

Region: Global

Compass Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Compass, we want to be a place where all our people thrive and feel safe, valued and included for who they are and what they bring to Compass. We are committed to the following:

  1. We will continue to focus on inclusion and diversity at Board level, including our disability agenda
  2. We will create and launch an Ability colleague community sponsored by 2 Executive Committee members dedicated to help us identify priorities & target change
  3. We commit to work with our clients to create a workplace where associates with disability can flourish
  4. We will review our corporate online presence to improve accessibility to our content


Valuable Leader: Christopher Caldwell

Region: Global

Concentrix’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Concentrix, diversity and inclusion is the foundation of our organization.  It’s so important that we’ve included it in our Vision Statement: “We will be the greatest customer engagement services company in the world, rich in diversity and talent.” 

Diversity and Inclusion are inherent and essential in Concentrix’s culture, operating philosophy and core values. We recognize that diversity is more than age, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, religion, or sexual orientation. It is about creating an environment that removes conscious and unconscious bias and about being open and accepting of everyone’s ideas. 

This makes for better business and contributes to our objective of being the greatest customer engagement services company.  Concentrix is committed to providing a work environment that does not discriminate against people based on disability by using inclusive recruitment practices and the development of accessible workplaces and provision of work enablement tools.

We pledge to continue our focus on these priorities and to provide an inclusive, respectful and dignified workplace that offers opportunities to everyone.


Costain Group

Valuable Leader: Alex Vaughan

Region: United Kingdom

Costain Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Costain our purpose is to improve people’s lives by delivering integrated leading edge smart infrastructure solutions to meet national needs across the UK’s energy, water, transportation and defence markets.

We have a clear goal to have a workforce that is representative of society and are fully committed to creating a great place to work, where everyone can be at their best, every day. A workplace where everyone can be their true self, feel valued and understood for who they are and what makes them unique.

We believe that by being more diverse we will be more innovative, have a greater understanding of our customers’ needs and will deliver smarter, more inclusive solutions for our clients. As part of our inclusion strategy, we want to ensure that we offer opportunities and remove barriers for all talented and skilled people and reflect the diversity of our clients and customers. Our aim is to lead the way in disability inclusion and to act as a vehicle for positive change within the business and wider society.

We are delighted to be stepping forward and committing to the Valuable 500 campaign as part of our wider commitment to promoting equality and diversity through all our employment practices, and to discussing all aspects of inclusion, including disability, as part of our Board agenda.

To support our Valuable 500 commitment we will:

  • Create a Disability and Wellbeing Network, sponsored by a member of our executive board, to support employees to be at their best and reach their full potential; free from barriers imposed because of physical and neurological difference or from long term health conditions
  • Become a Disability Confident level 2 employer by the end of 2021, and level 3 by 2024
  • Offer and provide work, apprenticeships and placements for people who have a disability
  • Ensure our managers have disability inclusion related training, and an understanding of reasonable adjustments we can offer to support our staff.

Credit Suisse

Valuable Leader: Thomas Gottstein

Region: Global

Credit Suisse’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Build a greater awareness and a better understanding by providing education  around visible and invisible disabilities

  • Maintain a respectful and inclusive environment where people with disabilities can  thrive and grow
  • Seek opportunities to enhance accessibility as an employer for both candidates and  existing employees with disabilities
  • Continue to increase mental health and wellness enabling services for employees
  • Continue to ensure barrier free accessibility to our products and services for our  clients from our online presence, to our corporate systems, to our physical branches  including usability of our ATMs for persons with a diverse range of disabilities such  as visual and hearing impairments or reduced mobility.


Valuable Leader: Tom Linebarger

Region: Global

Cummins’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In November 2018 Cummins Chairman’s Diversity Council moved to advance a strategy for disability inclusion and established an Executive Director level position to lead the initiative globally.

Our Vision for Disability Inclusion at Cummins:

We will strive to make Cummins an employer of choice for people with disabilities and will work to eliminate employment barriers within our communities.

Our Objectives:

Build inclusive infrastructure ~ Cummins will make more proactive workplace adjustments and create an inclusive work environment for people with disabilities.

Communicate ~ Cummins will communicate this work and its importance internally and externally to attract and retain more employees with disabilities and build support among existing employees.

Engage employees and partners ~ Cummins will empower our employees and inspire other companies and institutions to hire more people with disabilities.


Valuable Leader: Ola Källenius

Region: Global

Daimler’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Daimler, we value the diversity of our workforce. For our global business, we make the most of different experiences, skills, and perspectives. Our workforce reflects the diversity of our customers, suppliers, investors, and our general environment. Everyone at Daimler is committed to a working environment of appreciation and mutual respect. That is how we shape our company’s future.

Diversity is the driving force behind our ideas, renewal and spirit of invention; it increases our innovation potential and our creativity. Inclusion for us means involving and treating everyone equally by dealing with the diversity of our employees in a conscious, integrative, and respectful manner. This is how all colleagues at Daimler can reach their full potential.

We include everyone! This is our commitment for inclusion of people with disabilities.

  • We promote an enabling and inclusive work environment.

This comprises:

  • : We include people with disabilities on an equal footing: On the basis of our inclusion agreement, we create jobs for people with disabilities and promote their further qualification. Our action plan for severely disabled trainees opens up a wide range of commercial and technical professions for young people.
  • Inclusive culture: We offer trainings for employees and managers to form an inclusive mindset and promote inclusive leadership. With specific communication activities and events, we sensitize our workforce for diversity and inclusion. Communication material and guidelines help our employees to be inclusive themselves.
  • Accessibility at work: We focus on digital accessibility. Having installed an interdisciplinary working group, we put our attention on developing accessible IT systems by pursuing a human-centered design approach and on implementing accessible communication in our company. A training concept supports the development of accessible tools in our IT departments.
  • We contribute to societal inclusiveness.

This comprises:

  • Accessible Products & Costumer Services: We offer a comprehensive portfolio of driving aids for our cars & vans, if required even individually tailored, for example a hand control unit for throttle and braking. In terms of wheelchair accessibility and transportation, we cooperate with international bodybuilders. Furthermore, we are working on digital solutions to promote sustainable inclusive mobility.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: We cooperate with charitable organizations and associations that support people with disabilities. We put the topic on the agenda of events and exchange with partners to strengthen our common impact on inclusiveness. Additionally, we back the civil engagement of our employees with donations and sponsorships by supporting social days or fund-raising.

Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.

Valuable Leader: Keiichi Yoshii

Region: Global

Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  1. Focus on the promotion of diversity and inclusion, including the inclusion of people with disabilities, and raise awareness and education for creating an inclusive environment.
  2. In order to deepen understanding of disabilities, lectures by instructors with disabilities are given, and social inclusion programs are being implemented to improve universal manners and support diverse people.
  3. We will continue to implement social inclusion programs in the future in order to realize a society where people live richly.

Dalata Hotel Group

Valuable Leader: Pat McCann

Region: United Kingdom and Ireland

Dalata Hotel Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Dalata Hotel Group is a people business & we will continue to focus on Diversity & Inclusion at board level, with our disability agenda at its core.

We will commit to providing disability awareness and training to all team members and engage with disability bodies to provide hospitality training & employment.

We will strive to create an increasingly accessible environment for both our employees & guests of our Clayton Hotels, Maldron & Partner Hotels and we will continue to improve information regarding accessibility across all communication channels.

Danske Bank

Valuable Leader: Kevin Kingston

Region: Northern Ireland

Danske Bank’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“We have committed to discuss disability inclusion at Board level and have set up a disability action group within the bank to actively promote inclusion around disabilities in the workplace.”


Valuable Leader: Dave Powers

Region: Global

Deckers’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

UGG and its parent company, Deckers Brands, are proud to join The Valuable 500 and share that our leadership is committed to engaging on a journey towards disability inclusion. As a key part of our ambitious Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative, we seek to affirm that meaningful inclusion of people with disabilities can and should form a core part of the business leadership agenda.

In our ongoing commitment to create and cultivate a robust, inclusive work environment, we will support and empower the voices of those staff and families of staff with disabilities. Further, we are committed to the continued development of products inclusive and mindful of those with disabilities. As an initial step in our commitment, we are working towards ensuring accessibility of internal communication platforms for all employees worldwide.

As we continue the journey of creating a workplace and products as rich in diversity as our global markets, we are excited to now be aligned with the values of the Valuable 500.

Delek Group

Valuable Leader: Boaz Chechik

Region: Israel

Delek Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Sharon Thorne

Region: Global

Deloitte’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Deloitte Global has recently launched a new inclusion strategy which focuses on building a culture grounded in respectful everyday behaviours and embracing diversity in all its forms. As part of this, the team has launched a series of short films, one of which features disability. We are also collecting best practice disability inclusion data from across our global organisation and will use this to further our thinking and actions. In terms of the commitments made in my pledge, I intend to have a session with the Global Board during 2021, sharing what we are doing on disability inclusion around the world and how critical it is that we lead on this. I have also begun referencing the importance of disability inclusion in various communications and will continue to do so.


Deloitte UK’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Valuable Leader: Richard Houston

Region: United Kingdom

At Deloitte we pride ourselves on being a great place to work. Yet – as is our way – we’re always striving to be even better. We want all our people to thrive and succeed – that’s why we continue to make inclusion an Executive priority.

We are committed to providing an environment of respect, dignity and belonging for all, where our people feel able to be themselves and can realise their ambitions based on their talent, no matter what their background, preferences or personal characteristics. We believe that an inclusive culture that embraces difference is crucial to our firm’s success, both in terms of attracting and retaining the best people and enabling us to provide innovative solutions to our clients’ most complex issues.

Our commitments to disability inclusion include:

  • Implementing a seamless process for workplace adjustments, enabled by agile working and technology
  • Ensuring our working environment is accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all
  • Scaling our approach to recruiting and retaining neurodiverse talent, working with our charity and social enterprise partners
  • Providing awareness and education to ensure that all of our people lead and are led in an inclusive and bias-free way


Deloitte Tohmatsu Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Valuable Leader: Takashi Nagata

Region: Japan

“Talent of People – Respect each one of the members and create where they can fully demonstrate their potentials” is one of our management philosophies at Deloitte Tohmatsu Group. We hereby declare our commitment to join The Valuable 500, to further strengthen our initiatives for members with disabilities to fully empower and to demonstrate their full potentials at work.

1. Foster Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion is one of the crucial management strategies at Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, and has been focused as the key driver to continue sustainable and resilient growth in this disruptive environment. We foster Diversity & Inclusion by accepting, embracing and respecting all kinds of diversities such as gender, nationalities, culture, LGBT, disabilities etc., which will enable each one of us to grow and empower – to provide excellent service with exceptional value to our clients and to our society. Our D&I Committee -including the Group CEO and each Business Leaders within our Group, has been working on various initiatives to create inclusive work environment regardless of ones’ disabilities.

2. Recruitment Promotion and Retention Support for Members with Disabilities

Our members with disabilities are working at multiple entities within Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, especially at Tohmatsu Challenged Co, Ltd. – which is the special subsidiary of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC. We conduct recruitment depending on business specifics and/or personal skills, and there are multiple scopes and opportunities for members to empower. In addition to providing reasonable/fair accommodation for them to sustainably empower, we have various status of consultation supporting schemes.

3. Internal Enlightenment

Various trainings and events to further promote inclusion and understanding of disabilities have been held on regular basis, for creating culture where all the members with/without disabilities respect and grow each other.

More than 200 members with disabilities are working and empowering at Deloitte Tohmatsu Group. We are a professional firm and our people are our ultimate corporate asset. It means our organizational and sustainable growth requires all the diversities to be accepted and embraced, where equal opportunities being provided to all the members. Our aspirational goal is to contribute to “Well-being Society” built upon mutual empathy and respect of our people and our stakeholders, as a transformative catalyst of economic society. We strongly trust the empowerment of members with disabilities will lead to create the “Well-being Society.


Valuable Leader: Hiroshi Igarashi

Region: Global

Dentsu’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In pursuit of respect for human rights as set forth in the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct, we are committed to respecting employee diversity and developing solutions for people with disabilities in the advertising communication domain. As a member of The Valuable 500, Dentsu will maintain and enhance activities conducted up to now, while promoting the following initiatives.

Dentsu’s Commitment

1. Organization and Governance

  • The Human Rights Education Committee will establish policies related to people with disabilities and human rights education to be inculcated by employees in charge of human rights education in each division.
  • Provision of a consultation service, as well as psychological and physical support for employees with disabilities

2. Office Environment

  • Application of universal design (floor renovations, signage, and marker changes, etc.)
  • Introduction of inclusive design Braille Neue in elevators and other spaces

3. In-house Training and Awareness

  • E-learning, training and seminars for all employees to raise awareness about people with disabilities and human rights
  • Dissemination, using the Company intranet, of new topics related to people with disabilities and human rights to all employees
  • Use of human rights slogans and art projects. Employees are to participate in the creation of slogans and posters aimed at raising awareness of people with disabilities and human rights
  • Human rights awareness surveys: Internal human rights awareness is to be assessed every five years to aid employee understanding and awareness of people with disabilities
  • Dissemination of consultation tools and case studies regarding expressions used in advertising related to human rights and disabilities

4. Dentsu Business Domain (Advertising and Communications)

  • Dentsu Diversity Lab: Focusing mainly on the creation of spaces for the active participation of employees with disabilities and the development of solutions for clients with disabilities, the lab supports corporate marketing communications to build sustainable businesses that practice diversity and inclusion
  • Parasports promotion:
  • Contribute to the Para-Sports Development Network of Japan, which supports parasports competition organizations, and the development of each competition.

– Parasports Lab: Use powers of technology and creativity to expand the possibilities for para-athletes and the parasports spectator experience to promote parasports.

– Leverage owned media (Dentsu-ho Japanese-language website) to serialize parasports coverage and promote an understanding of parasports competitions

  • Development of Content Supporting People with Disabilities

– Develop and promote the NIN-NIN robot attendant for the visually impaired

– Develop and promote the Palm Beat music teaching tool for the hearing impaired

– Invest in the Taiwa-no-Mori® Dialog Museum, promote creative direction and other efforts

– In collaboration with Nippon Television Network Corporation and others on the 041 (ALL FOR ONE) project, develop and promote methods and designs enabling people with disabilities to enjoy sports and fashion

Dentsu will continue to create work environments facilitating the active participation of people with disabilities, while exploring the potential, ideal conditions, and a better future for all humanity. It will do this through the development of communications, tools, and designs promoting the active participation of people with disabilities in order to contribute to society.

Deutsche Bank

Valuable Leader: Michael Morley

Region: United Kingdom

Deutsche Bank’s Valuable 500 Commitment:


Valuable Leader: Kaushik Shaparia

Region: India
As a global organisation, Deutsche Bank is committed to an inclusive culture that respects and embraces the diversity of our employees, clients and communities. Diversity and inclusion are central to our culture. We seek to:

  • Build talented and diverse teams to drive business results;
  • Create a respectful and inclusive environment where people can thrive;
  • Strengthen our relationship with clients, partners, regulators, communities and potential employees.

Deutsche Bank’s commitment to disability inclusion includes becoming more disability confident through better policy, practice, procedure and more open discussion; building awareness of visible and invisible illness or disabilities; education and practical support for employees and managers and inclusion and personal development for people with disabilities.

Digicel Group

Valuable Leader: Denis O'Brien

Region: Global

Digicel Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Direct Line Group

Valuable Leader: Penny James

Region: United Kingdom

Direct Line Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Diversity and inclusion is a vital ingredient for us at Direct Line Group. It enables us to build a workplace where we value and respect difference because it brings us new perspectives, qualities, ideas and opinions – so we can better serve our customers and empower our people to thrive. As part of our diversity and inclusion priorities, we commit to supporting colleagues with non-visible and visible disabilities as follows:

  • We will empower our colleagues to talk about their mental health in an open way and equip our Mental Health First Aiders and people managers to have these conversations
  • We will embed our workplace adjustment process to make it easier for our disabled colleagues to receive the right support to be the best they can be  
  • We will share stories and showcase our disabled role models to build greater understanding and respect across all our colleagues LLC

Valuable Leader: Keishi Kameyama

Region: Japan LLC’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The DMM group rallies under a corporate vision of “a future everyone wants to see” to promote an environment where a diverse workforce can contribute and flower, regardless of obstacles.

In order to reinforce a culture in which every individual, whatever their personal challenges, can exercise their abilities and realize their potential as part of a team, we strive towards the following initiatives:

 – Supporting the employment of people with disabilities

DMM will coordinate efforts with employment support organizations and municipalities, developing specialized training solutions for highly necessary IT-industry skills and supporting unique regional needs in a manner adaptable to a rapidly changing industry that requires rapidly evolving competencies. In this way, DMM will increase the number of persons with disabilities engaged in ordinary employment, elevate match rates between such persons and businesses, and foster local communities in which disability does not keep anyone from earning a living.

This effort is in partnership with Manaby Co., Ltd.

 – Employing people with disabilities

DMM has, since its founding, expanded into over 50 different fields, including video distribution, stock trading, English teaching, game development, solar power, and 3D printing. This vast library of enterprises requires myriad skillsets, from website operations to back-office management to advertisement design and more—and sixty of the individuals currently supporting DMM with these skillsets possess disabilities of one kind or another. We aspire to create an office culture that is comfortable for employees of differing abilities, and are working to advance the organized hiring of more individuals with disabilities.

– Proactive education

Through public information campaigns, DMM will communicate its efforts surrounding the employment of people with disabilities both within the company and to the world at large.

DNP Group

Valuable Leader: Yoshinari Kitajima

Region: Global

DNP Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

 The DNP Group’s DNP Group Code of Conduct advocates, “Respect for human dignity and diversity”. In addition, based on the DNP Group Human Rights Policy established in March 2020, all employees, including those with special needs, will combine their strengths to overcome social challenges and create new value that meet the expectations of consumers. 

1: We will provide a variety of opportunities so that people with special needs can leverage their strengths and work.

2: We will train employees to promote their understanding of inclusion and build an environment where everyone can play an active role.

3: We will promote Inclusive Design that involves the participation of a variety of people, including those with special needs, in the development of products and services. 

We will make efforts to realize our corporate philosophy: “The DNP Group connects individuals and society, and provides new value,” by respecting the individuality of all employees, mutually accepting each other, and leveraging each other’s diversity as a strength. 

DNP advocates “Respect for human dignity and diversity” as one of the 10 items in the DNP Group Code of Conduct,” which indicates the action to be taken by all employees. The Code stipulates respect for the diversity of culture, nationality, creed, race, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, age, and ways of thinking of all people, and that we conduct ourselves in a disciplined manner. We aim to fully understand that the human rights of all people affected by DNP’s global business activities must be protected, and will endeavor to fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights. 


Valuable Leader: Jim Fitterling

Region: Global

Dow’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

DPD Group

Valuable Leader: Elaine Kerr

Region: United Kingdom

DPD Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Inclusion for all is part of the culture at DPD. We commit to including everyone primarily through two programmes, Inspire and by being a Disability Confident Employer. We are delighted to now join other organisations committing to Valuable 500.

DPD’s Inspire aims to include people with special needs and learning difficulties by offering opportunities of work experience, internships, apprenticeships and employment.

We link with local colleges to encourage young people to join the Inspire programme with the goal of gaining full time employment with DPD.

DPD has achieved stage two of being a Disability Confident Employer. This means we actively seek to recruit disabled people and will always offer interviews to those who meet the minimum role requirements.

DPD’s Senior Management Team commits to reviewing the progress of these and other inclusion initiatives at our monthly board meeting.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Valuable Leader: Sitesh Reddy

Region: India

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In this age of growing inequality, Dr Reddy’s is committed to accelerating access to affordable and  innovative medicines. For a company whose motto is “Good Health Can’t Wait”, the progress of the differently abled among our own remains front and centre for our leadership. Over the past few years, the Apex Diversity Council, headed by our Chairman Mr Satish Reddy himself, has driven the cause of Diversity & Inclusion in general and PwD inclusion in particular.

While there have been steady improvements in terms of both hiring in accessibility, this year, the ADC committed to our board an ambitious target increase of 10% in the number of people with disabilities we had in our organization. Since hiring is not only a check-box exercise but inclusion – and therefore retention – are key, the commitment was for a net increase (i.e. accounting for any departures).

In the past few months, our R&D arms alone(Biologics and IPDO) have on-boarded 11 PwD employees; their achievement however does not stop with numbers. There have been multiple steps taken to ensure that in terms of both infrastructure and interpersonal integration, colleagues with special needs are afforded every opportunity to make an impact.

Some of our key leaders also visited organizations known for their inclusion of deaf-and-mute employees, to bring back learnings to implement a dynamic shift in the way disability inclusion is perceived.

Having met our numbers committed this year for the Valuable 500, our focus going ahead will be not only to hire more, but also to ensure  enablement of those brought on board & to drive greater sensitization among our managers on inclusion & the role they play.


Valuable Leader: Feike Sijbesma

Region: Global

DSM’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

DSM is a global purpose-led, science-based company specializing in Nutrition, Health & Sustainable Living. Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all.  Inclusion is core to our culture, so we are proud to support the Valuable500 Campaign, as a visible commitment to improving the lives of our workforce, customers and the communities we serve.

Across the DSM regions and businesses we have many policies, procedures and practices in place to ensure that employees with disabilities have open and fair opportunities to work and develop within DSM. We also proactively offer programs to address disability challenges.  However we recognize that we can, and should, do more, and that we are on a journey of learning about disability inclusion.

Our commitment to action includes:

  • Incorporating a Disability Inclusion plan in a revised global DSM Inclusion & Diversity Strategy from 2020
  • Creating a positive and safe environment for all DSM colleagues with disabilities to speak openly about themselves and their expectations, in order to reach their fullest potential.
  • Listening to our own employees, existing DSM disability partnerships, and colleagues from the Valuable500 network, to learn and improve disability inclusion across all DSM businesses.


DTE Energy

Valuable Leader: Jerry Norcia

Region: United States

DTE Energy’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At DTE, one of our top priorities is to build an inclusive and diverse workforce and create a workplace where everyone feels safe, welcome and a sense of belonging. We understand that having a diverse workforce makes us a better company because diverse perspectives improve our ability to innovate, solve problems and better serve our customers. We also know that when our employees represent the diversity of our customers, we provide better service. DTE is committed to accelerating our work to empower people with disabilities in our company and in our communities. In 2021, we pledge to:

  • Successfully hire 10 individuals with disabilities
  • Expand Project Search to greater Michigan
  • Continue to strengthen our support and partnership with DTE’s Abilities in Motion (AIM) employee resource group, and wherever we have the opportunity, be a voice and champion for people with disabilities
  • Continue to explore and challenge systemic barriers to employment
  • The DTE Energy Foundation will continue to seek opportunities to financially support the Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM) and other disability employment related non-profit organizations


Valuable Leader: Maxim Timchenko

Region: Ukraine

DTEK’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

For DTEK Group, 2020 has become the year when the company launched its new long-term strategy based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles. We reiterate our readiness to work for the benefit of society in our new strategy. We therefore integrated 12 UN Sustainable Development Goals into DTEK’s ESG Strategy and committed to making progress in achieving those goals.

This means that the interests of employees and residents of the regions where the enterprises operate have become the focus of the company’s development strategy. As a member of the UN Global Compact (since 2007) and the World Economic Forum (since 2019) we strive to be a role model for other Ukrainian businesses. Keeping in mind the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we declare our intent to integrate zero-barrier principles in our business processes. We define zero barriers to be the rules and standards that ensure equal rights and opportunities regarding access to jobs, services, mobility, and communication for various social groups that have been affected by restrictions based on age, gender, disabilities, etc. DTEK demonstrates real support for human rights, and practically implements the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunities. Examples include: Fostering modern technologies for comfortable remote access to company services.

Adapting customer service offices for people with disabilities. At present, 4% of DTEK employees are people with disabilities. We strive to create an environment where all employees can fully realize their potential regardless of their health conditions. We have the power to make a difference.


Valuable Leader: Shamsher Puri

Region: India

DTSS’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Dubai Expo 2020

Valuable Leader: Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy

Region: UAE

Dubai Expo 2020’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In keeping with its vision to be an Expo for Everyone, Expo 2020 Dubai believes that people of determination are recognised as vital stakeholders in our workforce, volunteer community, contractors, and suppliers and visitors. People of determination share in our workload and in our commitment to deliver an accessible and inclusive mega-event, the first in the Middle-East and South Asia region.

Expo’s commitment is to ensure that the voices of people of determination are heard by way of conducting Accessibility forums with organisations (public and private), associations and community groups who are or represent people of determination, to align our projects and features to meet their needs and expectations in delivering an inclusive event. No less than five such Accessibility Forums will be conducted to invite participation and contribution of people of determination in the UAE. Inclusive society sits at the heart of our Expo programme, with a dedicated week long event-time spotlight on strength in diversity and difference.

Expo’s dedicated projects and programmes serve as mechanisms to engage in the wider community, seek its input and feedback and provide measures that truly provide social impact. They complement the multitude of projects underway, or already in place, to ensure access not only to our built environment but also to our digital, social and sensory environments, as detailed in our SOCIAL Compact document.

At Expo 2020, we understand that accessibility and inclusion transcend standards and codes; they are achieved first by a fundamental mindset and commitment to social inclusion for all.


Valuable Leader: Edward Breen

Region: United States

DuPont’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At DuPont, we are living our purpose of empowering the world with the essential innovations to thrive, and part of being a purpose-driven company is working every day to achieve one of our 2030 Sustainability Goals – to become one of the world’s most inclusive companies, with diversity well ahead of industry benchmarks.

We believe a thriving world is one that fosters human potential in a way that enriches the lives of people today and for generations to come.

Working with DuPont leadership and our Board of Directors, we routinely discuss our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) priorities, including our disabilities agenda.  As a result of this ongoing engagement, we have committed to the following to ensure all people are able to bring their best selves to work every day at DuPont:

  • Raise awareness of technology and accessibility accommodations, and standardize tools such as closed captioning for virtual meetings and events
  • Double our global employee assistance program (EAP) benefit offering, promoting the full range of mental heal and EAP benefit resources
  • Raise awareness on mental health challenges and solutions, and seek to normalize the conversation
  • Promote inclusion of people with Disabilities in our workplaces and communities by creating awareness of best practices and providing learning opportunities through webinars, employees stories and participation in leading conferences such as annual Disability:IN conference.
  • Adopt a Neurodiversity Workforce Program in 2021 through a partnership between our People with Disabilities and Allies (PwDA) ERG and Human Resources
  • Promote awareness and inclusion of People with Disabilities by participating in the UN International Day of People with Disabilities Event
  • Establish robust recruitment strategies with disability hiring goals

DynaPack Asia

Valuable Leader: Tirtadjaja Hambali

Region: Asia

DynaPack Asia’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Dynapack Asia has always given opportunities for people with disabilities to work in our workplace and factories, as we believe disability inclusion creates a positive contribution to our business value.

Our CEO has now aligned to put disability inclusion as one of the key priority initiatives from 2019. We will encourage all our subsidiaries in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and China to get more engaged and increase their cooperations with disabled communities and institutions. We trust this will support people-development with skills required in our manufacturing industry, as well as enhancing their daily lives with stable revenues.

EBARA Corporation

Valuable Leader: Masao Asami

Region: Global

EBARA Corporation’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

1.Background and Objectives

EBARA’s long-term vision, E-Vision 2030, formulated i n 2020, advocates “promotion of a working environment that encourages challenge” as one of the five material issues.

In our efforts to hire people with disabilities, EBARA has been expanding employment through EBARA EARNEST Co., Ltd. (EBARA EARNEST) a special subsidiary company. They provide employment opportunities that encourage each individual to demonstrate their unique abilities. By joining The Valuable 500, EBARA aims to be a corporate group where diverse people can maximize their skills with meaningful work in comfortable working environments.

2.Future Plan

EBARA will continue to actively promote diversity and inclusion to be a corporate group where each and every employee fulfills their potential.


Valuable Leader: Douglas Baker, Jr.

Region: Global

Ecolab’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Ecolab, we believe the best teams are diverse and inclusive. This belief isn’t new, as it reflects our longstanding values of working together with diverse perspectives to challenge ourselves, reach our goals and do what’s right.

Our success depends on our innovation, expertise and how we meet the needs of our customers. It is also critical that we reflect the communities in which we do business improving our ability to serve our customers.

We are fully committed to disability inclusion. Actions that support our commitment include:

    • The Launch of our newest Employee Resource Group, DAWN- the Disability, Ability & Wellbeing Network – focused on supporting Ecolab’s growth by creating an inclusive culture for the advancement of associates with differing abilities and in caretaking roles.
    • Focus on disability inclusion in our Executive Diversity and Inclusion Council agenda – Launched in 2017, the Council sets the diversity, equity and inclusion strategy at Ecolab and provides accountability for Ecolab’s commitment to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.
  • Gathering feedback from our associates–  which is critical in evaluating our progress and identifying ongoing areas for improvement. For this purpose, we launch a voluntary self-identification disability survey every other year. It focuses on assessing our recruitment and hiring practices, as well as retention efforts. We report findings to our senior leaders and implement actions where needed to ensure we continue to get better.


Valuable Leader: Felipe Bayón 

Region: South America

Ecopetrol’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Ecopetrol is committed to foster Diversity and Inclusion. We want everyone to feel welcome, appreciated for their uniqueness. We drive an inclusive environment that embraces the differences and offers equal opportunities to contribute the best of themselves. We developed a holistic approach to integrated Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) into our corporate strategy, processes as well as to all of our seven stakeholder groups, especially employees, community and suppliers within our value chain. Now we are able to monitor and present developments in different categories. Our program is comprised of 5 components, which include the following:  1. Gender, 2. Disability, 3. Victims of Internal Conflict, Veterans and Excombatants, 4. Ethnicity and Other Social and Cultural Conditions, 5. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression. All of these fall within the Diversity Umbrella, which symbolizes the whole expression of ideas and diversity of thinking. We have 6 sponsors of high management levels who support the implementation of affirmative measures for D&I, along with more than 200 other employee champions who volunteer to work with them on this purpose. Our Disability category, foster equitable conditions for people with disabilities, their families, and caregivers with initiatives designed to moving from integration to inclusive environments.


Valuable Leader: Richard Edelman

Region: Global

Edelman’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Diversity fuels innovation. As a global communications firm, we recognize that our efforts to foster a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace are critical to our business success. As we continue to advance diversity, inclusivity, equity and equality, we want to ensure we effectively reflect, understand and meet the needs of the disability community.

To establish and maintain a space of inclusion and belonging for every employee, and specifically to better serve and support those living with disabilities, our current and future efforts include:

  • Conduct an internal audit and review of our current policies to identify areas where we can be more supportive, transparent, and inclusive
  • Work to identify disability-owned business enterprises as part of our supplier diversity commitment
  • Broaden our internal D&I training to include disability-focused scenarios
  • Host internal disability education/awareness events


EDF Energy

Valuable Leader: Simone Rossi

Region: United Kingdom

EDF Energy’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In 2021 we will establish what we need to do and take action to make our digital platforms more accessible for our disabled customers, employees and those who work with us. We will show our people how to use the accessible tools as they become available.


Valuable Leader: Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade

Region: Global

EDP’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

EDP is a socially responsible company committed to having a positive impact on the planet and people’s lives. The principles of Diversity and Inclusion are central to our values and practices, and we are determined to drive change in our industry and beyond. For EDP, diversity stands as an enabling and differentiating factor that will drive innovation, and is fundamental to the success of our company. We welcome and value all people and we are committed to attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce. EDP provides a place of work where everyone has the same right to feel a sense of belonging and safe to express their full selves.

Inclusion of people with disabilities

We recognise that more needs to be done to promote greater disability inclusion and the EDP Group is committed to furthering efforts in the recruitment and retention of people with disabilities and ensuring that all employees receive equal opportunities in career development, remuneration and social benefits, training and knowledge sharing as well as the adaptations needed regarding physical and digital accessibility.

Our commitments for 2025

  • Increasing the proportion of employees living with disabilities to 2% of our global workforce.
  • Other initiatives such as specific referral and internship programs, scholarships for young students with disabilities and programs to encourage EDP partners to have more inclusive action.

How are we going to achieve this?

Governance & Leadership

  • EDP leadership as champion of our Diversity & Inclusion roadmap, elevating the topic of inclusion of people with disabilities within this work.


  • Guaranteeing equal access to opportunity for diverse talent, namely people with disabilities, through workforce planning, training and close onboarding of new hires.
  • Strategic partnerships with different local and global stakeholders: academia, non profit and other associations.


  • Deliver am inclusive employment journey for EDP people- from how we recruit to how we develop, train, retain and promote employees.
  • Provide work conditions and environment and a more accessible workplace through the necessary accommodation.


  • Tailored training for key stakeholders (Recruitment Team, Leadership, managers, among others).
  • Recruitment and development toolkit for managers.
  • Corporate guidelines and toolkit on how to promote an inclusive workplace available to all employees.


  • Local and global initiatives to promote an inclusive culture and experience (Inclusion Office, Global Diversity Week, Unconscious Bias training, etc.).
  • Company dialogues and website conversations.


Valuable Leader: Esther Eldan

Region: Israel

Egged’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Egged, accessibility is our business.

As people who have been engaged for more than 85 years in connecting people with the places they need to go to, we believe that striving for optimal accessibility is one of our main missions.

Egged strives towards a more accessible world from two perspectives:

Occupational diversity and inclusion | More than 3% of our female and male employees, nationwide, are living with disabilities. In order to enable them to realize themselves and contribute to our shared success, Egged ensures that the infrastructures in its facilities are accessible in general, and if necessary it carries out additional accessibility pursuant to specific requirements. We recruit and train female and male employees, with productive collaboration with the Access Israel Foundation and other social entities. Egged aspires to continue to expand employment for those contending with disabilities, as part of our diverse employment base – which handles additional excluded groups in Israeli society.

Transport diversity and inclusion | Egged decisively promotes accessibility on our transport services and in all the physical and digital service channels. Our accessibility team includes a service accessibility manager and a building accessibility, infrastructures and environment manager. We work together with civilian society organizations in the fields of transports and accessibility and with leading and experienced accessibility consultants – in order to carry out accessible acquisition and development and maintenance of all our infrastructures and services – in order to create optimal accessibility.

Our fleet of buses is 100% accessible for people with hearing and visual impairments and for travel with support animals.  In all the buses there are priority seats for those living with disabilities. The entire city fleet is wheelchair accessible. Furthermore Egged’s click-click service enables reserving a space on an accessible minibus (pilot in Haifa and Jerusalem).

Accessible service | 100% at the ticket cash desks, the customer service departments, information stations and lost and found departments at the central bus stations in which Egged operates accessibility. 100% of the transport facilities owned by Egged or managed by it are accessible (building, infrastructures and environment and service to the passengers. Our customer service department uses a variety of measures that create accessibility, as a solution for a diversity of disabilities – contact by SMS and receipt of an immediate response, contact by Egged’s internet website and more.

We are continuing to carry out responsible accessibility | Egged welcomes passengers requiring assistance. Accessibility constitutes part of the study program at the Egged Transport Colleges network and training and certification of drivers and employees for the accessibility service.

Egged is committed to expanding accessible transport alternatives, service and communication pursuant to the progress of technologies and to continue to recruit and nurture male and female employees who are living with disabilities.

We thank our community partners “Access Israel” and leading accessibility organizations and public transport that work with us to ensure innovation and advanced and attentive accessibility.

Egged’s accessibility team will be happy to receive ideas and answer your questions.

Electrocomponents Plc

Valuable Leader: Lindsley Ruth

Region: Global

Electrocomponents Plc’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Electrocomponents Plc, Inclusivity is important to us, and we are committed to ensuring our people have equal opportunities regardless of their disability, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social background, religion or belief.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that over one billion people live with a disability globally, which impacts 15% of the world’s population, or 1 in 7 of us.

We recognise the direct impact inclusion and accessibility have on our peoples’ ability to create, develop, grow and achieve. As a result, we aim to ensure inclusion and accessibility are at the heart of our business and woven into the fabric of every part of our organisation.

As we continue in our mission to ensure every one of our people is empowered to bring their true self to work and make amazing happen, our commitments to action include:

  • Championing more talent from the disabled community to join our organisation.
    We don’t believe in quick fixes and acknowledge that authentic change takes time. Still, we are committed to ensuring we attract, recruit and embrace a diverse and inclusive group of individuals who want to excel in their career with us.

    To start, we have invested in a partnership with Jane Hatton and Evenbreak to raise awareness of our jobs amongst people with disabilities. This investment will allow us to continue developing our Life pages on the site and attract candidates on a global scale.

  • Continuing to strengthen our knowledge and insight into the support we can offer our people who identify with having a disability, as members of the British Disability Forum (BDF).
  • Elevating and continuing to support our Employee Resources Group (ERG), LifeWorks. Launched in Summer 2020, LifeWorks has created a safe space for our people and allies to share their experiences of disability, mental health and financial wellbeing.


Valuable Leader: John Cotterell

Region: Global

Endava’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Endava is and always will be an inclusive community that accepts and celebrates the wonderfully diverse backgrounds of our people making sure they feel respected, included, supported and connected to our culture.

We care about identifying and eliminating unfair biases, stereotypes or barriers that may limit people’s full participation at work and their access to the opportunity to succeed.

We commit to the following:

  1. Establishment of a Diversity and Inclusion Forum: made up of a representative group of Endavan’s including senior leaders and members with disabilities from across the business. Aim: to set our inclusion & diversity goals, as we strive to create a workplace where everyone feels they belong.
  2. Provision of ‘Inclusive leadership’ and ‘Inclusion awareness’ masterclasses and supporting digital resources for all employees.
  3. Introduction of a voluntary Endava Signs (sign language) programme, delivering greater accessibility to the deaf and hard of hearing


Valuable Leader: José Bogas

Region: Iberia

Endesa’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Endesa is deeply committed to promoting human rights, non-discrimination, equal opportunities and diversity, everywhere it operates. Namely, the promotion of diversity and inclusion is core to the company’s strategy focused on innovation and sustainability.

The Company is working to replace boundaries and obstacles with new opportunities leveraging on the unique mix of talents that everyone brings to work. One of Endesa’s aims is to make energy available to everyone by developing the potential of the Company’s most precious assets, the people it works with. Endesa has a focal point to attend any specific need of their staff with disabilities, launching initiatives aimed at improving autonomy and promoting inclusion. The presence of a focal point for staff with disabilities represents a specific target of Endesa’s Sustainability Plan. Furthermore, the Company is committed to enhancing and expanding actions regarding digital accessibility, autonomy, mobility, development and employability of people with disabilities.

When it comes to the specific initiatives, Endesa was the first energy utility to introduce Pedius for customers in Spain in 2019. The App aims to facilitate communication by using “speech to text” recognition and synthesis that converts a text message into an artificial voice and, likewise, the voice into a text message. 

In addition to Pedius, the Company has launched other initiatives aimed at the inclusion of people with disabilities and in 2020, Endesa is working on the development of an action plan to deepen its commitment and develop internal and external actions.

The Valuable 500 is a campaign working to ensure businesses globally recognize the value of people living with a disability. Companies and business leaders that have committed to putting disability inclusion on their agendas by joining the Valuable 500 include some of the foremost players in every sector. Endesa shares this approach with its parent company, Enel, which has already joined the Valuable 500 in 2019. 


Valuable Leader: Francesco Starace

Region: Global

Enel’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  • Enel is deeply committed to promoting human rights, non-discrimination, equal opportunities and diversity, everywhere it operates. Namely, the promotion of diversity and inclusion is core to the company’s strategy focused on innovation and sustainability.
  • The Group is working to replace boundaries and obstacles with new opportunities leveraging on the unique mix of talents that everyone brings to work. One of Enel’s aims is to make energy available to everyone by developing the potential of the Group’s most precious assets, the people it works with. In every country where staff with disabilities are present a focal point attends to their specific needs, launching initiatives aimed at improving autonomy and promoting inclusion. The presence of a focal point for staff with disabilities represents a specific target of Enel’s Sustainability Plan. Furthermore, the Group is committed to enhancing and expanding actions regarding digital accessibility, autonomy, mobility, development and employability of people with disabilities.
  • When it comes to the specific initiatives, Enel is evaluating the extension by 2022 of the Pedius App for deaf people in all the countries where it operates. Launched by the company in Italy in 2018, the Pedius App aims to facilitate communication with deaf colleagues and customers. The App uses “speech to text” recognition and synthesis that converts a text message into an artificial voice and, likewise, the voice into a text message.  The App is available for all Enel staff and customers in Italy. The App also allows deaf Enel staff to contact their IT helpdesk, to participate in Skype meetings through the generation of subtitles and to receive safety alerts. In addition to Pedius, the Group has launched other initiatives aimed at the inclusion of its disabled customers, including accessible web sites and documents, as well as bills in braille.

ENEOS Holdings, Inc.

Valuable Leader: Ota Katsuyuki

Region: Global

ENEOS Holdings, Inc.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

ENEOS has established the following specific actions in support of this initiative. 

  1. Establish, maintain and improve targets for the employment rate of persons with disabilities as a priority issue. 
  2. Enhancing our support systems for the long-term stable employment of people with disabilities.
  3. Working to further increase employee awareness of diversity and inclusion in order to create a workplace environment in which anyone, including those with disabilities can play an active role.

ENEOS will continue to actively promote diversity and inclusion in order to create an environment where each and every employee can work energetically, and strive to enhance our corporate value in order to contribute to the development of society and the creation of a vibrant future. 

Enterprise Holdings

Valuable Leader: Khaled Shahbo

Region: United Kingdom

Enterprise Holdings’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  • A fully inclusive, supportive and accessible recruitment process which enables disabled candidates with a fair and equal opportunity for success
  • A streamlined experience for disabled customers to gather information in a variety of ways coupled with a smooth booking process
  • Continuous embedding of our wellness passports along with a transparent process for workplace adjustments
  • Enabling line managers with the tools that they need to better support disabled employees


Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC

Valuable Leader: Andrew Rashbass

Region: United Kingdom

Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Our entrepreneurial heritage rests on a belief that people are different, that great ideas come from combining different perspectives and from freeing people to be themselves, which allows us to see the world in different ways. This enables us to solve issues for our clients around the world. This is not possible without proactively creating an inclusive culture, where we value each other, our views, our goals, our challenges and our unique experiences.

We are proud to have launched our Disability Employee Resource Group last year and look forward to growing the network this year.

Our commitment

  • Involve our employees in shaping the purpose and priorities for the new Employee Resource Group. 
  • Partner with the Group Inclusion & Diversity council to show material progress year on year.

European Investment Bank

Valuable Leader: Werner Hoyer

European Investment Bank’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The EIB, through our joined-up approach to Diversity and Inclusion matters both in-house and in our operations commits to putting disability inclusion on our institutional agenda through focused efforts on:

  • The provision of support to the EIB’s disability Employee Resource Group – enAble- to ensure continuous and open dialogue with employees with disabilities and the employee carer community;
  • The establishment of and support for our managers exchange network on disability. Established in 2020, the network of managers seeks to provide peer support on disability inclusion best practices and provides input to the EIB’s Diversity & Inclusion Office on matters relating to the improbement of HR polices and practices in this respect;
  • The continuous implementation of pragmatic changes to our recruitment, reasonable adjustments, IT, Facilities Management (and other) processes and practices to bring us ever closer to achieving full disability inclusion;
  • Awareness-raising efforts, including at least two all-staff disability focused events annually to increase understanding and individual engagement on disability inclusion;
  • As well as the ongoing efforts to strengthen our approach to disability inclusion in our investment operations.

European Space Agency

Valuable Leader: Jan Woerner

Region: Europe

European Space Agency’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Under the leadership of the Director General Jan Wörner, the European Space Agency (ESA) has affirmed  its commitment to Diversity and Inclusiveness (D&I) by putting those values high on the corporate agenda.

The objectives pursued develop along two axes. On one side, ESA strives to foster a broader interest for STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and space careers and to attract, recruit and retain a more diverse pool of talent. At the same time, ESA is also increasing its efforts to create a modern, inclusive working environment where people value diversity in teams and take others’ perspectives into account and make sure they feel comfortable being themselves – regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age or working experience, sexual orientation, physical or mental challenges, ethnicity and educational, religious or social background.

Over the last two years, ESA has focused on attracting talents with disabilities, striving to ensure a collective effort in reducing those visible and invisible barriers constraining the ability to pursue greater inclusiveness. In particular, significant steps have been undertaken in opening up to young people with disabilities, paving the way for making ESA a more inclusive, modern and forward-looking Agency.

Following the successful implementation of a pilot internship programme for students with visual impairment at ESA’s site in Spain in 2018, actions have been taken aiming at recruiting  young graduates with disabilities by end of 2020 in a number of establishments across Europe. We are sure that this experience will increase our awareness of the challenges related to disability inclusion, and the benefit that this inclusion could bring to the organisation.

Eversheds Sutherland

Valuable Leader: Diane Gilhooley

Region: Global

Eversheds Sutherland’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Eversheds Sutherland our vision is a diverse global community with an inclusive culture that places respect and support for everyone at its core, and empowers all of our people around the world to fulfil their potential. We are committed to developing a culture that embraces everyone and internal systems that align with our vision. Our aim is not just to ensure that there is no disadvantage to anyone, but to ensure that everyone can thrive. Diversity and inclusion involves everyone, and we are all responsible for embedding our values to ensure we attract, retain and maximise the potential of the best, diverse talent for the future.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring disability inclusion is on our leadership agenda and demonstrating visible support from senior leadership
  • Raising awareness and challenging perceptions of disability in the workplace through sharing personal experiences, participating in key disability inclusion campaigns and driving firmwide engagement with support from our Ability Network
  • Fostering an inclusive workplace culture for colleagues with disabilities by launching a Workplace Adjustments Plan, running training for line-managers, and ensuring our recruitment processes are inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities
  • Building disability confidence across our business in a long-term and sustainable way by improving the quality of our disability related data, strengthening the accessibility of our digital platforms, and moving from being a Disability Confident Employer to a Disability Confident Leader

Exal Corporation

Valuable Leader: Michael Mapes

Region: Global

Exal Corporation’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Peter Kern

Region: Global

Expedia’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We are guided by an inclusive purpose – to strengthen connections, broaden horizons and bridge divides. Travel opens minds and drives better understanding between people from all aspects of life – something the world needs today like never before. And travel fuels the health of communities and local economies. To make travel more enjoyable and accessible to all, we will reflect and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our employees, customers, partners and communities through the following commitments:

  • Support organizations across the travel industry in becoming more inclusive providers by publishing case studies of travel products, services and innovative practices that champion disability inclusive and accessible travel.
  • Enhance digital accessibility of our travel platform and products to reduce friction and barriers for our customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Formally allocate 10% of working hours to global Employee Resource Group leaders to lead broad-sweeping, intersectional, and inclusive change for all.
  • Invest in our Equal Productivity Access Program to remove barriers to productivity, provide assistive technology, and advocate on behalf of employees with disabilities for a more inclusive work experience.
  • Demonstrate clear actions that bring mental and physical health to parity, build a culture of allyship, and remove stigmas and barriers in the workplace.

We recognize that the journey to disability inclusion is not a solo journey. Together, we have a responsibility and opportunity to make travel accessible to all and champion change in our industry for how the world thinks, acts and speaks about disability.


Valuable Leader: Carmine Di Sibio

Region: Global

EY’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Diversity & Inclusion are essential elements of culture, which defines any organization. These are core pieces of the EY Vision 2020+ strategy. We know we can’t be successful unless our workforce is made up of diverse talent, and all EY people are fully involved and engaged. Our differences make us better. Leveraging our unique strengths and capabilities makes us stronger.

Around 1 billion people in the world have a disability, and 80% of people who experience a disability acquire it between the ages of 18 and 64 – the age range of our workforce. Our aim is to create a better working world, and this is why we are committing to the following areas of focus:

  • Enabling EY people to proudly bring their authentic and full self to work every day
  • Delivering an inclusive employment journey for EY people – from how we recruit to how we develop, retain and promote
  • Providing a more accessible workplace through adjustments/accommodations and accessible technology and building design
  • Equipping EY people with the skills and knowledge they need to be inclusive of people with disabilities


Valuable Leader: José Neves

Region: Global

FARFETCH’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At FARFETCH we welcome differences and we empower individuality, bringing together an incredible creative community of Farfetchers along with the creators, curators, and consumers of fashion we serve for the love of fashion. This whole community is at the heart of our business success.

We strive to create an inclusive culture to enable those with disabilities to thrive – ensuring we’re talking with the disabled community, not for them.

We are committed to:

  • Championing disability as a priority at Board level
  • Raising awareness of the importance of accessibility for all, and creating spaces where disability (visible and non-visible) can be discussed openly through our global Disability Network
  • Building partnerships to find and hire more people with disabilities
  • Developing our leadership and management knowledge and skills in supporting Farfetchers with disabilities, so that they can succeed
  • Developing accessible technology, infrastructure and tools to support our customers with disabilities and Farfetchers

Fast Retailing

Valuable Leader: Tadashi Yanai

Region: Global

Fast Retailing’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

With the corporate statement Changing clothes. Changing conventional wisdom. Change the world, the company considers its mission to create truly good clothing and, by offering people throughout the world the joy of wearing good clothing, contribute to better lives and a harmonious development together with society.

Respect for diversity is one of Fast Retailing’s most important principles. LifeWear from UNIQLO, the core brand of the Fast Retailing Group, is based on the concept of MADE FOR ALL, clothing for everyone throughout the world. Clothing to make everyone’s life a little better must derive from the diverse values of diverse people, and Fast Retailing believes that accepting and respecting different values is the driving force behind new ideas and innovation.

Fast Retailing pursues Diversity & Inclusion through five measures:

1. Hiring of persons with disabilities and acceptance training

Fast Retailing hires persons with disabilities at its stores worldwide. In 2001, UNIQLO began actively recruiting persons with disabilities in Japan. Ever since, both UNIQLO and GU brand stores in Japan have enthusiastically hired persons with disabilities, with a target of hiring at least one person with a disability at every store and endeavored to provide a rewarding environment. The two companies also provide guidance for store managers and employee trainers to broaden the capabilities and potential of persons with various types of disabilities.

2. Creating products, services, and sales spaces based on feedback from customers and employees

Fast Retailing works to create products, services, and stores that reflect the opinions and advice it receives from customers and employees with disabilities. At UNIQLO in Japan, employee volunteers initiated a project to create stores where customers with disabilities, as well as the elderly or other customers who may need a little extra consideration, can shop more comfortably. Through discussion meetings with customers with disabilities and other initiatives, Fast Retailing continues to explore ways to improve store facilities and operations, as well as enhance services for customers with disabilities and customer relations skills. In addition to Japan, these efforts are being expanded globally in cooperation with UNIQLO businesses in other countries.

Front-open Innerwear, a product line from UNIQLO sold in Japan through its online shop and in select stores, was developed based on feedback from customers who have difficulty putting on or removing pull-over clothing. Product developers created the line by visiting medical institutions and facilities, and listening to feedback from hospitalized and ambulatory patients, women recovering from breast cancer surgery, persons with disabilities, and the elderly. The company focused on ease of dressing and undressing, as well as comfort and a reasonable price, offering lines for men, women, and children.

3. Special Diversity & Inclusion website

In March 2020, Fast Retailing set up a special website to provide public information on the company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. Along with messages from the CEO and other management executives, the site presents the Fast Retailing Group’s four focus areas (Gender, Global One Team, Persons with Disabilities, and LGBTQ+) and related initiatives, along with features on employees actively pursuing diversity. The website is an important corporate activity for the Fast Retailing Group and is also featured on the company’s recruitment page.

4. Support for sports programs for persons with disabilities

UNIQLO has been an official partner of Special Olympics Nippon since 2002, supporting sports training and competition for people with intellectual disabilities by donating uniforms for athletes and volunteer staff, and assisting with competition operations. UNIQLO Taiwan is also providing support for organizations and athletes in that market. In addition, as a title sponsor of the Wheelchair Tennis Tour organized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) since 2014, UNIQLO has sponsored the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour, with over 150 events held annually in more than 40 countries and regions. The company is also a title sponsor of the UNIQLO Wheelchair Doubles Masters event, a major doubles tournament.

Further, UNIQLO develops game wear in collaboration with the world’s top athletes in sports for persons with disabilities, namely wheelchair tennis players Shingo Kunieda and Gordon Reid, who represent UNIQLO as Global Brand Ambassadors, and the para-athletes on the Swedish Paralympic Teams, with which UNIQLO maintains an Official Clothing Partner contract. UNIQLO utilizes the perspective of these professionals to create clothing that offers new value.

5. Support for persons with disabilities in local communities

Fast Retailing, as part of its community engagement program, provides a wide range of support for persons with disabilities in regions around the world. UNIQLO in South Korea launched an initiative in 2019 for people with cerebral palsy, donating UNIQLO clothing that had been customized for each individual to be easier to put on and take off. Approximately 6,000 items were supplied to around 1,200 people through this program. Since 2017, UNIQLO Singapore has been providing support for the APSN Delta Senior School (DSS), a facility offering vocational training to students with mild intellectual disability. The company set up a mock UNIQLO store in the school to give students an opportunity to learn about working in a store and gain experience.

Fattal Hotels

Valuable Leader: Avia Magen

Region: Israel

Fattal Hotels’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Fidelity International

Valuable Leader: Anne Richards

Region: Global

Fidelity International’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We have set a global goal to improve accessibility and enablement for customers and employees with different abilities. As part of our commitment, we will continue to:

  • Empower and support colleagues to feel comfortable talking about their disabilities, including invisible disabilities, at work;
  • Commit to an ongoing global site accessibility audit;
  • Partner with disability community business organisations to access guidance and best practice;
  • Provide a more accessible workplace through adjustments and assistive technology for our people and customers
  • Continue to support individuals with caring responsibilities to work flexibly to maintain their work life balance

Financial Times

Valuable Leader: John Ridding

Region: Global

Financial Times’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We live in a time of disruption and fragmentation but it’s full of opportunity: To stand up for free enterprise as a force for good; to promote responsible business by holding companies to account; to empower our readers to lead the way in business, society and the wider world. This is the FT’s new agenda.

Our commitments:

  • Ensure disability is a priority at board level and on the agenda of our Global D&I Taskforce. The company will work closely with FT Access and provide the group with the support of a Board Sponsor to achieve its goals.
  • We seek to have 10% representation of people with disability in our workforce by 2022
  • We are Disability Confident and are working towards becoming Disability Leaders by 2023
  • We will ensure that Disability Awareness training is offered to all FT employees
  • We will offer Neurodiversity training and raise awareness around hidden disabilities
  • Our London Office has completed an “Accessibility Audit” via Disability Rights UK. We will take action to ensure that we address any areas highlighted ensuring we are a more disability accessible building.
  • The FT will actively seek out job applicants from the disabled community via EvenBreak and other disabled recruitment organisations
  • We will promote content around the topic of disability with our audience.
  • We aim to make more accessible, especially around our graphs and charts.


Valuable Leader: Gilbert Ghostine

Region: Global

Firmenich’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Firmenich, we create positive emotions to enhance wellbeing, naturally.

Swiss and family-owned, we create fragrances and flavors for the world’s most desirable brands, delighting billions of consumers every day. Since our creation in 1895, Firmenich has always been more than a Company, we are a family with a unique legacy of responsible business.

Firmenich places its people at the heart of its success and is committed to enabling a working environment where everyone can thrive around the world.

Firmenich’s pioneering “Diversity and Belonging” agenda, embraces people from a diversity of backgrounds, race, gender, age, experience, perspectives, sexual orientation and people with different abilities.

More than 40 years ago Firmenich started working with a local non-profit in Switzerland to integrate colleagues with physical disabilities. Over the years, it expanded this work across seven countries, reaching close to 100 colleagues worldwide.

In 2016, we started employing blind and visually impaired professionals across our sensory panels worldwide and count over 100 today, from Singapore and Mexico to Brazil. They are great contributors to our sensory analysis with their heightened sense of taste and smell and more acute memory for tastes and odors. Through this work we are sharpening our edge and expertise in sensory analysis, while offering fulfilling career opportunities to people with different abilities.

Today, 2% of our global workforce is differently-abled.

Our Valuable 500’s commitment includes:

  • Enabling our People to bring their authentic and true selves to work every day by educating and raising awareness on all dimensions of diversity including differently-abled people through our Global Awareness Campaign
  • Delivering unconscious bias trainings across our organization
  • Fostering an inclusive recruitment process
  • Conducting an assessment of the physical accessibility of our sites
  • Defining a catalogue of reasonable workplace adjustments
  • Piloting a Mental Health program in Switzerland.


Valuable Leader: John Saunders

Region: Global

FleishmanHillard’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At FleishmanHillard, we are on a mission to be the most inclusive communications agency in the world. And, that’s not enough. We won’t stop until we make the world a more inclusive place. Our commitment to disability inclusion and The Valuable 500 will be a core part of our ongoing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) strategy.

  • Our upcoming global internal DE&I survey will include a focus on exploring the needs of FleishmanHillard’s disability community
  • Our global DE&I #LoseTheWhisper employee dialogue series will add disability in the workplace as a topic, to help us elevate the conversation firm-wide
  • A new Employee Resource Group will be established to support our colleagues living with disabilities

And that is just the starting point – we will use the data and insights gathered from the commitments above to make informed decisions about how to further incorporate disability inclusion in our overall DE&I efforts.


Valuable Leader: Revathi Advaithi

Region: Global

Flex’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Increase employment of people with disabilities by 10% or more by the year 2025 through proactive accommodations and recruitment in partnership with the Valuable 500 and expansion of the Flex Inclusion Factory program.


Valuable Leader: Kosta N. Kartsotis

Region: Global

Fossil’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Fossil Group, we are on a journey to be a company that reflects our diverse world. As we embark upon our partnership with The Valuable 500, we look forward to making an impact through our commitment to provide opportunities for people living with disabilities, and a difference in the disability inclusion space.


Valuable Leader: Georgia Dawson

Region: Global

Freshfields’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Our aim is to continue to build an inclusive, supportive and collaborative workplace where everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential. As such, we are delighted to join the Valuable 500 and share our commitments to disability inclusion publicly. Ensuring an inclusive future of work is core to our values and principles.  Around 1 billon people across the world have a disability with 80% of people acquiring their disability at working age, we believe business has a pivotal role to play in pushing disability inclusion up the worldwide agenda. We know we still have some way to go, but are committed to progress and will focus on the following:

 Appointing senior sponsors to ensure disability is on the inclusion agenda at board-level.

 Promoting a common understanding and language around disability across our global network, enabling us to role model disability confident behaviours.

Learning from and sharing knowledge with others including, expert partners such as Business Disability Forum, our disabled colleagues, peers and clients, so we continually challenge ourselves and our approach to creating a truly disability inclusive culture.


Valuable Leader: Paul Patterson

Region: Europe

Fujitsu’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Fujitsu, we make it a top priority to build a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can be completely themselves and succeed. When people feel confident to talk openly about their disabilities and request the adjustments they need to carry out their roles effectively, we can unlock the full potential of disabled talent.

We have committed to hold a board discussion to ensure we make progress in 4 key areas:

  • Speed up the process of implementing workplace adjustments for people with disabilities
  • Improve accessibility in internal and external communications, such as insisting on subtitles on all videos and including accessibility ribbons on our blogs
  • Introduce Work Experience for young people with learning disabilities
  • Autistica has just been appointed as our UK national charity partner so I intend to ensure we maximise our learning for supporting people with autism

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.

Valuable Leader: Unnathan Shekhar

Region: India

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Galaxy Surfactants  is committed to including differently abled members of society in our world and integrating them into the business.

We have committed ourselves to including 40 differently abled members within Galaxy by 2022.

Unnathan Shekhar,

Managing Director, Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.

Gatwick Airport

Valuable Leader: Stewart Wingate

Region: United Kingdom

Gatwick Airport’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“London Gatwick aims to be the UK’s most accessible airport, giving everybody an equal opportunity to fly. We will continue to work with charities and passenger groups to provide an accessible environment for all our customers and to deliver excellent support and service for those with both physical and hidden disabilities.”


Gatwick was the first airport to introduce a hidden disability lanyard scheme which has since been introduced by all UK, and several international, airports. The airport places a particular emphasis on training with all passenger-facing staff taught to recognise a range of hidden disabilities. To ensure consistent standards, Gatwick also offers this training free to airlines, ground handlers and other organisations across the airport campus.  So far 2,200 staff have been trained to recognise and help people with dementia across 14 different businesses. Uniquely, staff at Gatwick’s special assistance provider are also trained to NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Passenger Services, including Disability Awareness.

Gatwick has also invested significantly in new facilities, including the UK’s first airport sensory room and a new £2 million ‘premium-style’ lounge for special assistance passengers.  All new facilities and services are also designed in consultation with a range of disability and passenger groups.

Further, the airport has recently established a new Independent Gatwick Accessibility Panel of experts in the travel needs of disabled passengers and people with reduced mobility.  Through this group, and through continued dialogue with a wide range of other partners, we aim to build on our recent success and continue to improve the services we provide for our disabled passengers.


Valuable Leader: Mark Oun

Region: Israel

Gett’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We at Gett take disability inclusion and accessibility very seriously and work daily to ensure the accessibility of our services.

In addition to a fully accessible App and website, according to the highest standards, and following integrated consultation with accessibility users as part of our product development process, all drivers who are engaged with Gett undergo training that prepares them to provide the right service that is suitable for people with disabilities, along with a clear and unambiguous policy on the subject, in which they receive tips and explanations regarding how to provide service to people with disabilities.

It is also made clear that Gett will not tolerate any case of a driver who refuses to provide service to a person with a disability and will immediately stop its driving activity on behalf of Gett.


Valuable Leader: Jeroen Temmerman

Region: Global

GHD’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Gilbert + Tobin

Valuable Leader: Sam Nickless

Region: Australia

Gilbert + Tobin’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Gilbert + Tobin values and is dedicated to inclusion.  We are committed to providing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment and a culture which fosters and celebrates difference. For G+T it is about diversity of thinking and bringing people’s life experience into the mix and making sure that we are as diverse as the Australian community is.

We celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of our people and that of our clients and know that our people can achieve all that is possible if they are safe and supported by a culture which encourages them to bring their whole selves to work.

Gilbert + Tobin recognises the importance of engaging people with disability in an ethical and inclusive manner, and we are committed to removing barriers to inclusion among our staff and our clients.

Gilbert + Tobin formalised its Diversity Council in 2018 and has already taken steps towards improving accessibility including:

  • Delivering Disability Awareness and Confidence training throughout our offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth;
  • Conducting an internal and external audit of our company through the Australian Network on Disability (AND);
  • Hosting interns with disability through the AND Stepping Into Internships program; and
  • Holding a workplace adjustments workshop.

Our Valuable 500 Commitment in 2020 is to prepare and launch a 3 year Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (2020 to 2022). The action plan will address some key areas around disability, including but not limited to:

  • Conducting Disability Confidence, Document Accessibility, Mental Health Stigma Reduction and Unconscious Bias training for staff;
  • Launching flexibility and workplace adjustment policies;
  • Ensuring our premises provide dignified access for our staff and visitors;
  • Ensuring all digital content is compliant with WCAG 2.00 AA or higher; and
  • Embedding the principles of inclusive design within all products to deliver dignified and accessible services to our clients.


Valuable Leader: Raúl Manuel Beyruti Sánchez

GINgroup’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Region: Latin America

Commitment to be completed by January 21st 2021.

Gleneagle Group

Valuable Leader: Patrick Donoghue

Region: Europe

Gleneagle Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Our mission is to become Ireland’s leading leisure provider offering universal access for all.
We believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of age, access needs, long or short term health conditions and our mission is to provide a welcoming environment for all. We are committed to making all our facilities, services, information and employment accessible.
To this end we have implemented the following:

  • We are certified by the ENAT World Tourism for All Quality Programme and, in line with this programme, we have audited and implemented many structural changes in our facilities and services.
  • We have developed and are continuously implementing our detailed action plan with any new products.
  • We have developed an access policy and an access guide for property users with accurate information which is updated regularly.
  • We have an ongoing training programme, from induction, so that our team members recognise the importance of universal access.
  • Have been awarded the ENAT World Tourism for All Quality Accommodation accreditation, which stipulates that our premises, facilities, customer services and information meet universal access requirements.

Our Access Policy is making The Gleneagle Group more accessible for people with different needs including mobility, sight, hearing, learning issues or any hidden impairments from pre-birth to old age.”

Global Brands Group

Valuable Leader: Rick Darling

Region: Global

Global Brands Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

GNP Seguros

Valuable Leader: José Eduardo Silva Pylypciow

Region: Mexico

GNP Seguros’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

En GNP Seguros creemos en el talento, capacidad y deseos de desarrollo de las personas, es un orgullo ser parte de Valuable 500. Somos pioneros en prácticas de inclusión laboral y seguiremos fortaleciendo nuestro Programa de Inclusión Laboral para Personas con Discapacidad, aumentando el número de colaboradores dentro de la empresa, ofreciendo la infraestructura y herramientas necesarias para su gestión segura y profesional. Reafirmamos nuestro compromiso de promover prácticas que fomenten la igualdad de oportunidades en un ambiente seguro y de respeto. Impulsar una cultura de inclusión, es una gran oportunidad para ser mejores cada día.

At GNP Seguros we strongly believe in people’s talent, abilities, and willpower for overcoming. We’re very proud to be part of Valuable 500. As pioneers in the labor inclusion practices, we will continue to strengthen our Labor Inclusion Program for People with Disabilities, increasing the number of colleagues within the company, offering the infrastructure and tools they need for their safety and professional development. We reaffirm our commitment to boost practices that encourage equal opportunities for all, in a safe and respectful atmosphere. We´re convinced that promoting an inclusive culture and environment, it is a great opportunity for us to improve every day.


Valuable Leader: Kevin Aluwi

Gojek’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Gojek, we are committed to achieving the highest standards of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). From integrating world-class DEI best practices across our organization, and ensuring our company is a place where everyone is engaged, safe, valued and supported – no matter who they are or where they come from.

We know this is a continuous journey to ensure our organization represents the diversity and richness of Indonesia’s multiculturalism, as well as across all the markets where we operate in Southeast Asia. At the same time, we are working on constantly improving our organizational culture, policies and infrastructure to build an inclusive workplace where everyone can be their authentic selves every day.

In joining the Valuable 500, by 2025 we commit to:

1. Adding disability inclusion to the leadership agenda through Gojek’s DEI Council, a dedicated governance body to ensure leadership’s accountability of and oversight over the design, monitoring and integration of DEI practices across Gojek.

2. Improving accessibility for people with disabilities throughout the app by passing global accessibility guidelines. Ensuring user journeys in Gojek core and partner products (Customer Platform, Transport, Food, Pay, Driver app, GoBiz) support 100% of all disabilities (visual, hearing, cognitive, physical).

3. Improving our offices to ensure accessibility for all differently-abled GoTroops, in line with regulations and global best practices, and the establishment of an Employee Resource Group to identify needs, provide resources and support.

4. Establishing resources to help raise awareness for all users and partners, regardless of ability, and dedicated support for our differently-abled users and partners to remove all barriers to our platform.

We look forward to working with the Valuable 500 community, to collectively work towards a more inclusive and accessible world for all.


Valuable Leader: Sundar Pichai

Region: Global

Google’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Grafton Group

Valuable Leader: Gavin Slark

Region: United Kingdom and Ireland

Grafton Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Grafton Group plc, we believe we should focus on creating an inclusive and diverse culture where all colleagues feel comfortable discussing their disabilities with the knowledge that they will get the support and encouragement required. If colleagues feel comfortable that their disability will not impede them, they will thrive. 

Therefore, we are committed to: 

• Focusing on inclusion and diversity at a Board Level ensuring this is cascaded throughout the business. 

• Focusing on creating a workplace accessible to all. 

• Surveying our colleagues to better understand the barriers and difficulties they face daily. 

• Creating a network and working group focused on improving opportunities for people with disabilities accessing employment. 


Valuable Leader: D.G. Macpherson

Region: Global

Grainger’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Grant Thornton LLP

Valuable Leader: David Dunckley

Region: United Kingdom

Grant Thornton LLP’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Grant Thornton we are committed to providing opportunities for our people to be themselves and to fulfil their potential at work. Our ambition is that we are fully inclusive every day. This means that our working environment is one where everyone’s experience is important. We want our people to feel comfortable sharing any conditions or challenges they face, feeling confident that they will be supported and included.

We have committed to the following:

  • Ensure that our people are comfortable to disclose their needs by providing technological support flexibility and focused people manager support.
  • Implement people manager training focused on improving confidence in managing people with disabilities or caring responsibilities and create a coaching buddy system for people managers to share best practice.
  • Increase recruitment of people with disabilities by working with specialist partners.
  • Expand our reverse mentoring programme to give leaders specific insight into disability and the workplace.
  • Improve our internal processes and data collection to allow us to better support people with disabilities.
  • Embed Disability Confident Level 2 with a plan to progress to Disability Confident Level 3 in 2022.

Greencore Group

Valuable Leader: Patrick Coveney

Region: United Kingdom

Greencore Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  • We will continue to focus into Inclusion & Diversity at Board level
  • We commit to invest in conversations with our people, providing space for colleagues to share any barriers
  • We commit to talk more openly about disability
  • We will adapt our People at the Core Survey so that we can analyse and compare responses from colleagues with disabilities

Greene King

Valuable Leader: Nick Mackenzie

Region: United Kingdom

Greene King’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Here at Greene King we pride ourselves on our friendly welcome, pouring happiness into lives. Our mission is to be the best for our customers, our employees and our communities. We welcome Diversity  through our doors every day and we celebrate a team that’s representative of the people we serve. We strive to build and nurture an inclusive culture where our team are comfortable to bring their authentic self to work.

We are commiting to the following by the end of 2020:

  • Continue to table and discuss the Inclusion & Diversity Strategy at the Group Executive Board, including discussing our Disability Agenda
  • Create and Support an Employee Led Group aimed at focusing on Disability issues, whilst supported and Sponsored by a Group Executive Board member
  • Create Insights into our diversity profile at Greene King, whilst working with the Insights to create a more inclusive place to work


Valuable Leader: Roger Whiteside

Region: United Kingdom

Greggs’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Greggs, we pride ourselves on our culture and ‘Being Greggs’, creating an environment which is friendly, hardworking, respectful, appreciative, honest and which is inclusive of everyone. We recognise that difference is good and we have made a pledge that ‘by 2025, our workforce will reflect the communities we serve’.

 We recognise the important contribution that people living with disabilities can make and are committed to:

  • Improve the data we hold for our colleagues including whether colleagues have a disability.
  • Review accessibility in our recruitment processes and the training we provide.
  • We will deliver diversity awareness training to all colleagues, and provide additional training to those with responsibility for either managing others or recruiting new team members to make sure they are leading and recruiting in an inclusive way.
  • We have signed up to the Sunflower Scheme and will train all colleagues about Hidden Disabilities ensuring we can best support our colleagues and customers.
  • We will continue our Supported Hours initiative in our shops, helping maintain employment for colleagues with disabilities who need additional support.
  • Greggs is committed to improving our diversity and inclusion in all its forms and we have renewed our engagement with the National Equality Standard (NES) first signed in 2017.


Valuable Leader: Emma Walmsley

Region: Global

GSK’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

GSK has signed up to the Valuable 500 pledge as part of our ongoing commitment to building Trust with our people by creating an inclusive workplace which enables our people to thrive. We will continue to prioritise disability inclusion through the work of our Global Disability Council and our Disability Confidence employee resource group. In 2020 we’re committed to:

  • continuing to invest in workplace accessibility, based on assessments at GSK sites, and rolling out our Workplace Adjustment Services to more countries
  • building the skills and knowledge of our people so they can be disability confident and inclusive of people with disabilities
  • further improving the accessibility of our products’ packaging for our patients and consumers
  • developing a measurable 3-year strategic disability confidence plan agreed by our Corporate Executive Team


Valuable Leader: Mats Granryd

Region: Global

GSMA’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  • Accessible online website, platforms and documents: We have commenced and will continue to conduct internal audits to access areas for improvement to ensure digital accessibility of the GSMA website, platforms and documents.
  • Inclusive workforce and hiring practices: We will continue to establish an inclusive workforce and hiring practices in line with the GSMA Diversity and Inclusion strategy.
  • Reduce the barriers to digital inclusion of persons of disabilities through the work of the GSMA Assistive Tech team (funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office), including the Principles for Driving the Digital Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities.

Gulf International Bank

Valuable Leader: Katherine Garrett-Cox

Region: United Kingdom

Gulf International Bank’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  • Encourage and support colleagues to talk about any physical or mental disability at work.  Through this we aim to educate each other, raise awareness, and ensure open and honest conversations can take place without judgement or prejudice in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Train mental health first aiders
  • Learn from and share best practice with other companies and leading disability organisations to ensure we are fully equipped to recruit, retain and progress colleagues with disabilities and long term conditions.  We commit to reviewing our recruitment practices and ensuring as many vacancies as practicable are open to those with disabilities
  • Ensure our office space is accessible to those with physical, and where possible, mental disabilities
  • Ensure staff and candidates with disabilities are aware, and offered the use, of assistive technologies


Valuable Leader: Amihay Kilstein

Region: Israel

H&M’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At H&M we aim to be the most inclusive retailer in the fashion industry.

To make it possible, the following activities are established within the company both in house and externally:

  • We will continue to push inclusion and diversity through the organization by initiating dedicated workshops on inclusion and diversity for all employees including management and DC.
  • We will continue to recruit diverse employees from different ethnicities providing equal opportunities for everyone in the company.
  • We aim to employ disabled employees on a minimum rate of 3%
  • We will continue to use diverse campaigns through all our publishing and social media channels.
  • According to the Israeli law we’ve an appointed accessibility coordinator.

Hachette UK

Valuable Leader: David Shelley

Region: United Kingdom

Hachette UK’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Harel Insurance

Valuable Leader: Yair Hamburger

Region: Israel

Harel Insurance’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Since its inception, Harel Insurance and Finance Group has, as part of its world view, championed inclusiveness and the acceptance of all members of society as equals.,. We are committed to continuing to promote equality of rights and employment for people with disabilities. In this context, Harel appointed a full-time accessibility coordinator, who together with other professional entities within the company are responsible for implementing the accessibility program in accordance with regulatory requirements, assisted by professional advisors and Access Israel, and based on accessibility studies and the mapping of gaps and deficiencies.

We undertake to continue to operate in a broad range of areas, as we have until now. Accordingly, Harel contributes to populations coping with emotional, sensory and physical disabilities and Harel employees also volunteer with these populations.

Additionally, Harel endeavors to promote the marketing of special insurance policies such professional liability policies for service access officers and overseas travel insurance which covers medical devices such as wheelchairs and prostheses in the event of loss or theft.

Over the past few years, the Group has organized workshops on sign language and held accessibility training sessions for its employees which address four categories of disability, so as to enable more courteous and respectful communications both on and off the Company’s premises.

Harel employs workers with disabilities in all its areas of activity and regardless of the disability. For example, there are several projects which encourage equality of employment: (1) A project for the integration of people with Asperger’s syndrome; (2) A project run in coordination with Call Yachol (CY) [an employment agency that places people with disabilities in a regular business environment] in which more than half of the managers and employees suffer from a disability and are from disadvantaged populations, and through which Harel has hired 50 employees.


Valuable Leader: C Vijayakumar

Region: Global

HCL’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Heathrow Airport

Valuable Leader: John Holland-Kaye

Region: United Kingdom

Heathrow Airport’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The best teams bring together a variety of experiences and perspectives, challenge the status quo, innovate and push each other to be better every day. As a Disability Confident Leader, our ambition is to become leaders in valuing diversity and promoting the inclusion of people with every kind of disability.

By creating opportunities for improved representation and progression of our colleagues who have a disability, and by embracing the diversity of all our abilities as a prized asset, we hope to build a truly inclusive environment for all of our colleagues enabling them to be their authentic and talented selves.

We are proud to sign up to the Valuable 500 campaign, and commit to the following actions:

– Place diversity and inclusion on the Executive Committee agenda, and drive a real cultural shift across the organisation to ensure colleagues understand why inclusivity matters.

– Give all colleagues a platform to support each other and the ability to implement their own inclusion initiatives through our disability diversity network.

– Ensure inclusive design is at the heart of our future infrastructure plans and service development, for both passengers and colleagues.

– Review our recruitment processes to ensure they are as fair and inclusive as possible, and extend support to those who experience barriers to work including people with additional learning needs and disabilities.


Valuable Leader: Lars Petersson

Region: Global

Hempel’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In Hempel A/S our commitment is to become an employer that is fit for serving people with different abilities (mental and physical) by ensuring that everyone is equally enabled to be successful at their job and that their voice is heard. Actions throughout the next five years

  • Gain understanding of our baseline during 2021, in order to define standards and set the right target for Hempel
  • Actively raise awareness of disability inclusion during 2021 and celebrate World Disability Day across all Hempel regions
  • Ensure that D&I unconscious bias trainings include disabilities in the scope
  • Develop a global employee support network for our colleagues with disabilities by 2022
  • Work towards making all our sites accessible by 2025
  • Attain a disability standard by 2025

Herbert Smith Freehills

Valuable Leader: James Palmer

Region: Global

Herbert Smith Freehills’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Herbert Smith Freehills commit to joining The Valuable 500 and supporting a global movement to put disability on the business leadership agenda.

In 2020 we will:

1.  Ensure that disability inclusion is on our senior leadership agenda

2.  Make at least one firm commitment to action (see below)

3.  Share our commitment with the business and the world

Herbert Smith Freehills is committed to creating a culture of inclusion across the firm, including for those who experience disability. Aligned to our global diversity & inclusion strategy – Leading for Inclusion – our commitments under The Valuable 500 are to:

  • Improve access to and understanding of workplace adjustments;
  • Empower, educate and provide support that enables all of our people to talk openly about mental health;
  • Champion the recruitment and retention of those with autism; and
  • Ensure our workplace is more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities.


Valuable Leader: Dani Shimoni

Region: Israel

Hertz’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Kesher Rent A Car- Hertz franchisee in Israel  from the Meir Group has raised their banner of:

Complete and uncompromising compliance with all conditions of providing accessible services, to the general public of their customers.

This while maintaining maximum respect for their customers and employees.

In this framework, the group companies provide an optimal service, without regard to the costs or the duration of the required adjustment and service work.

Our compatibility includes:

  • Training of managers, service and sales representatives to a required level of proficiency in all sections of the Accessibility Law.
  • Signage and direction to the sites, and in their area.
  • Appropriate, available and marked parking spaces.
  • Utility tables, counters and accessible chairs.
  • Installation of lifts in places where there is no possibility of a ramp (such as a Atarim branch).
  • Accessible restrooms to both women and men.
  • Full compliance with the terms of the business license.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Valuable Leader: Antonio Neri

Region: Global

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Amplify efforts across HPE to be unconditionally inclusive for the Disabilities Network.


Valuable Leader: Partha DeSarkar

Region: Global

HGS’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At HGS, we envision creating an inclusive workplace that offers an accessible and welcoming environment for everyone. This will ensure that we learn, grow, respect and be accepting of a diverse workforce, thereby helping us achieve our vision – “Together We Progress”.

We are keen to work with talented people, irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnic origin or disability status but drive special focus on Gender, PwDs and LGBT+ as diversity dimensions.

Our Disability Inclusion Program focuses on hiring people with abilities, ensure accessibility through reasonable accommodations and enable equal learning opportunities. Disability inclusion is one of the key priorities for the year 2020 and we are committed to the following actions:

  1. Integrate more people with disabilities (PwDs) in the workforce by driving talent acquisition, business and management practices to achieve results.
  2. Make HGS India an accessible organization by ensuring physical and digital accessibility at the workplace.
  3. Extensive awareness and sensitization drive to make our people aware about disability inclusion program and to seek their partnership in our inclusion journey.


Valuable Leader: Christopher Nassetta

Region: Global

Hilton’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Diversity is at the core of our Vision, Mission, and Values. We are committed to an inclusive workforce that fully represents many different abilities, ethnicities, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and viewpoints. Our global brands provide meeting places for people to connect, creating a welcoming environment for all. Understanding our Team Members’ unique perspectives, along with those of our Guests, Owners, Suppliers, and Partners, is essential to driving our competitive performance. Our company will always strive to reflect the global communities where we live and work.

In the area of disability inclusion, we are committed to the following:

  • Increasing active engagement and communication of our Abilities Resource Group to build allyship across the organization
  • Advancing our efforts on the recruiting, hiring, retention and promotion of individuals with disabilities
  • Enhancing the ability for employees to update their personnel profiles, identify barriers and/or share accessibility concerns, anonymously or confidentially
  • Providing training and education to ensure that all of our Team Members lead inclusively, are active allies and create a sense of belonging for all
  • Continue progress on ensuring our workplace and hotels are inclusive and accessible for all.

Hitachi Group

Valuable Leader: Toshiaki Higashihara

Region: Global

Hitachi Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Diversity and Inclusion open our Future.

Diversity is the wellspring of our innovation and our growth engine. Hitachi regards personal differences such as −gender, nationality, race, religion, background, age, disability, and sexual orientation− as well as other differences, as facets of people’s individuality. 

By respecting our employees’ individualities and positioning them as an advantage, Hitachi frames its diversity and inclusion as conducive to both the individual’s and the company’s sustainable growth. With a diverse workforce, strong teamwork and broad experience in the global market, we will meet our customers’ needs.

To accelerate D&I, we organize D&I promoting committee, chaired by CEO and made up of senior leaders across the business, to discuss D&I issues including disabilities.

We also will appoint leaders to promote D&I by regions, to accelerate D&I initiatives that meet the issues of the region/country.

We also respect “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” and continue to support members with disabilities so that all members can exercise their potential to the fullest. 

Hitachi strives to create an environment where everyone can work with enthusiasm and demonstrate strong performance. 

HOBAN Recruitment

Valuable Leader: Alison Watts

Region: Australia

HOBAN Recruitment’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At HOBAN we understand more than anyone the value of connecting the right people with the right job. We know that what matters most is focusing on what our candidates and employees can do rather than what they cannot. This is why we strive on building a workforce that is as unique and diverse as the communities we serve in.

We are proud to have joined The Valuable 500 as it stands to encapsulate the values HOBAN holds on fostering inclusive and employment opportunities for Australians living with disability.

Our commitment is to continue to champion diversity , inclusion and equal opportunity for all through all our areas of business. We will bring this commitment to life by putting our energy behind removing barriers at every step of the recruitment process to help us capture talent from all arts of the community.

Hogan Lovells

Valuable Leader: Miguel Zaldivar

Region: Global

Hogan Lovells’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Diversity makes Hogan Lovells a better law firm and helps us to attract the best talent, drive innovation, and deliver the best experience for our people and clients. We are devoted to nurturing an inclusive working environment where all our people can be themselves and feel empowered to succeed.

When Miguel Zaldivar became CEO of the firm on July 1, delivering on our commitments to diversity and inclusion became one of our firm’s five strategic priorities. Our firm has emphasized its commitment to ability inclusion by adding it as a key diversity strand in 2021 and is committed to creating the following changes:

  • Signing onto global and regional initiatives and charters that prioritize support of people with different abilities
  • Include disability as a diversity strand in our firm communications
  • Establish a global network for individuals with disabilities, caregivers and allies
  • Establish and improve on the self-identification of our colleagues with different abilities regionally
  • Work in collaboration with different functions to promote disability inclusion in our communities
  • Promote disability inclusion in our communities through our citizenship, sustainability and wellbeing efforts

Hoxby Limited

Valuable Leader: Alex Hirst & Lizzie Penny

Region: United Kingdom

Hoxby Limited’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Hoxby’s purpose is to create a happier, more fulfilled society through a world of work without bias.  The whole ethos of the business and community is built on the understanding that everyone is different and celebrating that fact.  The values of the business (love what you do, respect the workstyle, better together, play your part, happier world, always improving) are strongly referenced every single day which we believe helps to keep the community feeling positive and supported.  As a business, we recognise that people are all individuals and need to be treated as such.  Difference is embraced.

Our commitment to the Valuable 500 will include:

This is a board level commitment is backed by our joint CEOs and as such, progress will be reviewed monthly by them

  • Researching and using technologies that break down barriers between people – we rely heavily on technology to be able to interact with each other (given we are all home based), we want to find ways to make that technology work better for everyone.
  • Finding out more about our community with regard to physical disability – what % of our community would currently self identify as disabled, and how can we proactively look to increase that % (eg by actively promoting Hoxby in places where physically disabled people are more likely to be engaged).
  • Reviewing our application, selection and curation processes to ensure that we minimize opportunities for unconscious bias.
  • Cross reference the work that we are doing in our other cause areas (eg ageism, mental health, working parents, gender equality) to strengthen and improve the work we are doing against the area of physical disability
  • Actively share best practice and highlight the reality, and potential, for those impacted by disability in the workplace to the wider Valuable 500 team.

HSBC Mexico

Valuable Leader: Nuno Matos

Region: Mexico

HSBC Mexico’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At HSBC, diversity is part of our roots. We are certain that diversity brings innovation, attracts and retains our talent and improves our work environment. HSBC Mexico will continue to support and promote an inclusive and diverse organization. Specifically for disabilities we commit to:

  • Focus on inclusion and diversity with senior sponsorship, including a disability agenda
  • Raise awareness around disability with the objective of creating an inclusive environment
  • Work together with other companies, in order to learn from and share best practices
  • Promote and increase the inclusion of people with disabilities as part of our diverse workforce


Valuable Leader: Ian Stuart

Region: United Kingdom

HSBC UK’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Many people with disabilities struggle to find a job or get the support they need in the workplace to thrive and reach their full potential.

In this day and age, it’s simply not acceptable that people with disabilities face barriers like this – we must lead by example to ensure HSBC UK is open and accessible to everyone.

Becoming a disability-confident employer not only means we can draw people from the full pool of talent, it’s also the right thing to do and will help to change attitudes for the better in businesses and the community.

Our commitment is to focus on ability, ensuring that we continue to make reasonable adjustments to our roles and workplaces so anyone can join our bank. We will also seek to create employment opportunities specifically for people with disabilities and champion the value of a truly inclusive working environment.

Ian Stuart, CEO, HSBC UK



Valuable Leader: Dr. Michael Diederich

Region: Germany

Hypovereinsbank’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“We, the Valuable 500, are an international community of like-minded people united by one thing – a commitment to creating the right environment for people with disabilities to reach their full potential”, Dr. Michael Diederich, Spokesman of the Management Board of HypoVereinsbank – Member of UniCredit.

HypoVereinsbank has various dedicated campaigns and partnerships in place. These include programs for employee involvement in projects also concerning disabled people, such as “Ehrensache” and cooperative projects such as “Lebenshilfe e.V.” or the “Stiftung Pfennigparade“. The Bank is currently highly focused on developing its digital accessibility for both colleagues and clients as a central part of its commitment to become increasingly inclusive and diverse.

“One of our principles is “Inclusion Matters”. This is not an empty phrase for us, we fill inclusion and diversity with life – as a team, as part of a pan-European bank”, underlines Christoph Auerbach, Head of Human Capital.

Joining The Valuable 500 demonstrates our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. This step builds on ongoing efforts that include dedicated strategies, training, key external partnerships and internal disability management initiatives. The UniCredit Group has been investing in disability management for more than ten years, including special training for managers, internal engagement initiatives, partnerships with relevant external organisations and specific corporate policies in line with the Joint Declaration on “Equal Opportunities and Non-Discrimination” signed in 2009.


Valuable Leader: Arvind Krishna

Region: Global

IBM’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

IBM thinks about diversity the way we think about innovation–both are essential to the success of our business. When we innovate, technology becomes smarter for clients and creates new opportunities for growth. When we incorporate diversity into our business, we create better innovations and out-comes.” – Ginni Rometty, CEO, IBM

Throughout its 100+ years as a leading technology company, IBM has been a pioneer in supporting inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Long before the civil rights movement and the passage of non-discrimination legislation, IBM hired women, African-Americans and people with disabilities, and also established a corporate-wide “equal pay for equal work” policy.

IBM’s particular interest in accessibility and disability inclusion began with the Watsons—and it was personal. Thomas J. Watson, Sr. was a great believer in helping all IBMers achieve their full potential, just as people had helped him in his early years.

The company hired its first disabled person in 1914, the year Watson joined—and a full 76 years before the Americans with Disabilities Act. Today, we continue the legacy of diversity that IBM was built on by regularly revisiting, refining and expanding our inclusive practices.

Our Commitment:

At IBM, we are committed to creating a work environment where we eliminate barriers to success and help all employees contribute to both clients and the company at the highest level of their abilities.

We believe that an inclusive workplace leads to greater innovation, agility, performance and engagement and enables both greater business growth and societal impact and are proud to recognizing the unique value and skills every individual brings to the workplace. We know that IBM is better when we are inclusive of people with a wide range of diverse abilities, identities and backgrounds.

To achieve this, we:

  1. Leverage our Global People with Diverse Abilities Council led by one of IBM’s Senior Vice Presidents and supported by committed executives as well as our 28 global Employees Resource Groups of employees with diverse abilities and their allies worldwide. These groups and our HR teams are committed to fostering a work environment in which all employees, including those with diverse talents and abilities, can bring their full selves to work and reach their full potential.
  2. Continue to create more personalized interactions to optimize contributions and promote the value that those with disabilities bring to enhance IBM’s business and reputation.
  3. Continue to expand channels and opportunities for valuable neurodiverse talent to enter the IBM workforce globally.


Valuable Leader: Andreas Fibig

Region: Global

IFF’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Disability Inclusion is a business imperative for IFF and we have committed ourselves to become an employer of choice for people with disabilities. However, we know we have work to do and progress to make on that journey. To help us accelerate we have partnered with Disability:IN and are using the Disability Equality Index as the framework for our action plan. The DEI pushes companies to take a holistic look at disability inclusion and to include progress in areas such as Workplace Policies addressing the physical environment in our IFF location, Recruitment and Promotion addressed through our updated Equality Policy as we work to increase our representation of disabled employees, technology accessibility and Culture & Leadership. Greg Yep, EVP, Chief Scientific & Sustainability Officer has been appointed as the Executive Sponsor for our Disability Inclusion Platform and his role is to guide and support the teams working in this area and to ensure that disability topics stay active on the agenda of the Executive Committee.




Valuable Leader: Keith Barr

Region: Global

IHG’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At IHG, our aim is to provide True Hospitality for everyone. We’re a business all about people – more than 400,000 colleagues who together create a diverse and inclusive culture that’s valued by millions of guests staying in our hotels, thousands of owners investing with us, and the talent of tomorrow who choose to work with us. We just wouldn’t be able to achieve great things if we were all the same. Our special culture is crucial to who we are, how we work together and how we grow our business.

As we sign this pledge, we are committing to the following initiatives:

  • Continue to adapt our recruitment policies and practices to ensure they are accessible to all
  • Continue to strengthen our partnership with Leonard Cheshire’s Change 100 program in the UK to take on graduates with disabilities for summer work placements
  • Design interventions and adapt our practices to support and develop disabled talent, and share best practice between our hotels
  • Support and grow a Disability and Wellbeing Network (DaWN), sponsored by Senior Leaders, with the overarching goal of raising awareness of both visible and invisible disabilities and the importance of wellbeing in the workplace
  • Deliver a programme of Conscious Inclusion education to ensure that all our people lead and are led in an inclusive and bias-free way


Valuable Leader: Andrew Joiner

Region: Global

InMoment’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“We are proud to be a part of The Valuable 500 network and their objective to make a tangible change. The world of Experience Management is diverse. Listening to and understanding customers and employees is at the heart of our business. Ensuring that these channels are available and open to all has become a high priority on our agenda. At InMoment, we believe that it is our role to not only address inclusion and diversity internally but also to raise awareness with our clients on the importance of building inclusive customer journeys.” Andrew Joiner, CEO, InMoment

We are committed to:

  1. Provide the technology that allows our clients to collect feedback from individuals whose opinions and feelings otherwise risk being excluded.
  2. With the support of The Valuable 500 Network – advise our clients on how to design physical and digital experiences for their customers, partners and employees with inclusion in mind.
  3. Add inclusion and diversity to the board meeting agenda with steps for improvements that need to be actioned within the next three months following each meeting.
  4. Invest and build a diverse and inclusive working environment by listening to our employees, and based on that feedback create and adjust guiding policies as well as accessible workspace.
  5. Raise the skill sets and knowledge of our employees to understand all forms of ability and support the role they play in creating inclusive environments.

Innocent Drinks

Valuable Leader: Douglas Lamont

Region: Europe

Innocent Drinks’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Here at innocent it’s our mission to make it easy for people to do themselves some good by making natural, healthy little drinks that help people live well and die old. To make sure we are helping as many people as possible do just that, we commit to the following in 2020/2021:

  1. We commit to putting disability as a Board level priority. As a really important part of our business inclusion and diversity strategy, it will be included in future Board meeting updates on Inclusion & Diversity progress.
  2. We commit to setting up a disability affinity group with the objective to challenge, improve and champion our disability agenda and accessibility policies across all teams and levels at innocent
  3. We will become a Level 1 ‘Disability Confident – Committed’ employer in 2021 in our London HQ, committing to employing, welcoming and supporting people with disabilities into innocent.
  4. We will look at all the ways people interact with innocent as a brand, and increase our awareness and understanding of the accessibility requirements within the disabled community towards all of our touch points. From our findings, we will review what adjustments we might need to increase our accessibility over the next 3 years, including our marketing materials, websites and social media accounts.

Inside Ideas Group & Oliver

Valuable Leader: Simon Martin

Region: Global

Inside Ideas Group & Oliver’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We are constantly striving to be an inclusive business that treats all people fairly. We fully embrace and encourage the unique contributions of our diverse and talented workforce.

Towards this goal, we promise that employees of every race, colour, creed, class, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, background and walk of life will be treated equally.

We understand that diversity and inclusion in the workplace is about recognising and appreciating that every individual is different, and therefore all recruitment, training or promotion will be based on professional merit and the individual talents we all have.  

We will work;

  • To ensure that we are making our job adverts attractive as possible to individuals with disabilities and that we are making adjustments to accommodate people at the interview stage and once they enter our business.
  • I will personally chair a roundtable with our employees who are neuro -diverse to gain their feedback and ensure we are supporting them adequately and using their talents in our collaborative communities.
  • We will ensure that our people continue to be trained and developed on how to lead and manage inclusively and empathetically.

 Amina Folarin,

People Director



Valuable Leader: Pat Gelsinger

Region: Global

Intel’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Intel strives to become a global employer of choice for people with disabilities and those caring for family members by providing a best-in-class workplace that advances accessibility and disability inclusion.

Intel’s Corporate Accessibility Policy outlines our commitment to a culture of accessibility and broader impact through our technology. Our strategy includes advancing accessible design and innovative technology solutions, physical and digital accessibility in the workplace, integration of accessibility best practices in our culture, the use of inclusive hiring and employee practices, and external engagement and collaboration.

As part of our inclusive efforts and 2030 RISE goals, we are committed to expanding opportunities for all through making technology fully inclusive, expanding digital readiness, advancing accessibility and increasing the percentage of employees who self-identify as having a disability to 10 percent of our workforce.

The Intel Disability and Accessibility Network (IDAN) employee resource group has been dedicated to its vision to make the world a better place for people with disabilities by influencing innovation, fostering an inclusive and accessible environment, and empowering individuals to realize their full potential. IDAN has a strong global presence and is one of more than 35 Intel employee resource groups.

The Intel Disability Leadership Council helps guide and mentor members of IDAN, promotes the progression and growth of diverse employees and fosters an inclusive culture where all employees can thrive professionally. The council is committed to accelerating disability inclusion and access for all.

Together, Intel’s policies, programs and advocates work to develop and retain our disability community, foster a sense of belonging and inclusion, and amplify awareness in support of our work internally and externally.

To learn more about Intel’s commitment to disability inclusion and accessibility, visit:


Valuable Leader: Charles Trevail

Region: Global

Interbrand’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  • Develop a Disability Inclusion Design proposition to take to new and existing clients centred on insight and co-creation with registered disabled stakeholders to improve inclusion in Customer Experience (CX) for brands.
  • Provide Diversity & Inclusion/ Bias training for senior leaders in the next 12 months.
  • Reduce the stigma around discussing mental health, through various local market initiatives focused on mental health awareness and support.


Valuable Leader: André Lacroix 

Region: Global

Intertek’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Intertek, we are driven to make the world ever better together.  We do this by helping our customers build stronger, more sustainable businesses. In doing so we also help communities to build safer, more resilient environments, while supporting each other every day to build a better and kinder world for all.  With these core values in mind, we are thrilled to announce that we have been welcomed into the Valuable 500, a global community of CEOs who have committed to putting disability inclusion on their corporate agendas and using business as a force for good. Participating in the Valuable 500 community is a meaningful step in our continued journey to deliver our founding fathers’ vision of making the world a safer and better place.

By joining the Valuable 500, we are formalising our commitment to affect system change by adopting a disability inclusive mindset and applying this ethos to our relevant service offerings to ensure that the clients we serve also meet the needs of the disabled community through the products and services they offer, the physical environments in which they operate, the technology they develop, and the digital media they use to communicate.

We are a global family that values diversity. This value system has shaped our company culture, our ability to innovate, and has made us a renowned trusted partner and employer to businesses and people worldwide. We are delighted to be welcomed to the Valuable 500 and encourage those we work with to join us in contributing to a more inclusive world.


Valuable Leader: Doug Sharp

Region: EMEA

Invesco’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In line with our global priorities of diversity, equity and inclusion for all Invesco colleagues, we commit to the following: As a disability confident employer, we will host two internships in 2021; we will continue to support our disability workstream, and we will ensure all global colleagues complete Unconscious Bias training by year end.

Ipsos Mori

Valuable Leader: Ben Page

Region: United Kingdom

Ipsos Mori’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Ipsos MORI, we believe that an inclusive and diverse environment benefits us as individuals and as an organisation. We want to be as diverse as the people and issues we research, to better reflect and understand the world, and ultimately deliver better research and insight to our clients.

  • We need to better understand the diversity of our employees in relation to disability and make it easy for individuals to declare and discuss their disability and requirements. We will explore and implement appropriate mechanisms to do this but will also utilise our internal Inclusion and Diversity survey to gather relevant data to support our work. This will enable us plan how we should support our employees in the most appropriate way for them. It will also help create an environment where people feel comfortable to be themselves and to discuss and celebrate their differences.
  • We recognise that raising awareness and understanding of disability is important to reduce stigma and change perceptions. We will review our inclusion training offering, making changes where needed, and will continue to educate managers and employees so that they are better equipped to support disabled colleagues.
  • We will use our return to the office, post-pandemic, as an opportunity to create an enhanced working environment that is suitable for disabled employees and allows individuals to be the best they can be. We will actively plan for this in each of our UK offices, drawing upon our knowledge of our employees and with open discussion to enable us to consider a range of disabilities. We will seek expert advice where needed to support this. As we move to a blended working approach, we will also include those working from home to ensure they continue to feel supported.
  • We are a Disability Confident Scheme member but recognise that we need to do more. We will review our current working practices in conjunction with the DCS and will implement any changes needed.

Isracard Group

Valuable Leader: Ron Weksler

Region: Israel

Isracard Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

lsracard is the largest and leading credit company in Israel and a platform for innovative payment solutions in Israel.

At lsracard, we consider accessibility to be one of our central values. we believe in “pushing our limits”, a mission statement that encourages us to incorporate and implement accessibility as a value into our business activity, as we strive to be focused in all of our customer’s needs; as well in our company’s internal organizational content, and is an significant part of our extensive activity in the field of social -corporate responsibility.

lsracard is committed to provide an equally accessible service to all our customers and pledge to continue improving the accessibility of the services we provide through our call center and the company’s websites and apps as well as to continue training our employees regarding accessibility.

lsracard is planning to move to a state of the art new building at the last quarter of 2021. The new building is being built above the requirements of the disabilities law.

We are very proud to have the opportunity to take part in such an important and valuable initiative.


Valuable Leader: Lior Raviv

Region: Israel

Isrotel’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Isrotel, the leading hotel chain in Israel, we place emphasis on hospitality, including people with disabilities. Hospitality is our most important value, as it underlies everything we do. We are committed to learning and better understanding the needs and requirements of our disabled guests, so that we can provide each guest with the best possible vacation experience, which not only meets their expectations but also provides their needs.

In recent years we have done the following and we are committed to continuing to maintain them for the benefit of our disabled guests:

  • Maintain a high level of service and service awareness for guests with disabilities
  • Conducting frontal training for network employees in order to raise awareness, recognize sensitivity and provide an appropriate response.
  • Employing people with disabilities
  • Accessibility of buildings
  • Accessibility of public areas, rooms, theatre
  • An accessible website
  • An accessible booking system
  • Accessibility supervisor at each hotel and a certified coordinator who has completed a comprehensive course on the subject


Valuable Leader: Jacob Aarup-Andersen

Region: Global

ISS A/S’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Carolyn McCall

Region: United Kingdom

ITV’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

ITV is for everyone, regardless of their background, race, disability, sexuality, gender identity or expression.   We know that diversity leads to greater creativity and better decision-making, so we’re committed to ensuring our workforce reflects the diverse make-up of modern Britain and creating an environment where everyone is comfortable being themselves at work.

  • In 2019 we set out our D&I targets including a commitment to ensuring 8% of our workforce has a declared disability by 2022.
  • We’re also committed to improving the representation of disability on screen. 10% of our on-screen contributors will be perceived disabled by 2022.
  • ITV Able network group champions the disability agenda throughout the organisation, supported by our Group Chief Technology Officer at Board Level.
  • ITV launched its Inclusion and Diversity Council in 2019. Chaired by our Chief Executive Carolyn McCall, the Council is made up of senior leaders across the business, including members who represent our various networks, including ITV Able.
  • Our sign production house ITV Signpost, who employ at least 50% disabled crew on every production, have committed to running a new trainee scheme in 2020 with the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust for Deaf film-makers and production talent who want to break into the industry.
  • ITV is proud to be the one of only two broadcasters (the other being C4) to be accredited as Disability Confident Leader, in recognition of our continued commitment and work around removing barriers for disabled candidates.

ITV will continue to work to become the best and most inclusive place to work. It’s not one or the other. It’s both.



Valuable Leader: Mark Dixon

Region: Global

IWG’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Steve Demetriou

Region: Global

Jacobs’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Jacobs, we know that having a culture of inclusion where everyone feels that they belong and can thrive allows us to recruit and retain the best global talent and drive a more connected organization – which in turn drives innovation and creativity in our solutions for our business, our clients and our communities.

We value the unique insights and talents that people with disabilities bring to our culture and business practices. Our foundational core value “We live inclusion” is supported by the strength of tangible leadership commitment and accountability at Jacobs, and in 2021 we commit to:

  • Driving a step change in disability awareness. Supporting and empowering our employees with disability and their allies through our disability network ACE (Access, Connect, Empower) provides a platform to consult and learn from our colleagues’ lived experiences of disability, connect global employees with similar experiences (either personally or through caring for a family member) and empower all those living with disability to bring their whole selves to work. ACE is represented at the highest level of the company through sponsors in our Executive Leadership Team.
  • Ensuring stronger measurement and accountability through all levels of the organization. A baseline of information forms the foundation of actions for front-line leaders, and provides the basis of consistent accountability conversations, measurable progress and familiarity and confidence within our leadership cohort.
  • Focussing on accessibility. We will continue to specifically target workplace adjustments – both physical and digital – to improve accessibility. This will be a key consideration as we transform our office space around the globe, while also embracing new standards in the way we communicate and work in the future. Our continued success on these fronts ultimately increases opportunities to attract more people with disabilities to our organization, allowing all employees to thrive.
  • Facilitating better outcomes for people with disabilities in the broader community. While our focus remains on transforming our own disability inclusion culture, our greatest long-term opportunity exists in influencing positive outcomes for the communities and customers served by our clients. Jacobs deploys more than 70 million hours of intellect to some of the world’s largest government and private sector organizations on an annual basis. As our culture matures, we will encourage our stakeholders to take a similar journey to better support the communities we jointly serve.

Our continued commitment to the Valuable 500 is a great source of motivation to all of us at Jacobs – ensuring that people of all abilities are valued, supported, and embraced. Our participation is also a key element in realizing our ambition of creating a ‘company like no other’.

Jaguar Land Rover

Valuable Leader: Ralf Speth

Region: Global

Jaguar Land Rover’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Jaguar Land Rover we are committed to creating experiences people love, for life.

We understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and equity to our business; a truly diverse workplace, where the creativity, beliefs and passions of everyone are valued, can improve employee satisfaction, drive innovation and ultimately allow the business to succeed and flourish now and into the future.

To be inclusive we must create a level playing field in which all our colleagues can thrive. We must value the diverse skill set and experiences each and every person contributes to our organisation and encourage everyone at Jaguar Land Rover to bring their authentic self to work, in order to benefit from the improved collaboration, innovation and decision making this will bring to our business.

By embedding diversity within our culture and workforce, we aim to create products, communications and experiences that are more inclusive for our people, our customers, and wider society.

We have been the Presenting Partner of The Invictus Games since it began in 2014: an event which uses the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding and respect for wounded, injured and sick Service men and women. We are proud to continue in our role as Presenting Partner for the fifth Invictus Games in 2021.

However, to truly enable as many people as possible to participate in society with ease, ambition and autonomy, we want to do more.

Jaguar Land Rover therefore commits to the following pledge:

To conduct regular research with individuals who have disabilities, impairments and mobility needs, with the aim of creating actionable insights that make our products, communications and experiences more inclusive. 

Japan Airlines

Valuable Leader: Yuji Akasaka

Region: Global

Japan Airlines’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The JAL Group aims to improve accessibility so our customers can experience the joy and richness of travel. We will create an environment where each customer can travel with peace of mind. We will value the relationship with our customers and continue to offer personalized travel arrangements.

Furthermore, we respect diversity and aim to create a society where each person can unlock their unique abilities, in collaboration with communities and corporate partners around the world.

Basic Policy

1) JAL Group Service Policy on Accessibility

  • Provide a stress-free travel experience for all our customers
  • Offer various travel options to all our customers
  • Co-create well-being through travel, with our customers and society


2) Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion

  • We value the diverse traits of our employees and will create new values by promoting      inclusion.


Key Measures

We will continue to improve accessibility at our facilities and in our services so that our customers can enjoy traveling with minimal barriers. We will continue improving the environment at airports and in the aircraft to promote a comfortable experience both on the ground and in the air. We will also provide useful information so that customers will be motivated to travel.

Furthermore, we will be proactive in human resource development and create employee-friendly workplaces, where each person can unleash their individual potential.

1) Improvement of the Environment

We will utilize the latest technology to improve the environment so that customers can travel smoothly. Our efforts will include the following initiatives:

  • Improvement of accessible facilities and equipment at airports
  • Utilization of assistive tools to promote universal communication
  • Utilization of assistive tools, such as wooden wheelchairs for smoother mobility
  • Enhancement of inflight entertainment programs


2) Promote and Communicate Attractive Travel Features

We will provide information to customers that may feel anxious to travel due to a disability.  Our actions will include:

  • Developing the website where customers can find information with ease
  • Organizing events to experience boarding procedures and practice sitting in an aircraft in a way to remove any anxiety for air travel
  • Disseminating information on travel destinations, new ways to enjoy traveling, and promote attractions through the website


3) Provision of Travel Options

We will promote accessible tourism so that everyone can participate and enjoy traveling without any concerns.

  • Offering travel ideas, such as dual-ski tours
  • Providing support for mobility and accommodation for a stress-free experience before, during, and after the trip.


4) Human Resource Development (Removing Psychological Barriers)

We will develop human resource management to improve customer service skills

  • Provide training to remove psychological barriers
  • Providing customer service training to employees in the service division


5) Promotion of Employees’ Growth and Development

We will create workplaces where all employees can unleash their unique traits and capabilities.

  • Promoting the employment of persons with disabilities and increasing opportunities for all individuals
  • Improving the work environment by utilizing information technology and offering flexible workstyles
  • Proactive participation by employees with disabilities to improve accessibility standards.

Jardine Motors

Valuable Leader: Neil Williamson

Region: United Kingdom

Jardine Motors’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Jardine Motors we believe a more diverse team is a better performing team. This means we need people from all backgrounds and experiences to bring their ideas, passion and talent to our company.  In return, as part of our mission to be ‘the best motor retailer as judged by you’, we commit to offering an inclusive culture where everyone has the opportunities to be the best they can be and ensure that the diversification of our teams fully represents the customers we serve.

As part of our ongoing work around diversification and inclusivity, including our disability agenda, we commit to:

  • Offering work placements to young people with disabilities as part of our charity partnership with Whizz-Kidz so they may gain important employability skills.
  • Improving accessibility in internal and external communications, such as insisting on subtitles on all videos and where possible including audio transcripts as well.
  • Holding a group mentoring event where colleagues will lend their time, skills and experience to help young wheelchair users reach their potential by helping them to identify goals to work towards, put action plans in place and enable them to achieve.
  • Reviewing our job adverts to make it clearer that we are an inclusive employer.

John Sisk & Son

Valuable Leader: Stephen Bowcott

Region: Global

John Sisk & Son’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We commit to raising awareness around the specific disability of mental ill-health.  This is something that’s been on our leadership agenda for some time and in the past 2 years, we have engaged the entire company in this initiative.

We continue to work hard in this space to encourage our people to check in on their colleagues and promote the message that it’s ok to say that you may be feeling under pressure right now and that it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.  These are key principles of our I am Here programme.  We are also initiating a review of our overall approach to how we address mental health in the company and will take inputs from our colleagues and from external experts.

We are more than willing to share any learnings that we have from our efforts with any interested party to help address and reduce the stigma that’s unfortunately associated with mental health and to help those who are in need of some kindness at this point in their lives.

Johnson & Johnson

Valuable Leader: Alex Gorsky

Region: Global

Johnson & Johnson’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We’re proud to join The Valuable 500 and work with other leading companies to elevate the importance of inclusion for people with diverse abilities. At Johnson & Johnson, we blend heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity. This is Our Purpose, which guides everything we do. To achieve this aspiration, it’s essential that our global workforce reflects the diversity of all those we serve across the globe. This includes the 1.3 billion people worldwide who identify as having a diverse ability.

Inclusion at Johnson & Johnson is about creating a sense of belonging. It’s about fostering a culture where all people are valued, where their ideas are heard and where they can bring their authentic selves to work each day. Only then can everyone perform at their full potential.

This isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s an imperative because we know that diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives enables us to challenge the status quo, drive innovation, improve decision-making, and ultimately increases the value we can deliver for our patients, consumers and customers — and for society as a whole.

This mindset of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) starts at the top with the business leaders who chart the course for our 135,000 employees. Our Johnson & Johnson Executive Committee members sponsor and champion the efforts of the company’s 12 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) — employee-led groups with shared identities and experiences who advance our culture of inclusion and offer key insights that help drive better outcomes for the communities they represent. Our Alliance for Diverse Abilities ERG includes more than 3,400 members in 42 countries and provides support, education and programming related to diverse physical, neurological, cognitive and mental health abilities.

This commitment to our employees and the patients and customers we serve is a key part of our overall DE&I strategy and centers on the three pillars of our Strategic Framework. For people with diverse abilities, we are committed to:

Enhance our culture of inclusion

  • Embrace the unique talents and skills of people with diverse abilities and educate our employees about the value all colleagues bring to our work
  • Enhance accessibility for employees with diverse abilities, from our physical workspaces to our digital platforms

Build a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve

  • Actively recruit, develop and support people with diverse abilities at all levels of the organization
  • Continue to expand programs such as our “DiverseAbility” initiative that provides opportunities and support for people with diverse abilities in our contingent labor workforce

Drive business innovation and growth

  • Address the needs of people with diverse abilities through the products and services we offer
  • Build upon our work to address health inequities
  • Foster existing relationships and identify new partnerships with organizations focused on diverse abilities

At Johnson & Johnson, we seek to unleash the potential of every employee by embracing and leveraging their diversity. We will continue to harness the power of DE&I in all we do to truly change the trajectory of health for humanity.



Johnson Controls

Valuable Leader: George Oliver

Region: Global

Johnson Controls’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Johnson Matthey

Valuable Leader: Robert Macleod

Region: United Kingdom

Johnson Matthey’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) forms the core foundation of who we are in Johnson Matthey and our vision for a world that’s cleaner and healthier, today and for future generations. Integral to our culture are two fundamental beliefs: that all differences matter and that all people are valued.

We have recently refreshed our D&I road-map and our executive leadership teams have action plans aligned to it. The disability agenda forms a key part of our road-map and our commitments on this are to:

  • Undertake an awareness campaign to increase the understanding of how we can make our employees with disabilities feel fully included in Johnson Matthey.
  • Ensure all leadership teams have a specific, measurable commitment to progressing the disability agenda.
  • Involve representatives from our newly formed Employee Resource Group, with first hand experience of Disability, in a board discussion on how we champion change.
  • Utilise our employee engagement channels, including our country workforce committees, to source ideas and review the disability agenda, involving as may people with first-hand experience of disability as possible.
  • Offer work experience placements in our key sites and review our recruitment networks in 2020 to encourage more people with disabilities to join Johnson Matthey.

Jurys Inn and Leonardo Hotels UK and Ireland

Valuable Leader: Jason Carruthers

Region: United Kingdom

Jurys Inn and Leonardo Hotels UK and Ireland’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Jurys Inns and Leonardo Hotels UK and Ireland, we are committed to creating an inclusive culture where everyone can be themselves at work.  Our Company Vision is to deliver outstanding results through exceptional people, and therefore our people are key to our success.

Our Diversity and Inclusion strategy is high on our agenda in 2020 and a key element of this includes our company target of recruiting one employee with a disability per 100 bedrooms.

We will support the achievement of this target by carrying out the following actions:

  • Our UK hotels have signed up to Disability Confident Level 1.  It is our aim that over 50% of our UK hotels will be signed up to Level 2 by the end of 2020.  By signing up to the Disability Confident scheme we are committed to providing initiatives such as work experience, work placement opportunities and providing more opportunities to people with a disability.
  • In Ireland, our Irish hotels will continue their work placement initiatives with the Irish charity Rehab.
  • We will further support the awareness of our commitment by ensuring that our careers website displays our Disability Confident logo.
  • We will include unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion and specific information about supporting people with disabilities as part of our in-house training for all hiring managers.
  • We will continue our initiative to provide training in Mental Health First Aid to ensure we have a number of team members able to support in this area throughout the UK and Ireland.


Valuable Leader: Eric Salama

Region: Global

Kantar’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

To audit all Kantar buildings for accessibility pending workplace re-entry.

Kao Corporation

Valuable Leader: Michitaka Sawada

Region: Global

Kao Corporation’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

In April 2019, Kao launched the Kirei Lifestyle Plan, its ESG strategy. Kao’s support for The Valuable 500 embodies four of the Kirei Lifestyle Plan’s 19 key leadership actions: Universal Product Design, Respecting Human Rights, Inclusive & Diverse Workplaces, and Human Capital Development. By integrating ESG into the core of its company management, Kao will drive business growth and better serve consumers and society through its enhanced products and services. In the future, the Kao Group will continue to implement its unique ESG activities globally, so as to deliver satisfaction and enriched lives for people around the world, and contribute to the sustainability of society.

Kao’s Strategy:

Contribution to Business and Society

In line with Kao’s corporate mission, which is “to strive for the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally and to contribute to the sustainability of the world,” we are rolling out products and services featuring universal design which makes them easy to understand and easy to use for as many people as possible. We also collaborate with NPOs and NGOs to promote activities aimed at fostering understanding of and sharing the barrier-free approach—including barrier-free access to information—so as to enable people with disabilities to enjoy happy lives that are fully integrated with the rest of society.


We position support for people with disabilities as an important part of our Diversity & Inclusion efforts, and have formulated a basic policy of “Striving for a society where people with and without disabilities work and live together, we create workplace environments for employees with disabilities that make life easier for them and foster a sense of pride in one’s work.”

Kawada Technologies

Valuable Leader: Tadahiro Kawada

Region: Global

Kawada Technologies’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Kawada Technologies positions the promotion of diversity as part of its management strategy, respects the individuality of each person, including employees with disabilities, and carries out various initiatives to realize an inclusive society.

– Promotion of Diverse Human Resources

We will promote the creation of a workplace where all employees, regardless of disabilities, can respect each other and where diverse human resources can play an active role.

– Solving social issues by utilizing the latest technology

We are participating in various initiatives in line with the philosophy of “The Valuable 500”, including the Tele-Barista project, and are particularly focusing on initiatives to solve social issues faced by people with disabilities by utilizing the latest technology. We will continue to create new value together with various partners through activities that promote interaction among people with diverse backgrounds and abilities.

– Proactive Information Dissemination

We will proactively disseminate our initiatives through social networking services and other means.

KBZ Bank

Valuable Leader: Mike DeNoma

Region: Myanmar

KBZ Bank’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We are guided by a belief and a culture that runs throughout the entire organization: being good to  people and doing the right thing. That is why we are driven by our three values – Metta, Thet Ti,  Virya – loving kindness, perseverance and courage. 

These values permeate every level of the organisation, from our leadership to our team members,  and guide every interaction with our customers and partners. They allow us to work with intention,  and have a profound impact on communities and lives.  

We recognize that we can always aim to do better. For these reasons, we are committed to  providing an environment where all of our team members can nurture a sense of belonging for all,  regardless of their background and abilities. Specifically, we will evaluate and improve our policies  and practices toward disability inclusion so that everyone is enabled to shape an inclusive  workplace, together.  

We will continue to stay true to our values and reflect it in the way we operate, as a team and as a  bank. That is simply what Myanmar needs and deserves.


Valuable Leader: Caroline Keeling

Region: Ireland

Keelings’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We will actively engage in meaningful actions that will develop pathways for individuals with disability into our workforce and support their needs to help them achieve success.

In 2020 we will initiate a partnership with the TCPID (Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disability) and we will facilitate an internship programme for the course participants in the 2020/2021 cohort of students engaged with the centre. We will ensure that our people understand the benefits  and support this programme.

Keio Plaza Hotel

Valuable Leader: Mamoru Yamamoto

Region: Global

Keio Plaza Hotel’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We are committed to providing an enjoyable environment where guests of all abilities can feel safe and relaxed.

We foster an inclusive mindset among our employees that creates a spirit of catering to each guest’s individual needs with heartfelt hospitality.

We continue to promote barrier free and equal access spaces with our ‘Birds Eye’ team representing diverse departments of our company.

Our goal is to create an inclusive culture where diversity is encouraged.

The Keio Plaza Hotel is dedicated to promoting its activities both internally and externally through public relations.



Kerry Foods

Valuable Leader: Nick Robinson

Region: United Kingdom

Kerry Foods’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Iftach Sachar

Region: Israel

Keter’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Founded in 1948, Keter Group is a global resin-based consumer products group and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of durable home and garden products, as well as medical waste solutions, which are sold to consumers and businesses in 108 countries. 

We have always put environmental consciousness at our core. From our earliest days, we have invested in innovation to provide the most durable products using minimum virgin resources, enabling our consumers to enjoy our beautiful, functional designs, year after year, while preserving the integrity of our natural environment. We are unique in our industry because we have always sought to design for what is now known as the circular economy: follow the principles of recyclability, use recycled content, produce near-zero waste and design products built to endure. 

Beyond environmental sustainability, our business is for people. We aim to make living easier and more comfortable and make our customers’ home and work surroundings more orderly and pleasing places to live, work and relax. During the past year, we have pulled together the elements of our approach to sustainability with our role as a contributor to better living and sustainable development to create a coherent strategy and specific commitments for the next five years and beyond. Based on our material impacts, we are allocating resources to further drive our positive impacts on people, society and the planet, while accelerating a reduction in our negative impacts. We have formulated a strategy comprising multi-year targets across three workstreams.

This our commitment by 2025:

1. Better Products for Better Places

2. Better Planet

3. Better Business

Some of our key projects:

1. Making Keter Accessible – In Israel, in 2020, we embarked upon an Accessibility Program at all our factories and offices. With a nominated, trained Accessibility Trustee at each site, we are updating fittings, signage, entrance ramps and accessibility features to ensure our places are accessible for all. In the U.S., we comply at all our sites with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which includes similar accessibility provisions.

2. Welcoming the differently abled: In Israel, we maintain an ongoing partnership with Ha’Meshakem, a company dedicated to the integration of people with disabilities into the job market. Each year and including through the pandemic period in 2020, we employ tens of differently abled individuals in our factories across Israel.

3. In 2020, we demonstrated solidarity in exceptional ways due to the COVID-19 pandemic, converting our factories to support the production of face shields and donating thousands to support frontline healthcare workers.

4. Supporting Women Paralympic Athletes: Keter Israel contributes to the advancement of inclusive sports by adopting 4 outstanding women Paralympic athletes, providing financial support that enables them to continue to train full time.


Valuable Leader: Xavier Lopez Ancona

Region: Global

Kidzania’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Inclusion is most importantly seen as putting inclusive values into action. It is a commitment to particular values which account for a wish to overcome exclusion and promote participation. Values are fundamental guides and prompts to action. They spur us forward, give us a sense of direction and define a destination. (, n.d.)

1. Our Approach

Disability inclusion at work is about more than hiring people with disabilities. An inclusive workplace values all collaborators for their strengths. It offers collaborators with disabilities— an equal opportunity to succeed, to learn, to be compensated fairly, and to advance. True inclusion is about embracing differences, true inclusion builds better societies.

Inclusive practices not only support people with disabilities. Inclusion creates a more accepting and supportive workplace for all collaborators. KidZania believes disability inclusion programs generate a stronger culture, higher engagement, and respect among all members of our organization.

2. Major Initiatives

a. Disability awareness

As a skill, disability awareness refers to being mindful of the disabilities of people and managing to communicate and work with them effectively. This is our first and major global initiative to create a disability awareness program throughout our organization, considering our diverse cultural background, and leverage on our global presence.

This initiative will focus on strengthening our inclusive culture internally; from top to bottom. We’ll also work alongside all our stakeholders inside KidZania considering the following pillars of inclusion:

  • Choice
  • Partnerships
  • Communications
  • Policies
  • Opportunities
  • Access
  • Attitude

And adding a key element for KidZania, joy. Enjoyment and fun while learning. And taking this view to our awareness campaign and internal training programs to accomplish our goal.

We are committed to creating a disability awareness journey within KidZania. Including all the different levels in our organization, so as to promote key messages and start taking actions towards a stronger inclusive culture by:

  • Sending a strong message from the top
  • Educating our collaborators and raising awareness
  • Training our members to build confidence and trust
  • Having an Inclusion Committee that guides our steps and actions
  • Aligning our new narrative and pillars to this message and communicate it internally so that everybody understands what our goal is and how to take part in it.

b. Hiring Policies and Special Support

KidZania has already started this path with hiring policies and by having collaborators with disabilities as part of our staff. We are looking forward to consolidating this important participation by:

  • Having clear hiring policies that include support, training, accessibility and a buddy program to accompany every collaborator who may benefit from this extra support
  • Strengthening inclusive recruitment
  • Building purposeful partnerships
  • Making our workplace accessible
  • Ensuring inclusive practice throughout our organization

Kin + Carta

Valuable Leader: John Schwan

Region: Global

Kin + Carta’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Kin + Carta, we have pledged to use ourselves, our platform, and our work as a force for good. We have the opportunity to seek out diverse perspectives, to celebrate differences, and to build a culture where every individual is empowered to bring their authentic, and full self to work. In addition to the actions we committed to earlier this year in our IDEA strategy action plan, we have committed to the following. We know this is a marathon, not a sprint and will continue to learn and change for as long as it takes.

We will reduce the stigma around disability by:

  • Creating safe spaces for people with visible and hidden disabilities to share their experiences and escalate when they feel there is a problem which needs to be addressed
  • Creating a process to enable all of our staff to be comfortable requesting the tools and resources they need to do their job to the best of their ability and ensuring these requests get actioned

We will actively educate and raise awareness by:

  • Giving our employees a voice to share their experiences, such as opening up the Pass the Mic initiative
  • Ensuring we recognise and educate on awareness days, such as Global Accessibility Awareness day
  • Measuring and reporting on the number of people with additional requirements and their satisfaction at work

We will make certain that our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible by:

  • Advertising our jobs in a wider amount of places, such as ‘Diversity in Tech’ and Remploy
  • Reviewing and updating our job specifications and posts to remove any bias or ableist language
  • Reviewing our website and all internal tools to ensure they are as accessible as possible
  • We will seek to remove any active or unconscious bias in our interview and promotions processes by reviewing the state of play and educating our staff

Kingsley Napley

Valuable Leader: Stephen Parkinson

Region: United Kingdom

Kingsley Napley’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Kingsley Napley we are committed to ensuring that our disability performance ratings are regularly reviewed by the organisation’s management team, and that policies are deeply embedded to ensure that people with disabilities are treated equally.  In addition, by supporting the (Dis)ability Network, I, as Senior Partner, have committed to raise awareness of this issue both at a senior management level and throughout the firm.

The Valuable 500 requires us to make a commitment to one action.  I can report that we have a number of live projects that illustrate our commitment.  They are:

1. The establishment of a (Dis)ability Network whose over-arching goal is to raise awareness of different types of disabilities (both visible and invisible) and create a safe space for people to speak out about their disabilities in order for us to help and support them.  The stated aims of the network are to:

  • Raise awareness of what disability is (visible, invisible, physical, psychological).
  • Answer the question: Is this a disability?
  • Educating people in relation to disabilities and how you relate to people with disabilities.
  • Dispel some of the myths around disability.
  • Ensure that people check their language in relation to disability issues.
  • Ask the question: how can the employer help?
  • Build closer relationships with clients with disabilities.
  • Encourage people with disabilities not to self-select away from applying for jobs at Kingsley Napley.
  • Identify areas where Kingsley Napley fall short of our commitment to create a workspace that is inclusive of people with disability (particularly as we prepare to move).
  • Consider and discuss the impact of disability of a loved one for members of KN.
  • Work closely with wellbeing and charities to ensure the needs of the KN workforce are being met.


2. We have set up an internal portal page which has a subpage entitled “What is a Disability?” which discusses the definition of the Disability Act and also reminds people that a lot of disabilities are invisible.


3. To bring the issue ‘home’ we have a page entitled “What does disability mean for you and people you know?” on which we have published stories of people within the firm who have felt comfortable talking about disability and how it has affected them either directly or indirectly. 


4. We recognise that not everybody feels ready to share their stories in a public forum but that there will be a significant number within our employee population who have ‘lived experience’ of certain conditions. To encourage confidential sharing of information we have created a ‘conditions list’ on our portal.

Human Resources hold a confidential list with a name against each condition of somebody who has ‘lived experience’ of that condition and, on a confidential basis, would be prepared to share their experiences with someone who is coming to terms with a diagnosis on that list. The purpose is simply to provide pastoral support, somebody to have a cup of tea and a chat with.

We are careful to ensure, through a series of simple steps, that both people are comfortable with their confidential information being shared before the names are exchanged.


5. Having addressed issues internally, we are starting to face outwards, for example we publish blogs and we are looking to pool our legal expertise to create a Disabled Clients’ Forum.


The final commitment that I have been asked to make is that I will share the identified actions with my organisation.  I hope the actions list above shows that they are already being shared.  The commitment that we make is to continue engaging with the topic and constantly striving to ensure that we are living by the values of the Valuable 500.


Valuable Leader: Ian Bailey

Region: Australia

Kmart’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Kmart Australia we are committed to creating products that are meaningful for our customers and celebrating the things that make us all different and unique. One way we are committed to doing this is through representation of people with disability within our doll ranges to normalise disability and remove some of the stigma around disability starting from a young age.


Valuable Leader: Akimasa Yoneda

KNT-CT’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Region: Japan

“Supporting everyone who wants to travel.” KNT-CT is committed to achieving the creation of a society in which anyone and everyone can enjoy travel.

Contributing to social normalization: KNT-CT contributes to fulfilling the dreams of its customers and the promotion of social normalization by offering accessible travel solutions that satisfy the needs of customers wishing to enrich their lives through travel, regardless of their age, or whatever disabilities they may have. We also support people with disabilities through the provision of employment opportunities, based on the importance and social significance of their activities in society.







Valuable Leader: Hidekuni Kuroda

Region: Global

KOKUYO’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

KOKUYO Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka / President: Hidekuni Kuroda) announced today that it both supports the mission of and has signed up to The Valuable 500, an international movement that seeks to realize a society in which people with disabilities can demonstrate diverse values.

The Valuable 500 was launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in January 2019. It aims to get 500 national and multinational, private sector corporations to be the tipping-point for change and help unlock the social and economic value of people living with disabilities across the world. The KOKUYO Group believes that diversity entails “creating a work environment where many positions and values are mutually recognized and where various work styles are permitted, thus making it possible for each and every employee to draw on his or her innate abilities.” By signing up to The Valuable 500, its goal is to further promote diversity and inclusion, and to promote the empowerment of people with disabilities.

1. The KOKUYO Group will work to promote diversity and inclusion as an SDGs material issue.

In February this year, KOKUYO updated the Corporate Philosophy to “be Unique.” It made clear that the mission of KOKUYO was to realize a richly creative society through its business activities, declaring: “We will adopt a more sustainable mindset with a long-term focus, and cultivate an entrepreneurial ecosystem that generates one new business after the other.”

Under the direction of its senior management, KOKUYO intends to further accelerate initiatives aimed at resolving societal issues through its business; to this end, it has identified material issues that focus particularly on sustainability activities.

One of its material issues centers on the theme of promoting diversity and inclusion. KOKUYO intends to become a company where diverse human resources can display their unique talents and meet the challenge of creating innovation via an organization in which diversity thrives in all its forms—including diversity of gender, of nationality, and of ability and disability.

2. The KOKUYO Group will promote inclusion in the recruitment of people with disabilities.

KOKUYO’s history of recruiting people with disabilities dates back to 1940. In that year, the company started employing students of the Osaka City School for the Deaf (the present-day Chuo School for the Deaf) at its Imazato Factory,which stood on the site of what is now our Head Office.. The company established KOKUYO K Heart, a “special subsidiary” (meaning a disability-friendly employer that is counted as part of the parent company) in September 2003; in December 2006, it established a second special subsidiary, Heartland, to employ people with intellectual or mental disabilities.

As of May 1, 2021, the KOKUYO Group’s employment rate for people with disabilities stood at 2.34%. At present, as part of its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, the Group is implementing a organization-wide initiative to encourage employees to overcome their differences and achieve sustainable growth together; to this end, it is promoting the participation of KOKUYO K Heart employees in work flows across the Group.

KOKUYO K Heart Co., Ltd.

KOKUYO K Heart provides environments in which each employee overflows with confidence and happiness, executes their work as a responsible member of society, and flourishes by leveraging the unique qualities of their disabilities.

When it was established, KOKUYO K Heart was initially tasked with creating printed materials for the KOKUYO Group. Since then, the company has gradually expanded its fields of activities, and now supports value creation by promoting the Group’s business. Its activities include: creating sales promotion materials; processing images of KOKUYO products for use on e-commerce websites; supporting the creation of development documents; and processing data.

KOKUYO K Heart seeks to enable its employees to transcend the special designation of “employing people with disabilities”; indeed, it hopes to create an environment in which its employees can liaise closely with colleagues from various other KOKUYO departments, advance their work together, influence each other in a mutually beneficial manner, and learn to understand each other better.

Heartland Co., Ltd.

The KOKUYO Group wished to provide employment for people with intellectual or mental disabilities, but it proved difficult to find opportunities within its everyday business. For this reason, it established Heartland Co., Ltd., a company involved in the production and sales of vegetables.

Heartland was the first special subsidiary in Japan to be designated an Agricultural Production Corporation (now a “corporation qualified to own cropland”). As well as providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities, through the production of safe and secure vegetables Heartland also seeks to contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese agriculture industry, which year on year is seeing decreasing numbers of workers and shrinking acreage under cultivation. At present, Heartland produces approximately 50 tons of vegetables per year, and the quality of its produce is praised by large numbers of supermarkets, retailers, and restaurants alike.

Vegetable production entails a wide variety of repeated tasks, including sowing seeds, planting seedlings, harvesting, and shipping. It is therefore possible to allocate different tasks to different employees, according to the type and extent of their disabilities. Vegetable production also enables employees to experience joy when cultivating vegetables and a sense of achievement when harvesting them, and so is well suited to people with intellectual or mental disabilities.

Heartland is a company at which people with disabilities take center stage. In addition to providing working opportunities for its own employees, the company also endeavors to provide a working environment for locally-based people with disabilities who are not employed by KOKUYO. Heartland believes its primary mission is to create a company in which people with disabilities can feel happiness and live with independence. It will continue its efforts to improve business efficiency and profitability, and so encourage society to view agriculture carried out by people with disabilities as a sustainable business.

Korn Ferry

Valuable Leader: Daren Kemp

Region: United Kingdom and Ireland

Korn Ferry’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Korn Ferry has a deep commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity.

That commitment can be seen through a number of initiatives and actions. It starts with tone at the top with Inclusion purposefully listed as the first of our Company’s four core values and is led globally by our Chief Diversity Officer, JT Saunders.

Korn Ferry UK & Ireland has established an Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Steering Committee to promote equality and inclusivity from within. The committee is composed of a diverse membership, drawn from all lines of business and bringing together colleagues of different abilities and backgrounds as well as those who bring knowledge, personal experience, different perspectives and a commitment to equity and inclusion for all.

Its objective is to share best practice, explore creative solutions and deliver actionable outcomes to ensure Korn Ferry UK & Ireland espouses its values, delivers on its commitments and progresses on its journey to provide the most inclusive and supportive culture and working environment for all team members.

Korn Ferry UK & Ireland is a Disability Confident Employer; we have committed to

ensuring our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible and that disabled people and those with long term health conditions have the opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations.

When working with our clients, we strongly believe that inclusive teams which comprise members with diverse experiences, abilities and perspectives can address problems more effectively and are more prepared to challenge accepted norms, make better decisions and therefore improve organisational performance.

We look closely at conscious and unconscious bias and openly discuss them as part of the search process. We actively encourage diversity representation in all its forms, including people with disabilities in order to access the broadest pools of talent and bring knowledge and lived experiences from as many dimensions as possible.

Diversity at Korn Ferry includes but is not limited to age, disability, ethnicity/national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, race, religious belief, education, background and sexual orientation; and encompasses the unique characteristics, traits, perspectives, skills and talents of all our colleagues.

We are committed to building an inclusive culture enabling diversity to thrive, by creating an environment where each individual is valued, celebrated for their differences, and enabled to contribute to their full potential.


Valuable Leader: Bill Thomas

Region: Global

KPMG’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Inclusion and diversity is core to our very existence—helping us build great teams with diverse views that represent the world we live in. It leads to better decision making, drives greater creativity and innovation and encourages us to stand up, live our values, and do what is right.

We recognize our firms’ global position working with clients large and small around the world affords us a privileged place and that we are not perfect. With that comes an opportunity and responsibility to achieve more and push for a fairer, more equitable society.

We are proud to be a signatory to Valuable 500 and make the commitment that we will:

Conduct a current state analysis of disability inclusion efforts across our global organization in order to:

  • identify areas where we can be more inclusive and supportive,
  • scale up or implement programs and policies that accelerate inclusion & diversity, and
  •  make adjustments to our offices, processes, policies and practices to drive equity in the recruitment, retention and development of people living with disabilities.

Kurt Geiger

Valuable Leader: Neil Clifford

Region: United Kingdom

Kurt Geiger’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Kurt Geiger is staunchly aligned with The Valuable 500’s belief that truly inclusive businesses can build truly inclusive societies. Our People Empowered campaign has embodied our commitment to inclusivity by celebrating the perspectives of underrepresented individuals in the aim of normalising diversity in fashion. During September to December last year, 25% of our People Empowered team included individuals with disabilities who actively advocate against discrimination across multiple areas of society. For 2021, we’re dedicated to building on this figure, and our decision to grow People Empowered into an ongoing – as well as global – campaign reflects our ambition to intensify our pursuit for greater disability inclusion in the fashion sphere.


Valuable Leader: Jean-Paul Agon

Region: Global

L’Oréal’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Laguna Clothing

Valuable Leader: Sarbajit Ghose

Region: India

Laguna Clothing’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Yang Yuanqing

Region: Global

Lenovo’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

As a global technology leader, Lenovo touches the lives of millions, whether it be through the people we employ around the world or the solutions and experiences that are delivered to customers and clients.

At Lenovo, we believe that technology companies have the capability and the profound responsibility to champion diversity and inclusion; not only in the products and services we deliver, but also in the values we foster and the internal practices that govern us. In January 2020, Lenovo joined The Valuable 500, a global movement putting disability on the business leadership agenda. Disability inclusion and accessibility remains a top business priority for Lenovo, and this year we pledge to:

  1. Increase disability accessibility as part of the corporate business agenda.
  2. Increase the representation of and improve the employee experience for people with disabilities within Lenovo.
  3. Continue developing our Product Diversity Office to ensure accessibility and inclusivity are prioritized at all stages of the design process of Lenovo products and solutions.
  4. Continue conducting internal audits to assess areas for improvement as it pertains to accessibility, in order to build upon our commitment to an inclusive work environment for all employees.

Liberty Global

Valuable Leader: Mike Fries

Region: Global

Liberty Global’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Liberty Global, we believe the connections we are building today are helping create a better tomorrow.

We know that deconstructing social barriers and empowering the disabled community enhances our supply of diverse talent, drives innovation, maximises business performance and positively transforms the lives of people in the world around us.

In 2020, we established a DE&I Council with members from across our business and have agreed five pillars to focus on, including disability. Where it is appropriate, our intention is to have inclusivity factored into the decisions we make, from supporting people with disabilities through recruitment to designing accessible next generation digital solutions.

In signing this commitment, our promise is to create a consciously inclusive culture and make a positive impact for the disabled community, including neurodivergent people. Specifically, we commit to:

  • creating an Employee Resource Group focusing on removing barriers for all disabled and neurodivergent colleagues
  • reviewing and defining policies and actions that support existing employees, potential future employees and customers with disabilities
  • launching a development journey for our people that challenges non-inclusive behaviour and embeds an inclusive culture for all
  • reviewing and enhancing our recruitment process so that people can demonstrate their talent without any limitations


Valuable Leader: J.P Scally

Region: Ireland

Lidl’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We’re proud to announce that Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland have joined the Valuable 500, a global movement putting disability on the business agenda.

It is important to us that all our team members are proud of what we achieve together in Lidl. The #WeAreLidl people policy has, and continues to, engage colleagues and foster a culture of inclusivity driven by our values – Respect, Recognition, Responsibility and Trust.

In joining we are committing to the following:

  • We will appoint a Board Director Sponsor to Champion our Diversity and Inclusion progress including our disability agenda.
  • We will provide inclusion training for our board and each Department Head by the end of 2021. Alongside this we will work with an external consultant to provide a train the trainer workshop for our HR team.
  • With the help of a third-party specialist, we will conduct an audit of our job application, existing policy and procedure processes to ensure that they are fully accessible.
  • We will introduce a Just A Minute (JAM) card within our Lidl Plus App, helping to further an accessible environment for all of our customers.
  • In 2021 we will commission external experts to identify, develop and implement strategies that address our most pressing inclusion needs, and also highlight the marketplace opportunities of a truly inclusive business in retail. Our aim is to develop on our progress in the area of diversity and inclusion by setting an inclusive business roadmap for 2022.

This continues our commitment to putting disability on the business agenda. In 2019, we rolled out Autism Aware Quiet Evenings across all of our stores offering customers a calmer shopping environment and the security knowing that additional assistance is available. In 2020, we added an accessibility tool to our A Better Tomorrow sustainability website. We rely on our partners to help develop our access programmes including Cope Foundation, the Prince’s Trust and Business in the Community. Collaboration is key to our success in this area such as with Assistance Dog’s Northern Ireland (ADNI) and Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI) putting two dogs through training with the intention of being given to families of children with Autism in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

We hope that in joining this movement that we can further make progress on our goal to build a high-performing, diverse and inclusive workforce based on respect, acceptance and trust.


Valuable Leader: David Ricks

Region: Global

Lilly’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Lilly is a great place to work and diversity on our teams makes a real difference as we deliver innovative medicines to help patients around the world get better and live better.

We are proud to sign on as a supporter of The Valuable 500. This important step demonstrates our commitment to disability inclusion beyond the medicines we make. It says we recognize that people with the best talents and skills for our important work may also have disabilities that should never limit their contributions. We embrace the different perspectives and experiences people with disabilities bring and we’re building an even more inclusive culture where everyone can reach their full potential and be their authentic selves.

We commit to ensuring that disability inclusion becomes an even stronger part of our company. Our long-term disability strategy begins with a multifaceted Access Lilly program that provides:

  • Work spaces and facilities that are welcoming and accessible for employees and visitors, whatever their needs may be.
  • Digital services and products that follow universal design best practices to ensure the optimum experience for patients, healthcare providers, employees and other stakeholders.
  • A centralized process for requesting assistive technology to ensure that employees are well supported and able to be their most productive.
  • Guidance to all employees on the importance of accessibility and the role we all play in creating inclusive environments.

Linde Group

Valuable Leader: Moloy Banerjee

Linde Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Region: South Asia

Inclusion is a part of Linde’s core values and we continue to grow and support it by ensuring that we provide equal opportunities to people with disabilities. For this, we pledge to-

  • Create opportunities to employ differently abled people as part of our diverse workforce
  • Support Community Engagement programs that are targeted towards providing medical support and vocational training for children and young adults with disabilities
  • Invite members with disabilities to speak to employees during Inclusion programs to increase awareness

Linklaters LLP

Valuable Leader: Charlie Jacobs

Region: Global

Linklaters LLP’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

I am delighted that we have joined the Valuable 500, which demonstrates our commitment to disability inclusion at the highest levels within the Firm. At Linklaters we are proud of the progress we have made in relation to diversity and inclusion so far and acknowledge there we still have much more to do. As a people business we recognise that one size does not fit all, and it is a crucial part of our Linklaters Culture that our people and our clients find themselves in an environment in which they can thrive.

Our Valuable 500 commitments are:

  • Reduce the stigma around disability and create role models by showcasing the lived experiences of our people
  • Implement a seamless process for workplace adjustments
  • Ensure our working environment is accessible and inclusive


Lloyd’s of London

Valuable Leader: Bruce Carnegie Brown

Region: United Kingdom

Lloyd’s of London’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Lloyds Banking Group

Valuable Leader: António Horta-Osório

Region: Global

Lloyds Banking Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We will continue to drive activity which supports, sustains, and promotes an inclusive and diverse organisation for customers and colleagues with visible and non-visible disabilities. We are committed to;

•       Empowering and supporting colleagues to talk about their Mental Health at work

•       Further improving the accessibility of our products and services available to customers through increased use of technology

•       Educating and raising awareness around disability, learning from, and sharing best practice with other organisations


Valuable Leader: Bracken Darrell

Region: Global

Logitech’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Since Logitech was founded it had a vision to design new possibilities that extend human capability. We strive to make this a reality for anyone by providing resources that help people build more fulfilling lives and better futures. We are honored to be a part of the Valuable 500, as we share the drive to build an inclusive world where everybody wins, and believe our contributions are amplified when we join others in pursuit of a more equitable world.

In 2021 Logitech’s executive leadership team is committing to embark on a 6-month D&I training series, with the goal of creating a more inclusive workplace and putting inclusive design at the center of product development to create better offerings for our customers.

The gaming team at Logitech, Logitech G, is one area of the Company that has made tangible strides to enable play for everyone; though we recognize there is so much more we can do. Logitech G believes it is our opportunity and obligation to evolve the gaming industry into an inclusive, diverse community for gamers today and in the future. More than 46 million gamers with disabilities in America want to play video games, but they often need help doing it. The Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit represents the Company’s commitment to bring play to all — unlocking the full potential of the Xbox Adaptive Controller for persons with different accessibility needs.

The Logitech G team worked with accessibility organizations to design and develop a robust offering that enables people with disabilities to game the way most suitable for them. The Adaptive Gaming Kit features the largest assortment of buttons and triggers available with gaming-grade components for performance and durability. The kit also includes marking labels, velcro attachment stickers, foam attachments and cable management strips to help with setup and reconfiguration for both gamers and caregivers.

The Logitech G team is continuing to work with key accessibility groups, such as SpecialEffect and AbleGamers, to further  customize the gaming experience and create solutions that make it easy for everyone to enjoy video games, no matter their ability. We are committed to continuing our efforts to bring a better experience to people and gamers everywhere.

London Luton Airport

Valuable Leader: Alberto Martin

Region: United Kingdom

London Luton Airport’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At London Luton Airport, we recognise the power of diversity.

One of our aims is to ensure our customers receive a welcoming and friendly travel experience. Having a diverse team means we can better meet the needs of our diverse customer base, because we represent their diversity. We also believe a diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy is essential in helping our people to feel confident to be exactly who they are, whilst being valued for their individuality and uniqueness.

As part of our in-progress diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy development, we commit to:

  • Improving internal and external communication, accessibility, such as subtitles on videos and following inclusive design guidelines for publications,
  • Delivering an accessibility programme for our customers,
  • Delivering a robust unconscious bias training programme,
  • Reviewing our job adverts to make it clear we are an inclusive employer, and 
  • Reviewing and implementing a diversity, inclusion and belonging policy with accompanying line manager guides.

London Stock Exchange Group

Valuable Leader: David Schwimmer

Region: Global

London Stock Exchange Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Our vision is to support and embrace a culture of diversity and inclusion where all colleagues can fulfil their potential.

We believe that a diverse group of colleagues and a commitment to equal opportunities is key to driving innovation and building a culture that reflects our global customers and the communities in which we operate around the world.

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all colleagues by:

  • Promoting the Group as an employer of choice by attracting people of all abilities, irrespective of visible or invisible differences
  • Ensuring our hiring and on-boarding practices are fully inclusive
  • Creating inclusive working environments across all regions, supported by consistent guidelines
  • Equipping leaders and managers with the skills and knowledge to be consciously inclusive at all times
  • Enabling all colleagues to thrive by providing reasonable workplace adjustments enabled by agile ways of working and technology
  • Establishing a Group-wide network to educate and raise awareness of disability in the workplace
  • Embedding the Group’s commitment to supporting disability across all regions

In order to deliver our goals, the Ability Network will be an integral part of the Group’s global Inclusion Networks and will play an important role in championing colleague views, raising awareness and highlighting best practice across all regions.

Macquarie Group

Valuable Leader: Shemara Wikramanayake

Region: Global

Macquarie Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Macquarie, the diversity of our people is one of our greatest strengths. An inclusive workplace enables us to embrace diversity to deliver more innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients, shareholders, communities and our people. Macquarie is committed to building a workforce that reflects all aspects of diversity and intersectionality to bring a range of perspectives, ideas and insights to everything we do.

As part of our global D&I strategy, our commitments to disability inclusion include:

  • Enhancing our talent pipeline and recruitment channels to engage people with a disability by strategically partnering with disability employment organisations.
  • Continuing to educate and raise awareness of visible and invisible disability by engaging leading organisations to provide training for employees and promoting global days of disability awareness. We provide on-demand resources and practical support to our employees, managers and leaders in order to be a disability-confident organisation.
  • Consulting with accessibility experts on the design of our new Sydney headquarters to ensure we provide dignified access for our people and visitors.
  • Continuing to embed principles of inclusion within our policies, practices and procedures, with reasonable adjustments and technology available to all.
  • Improving the accessibility of our banking services for people with a disability. We will take reasonable measures to enhance their access to those services.

We are proud of our progress in D&I, but recognise there is more to do and are committed to challenge ourselves to continually do better.

Magic Leap, Inc.

Valuable Leader: Rony Abovitz

Region: Global

Magic Leap, Inc.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Our mission at Magic Leap is to amplify human ability by bringing spatial computing to everyone, all day, every day. As part of this mission, Magic Leap is committed to building an inclusive culture that inspires, celebrates, and nurtures the diverse abilities in all of us. We aim to design our platform, products, and services, so that all people of varying ages and ability levels may experience joy through their interactions with Magic Leap.

Magic Leap is taking an integrated approach to disability inclusion and implementing an accessibility program to help us realise our mission. Our approach includes four key efforts:

  • Creating an employee resource group that provides education, engagement and feedback around disability inclusion and accessibility
  • Engaging persons with disabilities and accessibility specialists to better understand market accessibility requirements from the user perspective.
  • Providing role-specific training and establishing processes to help us advance the accessibility of our products, services, and processes over time.
  • Contributing to the development of XR accessibility industry standards and best practices and enabling developers to build accessible XR apps, content, and experiences.

Want to learn more? Visit us at

Mahindra Group

Valuable Leader: Mr. Anand G. Mahindra

Region: Global

Mahindra Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The Mahindra Group is an Equal Opportunity employer and we promote and enable equal opportunities for our diverse workforce that includes persons with disability. We are reinforcing our commitment and priority towards being a Disability-Inclusive Group through these key areas of focus:

  • Raise awareness about disability with the objective of creating a fair and accepting inclusive environment
  • Promote the inclusion of persons with disability as a part of our diverse workforce


Valuable Leader: Jonas Prising

Region: Global

Manpower’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At ManpowerGroup, we believe in nurturing a culture of conscious inclusion, where all people feel welcome, valued and celebrated at work. We are committed to doing all we can to strengthen diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging within our company and our communities – and that includes providing opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in the workplace and achieve their potential.

As a founding member of the Valuable 500, we stand firm in our commitment to drive disability inclusion through systemic change by unlocking the business, social and economic value of the 1.3 billion people living with disabilities.

  • We are committed to championing disability inclusion with our clients and community partners across 75+ labor markets to help people living with disabilities access meaningful and sustainable work. We will do this by breaking down barriers to employment and providing upskilling opportunities with partners like: Disability: IN (North America), Made by Dyslexia (global), Easter Seals (North America), BestBuddies (North America), Caminemos Juntos in (Mexico & Central America), Opportunidades para Todos (Argentina), HandiCapable (France) and Job Support Power (Japan)
  • We are committed to continuing to lead by example and nurture a culture of conscious inclusion within our own company for all our people. We will do this by launching our new Diversity & Inclusion Council – Ability whose mission is to support and advocate for employees with disabilities and their allies.  We strive for excellence by positively shaping attitudes, behaviors, and a culture of inclusion for people with disabilities across the workforce:


.People – Diverse representation at all levels of the organization reflecting the communities in which we operate and stakeholders we serve​

·       Culture – Build a Culture of Conscious Inclusion and belonging where all have opportunity to thrive and achieve full potential ​

·       Commerce & Community – Help build sustainable communities by providing opportunities to diverse talent, supporting clients with their DEI efforts and supporting diverse-owned businesses

Marks & Spencer

Valuable Leader: Steve Rowe

Region: United Kingdom

Marks & Spencer’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  • We will launch a campaign called #InMyShoes across our stores and support offices to engage and inspire colleagues to drive inclusion. Accessibility will be a key focus areas within this campaign for which we will launch tools and materials to support customers and colleagues with different accessibility needs.
  • We will continue to provide opportunities for disabled people to get into employment through training and work experience (our programme is called Marks & Start and supports around 700 disabled people each year).

Marui Group

Valuable Leader: Hiroshi Aoi

Marui Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Region: Japan

MARUI GROUP envisions a world in which we have transcended all dichotomies to build a flourishing and inclusive society that offers happiness to all.

  • We promote universal design in our stores MARUI and increase the number of places where all customers can enjoy shopping with confidence.
  • We co-create credit with companies and organizations that sympathize with our ideals through various events, and enhance the services that all customers can enjoy shopping freely.
  • Through training and dialogue with the parties concerned, we promote understanding of the inclusion among all Group employees and promote an environment which each and every person can lead to their own actions.
  • MARUI GROUP seeks to ensure that every employee can exercise their individuality and feel enthusiastic toward their work.


Valuable Leader: Michael Miebach

Region: Global

Mastercard’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Mastercard, inclusion and diversity are about more than bringing together people with different backgrounds. It’s an understanding that when we create meaningful connections, inspire acceptance and cultivate a culture where we all belong, we are a better team—one that makes better decisions, drives innovation and delivers better business results.

As a purpose-driven company with a long commitment to inclusivity, we have a broad view of what constitutes and inspires talent, so we develop employee skills for now and for the future. We continue to build a workforce as diverse as the markets and customers we serve.

Specifically, our commitments to disability inclusion include:

  • Ensuring our working environment is accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all
  • Equipping employees with the skills and knowledge they need to be inclusive of people with disabilities
  • Providing a more accessible workplace through accommodations and accessible technology and building design
  • Supplying employees with the tools they need to take care of their mental health and wellbeing
  • Enhancing our culture of inclusion through business resource groups, employee experiences, activations, and events


Valuable Leader: Bruce Caswell

Region: Global

Maximus’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Maximus, we commit to:

  • Support the evolution of our organization approach to disability from an “ADA Compliant” to an “ADA Best Practice” approach by piloting an accessibility audit program at 5 sites by FY22 to support development of a multi-pronged strategy with incremental changes across the U.S.
  • Evaluate potential Individuals with Disabilities and Friends and Family of Individuals with Disabilities Employee Resource Group to support an increase of employee engagement and community support at Maximus.
  • Complete re-accreditation of Disability Confident across our UK business entities.

Maxon Group

Valuable Leader: Eugen Elmiger

Region: Global

Maxon Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At maxon we continue generating a workplace environment where everyone has the same opportunities and experiences regardless of any additional requirements they may have. As we sign this pledge, we are committing to the following initiatives:

  • Educating and raising awareness around disability and equipping our colleagues with the skills and knowledge to be more inclusive of people with disabilities
  • Ensuring our working environment is accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all together with facilitating a more seamless process for workplace adjustments
  • We commit to ensuring both visible & invisible disability is on the agenda at board-level.
  • Through our marketing and sponsorship activity of the Cybathlon, we aim to break down barriers between the public, people with disabilities and technology developers and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • We entertain integration programs for people with disabilities and collaborate with the respective foundations and institutions
  • We support employees who have acquired a disability or long term health condition and help enable them to remain part of our workforce


Valuable Leader: Phil Verity

Region: United Kingdom

Mazars’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“We will actively engage with our Speakeasy network (disability network) through our Inclusion Alliance ensuring that the network plays a key role in the development of the firms policies and practices in relation to inclusion and both visible and hidden disability.  We will provide a platform for the network to share more lived experiences to help educate and raise awareness of disability across the firm”.

Mazda Motor Corporation

Valuable Leader: Akira Marumoto

Region: Global

Mazda Motor Corporation’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

<Mazda’s Corporate Vision>

Mazda’s Corporate Vision states that we brighten people’s lives through car ownership. We aim to brighten lives of all car lovers including people with disabilities. We will continue to tackle challenges with creative ideas and offer cars that provide driving pleasure and help people lead fulfilling lives.

Employment and empowerment of people with disabilities

We strive to create opportunities for people with disabilities to play an active role in our business. A principle we value is “Tomoiku” which means learning from and teaching each other. Based on this principle, we are committed to a working environment where people respect each other and bring out each other’s strengths. Making our workplaces and facilities barrier-free and assigning sign language interpreters also form part of our efforts to create an inclusive working environment where people with disabilities can perform to their full potential by supporting and learning from each other with non-disabled people.

Products and services that consider the needs of people with disabilities

Cars provide opportunities for people to travel freely wherever they want. We will continue to support people with disabilities to live independent daily and social lives and contribute to the creation of a society in which everyone can participate equally.

For example in 1995, we were the first Japanese manufacturer to launch a wheelchair-accessible transport vehicle, but all this began before that, in 1961, with the release of an automatic drive model R360 Coupe. The car was born from the hopes of Mazda’s former President, Tsuneji Matsuda, who lived with a disability in his left foot. We now have four models that cater for the needs of people with disabilities (rotating passenger seat vehicle, vehicle with lift-up passenger seat, wheelchair-accessible vehicle, and vehicle with hand control unit).

We also have plans to introduce a “Self-empowerment Driving Vehicle” version (equipped with adaptive equipment) of the MX-30 EV that was introduced in 2021, so that more people can experience the joy of driving. MX-30 is an electric vehicle recently introduced in Japan.

McCann Worldgroup

Valuable Leader: William D. Kolb

Region: Global

McCann Worldgroup’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

McCann Worldgroup is a global agency network that influences and shapes culture with a mission to help brands earn a meaningful role in people’s lives. We take seriously the opportunity we have to leverage the power of creativity to promote greater equality and encourage valuable change in society – as shown through our work with Ikea, Microsoft and German Youth Association of People with Hearing Loss. In order to continue to fuel the best creative work and innovative solutions for brands, we have set goals to create the conditions that ensure our people, from different social, cultural, ability, and cognitively diverse backgrounds, feel a sense of connection, belonging and shared purpose.

Our philosophy of Conscious Inclusion, which we define as the application of consistent practices and deliberate actions that cultivate an environment that inspires our employees to share unique perspectives that come from their own lived experiences in culture.  We fiercely believe this to be the key driver of our ability to bring the most innovative, game-changing ideas to life.

Our commitment to Disability Inclusion is summarized by the actions below:

      • Equipping our leaders and employees with training and resources to expand cultural competency and foster an environment that all people with disabilities will have an equal opportunity to participate, succeed, learn, and advance.
      • Amplifying the voices of our employees who identify as people with visible and invisible disabilities
      • Providing support and creating a culture of understanding for people with family and friends with visible and invisible disabilities through open discussions and sharing of stories on our global platforms.
      • Leveraging our own proprietary marketing tools and business practices, typically applied to solve brand challenges, to continue to increase representation of people with disabilities in our creative campaigns.
      • Partnering with both internal and external organizations to accelerate our efforts to increase hiring and representation of people with disabilities across our network.

McClaren Racing

Valuable Leader: Zak Brown

Region: United Kingdom

McClaren Racing’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Geoff Martha

Medtronic’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Our unwavering commitment to Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (I, D & E) means zero barriers to opportunity within Medtronic and a culture where all employees belong, are respected and feel valued for who they are and the life experiences they contribute. We also know equity extends beyond our workplace, and we must play a role in addressing systemic inequities in our communities if we hope to make a meaningful difference in our organization. We commit to this I, D & E work, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it will accelerate our innovation and help bring our lifesaving technologies to more patients in more places around the world.

We are proud of the strong foundation for I, D & E that dates back to Medtronic’s 60+ year old Mission, which calls us to “respect the personal worth of all employees.” We have inclusive hiring practices, world-class career development and education, and transparency around our progress for representation and pay equity. And yet, we know we need to do more. Our new I, D & E strategy is focused in three areas: What we each do as individuals to be accountable role models for inclusion and diversity; what we do as a company to ingrain inclusion and equity into our DNA; and how we show up in communities to amplify our impact beyond our workplace.

Our Awareness Benefitting Leadership and Employees about Disabilities (ABLED) ERG plays an active role in supporting the Medtronic I, D & E strategy. The ABLED vision is to create a workplace environment of inclusion and diversity by promoting awareness of disabilities and ensuring all individuals are able to reach their full potential.

To support Medtronic’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable environment for all people with disabilities, in our organization and in our communities, we will:

  • Cultivate leaders who are committed to hiring, promoting, and developing, without bias, differently abled talent.
  • Continue shifting ownership and accountability for I, D & E to our business leaders as a way of creating meaningful change at the local level.
  • Partner with more organizations such as DisabilityIn to advance equity and recruit more employees living with disabilities.
  • Empower the active, engaged network of over 26,000 employees involved in our employee resource groups (ERG).
  • Amplify the work of our Awareness Benefitting Leadership and Employees about Disabilities (ABLED) ERG.
  • Contribute to the creation of an inclusive community where all employees feel seen, heard, and supported for their differences.
  • Sign on to more external initiatives such as the AreYouIN CEO campaign, which actively works to advance disability inclusion.
  • Advocate for accessible environments and accommodating solutions at Medtronic and in our communities.

Meitav Dash

Valuable Leader: Ilan Raviv & Avner Stepak

Region: Israel

Meitav Dash’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Meitav Dash, our focus is on creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We are continuously working on making Meitav Dash a great and safe place for all people.

More than 4 percent of Meitav Dash employees are with disabilities, working across all business units. Recently, we have opened a new customer service communication center, operated by our deaf and mute employees who provide services via text.

Meitav Dash is also the co-founder of “Incorporate Israel,” a non-profit organization that endorses employment of people with disabilities in large companies in the business sector.

Employment is a fundamental human right, not a matter of charity. Diversity and inclusion are part of our DNA; everyone deserves the opportunity to work, grow, and succeed.

Avner Stepak,

Co-Controlling shareholder and Vice Chairman, Meitav Dash

Menora Mivtachim

Valuable Leader: Yehuda Ben-Assayag

Region: Israel

Menora Mivtachim’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The Menora Mivtachim Group ascribes great importance to providing equal opportunities for all persons in society, including in terms of employment opportunities.

Employees with disabilities are provided with an accommodating and supportive environment adapted to their needs.

All of our offices are accessible in order to assure free movement throughout for all employees and guests thus to provide an environment that is equally accessible to all.

The Menora Mivtachim Group makes sure to provide accessible and equal service to all of its customers with no exception. We do this by delivering regular instructional sessions on accessibility issues to our service employees, making the Group’s digital resources universally accessible, permitting free access to our personal service stands, and ensuring that all requested information is accessible.

We will continue to promote equal opportunities for all persons throughout our operations.

Yehuda Benassayag

CEO, Menora Mivtachim

Merlin Entertainments

Valuable Leader: Nick Varney

Region: Global

Merlin Entertainments’ Valuable 500 Commitment:

With inclusivity already a regular agenda item for its Board, Merlin commits to a number of actions to further make its attractions inclusive to guests and employees. These include:

  • Education and training for customer-facing staff in serving guests with different disabilities
  • Encouraging people with disabilities to join and grow with Merlin as employees
  • Integrate inclusive design in the development of new attractions to cater for both disabled and non-disabled guests
  • Continue the roll out of Changing Places toilets across key attractions
  • Actively review customer feedback to inform and influence innovations and adjustments at existing attractions
  • Continuing to support Children’s Charity Merlin’s Magic Wand to ensure children facing challenges of serious ill, disability and adversity can enjoy the magic of Merlin.


Valuable Leader: Luc Themelin

Region: Global

Mersen’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Mersen intends to include the integration of disability in it’s global strategy at the highest level and in all of it’s operating processes.

As Mersen CEO, I’m convinced that disability inclusion in the Group’s policy contributes to changing the collective representation of disability in our operations and in the society more globally.

It is one of the pillar of Mersen Corporate Social Responsibility.

In this context, Mersen has defined a program based on 4 pillars:

  • Combating prejudice and representation
  • Recruitment and job retention of disabled people
  • Physical working environment adaptation
  • Internal and external inclusion

The first action’s aim is to foster an inclusive culture by developing a training program on disability for all Mersen managers similar to what we have done recently for Gender Diversity.

Our goal: raising awareness on disabilities, demystifying beliefs, managing potential fears and objections.

I appointed Didier Muller, Group VP Asia and Latin America as Mersen disability inclusion champion, to deploy those 4 pilars and as a member of Mersen Executive committee on all Mersen sites world wide.

I will support initiatives that are in line with this objective as it fits our values, Mersen sustainable growth objectives and focus on human capital.


Valuable Leader: Luis Javier Castro Lachner

Mesoamerica’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Region: Latin America

Commitment to be completed by September 15th 2020.


Valuable Leader: Florent Menegaux

Region: Global

Michelin’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

To continue to uphold the expectations placed on us as a member of the ILO Global Business and Disability Network Charter, designed to provide a framework to help enterprises achieve business success while simultaneously creating equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

Micron Technology

Valuable Leader: Sanjay Mehrotra

Region: Global

Micron Technology’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The Board Challenge and Valuable 500 pledges are part of Micron’s diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI)-related efforts rooted by well-defined commitments to increase representation of underrepresented groups and strengthen its culture of inclusion. Micron’s comprehensive DEI program emphasizes its values to be an inclusive company. As part of this mission, the company recently launched a series of allyship programs organized and guided by its employee resource groups (ERGs) to promote team member inclusion and engagement. Some of the latest efforts include:

  • Delivery of global inclusion ally training by our employee resource groups for all team members with successful completion tied to executive and team member incentive pay.
  • A commitment to work environments that welcome people of all abilities and ensures they are able to do their best work by providing access to resources, technical assistance and support.
  • Inclusive hiring practices that include requiring all interview slates to include at least two candidates from underrepresented backgrounds and taps AI tools to ensure selection of candidates are conducted fairly to mitigate unconscious bias.

The company proactively embraces and celebrates diversity in its workplace and strives to create a society where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.


Valuable Leader: Satya Nadella

Region: Global

Microsoft’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

The Microsoft mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. This includes the over 1 billion people with disabilities around the world. To live our mission, we strive to create accessible products, services, websites, and company culture for all.

We are taking an integrated approach to disability inclusion, embedding four accessibility pillars into the DNA of the company:

  • Culture: Embracing disability to build a culture of inclusion
  • Systems: Systemic inclusion from start to finish
  • Products: Accessibility built into our products, not bolted on
  • Future: Disruptive innovations to change what’s possible for people with disabilities

There are no limits to what people can achieve when technology reflects the diversity of everyone who uses it. Building accessibility into everything we do helps empower everyone, including people with disabilities, to achieve more.

Want to learn more? Visit us at


Valuable Leader: Peter Haigh

Region: Global

Mintel’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are the heart of who we are, and what we want Mintel to be.

Although we are a diverse organisation – of over 1,000 employees across 15 countries, speaking nearly 50 languages, and representing around 60 nationalities – we are committed to doing more to help deliver Mintel’s diversity vision:

“To seek and value diverse talent and unique perspectives to drive sustainable success for our business and people.”

To help us realise our vision we’ve made the following 7 commitments:

  1. Appoint a Global Diversity Manager to help drive all our DEI initiatives across our global offices, which also includes ensuring that we enhance our understanding of disability requirements.
  2. Dedicate specific time for each regional leadership team to discuss disability inclusion.
  3. Create a Social Awareness Content Task Force to ensure our research and client recommendations reflect relevant topics such as disability.
  4. Ensure accessibility needs are incorporated into all our new and existing products, while training our development teams to further enhance our accessibility capabilities.
  5. Establish Employee Resource Groups in each global region to ensure local diversity, accessibility and inclusion issues are championed on a frequent and ongoing basis.
  6. Launch a new Leadership Development initiative to help deliver greater representation of diverse talent among our senior leadership.
  7. Increase our MintelGives community support programmes, including the mentoring of small, minority businesses and disadvantaged youth.


Valuable Leader: Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz

Region: Australia

Mirvac’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Further exploring how we can design and innovate to reimagine urban life for those with disabilities, with a particular focus on residential product.

In 2019, we worked with Summer Foundation to specifically design and build ten of our apartments for people with disabilities. This has opened our eyes to the need and the opportunity in this space.

Mishcon de Reya

Valuable Leader: James Libson

Region: Global

Mishcon de Reya’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We will promote disability inclusion as part of our strategic equality and diversity agenda and strive to ensure that colleagues living with disability are empowered to fulfil their potential, in line with our core values.

We will review our recruitment processes and do more to attract disabled talent, by promoting inclusion, support and adjustments for candidates with disabilities and by encouraging openness around disability in the recruitment process.

We will review our internal and external communications to ensure they are accessible and inclusive to all individuals, including individuals with visual impairments and dyslexia.

We will raise awareness and understanding about disability through our Academy programme and will seek input from colleagues and others with experience of disability to educate ourselves as a firm and help inform our strategy.

Mitsubishi Chemical

Valuable Leader: Masayuki Waga

Region: Global

Mitsubishi Chemical’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

<As Mitsubishi Chemical Group joins The Valuable 500,

we are committed to continuing the following activities>

Striving to become a company where the individuality of every employee, disabled or not, is respected and all employees can thrive, we will:

  • foster a sense of unity as colleagues by promoting understanding within the company regarding employment of people with disabilities, and
  • promote employment across the company by expanding the scope of work for people with disabilities and improving the workplace environment.

• reference – Employment of people with disabilities (examples): People with disabilities play various roles such as some practical operations for the head office (e.g. administration and human resources departments) at our special subsidiary company and some manufacturing/R&D tasks, conversion of documents to PDF form, production of vegetables and many more at each site.

 <Measures we have implemented>

Under the banner of KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management, we have been focusing on the pillars of health support and workstyle reforms as we strive to create workplaces where diverse human resources can thrive. As part of these efforts, we have published and been actively promoting the declarations “Mitsubishi Chemical Has Decided,” consisting of 30 measures including promotion of employment for people with disabilities.

We also strive to contribute to the creation of a society where the value of sports can be enjoyed by everyone, the individuality of each person is respected, and people can enjoy good health, both physically and mentally. To this end, we engage in volunteer and other activities to contribute to the further promotion and development of parasports as well as to the realization of a vibrant and inclusive society.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Valuable Leader: Tsutomu Tannowa

Region: Global

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We at Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. have positioned three values, “Diversity,” “Challenge” and “One Team” as our core values. These values are shared and cherished by Mitsui Chemicals Group employees around the world. To achieve the goal which is included in the values, “make the most of diversity and create a workplace where each employee has a positive attitude towards the work,” we are expanding our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We believe that the most important among these efforts is creating a workplace where employees with disabilities play an active role at work and find the work rewarding.

To achieve this, we make the following promises:

  • We have set a target for the employment rate for employees with disabilities in our business goal.
  • We will foster a workplace culture that employees with disabilities and illnesses develop a sense of belonging as members of the organization and can demonstrate their abilities.
  • Through our business activities, we aim to address social issues to help people have a healthy and independent life.
  • We will regularly share updates on our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace on social media to improve the accessibility of information.


Valuable Leader: Héctor Pío Lagos Dondé

Region: Global

Monex’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Monex Group

Valuable Leader: Oki Matsumoto

Region: Global

Monex Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Monex Group, including its subsidiary companies, promotes ESG (environment, social, governance) initiatives. Including “diversity, equity, and inclusion” and “improving access to financial services”, which have significant impacts on our business and our stakeholders, we have specified and are promoting the eight items in total in our materiality matrix as important issues.

The Monex Group Code of Conduct calls for “the respect for human rights and diversity” and the Monex Group Human Rights Policy formulated in 2019 states that “in addition to exercising caution to ensure fair employment opportunities and an appropriate workplace environment, we shall not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, beliefs, religion, disabilities, family origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health status or other” (excerpted). We respect all types of diversity, including disabilities, and are working to further advance this thinking through disclosure to outside parties, internal study sessions and other efforts.

In terms of disability inclusion, we are planning enhanced initiatives centered on the following themes. Progress will be reported and discussed as agenda items at Monex Group Board of Director meetings.
Consideration of customers with disabilities

  • Improve access to financial services: Investing in the research of technologies that improve access for people with disabilities
  • Enhance financial literacy: Investing in the research of technologies that enable people with disabilities to receive investment education

Promoting the hiring of people with disabilities and improving the workplace environment

  • Devise and improve job descriptions and workstyles to enable people with disabilities to work to their full potential in a manner that accommodates their situation
  • Greater use of work from home and remote work

Using funds and other indirect activities to remove barriers and increase opportunities for people with disabilities

  • Provide funds (contributions, investments) to organizations (non-profit organizations, companies) that support people with disabilities

Internal and external activities

  • Disseminate information about the above-mentioned activities to outside parties
  • Continue to hold in-house e-learning and other programs on diversity, equity, and inclusion training that includes disability inclusion

By creating a true financial infrastructure that respects diversity and enables all types of people to live secure and happy lives, and through initiatives that offer stress-free, barrier-free access to the best, necessary financial services, Monex Group is committed to contributing to society’s sustainable growth, and in turn, raising corporate value.

Moscow School of Management (SKOLKOVO)

Valuable Leader: Andrei Sharonov

Moscow School of Management (SKOLKOVO)’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Region: Russia

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO views sustainability as an added-value concept for business, public sector and communities, which combines economic, environmental, social and ethical dimensions and reveals new opportunities for growth and competitiveness in the context of sustainable development goals.

As a school of management, we are uniquely positioned to inspire leaders with powerful ideas, equip them with effective frameworks and tools for making real impact, as well as provide an independent platform for an open dialog on the burning issues for the business and society. We aim to integrate sustainability related topics into our product offering and operations as well as develop our internal expertise.

We believe inclusive society and accessible environment relate to everyone. We’d like to create educational space where every single person feels equally welcomed, safe and empowered. We’re integrating inclusion agenda into our educational programs as a core element of modern leaders’ DNA.

Mount Sinai Health System

Valuable Leader: Kenneth L. Davis

Region: North America

Mount Sinai Health System’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: Nitin Rakesh

Region: India

Mphasis’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

As front-runners of technology-led solutions in our industry, Mphasis realizes that the use of technology can be transformative for social projects as well.   

Disability inclusion has been a key pillar of our CSR initiatives for more than a decade. We have pioneered a number of initiatives with a sharp focus on promoting accessibility for persons with disabilities. 

Mphasis will keep striving to move the needle forward on the disability discourse in the country. 

 We commit to 

  • Be an active participant in building an ecosystem that encompasses all aspects of disability inclusion  
  • Support policy advocacy and on ground implementation of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD)Act. 
  • Support incubation of start-ups/groups working on assistive technologies that aim to empower persons with disabilities  
  • Partner with academia and research bodies for applied research and develop world class prototypes for problems in accessibility  


Valuable Leader: Kenneth C. Frazier

Region: Global

MSD’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At MSD, Global Diversity & Inclusion (GD&I) is fundamental to how we operate and core to our mission of saving and improving lives.  We understand that patients are increasingly diverse and people with disabilities represent one of the largest under-served populations globally.  We are proud to stand by the mission of the Valuable 500 and are passionate about creating a future where all members of the workforce are empowered to achieve their full potential and to experience greater satisfaction in achieving our Company goals through valuing the diverse perspectives they bring across all dimensions of ability – both apparent and non-apparent.

We believe that every individual is a source of competitive advantage and the potential for greatness among people with disabilities is limitless. We reinforce this through a culture of transparency and accountability, using a strategic roadmap with high performance standards to achieve meaningful business results. We foster a culture of equity, empowerment, engagement and belonging so that every employee feels welcomed and valued.

States Celeste Warren, VP, Global Diversity & Inclusion Center of Excellence, “Diversity and inclusion have the ability to transform our culture, drive business results and advance our company’s mission to save and improve lives around the world. When people feel valued and empowered, they are able to innovate and make amazing things happen.” 

With this as our focus, we use GD&I best practices to define and execute our strategy to focus on strengthening the foundational elements of diversity, ensure accountability to drive an inclusive culture, leverage diversity and inclusion to ensure business value and transform the environment, culture and business landscape.



“At MSD, we are committed to cultivating a disability-confident workplace where everyone can participate.  When people feel included and valued, we all succeed.” – Ken Frazier, Chairman and CEO

We are proud to support The Valuable 500 and commit to the following:

  • Implement Universal Design, facility-accessibility standards that improve employee performance, safety and social participation rates, and benefit not only people with disabilities but also all MSD employees working at facilities around the world.
  • Leverage best-in-class and next generation digitally accessible technology to enhance our employee, patient and consumer experience.
  • Engage employees in workplace mental health awareness to reduce the stigma and to implement proven mental health best practices to boost productivity, engagement and improve the lives of our employees and their families.
  • Utilize recruiting and promotion processes to reduce unconscious bias and structural barriers in the hiring of people with disabilities and leverage direct hiring, indirect hiring and supplier diversity engagements to broaden the feeder pool of strong talent.
  • Pledge to take these steps as well as identify and promote other best practices that will close the gap to ensure full inclusion for the estimated 15% of the world’s population who have a disability.

MullenLowe Group

Valuable Leader: Alex Leikikh

Region: Global

MullenLowe Group’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

National Australia Bank (NAB)

Valuable Leader: Ross McEwan

Region: Australia

National Australia Bank (NAB)’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

NAB’s strategic ambition is to serve customers well and help our communities prosper. Our commitment to the inclusion and engagement of our customers and colleagues with disability drives our work in accessibility. We know as we build accessibility within NAB systems and processes, and disability confidence in our colleagues:

  • Customers with disability are likely to be more engaged and have a better experience with us; and
  • Our colleagues with disability continue to have a great place to work.

NAB commits to the Valuable 500 campaign.

NAB commits to:

  • Ensure we continue to expand the opportunity for customers and colleagues to have equitable experiences by providing the adjustments they request by; o Exploring capability to incorporate customer adjustments as part of their profile for a seamless customer experience

o Implementing accessibility into our feedback and communication channels

o Ensuring our Accessibility and Inclusion webpage is updated regularly with how we are improving accessibility

  • Ensure we have the tools and resources that build disability confidence in our colleagues and inform the way we do work by: o Working with frontline staff to identify opportunities to improve accessibility and ways of working to serve customers well

o Implementing an option for customers to log on their profile accessibility adjustments for a seamless customer experience


  • Continue to embed accessibility in our systems and processes at NAB by: o Implementing policies, controls and processes for procurement

o Implement standardised ICT procurement solutions for products and services

o Enhancing product review processes to assess and address customer experience, feedback and complaint information related to products and services

National Grid

Valuable Leader: John Pettigrew

Region: United Kingdom

National Grid’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.

Nationwide Building Society

Valuable Leader: Joe Garner

Region: United Kingdom

Nationwide Building Society’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

At Nationwide Building Society our mission is to build an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive and for our Society to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We are committed to ensuring disability inclusion is a part of what we do, every day. We’ll do this by:

  • Simplifying how we make workplace / home adjustments so that every colleague has what they need to thrive in a straight forward and human way.
  • Embedding disability inclusion within our key people processes.
  • Using data, insights, and feedback from our disabled colleagues to take targeted action where improvements are needed and to measure progress.
  • Educating and evolving the way we talk about disability to tackle stigma and to enhance understanding, so colleagues feel more informed and conscious of their behaviours and decision making.

NEC Corporation

Valuable Leader: Takashi Niino

Region: Global

NEC Corporation’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

For more than forty years, NEC has focused on creating an environment in which employees with disabilities can demonstrate their abilities. Since signing the United Nations Global Compact in 2005, NEC has implemented corporate initiatives based on the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact pertaining to the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption.

NEC remains committed to being a Social Value Creator capable of solving social issues in a business environment where changes in society are accelerating exponentially. The driving forces behind this are people and culture. By setting our sights on the creation of a corporate culture that respects, accepts, and capitalizes on individual diversity as well as on the development of sustainably and socially literate human resources, we have made the promotion of inclusion and diversity an integral part of our corporate agenda.

We are therefore committed to not only focusing on the following areas but also sharing information about the actions we take with the public.

  • The NEC Group Diversity Promotion Committee was established in 2018 to facilitate discussions on the creation of opportunities for employees to gain first-hand experience in accepting and capitalizing on diversity. We strive to create an environment where employees with disabilities can easily demonstrate their abilities.
  • We provide support for people with disabilities through business activities aimed at enriching their lives by realizing safety, security, efficiency, and equality.
  • Utilizing our more than twenty years of experience in supporting wheelchair tennis, we have been making efforts to solve environmental issues surrounding para-sports. Going forward, we will continue contributing to society through our support of para-sports.


Valuable Leader: Mark Schneider 

Region: Global

Nestlé’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

We believe that living with a disability should not define a person. Every individual has the unique ability to contribute to society, and deserves equal opportunities. As an organisation, we commit to:

  1. Provide equal opportunities for all, and continuously advance accessibility for people with disabilities within our operations.
  2. Promote awareness and understanding of the experience of people living with disabilities, in order to mitigate unconscious bias and create an even more inclusive workplace.
  3. Leverage our Nestlé Needs Youth initiative to positively impact the lives of young people living with disabilities, helping them develop the skills they need to thrive.

News UK

Valuable Leader: Rebekah Brookes

Region: United Kingdom

News UK’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Commitment to be submitted.


Valuable Leader: David Kenny

Region: Global

Nielsen’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

“Diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to everything we do at Nielsen. When we operate in a culture that is diverse, equitable and inclusive, innovation flourishes, our clients win, and employees are engaged and collaborate to bring the best that Nielsen can offer to the communities we measure. At the end of the day, fostering diversity, equity and inclusion isn’t just a good thing to do– it’a crucial to the success of our business and all business.” David Kenny, CEO


Our solutions are designed to provide a truly comprehensive understanding of audiences today, so our customers can discover important opportunities, accelerate their growth, and best serve their communities. As such, it is essential that our panels and underlying data sets accurately represent the full population.

We are actively accelerating diversity, equity and inclusion for people with disabilities- both visible and invisible- by:

  • Maintaining and recruiting diverse Nielsen panelists for our Measurement products.
  • Sharing our expertise and thought leadership through our Diverse Intelligence Series.
  • Using Nielsen insights and data to advance the representation of disability in on-screen content.
  • Investing in our Gracenote Advanced Discovery data sets to ensure distributors can curate and enable discovery of diverse programs.

In addition, we are ensuring our facilities are accessible for people with disabilities, starting with an assessment of our 100+ offices around the world. And we are supporting our People Leaders with training to enable the full potential of our neuro-diverse team members.

We are proud to support Valuable 500’s mission to revolutionize disability inclusion through corporate leadership, and commit to representing people with disabilities across the full suite of Nielsen products and insights.

Nissan GB

Valuable Leader: Andrew Humberstone

Region: United Kingdom

Nissan GB’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

  1. NMGB will work in partnership with Project Search to offer a number of apprenticeships in 2021. Through these apprenticeships, NMGB will id